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Name: Card

Signature Quote: You're afraid of me, hmm?

Personal Email address: a99jonst@student.his.se

  • Height: 4ft. 3in.

  • Weight: About 100 lbs.

  • Appearance: A cute, young girl, but with a maniacal attitude and a circle of cards floating around her. Card is short and slender, with blue eyes and long blonde hair (although the length and color occasionally changes when she puts on different outfits). She's very cute in a school-girl fashion, but with a maniacal gleam in her eye, and she smiles and giggles unnervingly all the time. She has no regular clothing; she'll change outfits at any moment. She is constantly surrounded by her cards, which float serenely around her. (The cards are nonmaterial and can only be touched by her; they tend to float through obstructions.)

    Alternate Appearance: Will look EXACTLY like standard Card, just for weirdness factor.

  • Fighting Style: Carnival Riot, a general fighting style used at the Carnival of Despair. Basically, it incorporates the fighting aspects of circus acts (acrobatics, knife fighting, magic, clown-fu, and even lion taming). Card is a skilled performer in almost all fields, and is rather talented in almost all forms of Carnival Riot; however her main strengths are conjuring, acrobatics, clown-fu and some weapon techniques. Also, as her skills often stem from her cards, they are her main fighting ability.

  • Button Style: Mortal Kombat with run button. (J. comment: I don't know much about the difference between button styles.)

  • Bio: Card grew up at the Carnival of Despair, a wandering circus that travelled around the world, bringing happiness and sorrow wherever they went. She had a happy (if weird) upbringing and soon became a performer in various acts. No one knows how she managed to obtain the cards, but they soon became incorporated into her acts, and she easily outclassed many of the regular performers, often leading to small rivalries and the occasional act of carnage.

    Due to her rather unhealthy upbringing, Card is rather psychotic and messed up. Combined with her less than safe cards, this makes her quite dangerous. She has a natural ability to REALLY unnerve people around her.

  • Intro: One night, a new performance was on; four strangers were having a great battle in the circus arena. As the combatants finished their fight and returned to their own world, Card decided that she wanted to follow them. She torched the Carnival with her Fire card, and used her Path card to travel to The Focal Point. She's now trying to find out more about this fascinating place.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Home Stage Theme: Carnival in Q Minor (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: Feed My Frankenstein (Alice Cooper)

    • Alternate Theme: Spookshow Baby (Rob Zombie)

    • Alternate Theme: Get Up (T.O.T.T.)

    • Vs. PSA[S] Wyvern: To the Shock of Miss Louise (Thomas Newman)

  • Stage: The Carnival of Despair. Ever thought that a circus was scary? Then pray you never wisit the Carnival of Despair. It's a place of madness and of horror, with evil clowns, twisted performers, and horrible freaks, where bloodshed is expected nightly and visitors tend to... vanish unexpectedly. The fighting takes place in the main arena, with a full audience. Around the immediate fighting area are several clowns, performers, and a few hot dog vendors. In the air above, acrobats will swing back and forth. They occasionally miss their ropes.

  • Weapons: Oodles!

  • Special Skills:

    • Mad circus skeelz: Card is well versed in many classic acts, including acrobatics, knife throwing, conjuring, and lion taming.

    • Can utilise her cards perfectly.

    • Can also create new cards with a pencil and a blank card. It's difficult, though, and requires a lot of work.

  • Special Resources:

    • Her cards. Cards include:
      • Laughter card
      • Minefield card
      • Shield card
      • Slam card
      • Iron Gauntlet card
      • Secret Candy card
      • Weed Whacker card
      • Three of Clubs card
      • Lion Maw card
      • Fire card
      • Soul Train card
      • Pandora's Box card
      • Shiva card (used for the DoD)
      • Costume cards:
        • Sundress card
        • Catsuit card
        • Bunnysuit card
        • Nurse card
        • Scout card
        • Ballerina card
        • Waitress card
        • Dominatrix card
        • Stage magician card
      • Non-combat cards:
        • Icarus card: Makes her sprout wings, enabling her flying ability.
        • Path card: Creates a path leading... somewhere else.
        • Distraction card: Creates a distraction in some way.

    • A deck of blank cards.

