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Name: Kyo Hokushin

Signature Quote: "Whatever you think, man."

Personal Email address: kyo_misfire@lycos.com

  • Height: 5'11 1/2" (181 cm)

  • Weight: 155 lb. (68 kgs)

  • Appearance: Thin, weedy, geeky and half Asian. Bad BAD goatee hanging off his chin, slightly redder than the dark blond hair that hangs at shoulder level, blue eyes partially visible behind the hair. Outfits depend on the button pressed.
    1. WP: White short sleeved T w/ navy & khaki strips running down each sleeve; khaki 3/4-length cargos; navy/khaki sneakers.
    2. WK: White short sleeved T, light blue long sleeved button shirt worn as a jacket ; khaki 3/4-length cargos; navy/khaki suede sneakers.
    3. MP: Khaki short sleeved T w/ white strip running down each sleeve; khaki full-length cargos; khaki sneakers.
    4. MK: Navy short sleeved T w/ white strip running down each sleeve; faded blue double-seam jeans; navy sneakers.
    5. HP: Khaki long sleeved T w/ white dragon on right sleeve; cream full-length cargos; khaki sneakers.
    6. HK: Navy long sleeved T w/ white dragon on right sleeve; cream full- length cargos; navy sneakers.
    7. Start button: Black long sleeved T; faded blue double-seam jeans; navy/khaki sneakers.
    8. Hold any button for 2 seconds: Outfit #7, but with Kyo Kusanagi's jacket from KoF '99.

  • Fighting Style: An odd mix of styles, borrowing heavily from seemingly impossible moves from Hong Kong films, JKD, Spam-Fu, and kami-style brawling. His stance is unusual: right side forward, right arm hanging in front, left arm held close to his chest. He rarely uses his left side in combat.

  • Button Style: Capcom 2D - Classic 6 button style

  • Bio: Kyo was born in Shin-AC, an artificial realm created to house survivors of the B-Wars. The son of kamisama (an overly promiscuous and unusually Americanised minor deity), Kyo grew up with his mother and was encouraged to be a scholar. His skills seemed promising, Kyo wanting to pursue a career as a games designer, and spending his time writing and drawing to that effect.

    However, this changed when "Dad" came back to visit for Kyo's 17th birthday, and whisked him away on the Grand Road Trip - kamisama, Kyo and a girl named Kim, travelling who knows where in a small rusted out Datsun, with nothing to listen to but Mexican radio. During the Grand Road Trip, Kyo: was possessed by a 'friendly' Shadow Elemental as punishment for punching a well disguised mystic who was trying to pick his pocket; found that even though his father was a minor deity, he seemed to have no real Hercules-like attributes; learned to fight from numerous brawls kamisama seemed to start; palmed off the Shadow Elemental to another mystic, so said mystic could join a "card game resembling life itself", and; fell in love with Kim, who taught him the ancient art of Spam-Fu with emphasis on the Cow sub-style (and a bit of Spanish, so he could sing along in the car). By the time the Road Trip ended, 2 years later, Kyo had forgotten all about his previous desire to write games, and instead let the wanderlust take Kim and he wherever it wanted to in the Shin-AC and through the Ends. As a farewell from his father, Kyo was given a bag that supposedly had no end to it's storage capacity. He dubbed it the SEB - Seemingly Endless Backpack.

    Kyo has his fair share of problems: being a wanderer doesn't bring money in, and while both he and Kim have the SEB to provide for them, he has a nagging feeling that there's a limit to what he can eventually take from it (hence the Seemingly in it's title). Because of this, he's started taking things to carry with him, effectively becoming a petty thief.

  • Intro: He feels his own potential is much greater, and is driven to prove himself to everyone, especially Kim. So, when he was offered a place in the GMCA, he quickly accepted...

    He has no real wishes, though, and if he wins, he is willing to let Kim take his wish.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: I Have A Cow (Blue Nothing)

    • Home Stage Theme: Hail Hail (Pearl Jam)

    • Alternate Theme: Three Doors (V.A.S.T.)

    • Alternate Theme: Flight theme (NiGHTS)

    • Random inappropriate music: Dan - Old School Remix (Unknown)

  • Stage: Brewery Wharf, a concrete jetty jutting out into the harbour of Shin-AC, and part of a harbour side bar.

  • Weapons: If they count, whatever he manages to pull from the SEB. Nothing larger than a cow, 99% of the time the object is blunt, and is most likely cow-related.

  • Special Resources:

    • Kim. Not really a resource, Kim is Kyo's travelling partner, and an Important Background Character.

    • SEB. Stands for Seemingly Endless Backpack. There's things in here that even Kyo doesn't know about. He just uses it for Pepsi storage. And he always seems to be able to get a cow when he needs it... (Hey, he's hetero! His girlfriend just likes cows... a whole lot... yeah...)

