"He looked around again, frowning as he recalled his dream... the words hed said... the feelings hed had.

Hed told Buffy he loved her. 

'Oh, fuck,' he sighed, putting his face in his hands and groaning. Then he looked up at the ceiling and scowled.

'Youve got to be kidding me.'"




Part I: Feelin' Pretty Damn Good

Part II: Obliteration

Part III: Ponciness is an Extension of Poofiness

Part IV: Oooh. Spike Lips.

Part V: Illusions of the Mind

Part VI: Whoever Said "The Truth Will Set You Free" Never Met Buffy

Part VII: A Vision of You, Standing Out in the Crowds

Part VIII: How Do You Explain an Invisible Claim Pain?

Part IX: Happy Fairytale Go Boom

Part X: Summer's Blood

Part XI: Bad Buffy

Part XII: The Trials of A Hero

Part XIII: The Door's Locked, and Nobody's Home

The Epilogue: Obsessive-Compulsive Journal-Writing Watchers Galore






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