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Name: Unbeatable Super Machine Dan Robo

Signature Quote: "He got a machine for the fighting."

Personal Email address: PowerOfQi@aol.com

  • Height: 28 m

  • Weight: 93 t

  • Appearance: The Dan Robo almost looks more like a monster than a robot. Its body is massive, colored black and white. On its back are two dark red wings, which were they not metallic would resemble bat wings. The head features glowing green eyes set above a metal plate where the mouth would be and a v-shaped antenna, in which is set a large jewel. Basically, it's a huge rip-off of Mazinkaiser, with some Shin Getter Robo thrown in and a Gundam head. But we won't dwell on that.

  • Alternate Appearance: Dan Robo's body is now red and light gray. It has bright white feathered wings, and the glowing eyes and mouth-plate have been replaced with an impassive metal face. Also, Dan will be wearing his 2P outfit in any shots of him.

  • Fighting Style: The hefty brawling style common to most all ass-kicking giant robots.

  • Button Style: Marvel vs. Capcom 2

  • Bio: Japan has a glorious legacy of building large and impractical robots that go on to save the world, and in order to understand that phenomenon, the Center For Big Honking Robot Studies was founded. The prestigious scientists assembled for the project agreed that the best method to proceed would be to construct the ultimate super robot. So, after exhaustive research (a.k.a. an anime marathon) and years of construction and experimentation, the Unbeatable Super Machine Dan Robo was born.

  • Intro: Now, one can not simply build a giant robot and designate it the best ever without any proof. Therefore, a battle ground was needed in which to test the new robot. However, where? All the various alien menaces had gotten the hell beaten out of them by the previous giant robots. This is where the GMCA entered the picture. Noting that, even at the beginning, mecha and kaiju exhibition matches were being lined up, the Center had found both a testing ground and a source of publicity rolled into one. All they needed was the pilot: basically, someone who was willing to shout really silly things at the top of his lungs. I think we all know where they were able to find such a person. Dan christened the hulking monstrosity the Unbeatable Super Machine Dan Robo, and is ready to put it through its paces! Let's go, all challengers!

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: N/A (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: Ima ga Sono Toki Da (Ichiro Mizuki)

    • 2P Theme: Hagane no Messiah (JAM Project)

  • Stage: Empty Field Overlooking the Center For Big Honking Robot Studies: The sun is bright, the grass is green, and there's nothing around for miles except for an ostentatiously high-tech laboratory, despite the fact that you're in the middle of Japan.

  • Weapons: Various. See below.

  • Special Resources:

    • The Dan Robo is powered by a super-advanced power source that conveniently defies the laws of physics and never seems to run out. Why this is only used in a unique model giant robot is a question for the ages.

  • Openings:

    • 1st Round: After the opponent's intro plays, we zoom in to ground level, where Dan is standing. He makes a few silly poses, then shouts: "IKUZE! DAN ROBO!" ("LET'S GO! DAN ROBO!") Cut to the Dan Robo, which flies towards the ground at a ludicrous speed, then lands easily. Cut back to Dan, who manages to jump straight up and land in the robot's cockpit. He gets a crazy smile on his face and says: "Ore wa seigi no mitaka da! Ore wa kakuto chojin da! Ore wa muteki da! LET'S GO!" ("I'm an ally of justice! I'm a fighting superman! I'm invincible! LET'S GO!")

    • Standard:

    • Alternate: Dan Robo flies headlong at the ground and manages to land on its feet. So much for the laws of physics.

    • Vs. Self: Ichi-Dan: Dan Robo can be a demon...
      Ni-Dan: ...or an angel...
      Both: ...depending on who pilots it!

    • Vs. The Ultima: Cyrus: Still think you've got an "Unbeatable Super Machine?"
      Dan: [looks up] I think someone's compensating for something.
      Cyrus sweatdrops.
      Dan: Sora tobu DAN ROBO! [Dan Robo takes off, and starts the match level with the Ultima's bridge.]

    • Vs. Mecha-Bahamut: After Dan Robo makes its entrance, a cutaway in one corner of the screen displays KM, looking incredulous. He says, "Please tell me he's kidding." MB responds, "He seems to be quite serious, sir." Both KM AND MB sweatdrop.

    • Vs. Eva-04': Dan is shown in the Dan Robo's cockpit, breathing heavily and his eyes shadowed. Suddenly, he shouts: "Mamono! Mamono! Evangelion wa mamono da zo!" ("Monster! Monster! Evangelion is a monster!")

  • Taunts:

    • Dan Robo hunches down a little, and its eyes glow. If start is held, Dan Robo's super meter will charge after a second.

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard: Dan Robo blasts off into the sky!