  • Openings:

    • 1st Round: Drops onto screen, standing on the back of a large cow. He climbs off the cow, places it in the SEB, dusts his hands off and places them in his pockets, before turning to face his opponent. Followed by Standard opening.

    • Standard: Pulls his hands from his pockets, smirks at his opponent and takes his stance, saying "No messing around, eh?"

    • Alternate - 15% chance: Pulls his hands from his pockets, shrugs the SEB from his shoulders, throws it to Kim, and takes his stance. Only to receive the SEB in the back of his head, and a shout from Kim - "Hey! You USE that bag, remember! Silly..."

    • Vs Yun: Goes into a monkey impression: crouches, takes time to scratch an armpit, and scurries around for a little while, letting out assorted shrieks and "ook"s. After he's done laughing at Yun, that is.

  • Taunts:

    • Kim lets out a loud "MOO! Go Kyo!". Both fighters give the standard Anime *blink blink*.

    • Shouts "SATANIC HEAD BITEY!!!" and "shoots" at his opponent with a gun made from his hand.

    • Vs Yuusuke [20% chance of appearing]: Smirks, saying "Itai desu ne?", followed by a really creepy laugh that doesn't stop till Yuu hits him.

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard: Pulls a bottle of Pepsi from the SEB (if he's breaking copyright, then the label is blurred) and chugs.

    • Draw: Kyo puts his hands in his pockets, looks wistfully off into the distance... and falls over when Kim decides to rush and glomp him.

    • Alternate: Pulls a cow plushie from the SEB and sets it on the ground, then punts it. And hops around holding his foot in pain.

    • Time Over: Kyo looks at his watch, looks at Kim, looks at his opponent, and then removes his watch, throwing it into the distance.

    • Vs Yuusuke: Kyo stands there, looking all moody, hair draped over his face... then lets out a laugh and states "Ha..."

    • Desperation: Kim rushes up behind him, crouches down, wraps her arms around him and declares loudly, "MINE!!"

    • Flash Finisher: Kyo backflips off his opponent, flicks the hair from his face, and then regards his fallen opponent with, "Um... I didn't think I hit you THAT hard..."

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "There's the proof, if you doubt me."

    • "I should start keeping count sometime..."

    • "You could have hit me harder, you know..."

    • "I'm erratic, yes... but you still lost. At least that bit's not confusing."

    • Vs Yuusuke - "I'd call you a boy, but you're more a man-child."

  • Character Strategy: Kyo is not an overly defensive or damaging character: his strength is the speed of his normal moves, and his forte is close range fighting. His kicks are stronger attacks, but his punches have priority over most normals. When stuck against a long-range or projectile fighter, Kyo acts more like a Hoover than a decent character. Plus, half his specials have a start-up AND finish delay.

  • Attacks:

    • Launcher:
        Not Likely: Bringing his knee up, Kyo extends his leg and then raises it further, using the side of his foot to (hopefully) catch his opponent beneath their chin. (d/f + HK)

    • Command Normals:

      • Backfist: Kyo spins to his left, and brings his left arm out for a vicious backfist. There is little range on this attack, plus a start delay. (b + HP)

    • Throws:

      • Spin: - 8% Spinning the opponent around 360, Kyo drives his forearm into their stomach. (WP close)

      • Pounce: - 8% Kyo trips his opponent up, then drives his fist down into their chest. (MP close)

      • Twist: - 10% Spinning the opponent around, Kyo delivers a Sekkan punch: a short sharp punch to the kidneys. (HP close)

    • Specials:

      • Dragon Cannon: - 14% Borrowed directly from Jann Lee (of DOA fame). Kyo takes a wider stance and drives his leading elbow forward, then straightens the forearm and shakes it for a second. If the move connects, the opponent is knocked backwards. (charge b, f + P)

      • I Have A Cow: - 11% Kyo reaches inside the SEB and pulls out a cow plushie, then proceeds to bean his opponent with it. It doesn't help when the opponent finds out it's a weighted plushie, first-hand. (QCF + P)

      • I Have No Cow: - 8% Kyo reaches inside the SEB, and shouts "HA!" as he pulls out... nothing. With the confusion (possibly) distracting his opponent, Kyo takes the opportunity to lock them in a waist-height headlock and kick them in the face. (QCF + K)

      • SMAP-Kick: - 11% Luckily, this move has nothing to do with those 5 zany performers from Japan. An aerial roundhouse from Kyo, directing his opponent to the ground. The sound made when his foot connects is close enough to "SMAP!", hence the title. (DP + K)

      • Bill Paris: - 10% Pulls a bicycle from his backpack, plants it on the ground, grabs the handlebars and performs a side jump-kick. This move has very little range and a huge start- up time. (RDP + K)

      • Enter The Dragon - command throw: - 14% Kyo throws a punch straight forward and knocks his opponent down, before leaping onto their chest and twisting his hips. However, his weight lets this move down. (HCB + P)

