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Descendants of Charles Queen\MacQueen

Third Generation

3. Armstead Queen (Charles Queen , Charles Queen/MacQueen ) was born about 1777. He died in Johnstown, Harrison County, West Virginia.


Armstead Queen was a farmer and in 1806 owned two farms, one of 90 acres and another of 191 acres on Gnatty Creek and by 1826 he had acquired a farm of 95 acres on main Rooting Creek below Johnstown, West Virginia. He was married twice, his first wife was Miss Sarah Norman and they were married in 1795. He married his second wife, Miss Minnie Jett, in the year 1812, a member of a local family that came from Culpepper County, West Virginia and appears to have located on Rooting Creek. He had five children from his first marriage and six from his second.

Armstead married (1) Sarah Norman on 1795.

They had the following children:

+ 12 M i Charles A. Queen was born 1800 and died 18 Jul 1870.
+ 13 M ii John B. Queen was born 1801.
+ 14 M iii Levi Harrison Queen was born 7 Feb 1807 and died about 22 Feb 1874.
+ 15 F iv Nancy Queen was born 1810.
+ 16 F v Elizabeth Queen was born 27 Dec 1795 and died 18 Apr 1864.

Armstead also married (2) Minnie Jett in 1812.

They had the following children:

+ 17 M vi James Jett Queen was born 1813 and died 1899.
+ 18 M vii Martin Monroe Queen was born 1817.
+ 19 F viii Letty Queen was born 1819 and died 1897.
+ 20 F ix Jemina Maximelia Queen was born 1820.
+ 21 F x Eliza Queen was born 1822 and died 1899.
+ 22 F xi Lydia Ann Queen was born 1815 and died 7 Feb 1871.

4. Cornelius Queen (Charles Queen , Charles Queen/MacQueen ) was born 1782. He died 29 Mar 1866.


DATE 1810
PLACE:  Gnatty Creek, West Virginia

DATE 1826
PLACE:  Elk Creek, West Virginia

Cornelius married (1) Mary Ann Race on 1808 in Harrison County, West Virginia.

They had the following children:

  23 F i Latha Queen was born 1828.
  24 F ii Sarah Queen was born 1834.

Sarah married John Wheeler

Cornelius also married (2) Elizabeth Perry - Living.

They had the following children:

+ 25 M iii John W. Queen.

5. Elizabeth Queen (Charles Queen , Charles Queen/MacQueen ) was born 1774.

PLACE:  Peck's Run, West Virginia

Elizabeth married Rezin Harvey on 1791.

PLACE:  Little Peck's Run, Virginia (Upshur County)

Rezin and Elizabeth had the following children:

+ 26 M i James Queen Harvey.

6. Sarah Queen (Charles Queen , Charles Queen/MacQueen ) was born 1791.

Sarah married William Gregory in 15 Feb 1811.

PLACE:  Hacker's Creek, Upshur County, West Virginia

William and Sarah had the following children:

+ 27 F i Margaret Gregory was born 1816.
+ 28 F ii Elizabeth Gregory
  29 M iii James Gregory
  30 M iv John Gregory
+ 31 M v William K. Gregory .
  32 F vi Polly Gregory .

7. Mary Queen (Charles Queen , Charles Queen/MacQueen ) was born 1782 in Hampshire County, West Virginia. She died Mar 1828.

PLACE:  Hacker's Creek, Upshur County, West Virginia

Mary married Moses Bennett, son of Joseph Bennett and Barbry Ellsworth, on 7 Aug 1806. Moses was born 1776.

PLACE:  Turkey Run, Upshur County, Virginia

Reverend Elias, Silas, and Phoebe were brothers and sister and were one-half Queens and they had (2) one-half brothers: David and Jonathon Bennett and no Queen blood in them. Now David Bennett had (1) son, named William Bennett and Jonathon Bennett had (1) son named Silas Bennett. Now these two boys were first cousins, and they married (2) sisters, the daughters of Phoebe Bennett (Reeder) , who was their own first cousins. Now their children were double first cousins on their mother's side (Queen) and double second cousins on their father's side of the Bennett family. (As explained by Stephen Post Queen in his Queen Family Book)

Moses and Mary had the following children:

+ 33 F i Sarah Sally Bennett was born 10 Oct 1814.
+ 34 F ii Phoebe Hannah Bennett was born 1810.
+ 35 M iii Elias Bennett Rev., was born 31 Aug 1807 and died 24 Dec 1879.
+ 36 F iv Elizabeth Bennett was born Aug 1812.
+ 37 M v Silas Bennett was born 29 Jun 1817.

9. Levi Queen (Charles Queen , Charles Queen/MacQueen ).

Levi married Catherine Coburn Lowther Mrs. on 3 Aug 1802. Catherine was born in Peeltree, West Virginia.

PLACE:  Harrison County, West Virginia

Levi and Catherine had the following children:

+ 38 M i Charles C. Queen was born 2 Jan 1802 and died Jun 1880.
+ 39 M ii William B. Queen was born 1 Dec 1803 and died 28 Apr 1896.
+ 40 M iii Armstead Queen was born 1809 and died 4 Mar 1895.
+ 41 M iv Rezin Queen was born 1811 and died 27 Dec 1887.
+ 42 M v James Get Queen was born 1813 and died 9 Jun 1866.
  43 F vi Mary Queen

Mary married Moses Greathouse
+ 44 F vii Margaret Queen was born 1822.
+ 45 F viii Elizabeth Queen.
  46 F ix Sarah Queen was born 1816.

Sarah married William W. White on 1 Nov 1833.
+ 47 M x Levi Dunk Queen was born 1822 and died 4 Jan 1898.

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