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A short little jaunt through Buffy's mind during the alley scene in "Doublemeat Palace." Am I the only person who thinks that there was a deeper meaning behind all the pointedly-not-looking-at-each-other sex? Thought so.

Buffy POV

(Season 6, written following "Doublemeat Palace")







A companion piece to the wonderful, beautiful, smut-queen NautiBitz's effort, Older.

(set [obviously] somewhere inside the Older-verse)





Book Smarts


Don't you wish you had this fun of a time studying?

(AU. Human fic.)





NC -17 - Rated Fiction




Out of My Head


What if Spike had gotten the chip out in Out of My Head?

When you're evil, you're evil, right? Not necessarily. Not in William The Bloody's case, anyway. He's still as big of a Big Bad as they come -- but keep in mind that it's always been his passion that has gotten him as far as he is now. And maybe, just maybe, if that passion were tweaked a little bit... directed toward a certain person... We could see what Spike was really capable of.



beneath you


(My take on Spike's return to Sunnydale after his summer in Africa.)

Wishing things to change can only get you so far. Making things change, on the other hand, isn't much better. Spike's painful lesson this past summer has left him with a shattered heart, nightmares of his sins, and so much beyond the all- encompassing misery. Returning to Sunnydale has never been very easy for him, but this time around, he manages to survive it.

Meanwhile, left alone to her sister's reprimanding [and demanding] attentions for three to four months seems to have helped Buffy Summers work out most of her problems. Now, if she could just stamp them down for good, and focus on the suspicious woman whose attentions seem to have captured Spike. It's not jealousy on her part, though -- Buffy's just on the lookout for a good friend, who deserves to be looked out for.

Really. The yearning desire for his love and the incredibly manipulating sex dreams have absolutely nothing to do with it.



Full of Grace

(Parts 6 & 7, updated 12/28/2005)


Set after the S.o2 episode, "Passions." Somewhere in the early part of "I Only Have Eyes For You," I guess? Anyway. Jenny's dead. Angelus is fucking Dru. Not much to go on there, since it's the usual. But Buffy's feeling guilty, and Spike's feeling lost. What can they do to ease the pain?

( Revenge, of course. Topped by a healthy dosage of B/S smut ~_^ )






( My first AU Fantasy -- as well as PWP. LOL. It's pretty short, and in my opinion, it's pretty choppy, too, so if anyone out there is offering to beta it, be my guest ^_^ )

As said before, AU Fantasy reality in which Spike is a human lawyer, Buffy does something (but we're not quite sure what -- and really, who cares?) as well as being a mother of two. It's raining out, and Spike comes home soaked. Just put your pervy little minds to the test and guess what they do to solve that problem ~_^






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