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Descendants of Charles Queen\MacQueen

Fourth Generation

12. Charles A. Queen (Armstead Queen , Charles Queen , Charles Queen/MacQueen ) was born 1800 in Peel Tree Creek, Johnstown, West Virginia. He died 18 Jul 1870 on Hacker's Creek, Upshur Co., West Virginia and was buried in Peck's Run, Upshur County, West Virginia.

Charles A. Queen married Miss Charlotte Jeffers Bush in 1817. He then made his way through the forests and over the Rooting Creek Mountains on to the head waters of Pecks Run, a small stream that flowed East eight miles into the Buckhannon River. There he purchased a farm of 150 acres of land all in woods,
not a stick amiss of Cathern McCall for $1.00 per acre, amounting to $150.00.
He paid some in cash and got a Title Bond for the farm, leaving him badly in debt. This land had a wonderful rich soil, covered with a luxuriant forest of a great variety of fine timber.

Many Poplar trees, seven feet in diameter and a hundred feet tall, and lots of Black Walnut trees from 3 feet to 5 feet in diameter and thousands of fine Red Maple or Sugar Maple trees and all kinds of other timbers that were adapted to that rich soil. In fact all down that stream from it's head to the mouth was covered with fine sugar trees, where was thousands of pounds of sugar and hundreds of gallons of fine maple syrup in this wilderness section with no roads except trails and pathways up and down that stream and but 2 or 3 families along that stream. Here he built a log cabin and settled down with his first wife and reared a family of (10) children into the Third generation of the Queen family.

After 20 years in this wilderness, and with a large family to support and a mortgage against his farm, and scarcely any money in those days, and no market for anything he could raise, he became discouraged and decided he could not pay off the mortgage and support his family, so he made an agreement with his son Stewart, that if he would pay off the mortgage and provide for the family and make a home for them, that he would sign the Title Bond over to him, so he turned his farm and title over to his son, Stewart Lytle Queen. So he cared for them seven years, after which six of the family got married and his mother died, the Charles A. Queen bought a little farm on the head of Charity Fork where he built a log cabin and batched and taught school for a few years right in his house. Then he married Miss Abigail White, November 8th, 1861, no children were born to this union. Then his youngest son, Benton Queen, enlisted as a soldier in the Federal Army in the Great Civil War, at the age of 17.

Three of his son-in-laws, and three of his grandsons were soldiers in the Federal or Union Army and fought in some very severe battles and all were honorably discharged in 1865 and returned home without a wound, but one grandson, Albert Queen, who died while in the service. Then he sold his farm and moved to Rural Dale, on Hacker's Creek, Upshur County, West Virginia in 1866 and died in 1870 at the age of 70 years and was buried on Peck's Run in a private cemetery on his old home farm by the grave of his first wife, two daughters and several grandchildren.
SOURCE: Queen Family Book, written by Stephen Post Queen

Charles married (1) Charlotte Jeffers Bush on 1817. Charlotte was born 1804 in Rural Dale, Harrison County, West Virginia.

They had the following children:

+ 48 M i Stewart Litle Queen was born 19 Apr 1822.
+ 49 M ii Armstead Charles Queen was born 8 Mar 1820 and died 21 Sep 1882.
+ 50 M iii Levi H. Queen was born 1824.
+ 51 M iv Benton Queen was born 22 May 1844 and died 24 Sep 1933.
+ 52 F v Tabitha Queen was born 1819.
+ 53 F vi Lydia Queen was born 24 May 1829.
+ 54 F vii Sarah Queen was born 26 Jan 1832 and died 5 Aug 1918.
  55 F viii Daughter Queen
  56 F ix Daughter Queen
+ 57 F x Eliza Queen was born 28 Dec 1839.

Charles also married (2) Abigail White on 8 Nov 1861.

13. John B. Queen (Armstead Queen , Charles Queen , Charles Queen/MacQueen ) was born 1801.

OCCUPATION: Farmer/Merchant

John was said to be a faithful member of the Methodist Church and a highly respected citizen and beloved by all who knew him. He was fastidious in dress, always wearing a tall "beegum" hat. SOURCE: Queen Family Book

John married Isabelle Lytle, daughter of James Lytle Rev., on 5 Dec 1822. Isabelle was born 1791 in Delaware.

Isabelle was born in Delaware in the year 1791. She was of British descent and a lady direct from the
English aristocracy, refined, regal and highly educated. She came across the mountains from Virginia to West Virginia about the year 1799. She grew homesick for her native land, but was too proud to show evidence of it; had much pride in herself and seemed to be lost in reverie, and deeply mourned the death of her son William, who died during the gold excitement of 1849. She never became as one of the natives of the state of West Virginia, and was always loyal to England. SOURCE: Queen Family Book

John and Isabelle had the following children:

+ 58 F i Jane Queen was born 1823 and died 1893.
  59 M ii William Lytle Queen was born 1826. He died 7 Jun 1853.

