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Name: Yamamoto "Keori" Keri

Signature Quote: "I've almost started."

Personal Email address: Cailleanm20@hotmail.com

  • Height: 5ft. 4in.

  • Weight: 130 lbs.

  • Appearance: Keori is a lithe Japanese/Caucasian woman with long black hair, startling blue eyes and a muscular form inherited from her father. Her normal attire is a combination of ripped-up jeans, black bodysuits, scuffed motorcycle boots, and a black leather duster where she hides her swords ala Duncan McLeod. During fights her hair is tied back in a ponytail.

    Alternate Appearance: Same as above but her top is purple and there is a white streak in her hair, which is hanging around her shoulders (She likes raves...)

  • Fighting Style: Kenpo with Chinese Shaolin influence for medium to long range attacks; Chin-na (art of the Leopard) for close-in attacks

  • Button Style: Soul Calibur

  • Bio: Born the illegitimate daughter of an Okinawan college student and an American sailor (so she believes) in 1977, Yamamoto Keri has spent her life being despised by both her mother's family and her stepfather's family. When she was 16 Keri ran away to Tokyo to find her own life using the name Keori (a pun on her name and the Japanese word "Ori" meaning garbage which her older stepbrother created) and supported herself by working odd jobs while erratically attending high school. Her anger at the world often got her into fights that-due to her lack of skill-left her incapacitated. She caught the attention of the master of a dojo near the restaurant where she was working, who one day took her aside and told her,"If you're going to get into fights, at least go in with a chance of winning." Keori spent the next 6 years training in the arts of Kenpo and Shaolin, earning her 2nd degree black belt and honing her skills with a katana and wakizashi. When she was 22, Keori decided to find her biological father and explore her American roots. Her search took her to San Francisco where she met Yun Cholsu, I Suuroe, Noe Chongguu, and Chhoe Nabi in a Japantown bar. The day will live in infamy.

  • Intro: Keori is out to prove that, despite living under the stigma of being illegitimate, she does have honor and is worth much more than her family believes. She came to the Focal Point after what may or may not have been a hallucination in which she saw her father beckoning to her.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Main Theme: Hi no Shiren (Blue Nothing)

    • Vs. Science and Technology: Cruel (Tori Amos)

    • Vs. Team Kaiju: Break Stuff (Limp Bizkit)

    • Vs. Knowledge and Power: Come Out and Play (The Offspring)

    • Vs. Der Reissfangzahn von das Zerschmetternherz: Save Yourself (Stabbing Westward)

  • Stage: Wherever she feels like, most often The AntiClub in Waikiki, sometimes on Lombard Street in San Fransisco.

  • Weapons: Katana and Wakizashi

  • Special Resources:

    • The Korean Street Posse: Yun Ch'òlsu, Noe Chònggu, I Suroe and Ch'oe Nabi

    • Billiard space: Having spent much of her adult life in bars Keori has developed considerable skill at the game of pool. When aggravated enough, Keori will reach into the pocket of her duster into "billiard space" and will pick up whatever items are on the pool table, namely pool cues, bridges, cue balls, and the occasional beer bottle. (This usually results in some confusion in the bar she has reached into.) Keori will pull these items forth from her jacket and wield them as she deems fit. These attacks resemble FFVIIís Cait Sith's "Toybox" limit breaks.

    • Keori has many inside pockets in her duster. She keeps a host of strange items in them, but mostly implements of a mini-bar; i.e. ice pick, corkscrew, bottle opener, shot glass, margarita salt, one-ounce bottles of liqour (rum, tequila, gin, vodka, Wild Turkey, etc.), and a Leatherman for any needed handywork.

  • Openings:

    • First Round: Keori walks into the ring, swords still sheathed, and looks around with her face a perfectly blank mask. After a moment, she shrugs and draws her Katana and Wakizashi, assuming a ready stance.

    • Standard: Keori walks up to the hoots and catcalls of I Suroe. She stops, snarls at him, and continues on her way.

  • Taunts:

    • Standing with both swords at the ready, Keori runs her tongue lightly up the dull edge of her Wakizashi.

    • vs. Epsilon: "Can you hold that red pen with broken fingers? I didn't think so."

