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Name: Gaijin Dan Mastriani

Signature Quote: "The King of Fighters, you silly twit!"

Personal Email address: powerofqi@aol.com

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  • Height: 5ft. 6in.

  • Weight: 150 lbs.

  • Appearance: Thin with black hair and beard, he favors jeans and the Logo Shirt of the Day, topped off with a blue duster featuring entirely too much stuff in the inside pocket and bottomed off with black Nike(TM) sneakers.

    Alternate Appearance: Dan goes corporate, sporting the white button-down shirt and black pants that form the foundation of his Hollywood Video uniform. Following dress code, he trades his sneakers for black Payless shoes.

  • Fighting Style: Dan will copy anybody and anything that's somewhat effective, or at least really cool looking. His style is currently a hodgepodge of moves stolen from Ryu, Shingo, Iori, Double Dragon 1 for NES and Jackie Chan. And those are just the major influences. Basically karate with some weird-ass extras thrown in. He's also not above ripping off pro-wrestling for throws and holds and stealing his sword style primarily from Ukyo and Kenshin. This leads to keeping the sword in the sheath most of the time while waiting for a chance to strike with a well timed sword-draw.

  • Button Style: Street Fighter II

  • Bio: A self-proclaimed fighting game freak with a game library heavily featuring the names "Capcom" and "SNK", if it involves 2D characters beating the crap out of each other, far be it from Dan not to give the game a try. Hell, he'll even give those polygon things a run, if he has the time. In fact, Dan has never shied away from any type of coordinated violence. Kung-fu movies, fighting anime, pro-graps, he'll go for any chance to observe the mechanics of violence. To fight without malice, honestly and holding no desire but to be the best; this is Dan's ideal of combat. As long as he can meet challenges and push his limits, there will be no happier man.

  • Intro: Rule the mind, the body will follow. The greatest test and opportunity is a tournament in which one can fight as one believes he can, un-handicapped by the subconsciously imposed limits that are the generally held laws of reality. To be free of this, to break the human limit wall; the Grand Merchandisable Clash of Authors final prize may just be the key. Reality is perception, molded by belief. Granted the will to believe this heart and soul, a man will be truly free and capable of achieving all desires. Go, Dan! Break the chains of the World! And fly!

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: Repeat Performance (Blue Nothing)

    • 1P Theme: Ippatsu Yarou (Yuji Ueda)

    • 2P Theme: In His Hands (Nirvana)

  • Stage: In front of the Southington Hollywood Video. Fellow employees and SHS alumni look on.

  • Weapons: Murakumo no Tsurugi, the holy blade of legend found by Susano-o within the body of Yamata no Orochi.

  • Special Resources:

    • The entire Hollywood Video rental library is at his disposal. Not that this is any good in a fight, unless he and his opponent want to watch a movie afterwards or something.

  • Openings:

    • 1st Round: Removes his glasses and puts them safely away, before proceeding into stretching exercises ("Ichi ni! San shi!") and finally taking his fighting stance.

    • Standard: Cocks his forearm and shouts: "Get Pokemon de za!" (mostly because he can) then makes a show of taking his stance.

    • Vs. Epsilon:
      Dan: Ya! Aaron! Genki da ka!
      Epsilon: You're here. That's good. But you're in my way. That'll need some correction.

    • Vs. (\/)ajin:
      Dan: Vajin.
      (\/)ajin: It's (\/)ajin.
      Dan: Ajin?
      (\/)ajin: (\/)ajin.
      Dan: Vaijin.
      (\/)ajin: No, (\/)ajin!
      Dan: Buu?
      (\/)ajin: Now you're doing it on purpose.

    • Vs. NeoVid: Dan and Vid simultaneously yell at each other, "Stealing special attacks is what _I_ do!" NeoVid then does his double-arm version of the Chohatsu and says, "Don't mess with the Mocking Legend!" Dan replies, "If you knew that, why are you still fighting me?"

    • Vs. Yuusuke:
      Dan: [creates an orange flame in his palm] Keri o tsukeyoze, Yagami.
      Yuu: ...you're an idiot.

    • Vs. Self:
      Ichi-Dan: Hollywood Video ga dai kirai!
      Ni-Dan: Ore ga mewotsuburu da.

    • Vs. Ch'oe: Ch'oe cocks the People's Eyebrow and Dan replies: "I'm not going to sell that stupid elbow!"

