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Descendants of Charles Queen\MacQueen

First Generation

1. Charles Queen\MacQueen was born about 1720. He died in England.

CREST BADGE: A wolf ermine holding a pheon point downward.
MOTTO: Constant and Faithful.
SEPT NAME: MacCunn, MacSwain, MacSwan, MacSween, Swan.


The clan MacQueens name can be found in many different forms throughout the history of Scotland. The clans lands originated in the West Highlands and the Hebrides, and they have associations with the Donalds. In the 13th century there were MacSweens residing in Argyll at Castle Sween, and they resided in Argyll for many hundreds of years. The different forms of MacQueen, such as MacSwan and MacSween are numerous in Skye and Lewis. MacQueens held the lands of Garafad in Skye for hundreds of years.
When marrying Malcolm, 10th chief of the MacIntoshes, Mora MacDonald of Moidart was accompanied by Reven MacQueen, who settled in the lands of MacIntosh and later formed Septs of Clan Chattan. Reven later fought with the MacIntoshes at the Battle of Harlow in 1411. Further settlements of MacQueens were in Strathdearn on the river Findhorn, and later in Corrybrough. At the Clan Chattan Bond of 1609, Donald MacQueen of Corrybrough signed for himself and took on the responsibility of John MacQueen in Little Corrybrough and Sween MacQueen in Raigbeg. These lands remained the MacQueen s until the 18th century. The lands appear to have been lost at the end of the 18th century when the chief John Frazier died in 1881. The title passed to his brother who's son emigrated to New Zealand and was the last known chief of the clan.

It is not certain if our Charles Queen was directly related to these MacQueens. It is said that Charles changed his name to Queen in order to join the British Army before he came to America.

Charles MacQueen was born in Scotland about 1720. According to family history, Charles was a private in the British Army and performed some deed of valor that qaulified him to be a commissioned officer. Since no commissioned officer was permitted to bear a Scotch or Irish surname, Charles shortened his name to Queen.

"We find there are quite a number of emigrants coming to America from Ireland by the name of Queen and McQuin and they tell us there are no people in Ireland by the name of just Queen. Now it was for this purpose of availing himself of entering the (1400) acres of land in America that caused Charles Queen and his young wife to come to America, in or near (1750) and they wended their way into this section of the Virginia Colony, in Harrison County of America, and located a homestead on the waters of Gnatty Creek at the mouth of Peeltree, a stream of (4) miles in length, and selected land ......"(Copied from the Queen Family Book, written by Stephen Post Queen)

Whether Charles Queen entered the full (1400) acres of land or not , it is not known.

There was a son born in 1752 to Charles Queen and his young wife while here in America, and was given the name of Charles Queen Jr., and they did not remain here for long in America, but returned to England, and Charles Queen Sr. soon died.
SOURCE: Queen Family Book, written by Stephen Post Queen.

He had the following children:

+ 2 M i Charles Queen was born 1752 and died about 1806.

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