      • Blaze DDT - command throw: - 12% (3%) Standing toe-to-toe with his opponent, Kyo backflips, taking his opponent's legs out as he starts. He then grabs his opponent from behind with one arm in mid- flip, across their shoulders, and drives their forehead (and possibly nose) into the ground, pancaking himself as he does so. Kyo takes a little damage from this move. (DP + P)

    • Supers:

      • OIP Switch: - 25% Kyo steps backwards, takes his normal stance... and waits. If the opponent comes close to Kyo, he turns his body so as to face them while driving his left fist forward one inch, into their abdomen. Rather than fly backwards, the opponent collapses. If the opponent comes nowhere near Kyo after 3 seconds, the the super ends, one bar wasted. This move has absolutely no range. (charge b, f, b, f + 2P)

      • Everlong: - 5%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 5% Kyo's only projectile move. Leaping forward, Kyo punches towards the opponent's stomach, follows with a standing uppercut, then a kick to the chin. This is then followed by Kyo spinning to his right, reaching into his bag, and pulling out three CDs, which he throws shuriken-style. They hit high, middle, and low. (QCF x 2 + P)

      • Tread: - 10%, 12%, 13% (5%) An exaggerated Bill Paris, which Kyo follows by swinging the bicycle over his head and onto the opponent, then performing an Enter The Dragon onto the bicycle. Obviously, this causes a little damage to Kyo as well. (RDP x 2 + K)

    • Desperation:

      • Bovine Intervention: - 6%, 15%, 30% Annoyed, beaten, and unbalanced, Kyo takes a wild swing at his opponent. If it connects, Kyo follows with a roundhouse kick, reaches into the SEB, and pulls out... a Fresian cow. (Or whatever those dairy cows are called, the black and white ones.)(Holsteins? -Drojiira) He then swings the cow around, launching his opponent and the cow. The opponent comes crashing back to the ground, followed soon after by the cow, landing on top of them, completely unscathed. Ends with Kyo crouching, out of breath, and the kanji for "Cow" shining in the background. (HCF, HCB + 3P)

    • Ultimate Attack/Summon:

      • It's In Here Somewhere...: - 30% to 40%, 15% His only projectile attack, and weak at that. Kyo takes the SEB from his shoulders, holds it with his left hand, and begins throwing things out of it with his right hand. Anything could be thrown. The only restriction on what comes out of the SEB is the size limit - no bigger than a cow. After about 5 seconds of the barrage Kyo throws the SEB, realises what he's just done, and chases it. If the opponent is anywhere between Kyo and the SEB, he'll tackle them before continuing on his way. The move ends when Kyo gets the SEB back OR if he's knocked down, in which case he doesn't retrieve the SEB. If this happens, then any moves involving it result in a taunt, and Kyo can retrieve it by walking over it. (charge b, f, QCF + 2P)

    • Flash Finisher:

      • Step Inside My Head: Kyo dashes back, then performs the Dragon Cannon. If it misses, Kyo stands there, shaking his forearm, and is completely open. If the move connects, both fighters freeze for 2 seconds as the background blacks out. Kyo enters into a super fast combo, follows it with the Not Likely, then a SMAP-Kick, and finishes with Enter The Dragon. (charge f, QCF, b + HP + HK)

    • Team Helper:

      • Opponent on ground: Dragon Cannon

        Opponent in air: SMAP Kick

    • Team Supers:

      • Burning Bovine: - 20% (to both opponents) Kyo reaches into his SEB and pulls out a large (dummy) cow, which the King in Yellow proceeds to immolate. The crazed, burning cow charges the opponents, colliding with them and exploding in a Monty Python manner.

  • Glitches:

    • Vs. Yuusuke - Due to a bad palette swap, Kyo's hair is crimson while fighting Yuusuke.

    • Vs. (\/)ajin, Reader - There is a 10% possibility that any items drawn from either fighter's storage devices are Kyo's, and vice versa.

  • Motivations:

    • Explore the Focal Point. ("Oy, just one more place I have to get used to...")

    • Kim. Make sure she has a good time, and win for her.

    • Prove himself to himself (though he believes it's to everyone else)

  • How Kyo talks:

    Kyo speaks in an odd mix of high-level language and colloquialisms, which basically means he can talk with anyone who understands English, although he falls prone to using the word "like" often, and pausing at odd points in sentences. He often speaks with a sarcastic tone, and can be blunt at times. He also knows a decent amount of Japanese, and pidgin Spanish.

  • How Kyo acts:

    Kyo manages to keep to himself often, when he's not being saccharine-sweet with Kim. While he enjoys the company of others, he's more attuned to solitude. Kyo also has his own "issues", and this causes a lot of angst inside. His apathy negates this, and so to most he appears simply happy-go-lucky. Kyo has fun, though, and most of it comes from Kim: simple, stupid fun. He keeps his emotions in check and well-hidden (except from Kim), and appears calm, although he is known to lose control while fighting on occasion.

The character "Kyo Hokushin" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to ZERO Designs

Go ahead, have a cow, man.