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"Command What is yours. Conquer What is not."

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   This is where you will find the FAQs for Command and Conquer GOLD.  Now that we have some questions to answer, all you have to do is scroll down to find the answers.  We are still looking for questions to answer.  So here is what you do:  Fill out the form below and hit Submit to ask us a question. -DGU

Put your question here: 

   We received this question a while ago and I feel it is important that this is the very first question addressed.  Why?  Because all the person put was cheats.  I hesitated on how to answer this question because giving the "wrong" answer may make it seem that we are endorsing cheating.  We do NOT!!!!  If you are looking for "cheats" you may check out what we have in the Files section of the site.  These files are designed for single play only and can really put a lot more fun into the game.  However, DO NOT use these files for multiplay.  They will likely create an Out of Sync error.  If it does not, you will be caught for cheating by your opponent and he will report you to us, MacMark, and Westwood.  Westwood will disable your account, MacMark will make your life a living hell (just check out the news archives) and we will post you here for everyone to see.  I already gave this speal in the Editors/Trainers area of the site, but I feel it is important to reiterate it.  As for those who DO know how to cheat, DON'T do it.  You will be caught.  If you DO cheat, stop.  Odds are you have been caught by either us, MacMark, or Westwood.  Cheating ruins the competitive nature of the game and has been the cause of many players leaving the game.  If you feel that the game is that bad make a hate site about the game, don't ruin it for those of us who are playing the game.

.::How Do I Take Screenshots?
   This is a good question even though the answer is rather simple.  Unlike most programs in Windows, where all you had to do was hit the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard, located just to the right of the F12 key.  However, for Command and Conquer GOLD it is a little bit more in depth.  The first thing that you need to do is download Direct Control (available in the Essentials area of the site).  You need to have this installed on your system and enable the print screen option.  You also need Visual Basic 6.  That can also be found in the Essentials area of the site.  Just download it, install it and follow the instructions that are included with it and you are good to go.

.::How Do I Access the Dino Missions?
   Good question.  I suggest you hop over to Maps/Mods to find out.  Let me know if something goes wrong.

.::How do I Find Other People To Play?  Is There a General Server?
   To answer the second question first, yes.  It is called Westwood OnLine (abbrieviated WOL sometimes) it is now THE place for Command and Conquer GOLD, Red Alert, and Monopoly.  It is a special add on program that comes with C&C GOLD.  All you need to do is install it and register a nickname with Westwood.  Once that is done, all you need to is sign on to it and look for the correct channel and if anybody is hosting a game your can go into it (if it's not already full) and chat with the person before the game starts.  You can also host your own game.  If you need more help, the program's built in help file should be able to provide sufficient assistance.  If it doesn't let us know and I'll answer the questions as I get them.

.::How Do I Save a Game?
   To save a game simply hit the escape button on your keyboard while in game and it will bring up the menu.  Then you can click on the save button and type in a file name and click on save.  NOTE: You can't save multiplayer games.

.::How Do I Download Maps?
   To answer this question I suggest that you go to the Maps/Mods area of the Files section of the site, which is accessible by clicking on the link at left.

.::Windows XP
   When I got this question I found it a little bit vague and all I can say about it is that the game without the patch from Westwood will probably not work on XP.  Even with the patch there are still some problems that I have heard about.

.::Is There Any Way to Build the Bio Research Center and The Hospital?
   To my knowledge there isn't.  I suggest that you check out MacMark's site and ask him.  He may have a file that we don't.

.::Will the CnC Editor work with Windows ME?  I Get a Sign That Says It's Not a Valid Win32 Application When I Try to Load It Up.
   I've never used the editor with Windows ME, and to my knowledge the editor was designed for Win 95 and 98.  Windows ME is, on a technical level, pretty different from Win 95 and 98 and happens to crash a lot.  So my educated guess is no.