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"Command What is yours. Conquer What is not."

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Archived News

Here's is the Archived news from earlier this month.  If you need news prior to the news listed, just click on the links below.

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.::Tournament Bagged     Posted 4-10-03 | 8:27 PM | DontGivUp
   I have officially cancelled the tournament that I had underway.  There probably won't be anymore in the near future.
   In other news, we are ranked at Number 3 in the C&C Top 200.  Keep on voting (we have 7 votes in and 80 out)!!!!!  I'm also pleased to announce that we will finally be making our move to our new domain that has been all set up for us.  We would have moved sooner but we lost our passwords for it.....With the cooperation of Sonic from CNCNZ, we'll have them back and getting the site moved.  There will likely be a minimum of updates until the move because I will be preparing the site to move and will not have time for it and for technical reason or two that I don't feel like mentioning.

.::Barracks In the Top 5 in Voting     Posted 4-9-03 | 9:37 PM | DontGivUp
   I got some good news folks!!!! Because of all you voters out there, (all six of you ;-), we are now #4 in the Top 200 for voting.  We are the highest ranked game for C&C GOLD.  So keep the votes coming in........
   I also got some bad news...............I'm gonna bag the tournament.....No one is playing and not enough people are signed up anyways.......And if you really, really, REALLY don't want the tournament to end email me and I'll see what I can do.........I'll be taking all of the info down in the tournaments section of the site soon......
   Regarding some odds and ends, our Forums are rather quiet, I don't think it will kill you guys to use 'em......will it?--DGU

.::Lack of Action Tournament     Posted 4-4-03 | 10:14 PM | DontGivUp
   Hey, all.  Sorry about the lack of updates, but I've been in some hot water handling some personal problems, so I haven't had a chance to mange an update on the site.  I haven't received any battle reports yet, so if the traffic in the tournament doesn't pick up soon, then I'm sorry to say that I will cancel the tournament.
   And as usual, I have done the usual housecleaning routine for a new month here at the The Barracks.