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U,D,T,A: Up, Down, Towards, Away
P, K: Punch (any) or Kick (any)
WX, MX, HX: Weak, Medium or Hard Punch or Kick
X-Y-Z: Move controller smoothly from position X to Y to Z
X+Y: Be pressing X and Y (either the controller of a Punch or Kick) at the same time
X, Y: Tap X, release, Tap Y

Name: Epsilon

Signature Quote: "Fanfic convention must be eliminated..."

Personal Email address: tzubi@ns.sympatico.ca

  • Height: 5'8".

  • Weight: 130 lbs.

  • Appearance: Epsilon is a medium height, average build man with Caucasian skin and dirty blond hair. He wears Spanish style plate armor enameled green over a black bodysuit. On his belt is a buckle with a Greek "epsilon" and a tonfa and cypher sit on his left and right hips respectively. He moves with careful, easy strides and always has an unnerving dispassionate expression. He sends chills through those who meet him.

  • Alternate Appearance: Epsilon's armor can be enameled in a variety of colors including red, yellow, blue and purple.

  • Fighting Style: Epsilon-ryuu Criticjitsu

  • Button Style: Capcom vs SNK 2 (Complete with Groove Select)

  • Bio: Epsilon sold his soul to the devil at a young age in exchange for the ability to sound intelligent in any situation. His task is to be an "Anti-christ in training", meaning he has to become as evil as possible in the hopes of becoming the Antichrist because one day Satan will pick one of the "trainees" and the others will be eliminated. Epsilon therefore, has devoted his life to making other people miserable.

  • Intro: Epsilon will enter for the prize because he plans to use it to make people miserable. He'll no doubt recruit some loser to assist him since its a team event.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: Critic-al Damage (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: This Is Your Life (Dust Brothers/Fight Club OST)

    • Battle Theme: Blood Relations (Castelvania: Symphony of the Night)

  • Stage: The Evil Headquarters (aka. his basement)--Epsilon fights people in his basement, a large L-shaped room with a set of computers at one end and a stairway leading up in the middle. Objects in the basement include an exercise machine covered in dust, a set of manacles that look like they have seen recent use, and other amenities.

  • Weapons: Epsilon uses two weapons. The first is a tonfa and the second is a cypher, which resembles a tonfa except the shorter part of the staff is replaced by a long sword-blade. He calls these "Fact" and "Opinion" respectively for reason known only to him.

  • Special Skills:

    • Epsilon has mastered the ability of "omni-edit" which allows him to see the universe for what it is, a giant story. He can then edit this story to "improve" it. The net result is that Epsilon can do anything he wishes so long as it fits the greater good of the narrative.

    • Also he is a Punlord with the ability to make a pun off of nearly anything.

  • Openings:

    • 1st Round: Epsilon has the same animation for every opening below. In it he is facing away from the opponent, flipping through a folder. He tosses the folder, spins and slashes it with "Opinion" before making his speech. Epsilon makes a brief quote which varies from character to character. (See Vs.)

    • Standard: Epsilon has his weapons on his belt. he reaches up and cracks both his knuckles by flexing his fingers then retrieves the weapons.

    • Vs. Self: "There can be only pun!" or "Pun shall stand, pun shall fall!"

    • Vs. Dan: "You're here, that's good. You're in my way, that will need correction."

    • Vs. Reader IIF: "Most people have the brains to imitate someone other than a second-stringer..."

    • Vs. Teotl: "You know, I ate a LOT of lobsters where I came from. One more can't hurt."

    • Vs. Sean: "What, you couldn't make up your mind with one concept?"

    • Vs. S.P.Caine: "You're... NOT an insane overpowered self-insert?!?"

    • Vs. Yun: "Sticks and stones, sticks and stones..."

    • Vs. Keori: " Keori... I am your Father's Brother's Cousin's Ex-Roomate! "

    • Vs. Replica: "Your writing reminds me of Shakespeare, they both have long since putrefied."

    • Vs. Charles: "So, you're a PHD... suffering from Phenomenal Hubris Disorder."

    • Vs. C.Charles: "{blink} Uh... there -is- no slower, power based version of Panzer Kunst."