    • Alternate: Dan Robo spreads its wings with an audible "whoosh!" and flexes menacingly.

    • Alternate: Zoom in to the robot's head, beside which Dan is standing with his arms crossed and a smile on his face. "Good work, Robo!" he says.

    • Alternate: Dan Robo stands up straight.

    • Draw: Dan Robo slumps, as if it's been shut off.

    • Time Over: A light blinks on Dan Robo's chest, and it suddenly flies away.

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "Justice prevails!"

    • "I've mastered Robo! Perhaps next I'll take up cooking!"

    • "This is probably where I should worry about being a soldier and the souls lost in war and all that crap, but I'm having too much fun!"

    • "Let's keep fighting, Robo! For everlasting peace!"

    • (Perfect) "What power! Is Robo really good, or evil?"

    • (Desperation) "Clear water, still mirror! Or was that clear mirror, still water?"

    • (after beating Eva-04') "You shouldn't have piloted it! You shouldn't have! Why? Why did you?"

  • Character Strategy: Dan Robo's speed is only average, but it has strong attack and defense. While Dan Robo has long range attacks, it's best used in close where its powerful moves can beat down the opponent. If all else fails, show off with flashy supers. Because, when you get right down to it, what's the point of having a giant robot if you can't show off?

  • Attacks:

    • Launcher:

      • df+HP Rust Hurricane: 7% Dan Robo releases a cyclone, hurling the opponent into the air like Dorothy's house.

    • Command Normals:

      • f+HP Shoulder Ram: 5%. Dan Robo jets forward a few steps, crashing a massive shoulder into the opponent.

      • f,f or b,b Dan Robo's jets engage, propelling it forward or backward at twice walking speed.

      • (just before landing from being knocked down)2P Safe Fall: Dan Robo fires its jets to right itself, recovering from a knockdown more quickly.

    • Throws:

      • f or b+HP Reentry Driver: 10%. Dan Robo grabs the opponent in a bear hug and spirals high into the air. It then rockets back down to earth, pulling out of the dive at the last second and letting the opponent go to crash headlong into the turf alone. Always throws forward.

      • f or b+HK Giant Swing: 8%. Dan Robo grabs the opponent's legs (or whatever), and spins in place as fast as it possibly can. After a few seconds, it lets the opponent go, allowing the centrifugal force to toss them across the stage. Always throws backward.

      • f or b+HP (in air) Heavy Metal Bomb: 9%. Dan Robo overpowers the opponent in mid-air, and pulls them forcefully back to the ground with a powerbomb.

    • Specials:

      • qcf+P Tomahawk Boomerang: 3% per hit. Dan Robo produces a double-bladed axe and tosses it half-screen distance, at which point it flies back the way it came. HP version is the "Double Tomahawk Boomerang", in which Dan Robo tosses another axe immediately following the first. Axes can hit both coming and going, but Dan Robo can not move while they are on screen. Can be done in air.

      • qcb+P Zanbot Cutter: 10%. Dan Robo will move forward, slashing downward with a European long sword with a fancy sword guard. (1P)

      • qcb+P Aura Giri (Aura Cut): 10%. Same as Zanbot Cutter, but the sword is plainer and leaves a trail of light in its wake. (2P)

      • dp+A Gai Super Upper: 12%. Yeah, it's a giant robot Shoryuken. However, even the HP version doesn't rise very far off the ground.

      • qcf+K (in air) Scrander Cutter: 15%. Dan Robo will fly out of the sky, slicing its opponent with the sharp edge of its wings as it blasts past. (1P)

      • qcf+K (in air) Mega Beam Saber: 15%. As above, but Dan Robo uses a massive energy sword held out to the side rather than its wings. (2P)

      • qcb+K Sora Tobu Dan Robo! (Fly to the Sky, Dan Robo!) Dan Robo takes off or lands. While flying, all Dan Robo's moves have higher priority, but it cannot block. Also, the HP version of the Scrander Cutter/Mega Beam Saber will fly straight forward, and neither version will cause Dan Robo to land.

    • Supers:

      • qcf+2P Breast Fire: Level 1, 25%. Dan Robo fires a massive heat beam from its chest. (1P)

      • qcf+2P Feather Funnels: Level 1, 25%. Several feathers detach from Dan Robo's wings and jet in front of it, where they form into a tight formation and fire beam cannons simultaneously. Basically, the exact same thing as Breast Fire, but with a different animation. (2P)

      • dp+2P Chodenji Spin (Super-Electric Spin): Level 1, 35%. Dan Robo will spin in place, surrounding itself with an electrical field, then fly into the air. At the apex of its flight, it will dive at a 45 degree angle and attempt to crash into the enemy. This move is exceptionally easy to avoid, and will only do full damage if it connects cleanly with a grounded opponent. However, if the move is executed at the extreme close range necessary to hit with the initial creation of the electric field, it will trigger the Chodenji Tatsumaki (Super-Electric Whirlwind): an electrically charged hurricane that forces the opponent to stand at the proper range and take the Chodenji Spin head on.