    • Various outfits, generated by her cards. Outfits include:
      • Sundress with knife
      • Matte black catsuit
      • Bunnygirl suit with chainsaw
      • Nurse outfit with mallet
      • Girlscout uniform with poisoned cookies
      • Ballerina outfit with tommygun
      • Waitress outfit with fuse bombs
      • Dominatrix outfit with whip
      • ...And several others.

  • Openings:

    • 1st Round: A glittering path snakes across the ground and fades away at about the middle of the screen. Card runs onscreen along the path and stops, smiling. She waves cutely at the opponent and says, "You're my first. Be gentle..." She then laughs and drops into a fighting stance.

    • Standard: Card walks onscreen and waves cheerfully, then takes a stance.

    • Random Alternate: Same as standard, but she now sports several dark red stains on her clothes and body...

    • Vs. NeoVid: Card leaps out from behind and glomps NeoVid, resulting in them collapsing in a heap. They then get up and take their positions.

    • Vs. Wyvern: Card exclaims, "You're kawaii!" Wyvern nearly facefaults and says "WHAT?" Card giggles and replies, "But it's true! You're so adorable I just have to hug you!" She then proceeds to perform taunt #2.

  • Taunts:

    • Card's Laughter card flies around the opponent, laughing in an overly annoying fashion.

    • Card glomps the opponent and does various annoying things, such as tweaking their ears, pulling their cheeks, and noogieing them on the head, until the opponent manages to wrest her off.

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard: Poses with his sword held high and says a victory line.

    • Alternate: Card kicks the lying opponent a few times, then waves cheerfully at the audience.

    • Against some opponents she likes: She grins and drags the unconscious opponent offscreen.

    • Perfect: Card rolls her eyes, says "Was that all you can do?" and then takes out a brush and starts brushing her hair.

    • Desperation: Card mimicks blowing away nonexistent smoke from her left-hand knuckles.

    • Ultimate: Card changes into an okonomiyaki chef outfit, and attempts to remove the opponent from the floor with her spatula.

    • Flash Finisher: Card pushes back her hood and winks.

    • Draw: Card goes "Foo...," sits down on the floor, and pouts. The opponent will occasionally pat her shoulder in order to comfort her.

    • Time Over: Card pouts, sniffs, and then runs offstage crying.

    • Loss After Desperation: Card kowtows to the opponent.

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "This is where you bleed."

    • "Wai! This is fun!"

    • "Overly violent? Isn't that the point with this place?"

    • "I'm soo good at this. And you... you're lousy! Wai!"

    • (Perfect) "Do you WANT to die?"

    • (Desperation) "I have to admit it... you're pretty cool. But I'm better."

    • (Ultimate) "You know what they say about the light at the end of the tunnel..."

    • (Flash Finisher) "What do you mean, 'no fatalities allowed'?"

  • Character Strategy: As she is rather unreliable, any real strategy as such is hard to determine for Card. Physically, she is only moderately strong, but card techniques that require increased strength, speed or endurance usually lend a boost for the time being. For instance, when performing the Iron Gauntlet, she is momentarily granted the strength needed to heft the heavy object with enough ease, something that would be impossible otherwise. Her main strength is that her fighting style is very difficult to counter; her weakness, however, is that she fights without any kind of pattern or strategy, and can thus easily get herself into a bind. The cards either initiate effects on their own, or give her the skills needed to pull the trick off on her own.

  • Attacks:

    • Launcher: Minefield - Card tosses a bomb at the opponent's feet, which explodes and throws them into the air.

    • Command Normals:

      • Instamatic Clothes Change - Card reaches out and flicks one of her costume cards, instantly changing into a different outfit. She'll do this repeatedly during combat, as she prefers different outfits to different feats. However despite the speed of the change, it takes a split second during which she's vulnerable.

      • Bite - Card leaps at the opponent and attempts to bite them. Simple, isn't it? Minor damage, but can interrupt the opponent's more complex moves. In some cases, she'll actually rip out chunks of the opponent and swallow.

      • Shield - Standard blocking technique. The Shield card morphs into a medium-sized medieval-style shield that blocks attacks in standard fashion.