    • Vs. C.Drogn: "Ah, mindless pointless self-gratifying power. This is more what I expected."

    • Vs. Zeero: "Look, the great Saiya-man!"

    • Vs. Skrib: "Fans? I -must- be doing something wrong..."

    • Vs. NeoVid: "Yes. Yes it does."

    • Vs. (V)ajin: (special) Epsilon performs Critique of Doom.

    • Vs. King in Yellow: "Your kind of evil went out with the dark ages."

    • Vs. Kyo: "Wow... you're so... bland I can't even come up with a witty insult."

    • Vs. Others: Uhmmm... I don't know. Varies.

  • Taunts:

      Epsilon may Taunt at any point in the game by pressing Start. He does no Taunt animation, he merely shouts out a Taunt in mid-move if necessary (since Epsilon doesn't "call" his moves this includes during specials and supers). The number and variety of Taunts Epsilon calls varies dramatically, and is too extensive to list here.

    • Thumbs Down: (D+Start) Epsilon does a thumbs down and says "Failing Grade" Continue holding Taunt to have Epsilon stay in position and begin to do an Evil Chuckle.

    • Red Ink: (U+Start, in air) If Epsilon is under his opponents energy bar and he does this motion in mid-air he grabs the bar, swings up on it and writes insulting graffiti on the opponents bar/icon/whatever before dropping and laughing.

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard: Epsilon crosses his arms and snorts.

    • Alternate (Punch): Epsilon tosses a report card (with a big red F on it) so it lands on the fallen form.

    • Alternate (Kick): Epsilon turns his back to the opponent, pulls out a pad & pencil and begins to write while muttering softly and shaking his head.

    • Evil Twin: If Epsilon's Twin is still on screen when the fight ends the two will ignore the fallen opponent and begin to loudly argue over which is actually the more evil of the two of them. This continues until the screen changes.

    • Time Over: (Epsilon winning) Epsilon looks at the timer, then pulls out a microphone and begins to sing (badly) "Tiiiime... is on my side! Yes it is! Yes it IS!"

    • Time Over: (Epsilon Losing) See Glitches; or Epsilon frowns and walks away.

    • Perfect: Epsilon stands in a slouch, his eyes roll and he waves a finger in lazy circles over his head, he sighs.

  • Victory Quotes:

      Standard Quotes (Epsilon at 33-99% Health):

    • "Imperfect techniques lead to disaster."

    • "I give your life a failing grade."

    • "Your writing and fighting styles are similar; both are flawed."

    • "You misspelled your special moves name."

    • "Wrong, wrong, wrong... can't you do anything write?" (laughs)

    • "You should stick to writing checks."

    • "Your skill must have ended up on the cutting room floor."

      Narrow Victory Quotes (Epsilon under 33% Health):

    • "With some practice, you might actually be worth something."

    • "Shall I tell you what mistakes you made?"

    • "Not bad, I give you a C-"

    • "Maybe I misjudged you... then again, maybe not."

    • "I'm impressed. That was the best third rate performance I've ever seen."

    • Perfect: "Why do you bother even getting out of bed in the morning?"

    • Critique of Doom: "...and you aren't very good looking either."

  • Character Strategy: Epsilon is the best purely defensive character in the game. He has a number of strategies for evading or deflecting all attacks coming his way. Offensively he is meant to close, do a short combo, retreat and repeat as necessary. He can hold back and fireball if his Health is too low. Depending on his "Groove" Epsilon may have a number of other maneuvers he can draw upon (Safe Fall, Evasion, Parry, Dash, Air Block etc.).