      • qcb+2P Shining Finger: Level 1, 20%. Dan Robo slides forward with its fingers outstretched, bathed in green plasma. If it hits its opponent, it will grab its face and give it a nasty burn. However, should the move be used to finish an opponent, Dan Robo will lift them up rather than just grabbing them and, yelling: "HEAT END!", hold them until they explode.

    • Desperation:

      • d, d+2P Hyper Mode: Dan Robo's engines will begin to whir loudly, and if not stopped, Dan Robo will take on a golden glow and the background music will change to "Mei Kyou Shi Zui". While in this state, all Dan Robo's attacks will do 1.5x damage. Also, the Shining Finger will become the God Finger, which is exactly the same except that Dan shouts: "BAKURETSU GOD FINGER!" instead of the usual: "SHINING FINGER!"

    • Ultimate Attack/Summon:

      • qcf+2K Stoner Sunshine: Level 5, 60%. Dan Robo cups its hands behind it, and energy suddenly coalesces from all over its body into a golden ball. After the ball grows to sufficient size, Dan Robo tosses it off like a giant robot Hadoken whereupon it flies forward, bobbing up and down erratically. Unlike a Hadoken, however, when the attack strikes the opponent the screen whites out from the enormity of the explosion. It's really a lot more impressive than it sounds.

    • Flash Finisher:

      • qcb+2K Sun Attack: Dan Robo will put its index and pointer fingers up to the jewel on its forehead, which will emit an energy ball that flies a short way forward. Should the opponent be caught by the ball, it will expand into a yellow energy field that will freeze the enemy in place. The screen will then zoom in on the opponent, so that only they can be seen. After a few seconds of them standing helpless, Dan Robo will fly in from the upper corner of the screen and crash straight through the enemy's midsection with a flying dropkick.

    • Team Helper:

      • Double Tomahawk Boomerang

    • Team Supers:

      • [Team Edit] Love Love Tenkyoken (Love Love Heavenly Big Fist): 25%. Dan Robo holds its hands in front of it and builds power between them. It then, quite dramatically, fires the energy forward...as a glowing pink heart. It still hurts, though. (1P)

      • God Arrow: 25%. Dan Robo extends a bow from its forearm and uses it to fire an explosive arrow. (2P)

      • [Teamed with the Ultima] Getter Tomahawk: 40%. Dan Robo flies up and lands on the Ultima's deck, where various power cables snake out and attach themselves to Dan Robo's body. Energy can be heard transferring to Dan Robo, which suddenly produces an axe like the ones used in Tomahawk Boomerang, but gigantic. It then swings this massive axe in an overhead slice that hits a good half the screen.

      • [Teamed with Proconsul] Shine Spark: 45%. The Proconsul takes a momemt to step up the power to its shield generator, then creates a spherical shield around its entire body. While it's holding this shield, Dan Robo fires an energy beam directly into its back, sending the Proconsul flying forward with energy crackling over its shield as if it were ball lightning.

      • [Teamed with Grimm] Thunder Break: 45% Grimm and Dan Robo retreat to the edge of the screen together, where Dan Robo raises one arm and points to the sky. Grimm causes lightning to strike Dan Robo's outstretched finger, whereupon it sparks around its forearm for a moment before Dan Robo points its arm forwards and fires the lightening bolt multiplied in size and power.

  • Glitches:

    • If Dan Robo finishes its opponent with a special or better, they will explode rather than falling down, whether that makes any sense at all or not.

    • All supers are preceded by a cut-in of Dan shouting the move name. Of course, the action freezes while this is happening, so it doesn't add to the startup time.

  • Motivations:

    The Unbeatable Super Machine Dan Robo exists for the sole purpose of saving the world through the expedient of causing large explosions.

  • How Dan Robo talks:

    In the tradition of all super robot pilots, Dan has become even more excitable than usual, and says hardly anything without screaming it. He's especially loud when yelling out attack phrases, as it's generally believed that being as loud as possible increases their effectiveness.

  • How Dan Robo acts:

    Dan Robo appears, beats the hell out of things, then leaves. It really is just that simple. What do you want? It's just a robot.

The character "Dan Robo" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to Gaijin Dan Mastriani.

MUAHAHAHAHAHA! And now, while you are distracted by the pretty lights, I will steal your cheez!