    • Throws:

      • Fangirl Crush - Card runs at the opponent in a combined bodyslam/glomp, throwing them off their feet. Sounds of creaking ribs can sometimes be heard. She uses the Slam card to give her not very massive body more force. (7%)

    • Specials:

      • Iron Gauntlet - Card grabs the Iron Gauntlet card, which morphs into a huge solid metal fist over her hand, and then attempts to deliver a massive blow with it. It then vanishes. (8%)

      • Secret Candy - Three sharp candy bar spears shoot out of the Secret Candy card towards the opponent. Due to the sharpness of the projectiles, blocking lessens damage rather than nullify it. (8%, 5% if blocked)

      • Dress-up Combat - Depending on what she's wearing at the moment, Card attempts to hurt the opponent with various weapons. These range as follows:

        • Call me Queen! (dominatrix outfit): Card pulls out a whip and proceeds to lash the opponent several times, with a maximum damage of 10%. Can afford some range.

        • Sleepy Time (nurse): Nurse Card attempts to anesthetisize the opponent with an overhead mallet strike. (6%)

        • Summer Camp Special (dress): Card takes out her knife and slashes or stabs at the opponent. (9%) (Theme from Psycho will play in the background.)

        • Hot Dish (waitress): Card lifts a large fuse bomb (you know, one of those black balls you see in comics) and throws it at the opponent. 10%, unblockable, and affords quite a bit of range.

        • Cookies for Cash (Girlscout): Card grabs the opponent's lower jaw with one hand and stuffs a handful of poison cookies down their throat with her other. 8%, and sometimes causes dizziness; if the opponent gets a cookie stuck in their windpipe, they'll be forced to spend a few seconds coughing it up.

      • Weed Whacker - This card expands to app. 2x3 feet, and Card sticks her hands through it. When they come out on the other side, they have been replaced by a set of metallic claws (think Hsien-Ko or Freddy Kruger), and she attempts to claw the opponent brutally. (10%)

      • Three of Clubs - Card plucks her Three of Clubs card and holds it up, revealing it to be... a rather standard-looking three of clubs from a normal deck. She then puts it back and the opponent wonders what it was all about. Then, three large and angry men with clubs will step out of nowhere and give the opponent a sound thrashing. (8%)

      • Heartbreaker - A small Cupid appears above and behind the opponent, and expertly nails him/her with an arrow in the back. He/she promptly gets big heart-eyes as he/she sees Card, and then buckles over in pain and coughs up blood. Fight resumes. (8%)

      • Puppy Eyes - Anticipation counter. Card basically stands still, head tilted slightly to the side, arms on her back, and looks innocent. Really innocent. So innocent that you just can't believe she'd harm a fly, despite having seen her in action. However... if the opponent attempts a physical, non-projectile attack on her, she will grin widely and literally tear into him/her, attacking with teeth and nails (and whatever weapon she may hold). If the opponent does nothing, she will keep the stance for an undetermined period, until she decides to do something else. (15%)

    • Supers:

      • Flock of Birds - Card doffs a classic magician outfit (black tux, cape, and top hat). She makes a few 'nothing up my sleeve' motions, pulls her cape together, spins around, and throws the cape open to let out a HUGE amount of white pigeons, who take to the air. Suddenly, the pidgeons change course and divebomb the opponent, attempting to peck them to death. 20-25%, depending on whether the opponent wears properly protective armor or not.

      • Dance of Dismemberment - Card piffles into a costume consisting of a loincloth, a cloth top, a necklace made from small skulls, and a lot of decorative body paint. She poses, and two extra sets of arms unfold from seemingly nowhere. Posing some more, weapons appear in her hands; a sword and an axe for the uppermost hands, a whip and a large iron hook in the middle hands, and her chainsaw held by her lower hands. Hindu-style music (sorry, I don't know what's it called) tunes up as she starts dancing gracefully around the opponent. At several arythmical points (so the opponent can't anticipate too well), she'll attack with any of her weapons, occasionally with more than one. The attacks are blockable, but it will get increasingly harder as the pace increases. If none of the attacks are successfully blocked, it will cause 35% damage.

      • Lion Maw - The Lion Maw card morphs into a huge fanged lion mouth that flies towards the opponent. The Maw then leaps forward, snatches the opponent with its teeth at about waist height, and tilts back to let the victim flail the'r legs around in the air, before gobbling them down completely. All the while, classic 'monster movie' music plays in the background. It then retches loudly and spits out the half-consumed victim. 20% damage, and some slimy clothing.