William Lytle Queen went as a gold seeker of '49 to California and about all the information concerning his stay and death in the far west on June 7, 1853 is a letter written more than a year after his death by Jacob C. Spores of Williamette, Lane County, Oregon Territory in reply to a letter of John B. Queen of July 19, 1854, in which he had to give Mr. Spores a copy of his marriage certificate and ages of his children, and an abstract of the law of Virginia governing deceased. William, while on his way to San Francisco, California, to start home in 1853, traveling many hundreds of miles through a mountainous region, took sick and was cared for at the home of Jacob C. Spores, who later sent John B. Queen a draft for $1,355.75, plus exchange $54.00, making a total of $1,410.00 in gold by Adams Express Company. This was sent in a tin-can about 3 and 1/2 inches high by almost 3" in diameter addressed to John B. Queen, Buckhannon, Upshur County, Virginia, which can still be plainly seen scratched, or written, on the can. A valise full of clothing, a buckskin purse, solid gold watch, thin case of soft gold, open face, key wind; gold ring,etc., were also sent. In Mr. Spores expense account during William's illness, and last expenses is one item $20.00 for digging the grave, $14.30 for labor and lumber and $12.00 for making the coffin. This information and relics are preserved by Lucie Queen, a niece of William Lytle Queen.
SOURCE: Copied from the Queen Family Book, written by Stephen Post Queen.
  60 F iii Isabelle Queen was born 12 Feb 1827. She died 10 Mar 1896.

Isabelle married Jacob Lorentz, son of Jacob Lorentz and Rebecca Stalnaker, on 8 Feb 1861 in Marriage was per. Jacob was born 7 Mar 1821. He died 21 Mar 1898.
+ 61 M iv Armstead Stewart Queen was born 27 Mar 1828 and died 13 Nov 1909.
+ 62 F v Lydia Ann Queen was born 22 Dec 1830 and died 8 Jun 1896.
+ 63 M vi John Lytle Queen was born 8 Jul 1833 and died 2 May 1903.

14. Levi Harrison Queen (Armstead Queen , Charles Queen , Charles Queen/MacQueen ) was born 7 Feb 1807. He died about 22 Feb 1874 in Lorentz, West Virginia.


Levi married Sarah Garrett on 18 Mar 1830. Sarah was born 12 Feb 1812. She died 16 Apr 1866.

They had the following children:

+ 64 F i Mary Ann Queen was born 18 Aug 1831 and died 29 Jul 1849.
+ 65 M ii George Washington D. Queen was born 22 Oct 1833 and died 7 Apr 1864.
+ 66 F iii Lucinda Elizabeth Queen was born 2 Oct 1835 and died 10 Jan 1915.
+ 67 M iv Peter T.L. Queen Rev., was born 23 May 1837 and died 1921.
+ 68 M v Andrew Jackson Queen was born 11 Dec 1839 and died 26 Aug 1901.
+ 69 M vi Anthony G. Queen was born 11 Feb 1842 and died 3 Jan 1889.
  70 M vii James B. Queen was born 19 May 1844. He died 16 Aug 1863.
  71 M viii William H. Queen was born 19 Jan 1849. He died 24 Nov 1856.
  72 M ix Christopher Queen was born 28 Feb 1851. He died 4 Dec 1856.
+ 73 M x John Wesley Queen was born 2 Jul 1847 and died about 22 Feb 1874.
+ 74 M xi Jonathon T. Queen was born 2 Jul 1856 and died 4 Jun 1930.

15. Nancy Queen (Armstead Queen , Charles Queen , Charles Queen/MacQueen ) was born 1810.

Nancy married Benjamin Bean.


Benjamin and Nancy had the following children:

+ 75 M i John Quincy Bean.
+ 76 M ii Santford Bean .
+ 77 M iii Elmore Bean
+ 78 M iv Wesley Bean was born 1842.
+ 79 F v Jane Bean.
  80 F vi Mary Ellen Bean .
  81 F vii Elizabeth Bean

16. Elizabeth Queen (Armstead Queen , Charles Queen , Charles Queen/MacQueen ) was born 27 Dec 1795. She died 18 Apr 1864.

Elizabeth married Joseph Nelson Jenkins. Joseph was born 10 Aug 1787. He died in Johnstown, Harrison County, West Virginia.

They had the following children:

  82 F i Lydia Jenkins was born 6 Feb 1816. She died 17 May 1841.
  83 F ii Marjora Jenkins was born 10 Aug 1818.
+ 84 F iii Mary Jenkins was born 9 Feb 1821.
+ 85 M iv William C. Jenkins was born 28 Jan 1826 and died 14 Jul 1894.
  86 M v Joseph L. Jenkins was born 28 Jan 1826.
  87 M vi Levi H. Jenkins was born 5 May 1828.