  • Attacks:

    • Command Normals:

      • Raising Grade: (D+P) Epsilon crouches and slides forward half a body length before he uppercuts with Fact (or Opinion if the HP is used). This is Epsilon's standard Launcher. (5%)

      • Rapid Rewrite: (F, F+K) Epsilon dashes forward rapidly, Opinion extended. The distance he travels depends on the Kick button used. Epsilon can Chain into his Textbook Combo from this move if it strikes. (4%)

      • Second Draft: (B, B+P or B, B+K) Basically Epsilon's Guard Break. Epsilon takes a short hop back, drawing Opinion as he does. There is a pause and an audible "ting" as light glints of the blade an Epsilon thrusts. The Punch version hits high (and can be ducked) the Kick version hits low (and can be leapt over). Either breaks through the targets Block if it hits. Epsilon can Chain this move into his Textbook Combo. (5%)

    • Throws:

      • Flowing Dialogue: (B+P) Epsilon grabs his opponent with the hook of Fact and does a Judo-style toss, flinging them behind him and to the ground. (8%)

      • Cutting Room Floor: (B+K) Epsilon stabs viciously with Opinion, impaling the opponent. He lifts them up and then kicks them off the blade so they land in front of him. (10%)

    • Specials:

      • Magic Missal: (A-DA-D-DT-T+P, P, P) Epsilon stands and shouts. He uses one of his Taunts as the words. However, they actually form into visible phrases that fly across the screen to strike opponents. Each travels rapidly and does 5% damage. Tapping Punch soon enough after after doing this move cause Epsilon to repeat it. He can so twice (for up to three blasts). Yes, this is as good at blowing away other fireballs as it sounds. (5, 10 or 15%)

      • Textbook Combo: (D-DT-T+P or K) This is basically a series of interconnected moves and is Epsilon's primary method of comboing. In order to perform it the motion above is inputted and Epsilon will perform a strike. If any Punch is pressed Epsilon will strike high, if any kick is pressed he will strike low. Once he connects Epsilon can immedaitly follow-up with more moves from the Textbook. However, he can only combo clockwise or counter-clockwise (that is WP MP HP HK MK WK or WP WK MK HK HP MP). You must tap the button before he finishes the attack animation from the previous move. Note that a lag follows the execution of the Textbook Combo of 1 second for every 2 moves (round down) he has used. He can't hit more than siz times with this move.

      • Plot Hole: (T-DT-D-DT+P) A black hole appears under Epsilon and he falls neatly into it (good for avoiding being hit). This closes as another portal opens right in front of the opponent. Epsilon comes out of the hole, he uppercuts either with Fact (WP), Opinion (MP) or both (HP). This can Launch opponents. Epsilon doesn't actually travel into the air, only extends to full height. (8%, 10% or 12%)

        Note: Right after using the Plot Hole you can use the controller to move the portal he is emerging from. Hold in the direction you want it to move. You can tap P again directly after the move, before Epsilon emerges, doing this makes him come out of the hole without making his uppercut. Hold up while he is emerging to make him jump immediately (a Super Jump actually) or hold down to make him appear in a crouch (in neither case does he make an attack).

      • Fourth Wall: (WP+MP+HP) Epsilon summons the forth Wall. He does his standard block animation but any strike that hits will cause a glowing wall of light to form between Epsilon and the strike. Epsilon can use the Fourth Wall to block any move, Throw, Special or Super and take no damage. However, when he releases the Wall he staggers back and sways as if dizzy. He is dizzy for exactly one third of the time he used the Wall. (Which means, after a long Super animation he might be vulnerable for quite a while).

      • Instant Correction: (D-DA-A+P or K) Epsilon's Anticipation counter. Epsilon goes into his Taunt animation. If nothing hits him he does his Thumbs Down Taunt. If struck in mid-taunt his extended arm knocks the opponent off-balance and he counter with Opinion in a sweeping uppercut. Use Punch for the high version and Kick for the low. The strength of the button hit determines how long he holds his Taunt pose. (9%)

      • Typo Inducement: (A-DA-D-DA+P) This move requires good timing. Epsilon leans back and snaps his fingers. This cause a blue flash. If an opponent tries any Special or Super (but not Command Normal or Throw) move at this point they Fail (usually looking goofy in the process). This does not cause the opponent to expend Super Bars (in other words, it isn't a cheap way to reduce your opponents Super Bar, but see below). It will NOT stop Specials/Super already in progress. (no damage)

      • Re-write Slash: (HOLD A, T+P) Epsilon draws back Opinion, there is an visible blue flash from the tip and a "ting" and Epsilon thrusts. The attack lowers the character Super Meter by 20%, 40% or 60%. Note, this has effect on only one "bar" not any supers beyond the current energy the victim is gathering.