  • Taunts:

    • Chohatsu - (Taunt)
      The classic Dan Hibiki Saikyo-Ryu Chohatsu technique. It just doesn't get any better. (start)

    • Points. "Hey! Let's fight for real!" (f+start)

    • Hops back. "Hey, now! Don't make me provocate your ass!" (b+start)

    • Zenten Chohatsu - (Forward Rolling Taunt)
      I think you know what this is. (qcf+start)

    • Kouten Chohatsu - (Backward Rolling Taunt)
      This is familiar, no? (qcb+start)

    • "Yahoii!" Sensing a pattern? I am Dan, after all. (start, air)

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard: Stretches a bit. "I need to work out more."

    • Alternate: Crosses his arms. "Not bad, not bad."

    • Perfect: Thumbs up! "Yoyuchi!"

    • Perfect Alternate: Clenches fist. "Ore no..." Shoots it into the air. "...kachi da!"

    • Critical: Laughs madly while clutching side.

    • Critical Alternate: Collapses to one knee. "Hahn...hahn...that was tough!"

    • Draw: Shrugs. "Eh. Yare, yare."

    • Time Over: "Stupid!" Hits self in head. "Ow! I've got to stop doing that."

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "These two fists are everything to me!"

    • "You need more training to defeat me."

    • "You must enjoy getting beat. Let me remodel your face one more time!"

    • "Don't feel so bad. Everybody loses to me!"

    • "If you don't have fangs, don't flap your gums!"

    • "YUME have thought you had a chance, but that was just a dream!"

  • Character Strategy: Dan's individual moves aren't that strong, nor does he often rack up more than four or five hits at best in combos. Dan's real strength is his speed and variety of moves, giving you several choices for any situation. Keep your opponent guessing and use unpredictability to your advantage.

  • Attacks:

    • Launcher: Power Geyser - A lot less damage and a lot more vertical displacement of your opponent than Terry's version of the move. Also note that it doesn't have that much vertical range and even less horizontal. Trying to combo into it from right next to a standing opponent is probably your best bet. (3%) (df+hp)

    • Command Normals:

      • Ge Shiki Goufu Kakkodake - (Foreign Style: Roaring Axe Only In Looks) Shingo's axe kick from KoF. (2%) (f+wk)

      • Ge Shiki Goufu In "Shinigami" - (Foreign Style: Negative Roaring Axe "Death God") Iori's axe kick from KoF. Second hit must be blocked high. (3%) (f+mk)

      • Jikoryuu Kubi Tachi Kyaku Gyakufunsha - (Self Taught Style: Reverse Thrust Neck Cutting Kick) An original move(!?), Dan swings his rear leg back, then spins into an overhead axe kick that hits at the base of the neck. This move knocks down. (4%) (f+hk)

      • Sakotsu Wari - (Collarbone Splitter) Ryu's classic overhead punch. Must be blocked high. (3%) (f+wp)

    • Throws:

      • Korai Shiki Manuke No Itade - (Ancient Style: Idiot's Deadly Injury) After directing his opponents attention to an interesting patch of empty air, Dan clocks them with a vicious hook. Always throws forward. (5%) (f+mp)

      • Gekitotsu Seoi Nage - (Crash Into Shoulder Throw): Dan flips his opponent over then hits their prone body with a flipping senton body attack. Always throws backward. (9%) (f+hp)

    • Specials:

      • Hadoken - (Surge Fist) The good old, reliable fireball everybody uses. Speed depends on punch used with weak being slowest and hard fastest. When done in the air, this move becomes the Kuuchuu Kohken (Midair Tiger Fist) and fires diagonally downward while Dan pauses in the air. (5%) (qcf+p)

      • Battou Jutsu - (Sword Drawing Strike) Dan unsheathes his sword, slashes with it, and places it back in its sheath all in one smooth motion. WP is a low slash, MP is mid-height, and HP is high. Dan is vulnerable while re-sheathing his sword. (10%) (qcb+p)

      • Shingo Kick - If you don't know what this is, go play King of Fighters, because I'm not sure I can adequately describe it. An overhead flying kick sort-of scratches the surface. (8%) (rdp+k)

      • Joushou Dougi Sora Karatakewari Yaiba - (Ascending Motion Sky Cleaving Sword) Dan jumps while slashing his sword upward. Because everyone and their brother has an uppercut. (9%) (dp+p)

      • Hiken Sasameyuki - (Concealed Saber Snowfall Slash) Borrowed from Ukyo Tachibana, Dan pulls out his sword and thrusts rapidly while moving forward. Good pressure technique, but he's wide open when the move ends. (2% per hit) (tap P rapidly)

      • Spinfall - Blue Mary's move. A flipping heel kick. Not a lot of range or priority, but... (3%) (qcf+k)

