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Descendants of Charles Queen\MacQueen

Second Generation

2. Charles Queen (Charles Queen/MacQueen ) was born 1752. He died about 1806 in Clarksburg, West Virginia.

It was a law in England that the parents of children had to give their sons a trade of some kind, so after his father died the mother of Charles Queen Jr. bound him out to the weaver's trade, and when he had served his time at his trade, he then had to serve time in the English Army, so when he had reached his majority, and was a free man, he longed and desired to see the land of his birth, in America, so the son Charles Queen Jr. returned to America in or near the year 1770, and took possession of the old homestead on Gnatty Creek at the mouth of Peeltree. At this time he was not married, but soon did marry Miss May Haley in 1773, a native of that country.
SOURCE: Queen Family Book, written by Stephen Post Queen.

Charles Queen Jr. died and was buried on the old homestead in an orchard, east of Clarksburg and Buckhannon Highway, opposite the Ira Post mansion.

Charles married Mary Haley in 1773.

They had the following children:

+ 3 M i Armstead Queen was born about 1777.
+ 4 M ii Cornelius Queen was born 1782 and died 29 Mar 1866.
+ 5 F iii Elizabeth Queen was born 1774.
+ 6 F iv Sarah Queen was born 1791.
+ 7 F v Mary Queen was born 1782 and died Mar 1828.
  8 M vi John Queen was born 1776.

EVEN TYPE : Migrated
+ 9 M vii Levi Queen.
  10 M viii Charles Queen was born 1790. He died in Ohio.

EVENT TYPE: Migrated

Charles Queen never married.
  11 M ix William Queen died in Peck's Run, West Virginia.

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