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Last updated 31-11-2008



New Zealand

"Since 1970"

Canterbury's model powerboat club would like to introduce you to the world of "Radio Controlled" "Powered" Water sport

We are a club resident in Christchurch on the east coast of the south Island of New Zealand as far as we know we are the most southen model powerboat club in the world. Our club caters for most types of powered water borne craft.
We are a casual bunch of people, some of us are racing enthusiast and others are in our club for the unique pleasure and relaxation one can get from powering one's craft around the lake whether it be electric, glow engine or petrol powered.


Latest updates are on the "1/5 scale CATAMARAN". "Page 2" has been added.


Some people ask, "What is Model Power Boating?"

Well to answer your question. Consider the exhilaration, after spending weeks or even months of building, assembling and painting your craft to what you require, whether it be electric, glow engine or petrol powered, going to the lake for the first time and starting your engine, placing your craft in the water, just your transmitter in your hands, with your fingers on the levers or wheel and trigger, watch your craft accelerate away from the bank. You pilot your own craft around the lake with no wires attached, making your craft go anywhere you want within the boundries of the lake, just like a real full size craft on the open sea or lake, only a lot smaller. You entertaining and intriguing the casual onlooker.




"What type of CRAFT do our present and past members run?"


MONO HULLS - Inboard mono's and outboard mono hulls.

DEEP 'Vs' - These range in size approximately from 46cm(18") to 150cm(60"). The smaller craft mono hulls being glow marine engine powered with the larger 60" deep 'v' craft being petrol powered.

TUNNEL HULLS - 1-81cm(32") International Hobbies NORDICA Formula 1 with 7.5cc outboard engine.
1-Prather Lap Cat 3 tunnel with 7.5cc outboard with tuned exhust.
2-N.Z Formula 1 tunnel with 11cc inboard.
1-122cm(48") 1/4 scale DPI Formula 1 tunnel with 13cc outboard.

CATAMARANS - These are the most popular.

3-106cm(42") Aeromarine 1/8 scale cat hulls, 1-106cm(42") Aeromarine sprint cat hull all powered by 15cc marine glow engines.
2-106cm(42") Wolfe Marine NOVA cat hulls one powered by 15cc and the other by 13cc sports marine glow engines.
2-91cm(36") Aeromarine cat hulls and 1-91cm(36") Off-shore Skater cat hull, all powered by 11cc marine glow engines.
2-91cm(36") sprint cat hulls, one powered by 9.5cc and the other by a 7.5cc marine glow engines.
1-53cm(21") Aeromarine sprint cat hull powered by 3.5cc gear driven marine glow engine.

1/5 CATAMARANS - This is the first off.

Hull 198cm (78") long, twin adjustable stern legs, powered by 2 - 22cc petrol engines with remote starting.

HYDROPLANE Riggers - These craft are pretty basic to look at, 2 pontoons (or sponsons as known in the boating world) and a rectangular or semi round body, with a cowled engine up front.
Donít let looks deceive you, no matter how big or small these craft are they sure can move.
These craft are built for speed, around a course or just straight line, they move at an incredible rate.
The small 'A' class Riggers with 2.5cc 2.2hp engines have reached speeds of 104.7 km/h, 'B' class Riggers with 7.5cc engines have reached speeds of 122.8 km/h and the big 'C2' class Riggers with there 15cc 6.5hp engines have reached speeds of 125 km/h.
These were all N.Z straight line speed records which may still stand or have been exceeded.

These craft are the top of the range in model power boating.

Miss 7 Eleven Sports 40 class Hydro, cm(")long and is powered by 7.5cc marine glow engine.

Miss Circus Circus a 1969 and 1987, 109cm(43")long and both are powered by 11cc marine glow engines.

1987 Miss Circus Circus.
1991 Miss Budwiser xsev T4 Turbine Experimental.
1992 Miss Budwiser XSEV T4 Turbine.
AMERICAN Spirit U50 Turbine.
Miss 7 ELEVEN Turbine.
Miss PRINGLE'sTurbine.
These are the first Hydro's with more to come.

All these craft are Approximately 183cm (72")long and are powered by 36cc,35cc, 30cc or high perfermance 22cc petrol engines.

Well here it is, not on the water yet but getting there.

Miller American .
These craft are ?cm(?")long and are powered by either modified 22c or 30cc petrol engines.


We have set up this page to give people an idea of what long term projects are under way.

"Where to find us?"

For casual & racing meetings.
It is best to check with the club for the venue and times. We meet up for fun most Sundays. Please email to find our where and when we will next be going out.

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