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Name: Akane Tendo

Signature Quote: "I didn't think it could get any weirder..."

Personal Email address: tzubi@ns.sympatico.ca

  • Height: Tall enough, dammit!

  • Weight: Never ask a woman this question.

  • Build: Athletic

  • Appearance: Akane is a medium height Japanese girl of the anime style. She has shiny black hair in a bob-cut that ends just above her shoulders. Most people think she's at least cute. She wears a pair of black nylon slacks that are just baggy enough to not totally hide her legs. On her feet are a pair of black martial arts sandals. She wears a white T-shirt (unadorned) and a black, long-sleeved duster which is open in the front and falls down to her knees. She moves with a fluid intensity. Her expression varies. Sometimes she appears happy and all smiles, other times she looks like someone just killed her sister... and I don't mean she's crying. Occasionally she gets a stone-faced dispassionate expression. In this mode her eyes are cool and she barely seems to respond to anything.

  • Alternate Appearance: Akane in her standard Furinkan school uniform. A green jumper over a white blouse with ribbons and knees socks. She wears a pair of thick blue bracers and shin pads. Under her skirt she is wearing a pair of bicycle shorts for those inevitable embarrassing mid-battle flare-ups. (Actually Akane wears the bracers/shin pads at all times but they are under her clothing in her other costume)

  • "Hidden" Appearance: Akane is wearing what looks like Saiyan body armor. A black body suit clings to her body. Over her chest is a unipiece guard made of white material with blue ribbing that extends down from the neck. Two shoulder pads flare from the armor and extend slightly over her shoulder. Use Select+Start to select this appearance, In this form all of Akane's moves do an extra 1% damage.

  • Guyver Akane: A humanoid figure covered in chitinous blue plates with gaps filled by strands of a wormlike black substance. The forearms have back-facing hooks on them. Her face is not human, with two vents on her cheeks, a pair of silver spheres where the mouth should be and large red, segmented eyes. Two black discs crawl back and forth in slots atop her head. A large spike curves back from her forehead over a fist sized metal imbedded there. Another silver orb is mounted in her abdomen. (available only in certain supers)

  • Fighting Style: Musabatou Kakuto Tendo-ryuu

  • Button Style: Capcom vs SNK 2

  • Bio: Akane refuses to talk about what her life was like before she appeared at Focal Point. If people ask she merely looks at them in her best stone-faced manner (which is pretty impressive) and turns away (ending the conversation). Given the variety of abilities and items she possesses it must have been a weird life for this version of the youngest Tendo sister.

  • Intro: Akane appeared in the Focal Point due to a freak accident that borders on a level of improbable even the improbable beings around here find hard to believe. When she heard about the wish she immediately took Epsilon's place (since he had vanished) and declared her single-minded intention to secure the Prize at any cost.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: None yet. (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: In The End (Linkin Park)

    • Battle Theme: Mirai Trunks Theme (Dragonball Z)

    • Guyver Akane Theme: Guyver Opening (Bio-Booster Armor: Guyver!)

    • Omega Epsilon Final Battle: Information High (Macross Plus)

  • Stage: Akane fights in the arena in the middle of Focal Point. She has no idea where her home universe is and nobody seems able to find it. She points out to any who offers to find it that looking for it might not be a good idea, but refuses to mention why.

  • Weapons: Akane fights mostly with her bare hands, but uses a few tools from time to time.

  • Special Skills:

    • Akane seems to know of, and has some skill in, every martial art ever designed for anime. Only those with requirements normal humans can't meet are beyond her skill (i.e. Kusanagi flames, psychic powers etc.)

  • Special Resources:

    • A fully functional Guyver unit.

  • Openings:

    • 1st Round: Akane looks at her opponent, sizing them up. She shrugs and stretches her arms over her head. With twin flexes of her fingers she cracks her knuckles and falls into a slightly modified horse stance.

    • Standard: Akane stretches her neck, nods and falls into her stance.

