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FIRST there was the Concept.

This was a Hydro concept by Ron Jones.
Now The First of our concept Hydro's Hit the WEB.

First came Miss Circus Circus, the 2 Budwiser Hydro's then American Spirit.
Now breaking more new ground with these new design of 1/5 Hydro's are:-

"NZ 189" Two Wing.

Here are some specifications for both of the 1/5 Hydro.
Length:-198cm (78") Beam:-91.4cm (36").
Power by:- 36cc 6.5 h.p Mathe marine petrol engine with custom built header and tuned pipe.
Construction:- Foam core with fiber glass cloth outer cover, with the engine cowl being moulded fiber glass.
Both craft have been scratch built from a scaled up plan.
Speed run trials are yet to be carried out.


This Hydro was built for a promotion video for one of our Hotels in Christchurch.

Last updated 20-12-2000

Other 1/5 Hydroplanes.

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Miss Circus Circus.
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