    • Supers:

      • Cliche Summon - Evil Twin!: (HOLD A, A-DA-D-DT-T, A+P) Epsilon does a two-fingered whistle. His Evil Twin appears out of a Plot Hole on the other side of the opponent. For the reminder of its existence the twin will mirror Epsilons moves (including Specials and Supers), always on the other side of the opponent. Any damage done to the Twin is also inflicted on Epsilon! This move last for 4, 8 or 12 seconds depending on the version used, using any Super immediately cancels the Twins existence.

      • Cliche Summon - Deus Ex Machinae!: (D-DT-T, D-DT-T+P) Epsilon does a two-fingered whistle. Suddenly a giant Monty Python foot descends from the sky and churches the opponent. The foot covers about a third of the screen. (20%, 25% or 30%)

      • Cliche Summon - Super Plot Hole!: (T-DT-D-DA-A, T+P) Epsilon does a two-fingered whistle, then vanishes into his Plot Hole. Suddenly a giant Plot Hole appears on his side of the screen, vertically covering the whole thing. Out of this drives a Mack Truck (with Epsilon at the wheel). The truck fills the whole screen and only a super jump can take someone over it. Thankfully you can land on top of it (the cab or trailer) without harm (See Glitches). (27%, 31% or 35%)

    • Desperation:

      • Cliche Summon - Second Wind!: (D-DA-A, D-DA-A+P) Epsilon does a two-fingered whistle. Suddenly he is surrounded by a pillar of swirling green light. This last two-seconds. During this time his Health steadily refills to 40%. His Super Meter MUST be at 100% (have 3 bars whatever). If he is struck while regaining his Health (he can't cancel this move once it starts) he is instantly defeated. Finally he may only use this move once. There is no such thing as a "third wind." (no damage)

    • Ultimate Attack:

      • Cliche Summon - Anti-Climax!: (WP, WP, T, WP, WK) Epsilon does a two-fingered whistle. His eyes suddenly glow an a swirling aura of writhing green lightning bolts surrounds him. He rapidly (Dash speed) floats across the screen to the opponent and grabs them (can not be blocked). Once he has them he throws back his head and laughs, knocking them to the ground. They stare up at him in awe, unable to move as the cower like Kurrilin in a DBZ fight. He takes a horse stance and his aura builds, green lightning arcs all over him, occasionally lashing out to blow apart some part of the scenery. Small rocks rise into the air around him, a crater forms around his feet, the rocks implode then large rocks follow and promptly implode as well. His eyes are nothing more than glowing green slits and he roars. For a moment the scene goes still, then suddenly he explodes in a blinding flash of power which fills the screen with a green glow so nothing can be seen. This fades slowly. Epsilon then sticks his tongue out at the opponent and kicks them in the face, causing them to fall back. All the damage done to the background has vanished. (50%)

    • Flash Finisher:

      • Critique of Doom: (D-DT-T-DT-D-DA-A+P) Epsilon lunges forward with an open hand and grabs at the opponent. Can not be blocked but has -very- short range (compared to his weapon attacks). If he strikes them he grab them in a half-nelson and proceeds to insult everything they have ever written. Fanfiction, impros, poetry, GMCA segments, papers at school, checks etc. until finally they eviscerate themselves with a blunt spoon.

    • Team Helper:

      • Epsilon does his Plot Hole uppercut, and immediately disappears back into it when finished.

    • Team Supers:

      • Team Edit: Epsilon does the Cliche Summon - Dues Ex Machinae!

      • Teamed with Dan: Hyaku Messatsu Goroawase (Hundred Destructive Word Plays) Dan and Epsilon throw bad puns back and forth until the opponent suffers internal damage. (35%)

      • Team with Any Character with a Clone summon move: Attack of the Clones! Epsilon summons his clone, and the teammate does so as well. They all nod and pull out lightsabers (ala Star Wars, Epsilon's is green of course) and rush the opponent to try and hack them to little bits. (40%)

  • Glitches:

    • Glitch Cancel: Hold all three punches and all three kicks before the fighters begin their opening animation. Epsilon will seem to perform his standard opener but at the end he will pause, look up and smirk. He'll say "Let's have no errors shall we?" and snap his fingers. There will be a flash of green light. For the rest of the battle all Glitches are disabled. Can only be performed during the First round and only then if Epsilon is the first fighter.