    • vs. Yuu: Plasters the back of her hand to her forehead in an "Oh, Angst!" gesture and asks, "Can someone please get me a staple gun?"

    • vs. Neovid: Inhales as if to say something, stops, shakes her head, and draws her swords

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard: Keori sheathes her swords, stretches her arms up to the sky and lazily smiles.

    • Perfect victory: Whips a bottle of sake out of her duster and takes a swig before pouring the rest on the opposition.

    • Desperation: Prys her eyes open, grunts, and nods before going to sleep wherever she is lying down.

    • Draw: Walks out of the ring and slaps I Suroe for no reason.

    • Time over: Raises one eyebrow before turning and walking away.

  • Victory Quotes:

    • *chuckles*

    • "Save yourself next time."

    • "Want a band-aid?"

  • Character Strategy: Keori is a versatile fighter and can adapt quickly. She uses primarily mid-to-close range attacks with her Wakizashi and Chin-na strikes in order to complement Yun's fighting style. When fighting alone, she prefers mid range attacks using her Katana and high crane-style strikes.She prefers to use her swords but isn't limited to them; bare-handed combat is just as good. Her swords are held thus: katana in left hand, point towards the ground, blade out, as her guard weapon, her wakizashi is in her right hand, point up, as her attack weapon.

  • Attacks:

    • Launcher:
        Diana's Laugh: Double front kick; first one to the groin or stomach to bend her opponent over at the waist, followed by a high one to the face to send him flying backward.

    • Throws:

      • Leopard Shrug: Standing in back of her opponent, Keori pinches the nerve in the back of her opponent's knee, causing all feeling in that leg to stop and her opponent to fall over. She catches him on her back and throws him.
        (9% damage)

      • Rack-Your-Brain: Reaches into her duster for access to billiard space, whips out a ball rack and, bringing it over her opponentís head, jerks him flat to his face.
        (8% damage)

    • Specials:

      • Whooping Crane: Front kick to the chest followed by a series of alternating roundhouse and hook kicks to the head.
        (forward+kick+A and K repeatedly.)
        (10% damage)

      • Swan Song: Front kick to the chest, pivot a quarter turn into a high side kick to the head, uppercut to the jaw.
        (10% damage)

      • Cygnet: Roundhouse kick to the head completing a 180 degree spin, then while Keori's back is to her opponent she plunges an elbow into the solar plexus, finishing by bringing her fist crashing into the nose.
        13% damage

      • Human Blowtorch: Pulling a Zippo from one jacket pocket and a 16 ounce bottle of 200 proof isopropyl alcohol from another, Keori takes a HUGE mouthful of alcohol, then spits it into her opponent's face through the lighter. The flame travels an average of four feet.
        (A+B+K+B repeatedly)
        (A face hit constitutes 15% damage, anything else is 12-13%.)

      • Condor Lash: Diagonal slashes downward right then left, then a horizontal right to left slash with her Katana.
        (10% damage)

      • Coma Bomb: Launches herself onto her opponent's shoulders from behind, boxing his ears with her knees while delivering a blow to both temples with the hilts of her swords.
        (15% damage)

      • Skullcracker: Reaching into billiard space, Keori pulls out a bridge (a pool cue with a serrated metal crescent on the end; used to position a pool cue on a table from a difficult spot) and nails her opponent across the face with it, then swings it around to hit them in the back.
        (14% damage)

      • Devil Tiger: Using her Wakizashi Keori slashes her opponent across the forehead, then executes a spinning backhand slash in the exact same spot, causing blood to run down into her opponent's eyes, doing damage and causing temporary blindness.
        (14% damage)

    • Supers:

      • Keg Party: Keori takes off her duster and lays it on the ground. She reaches in and pulls out a 5 gallon beer keg (they weigh about 40 lbs). Tapping the keg, she lights a rag, stuffs it in and throws the keg at her opponents. BOOM!!!!!! Note: Beer kegs are pressurized and will explode in these circumstances, unlike Molotov cocktails in glass bottles, which will just break and burn.
        (This move can cause 35% damage to her opponent, but since the keg must be strategically placed in a bar beforehand, it takes Keori 5% of her own strength to pull off.)