    • Desperation:

      • Cleanse the World - And what better way to do it than with lots and lots of fire? Card giggles excitedly and activates her Fire card, and a few flames appear around the arena. Then some more springs up. And yet more. Within seconds, the arena has become a fiery inferno with Card standing laughing at the side, and the opponent is forced to use everything they have to avoid getting burned. The fires die down after about twenty seconds, with the area being burnt to an ashen wasteland and any audience having fled the place or suffered a fiery demise (except for any Important Background Characters such as Misa and Kim, who will either have fled or be wearing fire protection suits). Should the opponent manage to survive the inferno, she will give them a strange smile, bow, and forfeit the match. (60%)

    • Ultimate Attack/Summon:

      • Soul Train - Card mysteriously vanishes completely from the screen. Just as the opponent thinks that they've won, train noises can be heard in the distance, and a huge uncontrolled train thunders in on the stage, aiming to run the opponent over. Card is perched on the roof of the train, but will leap off as it passes. The train cannot be blocked (I mean, really, block a train?) but may be dodged by jumping at the exact right moment. If the opponent gets run over, he/she will suffer 50% damage and some comedy animation. The train then heads off to destinations unknown. Note that NeoVid's BitchinBigBeam is able to partially counter this move, though possibly to the detriment of the fighters; in NeoVid's words, "They both blow up real good."

    • Flash Finisher:

      • Pandora's Box - The light dims around the opponent, before turning pitch black. Gradually the light returns, revealing that the scenery has shifted to a barren rock desert, and that the opponent is standing alone on a rocky outcropping. There is no sign of Card anywhere. It's dusk, and the sun bathes everything in an eerie red glow. There is a thunderclap, and an extremely tall (at least 8-9 feet) figure in dark robes appears. Before the opponent can react, the figure takes out an ornate box and places it in front of the opponent, who opens it (or, if the opponent is too smart and not curious enough to open it, the robed figure will open it). As the box is opened, all the miseries in the whole world (here represented by eerie ghostly creatures) flies out and besieges the opponent, literally tearing them into shreds and causing a good dose of mental trauma as well. As the opponent collapses into unconsciousness and the last of the creatures vanishes back into the box, the robed figure closes the box, and pushes back its hood. It's Card, obviously standing on stilts or a chair, and she winks at the audience. (Author's Note: I think Wyvern has to do a reality flip on the opponent after the fight here.)

    • Team Helper:

      • Card jumps the opponent from behind; she wraps her legs around their torso, puts her right hand on their right shoulder, her left hand over their eyes, and bites the opponent in the neck. 5% damage and the opponent is momentarily blinded.

    • Team Supers:Unavailable until she's got a team, except...

      • Teamed with Dread Judgement: Icecream and Hellfire - See Judgement's fighter profile.

      • Also Teamed with Dread Judgement: Little Red Riding Hood - likewise.

  • Glitches:

    • If Card performs the Soul Train and the opponent attempts to jump over it, there's a chance that he/she instead lands on top of the train. The battle will then continue on top of the train as it careens across the landscape.

  • Motivations: Card cares only for two things: Personal amusement, and her cards. She's joined the GMCA because it looked like fun, and because she hopes she'll see interesting sights.

  • How Card talks:

    Card is rather childish, and speaks as such; energetic, cheerful but not very sophisticated. She tends to be somewhat loud, especially when excited.

  • How Card acts:

    Very unpredicable and very bouncy, but not very serious. Card has a childish, playful view of most things, and usually tries to have fun even in the most inappropriate situations. She isn't overly concerned about people's welfare, not even her own, nor does she care about private possessions (although she is extremely protective of her cards; fortunately the cards cannot be taken or damaged by outside forces). She'll happily engage in any activity with other fighters, and will probably have a good time just as long as they don't run away screaming. Running away screaming is actually in the long run a bad idea... people she knows personally tends to have better chances of surviving her antics.

    Card is rather naive and unlearned about things, although she has a wealth of knowledge in some aspects, usually regarding the carnival and things she's seen there. Because of her naivety, she doesn't have full understanding of what her behavior actually does to people; she doesn't really understand that hurting people like she sometimes does is a bad thing.

The character "Card" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to Jonatan Streith.

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