    • Akane?: If Drogn performs his Over the Rainbow taunt Akane Tendo (of Ranma 1/2) appears to mirror Epsilon instead of a female version of him. If Select is used Akane will replace Epsilon and this version has a completely different selection of moves (including many Akane is not supposed to know). Beat the game with Akane to unlock her as a secret character.

    • Not Very Bright: Not so much a Glitch as a Really Bad Idea. If Epsilon's Twin is active an he does the Super Plot Hole, Cliche Summon the two do the animation... and come out on opposite sides of the screen. If you look closely you can see the two gape and hear them shout "Oh Shit!" just before they crash together in the center of the screen. The two trucks jackknife into each other and explode in a wonderful pyrotechnic fireball. When the smoke clears only one Epsilon is sitting on the ground, covered in comedy singe. he takes 35% damage. On the plus side, if the opponent was caught between the colliding Mack Trucks, they take 60% damage from the dual strikes and explosion (they will also be visibly sitting next to Epsilon, covered in singe). Sarcastic character will look at Epsilon and say, "Nice one, genius." (Note: If Glitches are disabled Epsilon will simply use up a level of super meter and glare at the screen and yell "What are you, an idiot?")

    • Hitchhiker: If someone leaps atop the Mack Truck during Epsilon's Super Plot Hole and doesn't dismount before it ends they disappear into another Plot Hole at the end of the animation. A second passes then Epsilon and the opponent rise from a plot hole in the middle of the screen. Epsilon looks slightly annoyed while the opponent usually looks highly weirder out (except for Neovid, Drogn and Skrib who all laugh and point at Epsilon). The two will then assume standard battle poses and the battle will begin again.

    • Cliche Summon - Fight to the Finish: If Epsilon is losing when Time Over occurs he will glare at the clock and shout "I don't think so!" and the whistle with two-fingers. The timer will change to an infinity sign and battle will continue until one character is unconscious. If the opponent hits Select during this time, they can cancel the Glitch.

    • But That's Not Fair!: In any match versus Sean, Epsilon's Fourth Wall move will be completely useless. Sean's moves will pass right through it and effect Epsilon as if he were only doing a standard block. Epsilon will still suffer recovery if he holds the Wall however.

    • Vs Self Glitches: If both players use Super Plot Hole at the same time they will collide in a manner similar to the above. Both will fall to the ground, singed, having taken 30% damage (whoever hits Select first gets to do the "Way to go, genius." line). If both perform Anti-Climax they fly into each other and the area explodes into a pillar of green lightning. When it stops, both have been KO'd (double knock out). (In both the above cases if Glitches are canceled the two will just use up Super and look annoyed when they glare at the camera.

  • Motivations:

    Epsilon has joined the GMCA to win the prize and for no other reason. He will take any opportunity to make others' lives miserable while he is in the tournament however. He seems to want to use the prize to insure that he becomes the Anti-Christ and not any of the other Antichrists in training but how he will do this is a mystery.

  • How Epsilon talks:

    Epsilon speaks calmly and rationally at all times and never losses his temper. He always takes a few moments to frame his replies and rarely speaks unless he has something he feels is important to say. His voice is dispassionate and cold. In conversations he will deliberately try to antagonize people and annoy them. He has no tact and is exceedingly impolite and irreverent.

  • How Epsilon acts:

    Epsilon tries to piss people off. He generally act like he speaks, taking a few moments to decide the best course of action and rarely does anything or participates in anything unless he feels he can get something out of it (including the fun of annoying people). Epsilon will slightly tailor his actions to the people around him, doing whatever he feels will most annoy them unless it is completely outside his dignity.

The character "Epsilon" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to Aaron Peori.

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