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"Command What is yours. Conquer What is not."

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The Barracks
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Welcome to The Barracks Commander!

Your Briefing Awaits...
Welcome to the Barracks, Your #1 Source for everything about C&C Gold/Tiberian Dawn.   The Barracks boasts one of the largest file and news archives around!  This site has been published since January of 2001 by Ojomym and Dontgivup.  Also, don't forget to vote for the Barracks on the C&C top 200!  Enjoy your stay at the Barracks!

Breaking News

.::Ojo returns for an update?!     Posted 09-26-10 |12:41 PM | Ojomym
Hey all you die hard C&C Gold fans, Ojo here making my first update in roughly a decade. I was really happy to see this site was still up and running and that angelifre hadn't gone under or decided to kill our page (which is impressive considering all of our attempts to block their advertising banners). Anyways, I've decided to brush up on my HTML and clean the site up a bit. I realize that a lot of people still use the site for its file archive and some of the harder to find info on this classic game. If you have any requests for additional content please e-mail me. Many thanks to Dontgivup for his sporadic updates, without which you'd be reading news from 2002. -Ojo
.::Where Are We Now?     Posted 09-10-09 |4:06 PM | DontGivUp
   OK, so we're not actually coming back or anything crazy like that for another attempt at a C&C Revival, but I was on Google today and guess what site passed by my eyes?  So I decided to take a look here and see if we'd been hacked or something crazy like that.  Having been three and a half years since my last update, I thought I may as well throw a few words in too.  If you're wondering where myself and Ojo are right now you can find us living in the Boston, Massachusetts area attending our final semesters of college.  Ojo is attending Northeastern and is pursuing a degree in engineering, and yours truly is at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences chasing a degree in Pharmacy.  If the next update isn't for another three and a half years you won't here from us until we have both graduated and started our careers.  Thinking back right now to when we started this website--back in middle school on a dial-up connection and going all the way up to now--typing this on a 10Mbps internet connection from an apartment in my final years of college makes me realize how much some things change and some things don't.  I still play Command and Conquer.  In fact I haven't even beaten Red Alert 3 yet--damn commies :).  C&C 4 will be coming out eventually and I'll probably be picking that one up too.  Now to cut off my rambling here's a proposition for you:  How much have things changed for you since you first came to this site (If your first visit was after 2004, stop reading)?  If you can maybe throw in a tie in to C&C, I might even make a section on the site for it--if it's good :).  Just click on my name on THIS article header and fire away.  Until next time C&C fans:  Take care of yourself aaaannd each other :)
.::The First Decade     Posted 3-15-06 | 8:21 PM | DontGivUp
   As I'm sure many of you know now, Command and Conquer:  The first decade is now out on store shelves everywhere.  Also, as I'm sure many of you know, it's a royal pain the ass to get the games to work on multiplayer.  To help clear the air I'm going to start working on a special article to help clarify what can and can't be done as of now regarding multiplayer compatibility.  I've just started to do some research and the more recent the game, the easier it is to do.  Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert I are both a pain in the ass from what I've been able to gather and I'm not sure that it's even 100% possible yet.  I'll be out crawling the web to try and put all the data in convenient place for everyone to find.  Any input from the C&C community would also be appreciated.  Regarding my prior post, I've decided that I don't have time for an overhaul of the site and will just leave everything the way it is.  I do not anticipate adding much to the site beyond tech help for The First Decade (TFD).  Just like Roger Clemens does not anticipate on pitching in the majors after the WBC...........
.::Umm.....I'm Back?     Posted 9-9-05 | 4:08 PM | DontGivUp
   Well, I guess you can only keep me away from the Barracks for a maximum of about 15 months or so, before I get drawn back into it.  I doubt that I will ever get back to posting regular updates like we did back in our glory days (2001-2003).  But now that I've moved onto a new stage in my life, I find that I've got a lot more time to do stuff than I know what to do with and I thought that I may as well add a bit to the website.  Why would I want to do this given that the game that this site is all about is completely dead, and has been for some time?  Simple (and no it is not another C&C revival. There's just not enough support for it this time around.) I'm posting this update because I am considering overhauling this site completely to create something completely new.  Why would I do that to The Barracks?  Well, I'd like to start from scratch on something new.  Whether it is a fan site for another game (unlikely) or something completely different, I do want it to be something that allows me to be directly in touch with people as I was here at The Barracks  I'd also like to be able to report kind of like how I did for a while with The Barracks (remember CnC Hacked anyone?)  Basically what I want to do is exactly what I did here, except on a different topic, where I am in complete control of everything regarding the style, web site technicalities, and every minor little detail.  That said though I don't want to remove everything that is on this site.  I think that what I will do is take this site and basically put it in a showcase where it can still be easily accessed.  Why don't I just get a brand new domain and website and the whole bit?  Well, I would like to build off of what has already been established here at The Barracks and use the hits that we still get as a springboard into the new venture.  But this is where you all come in.  Since I'm not sure what direction I want to go in, I'm asking you guys out there in the wonderful world that we call Earth, what should I do?  I'm pretty much  certain that there will be a major change in the topic the site covers, but to what topic is the question I pose to you.  Email me with suggestions so I have something to go on.  I really don't feel like doing a political blog either.  After I get some responses, I'll make sure to let you guys know what I've decided to do and then what I'll go from there.  That's all for now folks.  Hopefully I'll hear from you soon.

.::THE BARRACKS Shuts Down     Posted 7-28-04 | 12:02 AM | DontGivUp
   Well......The jig is up folks.  After a great run The Barracks is officially over.  But don't fret.  I'm leaving all of the links and goodies that The Barracks has put up on for as long as the servers that support the site keep us up.  For a time we had moved to the CNCNZ Network, which was a great move in terms of the amount of stuff we could now offer everyone.  However, neither I or Ojo had the time needed to keep the site going and we eventually lost our spot, which (if you read the CNCNZ rules) is what happens if you don't maintain your site. No matter how you put it though, The Barracks has had a great run.  We were consistently near the top (if not at the top) in C&C site ranking poles.  Starting in the late 1990s (wow that feels like forever ago) after many failed website ventures, Ojo created this site, which to this day remains our most successful site.  I'm getting a little repetitive now and it's about time I sign off from this site.  One final word though:  To my knowledge, Westwood has again started the RA servers for WOL and you can now play RA games, however the servers for C&C GOLD are not functional.  Ojo gave the folks at EA a call and found that this for some technical reason I don't care to repeat.  The bottom line is, odds are there will be no playing GOLD on the original servers.  Also, if you need the patches for any of the games released by Westwood, the place to go is the FTP site located at:  Just navigate to the file(s) you need and copy them to your drive.  Well, this is it.  The last Breaking News article to be published on The Barracks.  After I'm done here, I'm going to go write the final chapter of our history.  This is truly bittersweet, especially since it means saying goodbye to the tens of thousands of fans that have visited this site.  I may occasionally make a background update to this site, but this will be the last of the published updates.  To close, a quote from Jerry Springer crosses my mind.  He used it to close his crazy talk show everyday it was on the air and I feel it is appropriate to use here, "Take care of yourself, and each other."