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Name: The Cult of Guru Sean

Signature Quote: "You're so great, Guru Sean!"

Personal Email address: hakubiwashu@hotmail.com

  • Height: varies

  • Weight: varies

  • Appearance: Varies; the cult members are a rag-tag group of children, with ages ranging from ten to fourteen. All of them wear clean white monk's robes, sized appropriately to fit them, but otherwise look normal. Notable members of the Cult are Kevin (one of the youngest members at age ten, but one of the most energetic and adamant about promoting the Word of Sean), Micheal (Currently the oldest member, a Chinese boy with glasses; he coordinates most of the Cult's activities), Robert (An eleven year old who would blend in completely with the rest of the cultists if not for the fact that he is a natural pyrokinetic), and Heather (One of the several female members of the cult- currently, there are four. They have formed a sort of "clique" and are often found away from the other cult members).

  • Bio: Scattered amongst the dimensions are a certain rare kind of people, a very special kind of people- people who have the power of Destiny.

    That's not the Cult of Guru Sean. The kids *do* have a power, though - absolute belief. And right now, for some reason, that belief is focused on Sean. They follow him amongst the various universes he visits, some of them leaving and others joining as he travels about. The Cult's exact size thus varies from six to twenty people, with the current membership at twelve.

  • Intro: The Cult doesn't have any real reason to be in the GMCA other than that Sean is there. They won't interfere in fights, but will otherwise aid and protect him as best they can (after all, in their mind he's the holder of universal wisdom).

  • Theme Song:

    • Game Theme: Hymn to Him (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: Never Die (Creed)

    • Alternate Theme: Children (Paul Oakenfold Tunnel Mix) (Robert Miles)

  • Abilities:

    • Absolute Belief: the single identifying feature of all the members of the Cult is their strength of belief- a strength almost beyond human levels. Once they have chosen to believe something, that belief is complete, without doubt, unmoveable. Not only does this make them effectively impossible to mind-control when it comes to certain things (such as Sean), their belief is actually strong enough to affect the physical world on occasion. For example, if Sean had slipped over the edge of a cliff, one of the Cult could pull him up, regardless of how much he was carrying or how strong they were, because theu *know* that he can't die. Their belief in him also allows them to follow Sean, against all odds, through the multiverse as he travels.

    • In addition, most of the Cult members have some kind of minor magical ability, but generally nothing that will be particularly useful.

  • Special resources:

    • Though he doesn't particularly like them, the Cult is all the consistant human contact he's had for some two centuries. Thus, anyone who attacks or threatens them may find Sean fighting back for the Cult, depending on the situation and what kind of mood he's in at the time.

  • Motivations:

    • Learn the secrets of the universe from Guru Sean.

    • Attain spiritual enlightenment- see above point.

  • How the Cult talks:

    Though they are all quite young, the Cult of Guru Sean speaks with suprising maturity. They are generally semi-serious and eager, a stark contrast to Sean's bitter procrastination. Individual cult members have their own speech styles- for example, Kevin, the youngest member, speaks with a slight slur, many have accents from their home country/dimension, and so forth.

  • How the Cult acts:

    When not following about Sean and asking him questions about everything, the Cult can be found meditating or running amok- they're not *completely* abnormal children, after all.

    "The Cult of Guru Sean" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to Sean.

  • Hey, Guru Sean! What're we going to do tonight?