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Name: OBF-7 Proconsul

Signature Quote: [N/A]

Personal Email address: npbaxter@meer.net

  • Height: four stories

  • Weight: ~100 tons

  • Appearance: Cross the Space Colony mark of the Virgo Mobile Doll (shoulders, flight unit, hips and pelvis) with the Jehuty from Z.O.E. (torso, arms, legs) and you'll have the general idea. It's colored mostly dark blue, with bright red and green scattered about as trim - this is a demonstration model, not a flat black combat unit. Alternate appearances are simple pallette swaps of these three basic colors.

  • Button Style: Zone of the Enders

  • Bio: Your basic general purpose orbital combat mecha. The design emphasis, as much as the jack of all trades Proconsul can be said to have one, was on destruction of opposing parasite units - mecha and fighters. It will typically carry a variety of hardpoint weapons, in addition to the basic three.

  • Intro: The Proconsul we see is Teotl's personal unit.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: N/A (Blue Nothing)

    • Random Theme: Requiem - Dies Irae (W. A. Mozart)

    • Random Theme: Nice Dreams (Powermad )

    • Random Theme: Through the Night (Outlaw Star)

    • Random Theme: Torn Apart (Stabbing Westward)

    • Random Theme: Save Yourself (Stabbing Westward)

  • Stage: Low Planetary Orbit. The Imperial fleet is visible orbiting in the distance, but it's just part of the background... As is the incredible view of the planet below. Remember the last level of Homeworld? Like that.

  • Openings:

    • Home Stage: Drops from the top of the screen to hover facing the opponent.

    • Ground Stage: Drops from the sky to balance on its incongruously dainty feet (which are still larger than Jehuty's), facing the opponent.

  • Taunts:

    • None.

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Home Stage: Thruster vents pop open, and it vanishes off the top of the screen in a pillar of blue-white fire.

    • Ground Stage: The thrusters open and open up, hurling it away into the sky and sending everything not tied down swirling in its backwash.

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "Heh. Still got it."

  • Character Strategy: Block. Dodge. Dodge some more. Shoot. Close and slash. Block. You're very fast and stupidly agile, and your movement paradigm is very good at getting around behind your opponents.

  • Attacks:

    • Both Arms:

      • Grab: (hold Attack B, close) PC latches onto the opponent. Leads to...

      • Slam: (release B, close) PC tosses [victim] into nearest hard surface (can include other opponents)

    • Right Arm:

      • Sword: (attack A, close) A slash/stab from a superheated monomolecular blade. Very fast, can be comboed in groups of up to five. 4% for each slash.

      • Gun: (attack A, distant) A shot from the PC's hardmounted gun. 3% a shot, in combos of up to five.

    • Left Arm:

      • Shield: (defense) A reflecting energy shield. The generating unit looks like a buckler on the PC's left arm.

    • Backpack:

      • Light Missiles: (Attack B, distant) A trio of seeking missiles, 5% each.

      • Medium Missiles: (dash, Attack B, distant) A pair of heavier seeking missiles, 10% each.

      • Heavy Missile: (charge, Attack B, distant) Bigass seeking missile. 30%

    The mecha "OBF-7 Proconsul" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to Nathan Baxter.

  • MUAHAHAHAHAHA! And now, while you are distracted by the pretty lights, I will steal your cheez!