    • Vs. any huge opponent: Akane stares up at them, a giant sweatdrop appears behind her head. She shakes it off and settles into her stance.

    • Vs. Reader: Reader looks her over as she makes her standard entrance.

      Reader: (disbelieveingly) "You've never met me before, haven't you?"

      Akane: "Indeed."

      Reader: "And I'm guessing you've got several eye-popping moves up your sleeves. Hoboy. The Tendos I know are NOT going to believe this one... then again..."

      Akane: "You know my family?" (pauses) "Can... can you introduce us?"

      Reader: "Uh, sure, after the match?"

      Akane nods.

  • Taunts:

    • Standard: Akane pauses and runs her hand through her hair, settling the hand on the back of her neck. "Finished warming up?" she asks before going back to her stance.

    • Alternate: (if Akane's Health is more than 50% beneath the opponents) Akane growls and a corona of flames surrounds her. "I won't lose now!" she declares with an upraised fist before settling back into her stance. (This move fills the Super Bar twice as much as a regular Taunt)

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard: Akane looks off into space before nodding to herself. She rubs her hands clean and walks off the stage.

    • Alternate (Punch): Akane leaps into the air with a cry of "Yatta!" and lands making a V-sign towards the camera.

    • Alternate (Kick): Akane looks stony-faced down at her opponent. Emitting a barely visibly sigh she turns away and walks off stage.

    • Alternate (Saiyan Armor): Akane takes a power stance and unleashes her aura with blazes around her like a miniature nova.

    • Alternate (Guyver Akane): The unit stands in relaxed posture. Light flickers from the control medal on the forehead and gouts of steam pour from the vents on her cheeks. (Note: Time over and Draw Guyver stances are the same)

    • Draw: Akane sits down cross-legged and cross her arms. She sighs.

    • Time Over: Akane stops in mid-strike and makes an audible (pikupiku) blink. She slumps to her knees and sighs.

    • Perfect: Akane turns away. She waves once over her shoulder at the fallen opponent and then calmly walks off stage.

  • Victory Quotes:


    • "If it's any consolation, I've fought a lot stranger opponents."

    • "I can't let anybody stop me from winning."

    • "Maybe we can have a rematch under better circumstances?"

    • "My techniques are just to much for you."

    • "Good fight."

    • "Did I hurt you too badly?"

      Guyver Akane:

    • "I didn't want to have to do this."

    • "You left me no choice."

    • "Why can't I ever escape these senseless battles?"

    • "Next time, I won't hold back."

  • Character Strategy: Akane is power. Most of her attacks hit and hit hard. She has only a few combos but she really doesn't require them. Akane's main strength is at long range, where she can harry opponents with her variety of projectiles and keep them back with a few other specials. In close the basic strategy is to trade hits with your opponent until they drop, and it works against less powerful (physically) fighters.

  • Attacks:

    • Command Normals:

      • Mule Kick: (D, D+K) Akane pivots and launches a perfect mule kick which catches the opponents and sends them skyward. This serves as her launcher. (5%)

      • Dash Punch: (T, T+P) Akane yells a Kaia and dashes about two body lengths to deliver a nasty forward punch. If this strikes it always sends the opponent flying back onto their backs. (5%)

      • Double Heel: (T, T+K) Akane leaps up, performing a kick straight up for 5% damage. As she comes down she swings her foot down to do a heel strike for 5% damage. The way the move is balanced it is impossible to hit with both, but the downswing can break a Crouch Block. (5%)

    • Throws:

      • Twist Splinter: (B+K) Akane grabs the opponent by the arm and pulls them off balance. She spins into the air, places her feet against the targets chest and heaves. There is a snap and she kicks off. The opponent staggers back, their arm limb for a moment as Akane recovers. (10%)

    • Specials:

      • Hadoken/Baidai Hadoken (Wave Motion Fist, Double Size Wave Motion Fist): (D-DT-T+P) Akane performs a one handed Hadoken fireball that flies just like a regular one. With her Hard Punch she uses both hands (one behind the other) to throw a double sized blast that travels only half the screen before fizzling out. May be used in air. (8% or 12%)

      • Sokusenryoko (Ready Fire Power): (D-DA-A+P) Akane seems to perform a Hadoken (complete with yell) one handed but only a small flash is emitted. This flash is about twice her punch length and does 6% damage. The true strength is that the next normal attack Akane lands on the opponent releases a burst of Hado energy, adding 10% to the regular attacks damage. Using any special or super before landing this attacks wastes the charge and no more than one charge can be held at a time.

      • Kijin Raishu Dan (Demon God Assault Bomb): (A-DA-D-DT-T+P) Akane briefly takes a stance with her legs spread and her arms crossed. She glows. You can hold the Punch button to build up more charge. When released Akane leaps about her height into the air, yells the attack phrase and unleashes a crescent shaped blade made of vacuum compressed air. The blade either travels straight across the screen at her current height (Weak version), is fired down at a 45% angle (medium version) or falls to ground and travels along it like an energy wave (Hard version). In all case the attack does about 10% damage, up to 15% if you charge the maximum 2 seconds. (10%-15%)

      • Bakusai Tenketsu (Blasting Point): (T-DT-D-DT+P) Akane crouches and jabs her fingers to the ground directly before her. A geyser a shattered stone erupts from that point. The Hard version travels straight up, about the whole screen and does 12% damage. The medium version travels up at about a 70 degree angle and does 10% damage. The Weak version explodes out at a 45 degree angle and does 8% damage. (8%, 10%, 12%)

      • Hiryu Shoten Ha (Flying Dragon Ascending Blast): (A-DA-D-DA+K) Akane's main defense move. This move is an anticipation counter. Akane crouches after performing it and hold position for a short time. If her opponent attacks her from within range during that time (about two body lengths away from her) Akane launches the move. A funnel of hurricane force wind forms around her, lifting the opponent into the air and tearing them up before letting them fall to the ground. The Kick used determines the length of her crouch. The damage done is determined by the opponent. if they attempted a normal move they take 5% damage from the funnel and 5% from the fall. If they attempted a special they take 10% damage from the funnel and 5% from the fall. If they attempted a super then they usually overpower Akane and hit her. Note that Safefalling can cancel the fall damage. (10%, 15%)

      • Kinshi Kinbakushu (Golden Rope Binding Soar): (Hold A, T+P) Akane throws out a lasso to catch her opponent. If she does catch them she pulls on the rope, tearing them from their feet and flinging them towards her. This move is similar to Scorpion's (of Mortal Kombat) in that it leave the victim open for one good shot but it fails to do any damage itself. (no damage)

      • Geimon Tetsu Sen Shi (Welcome Gate Fan Fingers): (T-TD-D+P) This move is a powerful stomach blow that never fails to draw blood (from those that can bleed anyway). It always strikes if performed with the right timing after the Binding Soar (15%)

      • Renzoku Senpuukyaku (Consecutive Tornado Kick): (D-DA-A+K) Akane takes a step forward then spins into a hurricane style kick while rising slightly into the air. The strike hits twice for 3% damage a piece. If the motion is repeated in mid-animation Akane will perform a second spin and rise a little higher (possibly juggling the victim) for two more hits that do 3% each, and this can be repeated a third time for a final sweeping kick for another 3%. (3%-15%)

    • Supers:

      • Hiryu Shoten Senpuukyaku (Flying Dragon Ascending Tornado Kick): (D-DA-A, D-DA-A+K) Akane screams out that very long attack phrase and then performs her rising kick. At the same time a huge tornado forms around her. The tornado does some damage, buts its main effect is as vacuum which sucks a hapless victim caught in it up and into Akane's spinning onslaught. The funnel covers about a third of the screen, and a character standing next to Akane will take about 25 hits and a full 35% damage. Character who are farther out could take as little as ten hits and 10% damage, or anywhere in between. This attack does massive tic damage if blocked too close. (10%-35%)