Levi married Eliza Dearman
  88 F vii Nancy Ann Jenkins was born 6 Sep 1830. She died 10 Apr 1908.

Nancy married Joseph Dawson
+ 89 M viii James P. Jenkins was born 22 May 1833 and died 21 Feb 1896.
+ 90 M ix Amaziah Jenkins was born 20 Apr 1836 and died 1903.

17. James Jett Queen (Armstead Queen , Charles Queen , Charles Queen/MacQueen) was born 1813. He died 1899.

James owned a large farm about a mile below Johnstown on Rooting Creek, Harrison County, West Virginia. He was a success at farming and as a stockman and owned fine horses and was also a great teamster as there were but a few railroads in this country during this time.

During the Civil War he served a year in the company of state troops formed at Weston, W. Virginia by J. G. Wilkins and was in actual service from September 1863 until September 1864.
SOURCE: Queen Family Book

James married Sarah Sally Bennett, daughter of Moses Bennett and Mary Queen,. Sarah was born 10 Oct 1814.

They had the following children:

+ 91 M i Armstead M. Queen was born 20 Aug 1837 and died 6 Feb 1909.
  92 M ii Commodore Perry Queen was born 31 Jul 1845.
  93 M iii Charles Queen died as an infant.
  94 F iv Charlott Queen was born 1841. She died 1875.
  95 F v Mary Queen

Mary married Nuten Conrade
  96 F vi Margaret Queen

18. Martin Monroe Queen (Armstead Queen , Charles Queen , Charles Queen/MacQueen ) was born 1817.

OCCUPATION: Farmer/Stockman

Martin married Margaret Gregory, daughter of William Gregory and Sarah Queen,. Margaret was born 1816.

They had the following children:

+ 97 M i Elias Queen was born 1842.
+ 98 M ii Armstead Queen was born 1849 and died 1918.
+ 99 F iii Jane Queen was born 1846.
  100 F iv Betty Queen was born 1852.

Betty married William Lockard

19. Letty Queen (Armstead Queen , Charles Queen , Charles ) was born 1819. She died 1897.

Letty married John Dennison on 1834. John was born 1816. He died 1895.

They had the following children:

+ 101 F i Charlotte Dennison was born 1837.
+ 102 F ii Sarah Jane Dennison was born 1839 and died 1924.

20. Jemina Maximelia Queen (Armstead Queen , Charles Queen , Charles Queen/MacQueen ) was born 1820 in Gnatty Creek, Queen Plantation, Virginia Colony, West Virginia.

Jemina married Isaac Brake on 1852.

PLACE:  Turkey Run, Upshur County, West Virginia

Isaac and Jemina had the following children:

+ 103 M i Gilmore F. Brake died 29 Dec 1928.

21. Eliza Queen (Armstead Queen , Charles Queen , Charles Queen/MacQueen ) was born 1822. She died 1899 and was buried in West Milford Cem, Milford, West Virginia.

Eliza married Mathias Mick on 1836. Mathias died in Staunton, Virginia.


PLACE: Confederate Army, Civil War

Mathias and Eliza had the following children:

+ 104 M i Perry Monroe Mick was born 10 Aug 1853 and died 30 Jan 1929.
+ 105 F ii Jeanette Mick was born 3 Oct 1855 and died 17 Jun 1939.
+ 106 F iii Sarah Louise Mick was born 1858.

22. Lydia Ann Queen (Armstead Queen , Charles Queen , Charles Queen/MacQueen ) was born 1815. She died 7 Feb 1871.

Lydia married William Oldaker.


PLACE:  Rooting Creek, Harrison County, West Virginia

William and Lydia had the following children:

+ 107 M i John C. Oldaker was born 1841.
+ 108 M ii Elzy G. Oldaker was born 1838.
+ 109 M iii Lafayette Oldaker was born 1844 and died 13 Feb 1941.
  110 M iv Levi Oldaker
+ 111 F v Mary Jane Oldaker
+ 112 F vi Sarah Ann Oldaker was born 1834.
+ 113 F vii Lydia Oldaker was born 1856.
+ 114 F viii Marmarett Oldaker was born 1847.

25. John W. Queen (Cornelius Queen , Charles Queen , Charles Queen/MacQueen ).

OCCUPATION: Blacksmith

John married Rebecca Cornell, daughter of David Cornell,.

They had the following children:

  115 M i Kore C. Queen

Kore married Blanche Wharton.
  116 M ii John W. Queen
  117 F iii Elsie Queen

Elsie married C. O. Kidwell
  118 F iv Mary Queen
  119 M v Harvey Queen
+ 120 M vi Ambrose Jackson Queen was born 25 Oct 1852 and died 17 May 1928.

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