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Welcome To The Munky Shelter

Well this is my first entry into the News section I'm going to have here on the main page. I started making this page about 4 months ago in HTML but I just kinda fell out of it and stopped working on it beofre much of anything got done. But now I'm back and am making a few changes, including this News section and a Maps and Files section. In the maps section I'm only going to have the maps that I've made. The files section is going to have useful files for Outlaws, but right now it is still under construction. Right now it's going kinda slow, but once I remember what HTML codes do what, I should be ok and the site should start moving along. Be sure to come back every now and then to check on the progress of the site. :)

Today I did a little more work on my map, Hidden. I fixed the 3 known bugs in it and added shadows to it. The shadows make everything look much better and realistic. I am really supprized now that I have done them that hardly Anyone has used them before. Keep in touch and look forward to my map by at Least next weekend.

Today there isn't much that I've gotten done on my map, Hidden, or on the website. I do have two screenshots of the upcoming map. Click here to view screenshot 1, and here for screenshot 2.

I got quite a bit done on the site today. I finally got started on the Files page and put 5 different files on it, including my own, custom crosshair. I added some links to the Links page, and gave a description and screen shot of Munky Shelter on the Maps page. I also wanted to say that if you have visited this site and would like to put a link to my site on yours, feel free to use the image link below. Just e-mail me so I know you're using it and I will be glad to put a link to your site on this one as well.

I didn't get much of anything done today because of the amount of actual work that I need to get done. The only things that I really had time for was to upload pictures of the weapons and put them in the Weapons section along with the descriptions. Also on the index page, I put a note at the bottom that tells you how to change the font if you can't read or don't like the Old English Text font that I use.

My map is finally finished! I just finished Hidden today, although I haven't had the chance to test it yet, you can download it from the Maps section. I'm going to test it out with a few people from the Zone and get some input. If it checks out OK, then the version on the site now will be good. If there are any bugs or things that might be a worth while change, I'm going to do that a put the updated version on the site. Check back in a few days to see what is going on.

When I was testing my new map Hidden yesterday, I ran into a bug and a couple other annoying things. The bug was that you could fall into the sky from behind the water fall. The annoying things where not enough rifle ammo and not being able to see doc in the sniper windows really. I fixed all of these things and put the updated map on this site. If you downloaded the map from Paleface, then your going to need to get the one from this site until he updtes again. Also if you downloaded it before today, then your also going to need to get it again.

I just put a new logo on the index page thanks to CBO_smac1979. If you go to the CBO Website, then you can have a custom logo made with there "logo service" which was really fast and turned out really well. Thanks again smac! :)...On a different note. I noticed that in my new map, when I play it online...the custom NWX in it don't show up. I have never put any in a map and don't know exactly what to do, but expect a 3rd time revised version of Hidden soon. Well it didn't take long and it was pretty easy too. I have it all fixed up now thanks to WAC_Tucolero. You can get the newest version of Hidden in the Maps section.

Well there hasn't been much to report lately as you might have noticed from the shortage of news. I did get my updated version of Hidden put on Paleface if you would rather download from there. I do have a new section that I plan on adding to the website though. It's going to be a "Tips" section and I'm going to have performance tips for overall better computer performance. Also Outlaws tips which will have tips for the game including special keys, some of which are considered cheats in my book. So check back soon once I have had the time to start to piece that together. Cya on the Zone!

Sorry there hasn't been much going on with the website as of late. I haven't felt too much like working on it to be honest. I have started my Tips section but at the rate I'm working there is no telling how soon it will be up. It might be in the next few days or maybe even in the next few weeks. I also want to report that as soon as I figure out how (in HTML) I'm going to have several polls. One as to wether I should have an Old News section and the other asking if I should change the font. I do realize that for some people it may be too hard to read, even though I explain how to change it on the index page. Come back soon and see how things are panning out.

I just got the polls up and they're ready for voting! Make sure you vote so I know what to do on the site. I would greatly appreciate it. Hope to get a lot of input. :) If you want, after you vote right below the results is section where you can add your own comments if you want. I also just put up a guestbook. So if you come to the site be sure to sign it and leave your mark. Cya on the Zone!

I haven't done anything BIG on the site lately. Today I added the drop down page selector, change the color of the links, and a few other small things. I haven't been working too much on the Tips page so it is still in the works. I will come though! I'm going to have everything I know for better performance in Outlaws and overall computer performance. Also if you sign the guest book, you'll get a special plug here in the News section. Maybe that will get people to sign it! so far I have rant_17, BaD_RiCHie__, BaD_DonMaximo, StarMaster_DR, Kevin Lynch. Keep em' coming!


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