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Don't you wish you had this fun of a time studying?





Dainty little hands with polished pink nail tips ran over golden tanned skin before reaching down and grasping the long white sheet on the floor. Mossy green eyes flicked over the page disinterestedly before peering over the top of the page. A pair of stormy blue eyes peered back at her.


His head gave a slight tilt to the right, as if to say, "Come on, then. Give me your best shot."


"Aorta," she pronounced softly.


The reply was swift. "The main vein that transfers blood to the body through the heart."


She smiled. "Very good." Leaned in. Bestowed a soft kiss on his lips. Pulled back.


"Now. What's inside the stomach to help digestion?"


He sat up. "Hydrochloric acid."


She tilted her head. "And why doesn't the acid digest your stomach?"


He shrugged. "The stomach was built to be immune to it. The mucus lining the stomach membrane protects it. That's why it burns the esophagus when you have Acid Reflux Disease. The esophagus isn't lined the same way the stomach is."


She grinned brightly, her eyes sparkling. "Ooh, aren't you Mr. Brilliant today?" She squirmed closer to him - directly in front of him - and kissed his neck. Her finger moved down his chest, slipping into his buttoned-up shirt. Her grin widened at the feel of his repressed shiver, and she circled the nipple that was directly over his heart. "Why does the heartbeat sound like a drumbeat?"


He murmured softly and leaned back again, content to watch the play of her hands against his skin. "The top and bottom of the heart contract separately, so it makes that pulsing noise."


She was unbuttoning his shirt now, and his bare chest was exposed slowly as the soft material slid off of his shoulders and down his muscled arms. Her lips parted and pressed down around a nipple as he hand continued to rub the other one. He hissed and threw his head back, his reaction to her ministrations becoming devastatingly obvious. Her tiny agile tongue flicked and licked at the nub, just as he happened to glance down, and as a result, he groaned.


"Come on, baby," she murmured reassuringly, "Just a few more."


He whimpered and opened his eyes to look at her.


"Spike. Where are the ovums located?"


His shaking hand raised and pressed lightly over her abdomen, rough, calloused fingers tracing the outline of her biological functions outside of her body. "Right here, Buffy."


"Very good. Now. Spike." Her eyelashes fluttered and she peered at him. "Show me where the penis is."


He moaned. "Gladly." Long, clever fingers reached between them and slid down his zipper. Black boxers pushed down, dick in hand, and he lifted his hips, offering her the sensitive portion of his anatomy that she'd requested. She eagerly accepted it and began to run her hand up and down his length in a fist. His eyes rolled back and a loopy grin appeared on his face as his hips bucked. Gathering his wits after a moment, his head rolled back around and he watched her curiously.


"I got a question for you, Miss Buffy... where's the most sensitive area of stimulation for a woman?"


She shivered but continued stroking him when she felt his hands curve around her ass, fingers sliding her skirt up to find an absence of any undergarments. "Mmm, good question," she hummed. "Well." Her grin widened. "You're a quick learner, Spike." She winked. "I suggest you find out."



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