      • Assakukuuki Hadoken (Compressed Wave Motion Fist): (D-DT-T, D-DT-T+P) Akane flashes with white-blue light, her hair lifting into the air and her eyes sparking. She can hold the punch button to build up a bigger charge for her attack. When released she performs a two-handed thrust and sends a very fast energy ball about the size of her head at the opponent. When it strikes them it explodes out into a ball that fills half the screen. The damage done can vary from 20%-35% depending on how many super bars are used and if the maximum 3 second charge time is used. (20-35%)

      • Shinryoko (True Strength): (WK+MK+HK) Akane looks likes she's performing her super fireball but instead she stops, resuming her normal stance. She's still glowing with a swirling blue-white aura and her hair is flapping in her power. Akane can then perform any single special move and its power will be doubled when it strikes. Using normal moves in this state won't expend the charge, and neither will the Binding Soar. Using this in conjunction with Sokusenryoko means that she can perform a normal attack with a +20% damage bonus. Using a special move (even if it doesn't hit) wastes the charge.

    • Desperation:

      • Guyver!: (WK+WP+MK+MP+HK+HP) Akane screams "Guyver!" and a blastfield surrounds her. If the opponent is within one length of her they take 10% damage and are flung back. During the next few seconds Akane is safely invincible inside her force bubble as the Guyver armor appears from around her and snaps itself into place. For the remainder of the fight she is Guyver Akane. All her normal attack remain but their damage increases by 3%. Her special attacks are replaced by the following four moves (she can't use any others).

      • Pressure Cannon: (D-DT-T+P) Akane fires a ball of intense gravity at the opponent. Can be fired in mid-air. Strikes for 18% 20% or 22% damage.

      • Vibroblade: (T-DT-D-DT+P) The hooks on Akane's arms grow suddenly, forming wickedly curved vibration swords. She then performs a slashing attack with them. All three attacks do 18% damage. The Weak version is an upward slice and is good for anti-air, the Medium is a crosswise cut with a forward step and the Hard is a downward slice that breaks crouch blocks.

      • Ultrasonic: (D-DA-A+K) Akane stands still and waves of sound radiate from around her. This waves do nothing to block projectiles but when they hit an opponent they hit multiple times (up to ten) for 2% damage apiece. Does nice tic damage if blocked. (2%-20%)

      • Air Dash: (In air, tap U, U or A, A or T, T etc) In mid-air Akane may dash, propelling herself rapidly in one direction. She may travel in any direction she wishes, and may do so as often as she wishes, repeating as need be (so she can effectively fly).

        She has one Super in this form.

      • Mega-Smasher: (D-DA-A-DA-D-DT-T+P) Akane grabs her chest plate and pulls it apart to reveal to massive lens. Almost immediately a screen filling energy wave blasts out. This requires only one super bar (or up to three). It does multiple hits and nice tic damage. (30%, 40% or 50%)

    • Ultimate Attack:

      • Genki Dama (Spirit Bomb): (D-DT-T-DT-D-DA-A+P) Akane raises up her hand and motes of light flow from the area into it. She can hold Punch to continue building strength for the attack (up to 3 seconds, +5% per second). When she releases she clenches her fist and a globe of green light springs into being above it. With a shout of "Genki Dama!" she hurls it at her target overhand (so it arcs slightly). If it hits the target or the ground it erupts into a massive blast that fills up 3/4 of the screen. A victim caught at ground zero takes at least 45% damage (plus charge) but it gets less and less as you travel outward, down to 30% at the periphery. (30%-60%)

    • Flash Finisher:

      • Shun Zettai Hakai (Instant Absolute Destruction): (WP, WP, T, WP, WK) Akane yells "Enough!" and takes a step forward. She thrust with her palm and if she strikes the target (even if they block) the finisher Happens. Otherwise she just looks like an idiot, and can't attempt the move again. If she strikes the screen flashes white. Then a long view of the arena (or the building housing the arena) is seen. Suddenly its consumed by a growing, Akira-like giant ball of white light that blows everything in its path to dust. The blast stops growing at about a kilometer and then implodes. As it does a second shockwave is sent out (destroying more of the area) and the explosion blossoms into a mushroom cloud. Quickly the smoke and ash are bow by the shockwave until the cover the camera. When the smoke clears we are back at the arena, or what's left of it. A kilometer wide crater is all that can be seen, in the center stands Akane, looking none the worse for wear over her fallen opponent.

    • Team Helper:

      • Akane performs one of her Baku Saiten Ketsu maneuvers.

    • Team Supers:

      • Team Edit: Akane uses a Shinryoko version of her Renzoku Senpuukyaku.

      • Teamed With Dan: Fusion-Ha! Akane and Dan perform a silly looking dance routine, ending with their fingertips touching. When they touch their is a flash of light which obscures them and when it clears a new being stands their. It is androgynous, with short black hair and dark eyes. It wears a blue duster and white shirt with black nylon pants and Nikes(tm) that obscure obvious gender signs. It glows for a second and then loudly proclaims, "I am Dakane! I am power made flesh! This is really F^&%ing cool!" It does a Chouhatsu taunt then glares at the opponent. "And now..." it cups its hands. "Chou KAMEHAMEHA!" The beam of energy unleashed is truly massive. In fact, the scene switches to a long shot of the location of the fight, which vaporizes as the blast tears through it. Then it switches to a long shot of the planet, where the energy shots out into space and blows the moon (or moons, or satellites or what have you) to so much dust. There is a flare of light then we go back to the arena (which resembles the result of Akane's Shun Zettai Hakai) where Dakane laughs at the fallen form before it. Then it separates, leaving the two staring at each other in embarrassment. Note: This technique has about a 30% chance of Failure, if so it produces Fat Dakane! (Think above but shorter and rounder) which runs around in circles screaming in an annoying "It's Pat" voice for about five seconds. Either way the two are totally open from the moment they begin the dance until they perform the blast. That's about ten seconds during which any idiot could smack them around (canceling the move in the process). (70%)

  • Glitches:

    • Guyver Theme: If Akane changes to Guyver form in the match the music changes to the Guyver Opening.

    • What's This?: If Sean pulls out the Silence Glaive in mid-battle Akane will stop, stunned and say. "Impossible..." Then she growls and points at Sean. "What have you done to Hotaru-chan, you bastard!" This only happens the first time he pulls out the weapon.

    • Silence Wall: If Akane performs her Hiryu Shoten Ha motion so that she preps the move just before Sean launches either his Silence Glaive GEB or the Revolutionary she will rasie to her feet, raise both hands and whisper, "Silence Wall." She will then be undamaged completely by either attack. She gives Sean an evil grin before going back to her normal stance.

  • Motivations:

    Akane is determined to win the Prize no matter the sacrifice. If asked why she says a variation on "Vengeance.", "Justice" or "To put things right." She seems reluctant to use her full power, but will if forced to.

  • How Akane talks:

    Akane has two major methods of speech. Most of the time she is friendly but determined. She speaks directly and to the point, often putting a positive spin on things. Sometimes she is suddenly cold, distant and harsh. Her voice becomes monotone and concise. She uses the phrases "Indeed,", "I don't care." and "No problem." a lot.

  • How Akane acts:

    People might think she's schizophrenic. Akane has a tendency to stare into space for extended periods, not reacting to the world. She can be cheerful and open one minute then suddenly cold and distant the next. Her temper flares with the volatility of dynamite, but briefly to usually be replaced with an icy, dispassionate rage that makes it hard to look into her eyes. Usually she seems to be calm and collected. Akane doesn't seem to deal well with surprises.

The character "Akane Tendo" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to Rumiko Takahashi.

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