      • Ask the 8-Ball: Keori reaches into Billiard Space and pulls out the 8-ball. She looks at it, asks it a question, shakes it, then looks at it again. She smiles and throws it to the floor at her feet, where it explodes. The sound of a very large object falling is heard, right before Keoriís opponent is buried underneath a mound of giant billiard balls.
        (A+B+K+A and B simultaneously)
        (30% damage.)

      • Randomosity: Keori pulls a billiard ball from her duster, throws it down and it explodes. If the ball is striped, the opponent is suddenly the victim of a falling pool table. If the ball is a solid, the opponent is attacked by a hailstorm of flying sake bottles.
        (A+B+K+G+K simultaneously)
        (Stripe damage 25%, Solid damage 20%.)

    • Desperation:

      • Seventh Heaven: Keori rips off her duster and throws it over both herself and her opponent. They diasappear into a random pool hall where Keori incites a large bar brawl. Cartoonish bulges and puffs of smoke can be seen coming from her duster during the chaos. Keori soon crawls out from underneath her duster, dragging her opponent behind her. 55% damage if unblocked and opponent goes under. If opponent blocks and Keori goes alone, she brings back 3 random drunken jabronis (10% chance one of them will be I Suuroe) who proceed to lay the smack down on her opponent's candy ass. 40% damage from the three jabronis.

    • Ultimate Attack

      • Twice-Crimson Tiger: Reaching into Billiard Space, Keori pulls out the white cue ball. She sprinkles margarita salt on it, eats it, and her body begins to glow with an undefined type of energy. She then rushes her opponent wielding both swords in a move designed to rip her opponent to unrecognizable shreds, similar to FFVIII Squall's "Renzokuken".
        (50% damage.)

    • Flash Finisher:

      • Lunatic Swirl: Keori pulls out billiard chalk cubes from her jacket space, throws them into the air, and slices them into tiny pieces. The pieces swarm her opponent, and carry him away.

    • Team Helper:

      • When called, Keori will sneak up on her partner's opponent and perform a Coma Bomb.

    • Team Supers:

      • Team Edit: Chokeslam

      • Teamed with Yun Ch'òlsu: The Monkey's Frat Party If Keori is onscreen she will throw her beer keg bomb at her opponent, knocking him/her backward to where Yun is waiting to perform his "K'ùn Wònsung'i Ch'uum" (Dance of the Big Monkey) on the opponentís head.

      • Teamed with Yun Ch'òlsu: Saram Pulgogi (Korean Barbecued Person) If Yun is onscreen, Keori will deliver her Human Blowtorch to the opponent's back followed by a "Wònsungi Shiksa" attack from Yun.

  • Glitches:

    • If I Suroe is within 20 feet of Keori when she performs her taunt there is a 50% chance that he will run up and attempt to tackle her while kissing as much of her face as possible. She becomes displeased and distracted from the fight.

    • When fighting Replica in an alternate universe, there is a 10% chance that Keori and Yunís jacket dimensions switch places; i.e., Keori suddenly has the Chusuryut'an and Yun has access to billiard space.

  • Motivations:

    • Keori wants to win the tournament to prove her worth to her family. Her major goal in life is to find her biological father; she is hoping that word of the tournament will reach his ears and somehow help to bring them together.

  • How Keori talks:

    When she speaks, which isn't often, Keori speaks Japanese, decent-although-accented English, and is attempting to learn Korean with the help of Noe Chònggu and Ch'oe Nabi. Ch'oe is the only person she will really open up to; the two have been known to have hours-long conversations in Japanese. As a general rule, Keori is not very trusting and normally wonít start a conversation with a stranger. Get her a few bottles of sake and she might lighten up a bit....

  • How Keori acts:

    Keori trusts herself, and thatís about it. Growing up mostly on her own, she has learned to rely on herself. Born illegitimate, Keori is skittish about premarital sex; she doesnít want to be disgraced as her mother was. Getting some action outside the ring is NOT a priority. On a lighter note, Keori likes bars, sake, pool tables, and running around the woods alone to get away from other people. Her music tastes include anything loud and obnoxious, and traditional flute.

    The character "Keori" and all attributes thereof are TM and © 2000 to Keori

  • Don't like fighting girls? Just hold still then it'll be over soon.