      • M. Spider - (Mary's Spider) The spinfall can be followed up by an armlock. Snap that elbow! (8%) (qcf+p, when Spinfall hits)

      • Ni Hyaku Juu Ni Shiki Kototsuki - (Style No. 212: Koto Moon) This move has three variations, delineated here. (hcb+k)

        • In - (Negative) Iori's version. The opponent is pushed off-balance with a palm to the face, then slammed to the ground and burnt with purple flame. Must be blocked high. (6%) (wk)

        • Kou - (Positive) Kyo's version. The opponent is stunned with an elbow to the gut, then lifted by the throat and blown away by a blast of orange flame. Must be blocked low. (6%) (mk)

        • Juuzentaru - (Absolute) The Kototsuki Kou followed by the Kototsuki In. It can be blocked high or low, but does more damage than the other two variations. (10%) (hk)

    • Supers:

      • Haoh Shinkuu Gadoken - (Supreme King Vacuum Self-Taught Fist), Level 1 Dan Hibiki's super, but BIGGER! Doesn't pick up any range, though. (15%) (qcf, qcf+p)

      • Hitosama No Waza Ga Ren'You - (Continuous Use Of Other People's Techniques), Level 2 Kyo's Aragami, the jump-kick from Double Dragon 1 on NES, Terry's Fire Kick, and Chris's Ankoku Orochi Nagi chained together. (20%) (qcb, qcb+k)

      • Joushou Itade Ichiren - (Rising Blow Chain), Level 3 Shou'ouken, Cho Upper, Ryuuga, Koh Hou, Tiger Blow, Koryuken, Shoryuken, Shin Shoryuken, Shinryuuken. Lotsa hits! (28%) (qcf, d, df+p)

    • Desperation:

      • Otoko Michi - (Path Of Man) This move takes you down to 1% power if it connects. Who thinks straight when they're desperate? (30%) (hp, wk, b, wp, wp)

    • Ultimate Attack/Summon:

      • Kamehameha - (Turtle Power Ball/Turtle School Blast), Level 3 and disables your super meter for 10 seconds Who doesn't know it? This would be a much more amazing and dangerous move if the startup wasn't so stupidly long. (60%) (qcb, f+p)

    • Flash Finisher:

      • Rock Bottom - If you smeeeeelalala what the impersonator...is cookin'. (hcf, b, db, d+p)

    • Team Helper:

      • Shingo Kick

    • Team Supers:

      • Team Edit: Shakunetsu Shinkuu Hadoken - (Scorching Heat Vacuum Wave Fist) (Team Edit) A burning beam super. (20%)

      • Hyaku Messatsu Goroawase - (Hundred Destructive Word Plays) (with Epsilon) Dan and Epsilon throw bad puns back and forth until the opponent suffers internal damage. (35%)

      • Double Cactus Jack Attack - (with Ch'oe) Dan takes down the opponent with a Double-Arm DDT, then leaves as Ch'oe flies onto the opponent from off screen with a Cactus Elbow. (25%)

  • Glitches:

    • If the Ankoku Orochi Nagi and NeoVid's Nise No Orochi Nagi collide, they will cancel each other out and the fighters will stop to taunt each other.

      Dan: You call that Orochi Nagi? You couldn't singe a garter snake!

      NeoVid: At least I don't copy a copy.

    • Dan will use Kim Kapwan's KoF stance rather than his own when fighting Yun.

    • Dan will roll out of the way of the Ch'oe's People's Elbow win pose. He still loses, however.

    • Whenever Dan wins a match against Rebel Clint, his normal win pose will be replaced by him sending up a signal flare, then jumping in place and waving his arms while shouting: "Come on!" in a repetitive manner.

  • Motivations:

    • Dan is looking for the best opponents and hopes to become the best by fighting them. Should he win the tourney, he hopes to gain the ability to use his overblown martial arts in real life. Hey, it'd be cool, no?

  • How Dan talks:

    Possessing a horribly complex speech pattern, Dan generally tries to sound intelligent while mixing in the occasional accent, colloquialism, or (not necessarily correct) Japanese phrase. See how I write? That'll do.

  • How Dan acts:

    A self professed Nice Guy, Dan tries to be decent and polite to everybody off the battlefield, unless he doesn't like someone, in which case he just ignores them whenever possible. Since the whole reason he's here is to become a better fighter, he's ready and willing to practice with near anyone.

The character "Gaijin Dan Mastiani" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to the real Dan Mastriani.

Will the real Dan please stand up?