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Name: Zenith Carcine

Signature Quote: "There's a sucker born every minute... and you're right on time."

Personal Email address: a99jonst@student.his.se

  • Height: Average.

  • Weight: Surprisingly light for her size.

  • Appearance: Fairly lithe build, Zenith is a fairly average, rather attractive girl in her late teens/early twenties. She has black hair, a pale complexion, and yellow eyes. She almost always wear a purple leather skirt held up with a purple belt, and a shoulderless wraparound purple leather top held up with a neckstrap. She always wears a pair of purple-tinted goggles, usually pushed up on her head.

  • Alternate Appearance: Similar, but her goggles are pulled down over her eyes, and she's thrown on a black leather trenchcoat over her usual attire.

  • Fighting Style: Soul of the Machine; urban-style, modified-for-inhuman-alterations brawling.

  • Button Style: Tekken 3 style.

  • Bio: Zenith's race originated as a genetic experiment; an attempt to combine human and cockroach DNA to create a strong but sufficiently intelligent subhuman slave race, useful for labor and other tasks. They didn't get exactly what they wanted... but after a brief rebellion, during which the humans found out that the roachkind was pretty much significantly more powerful than the average human, peace was reached, and the roaches were somewhat reluctantly let into society.

    A few centuries later, the roaches now make up a rather large percent of the world population. They tend to live in the slum areas of the cities, a social niche they don't seem to mind occupying. Highly survivalistic, they make their living on the edge of higher society. They believe that they combine the best of both their original races, and are more than anything amused by the way humans believe themselves to be superior.

    Zenith is a member of the roach-race, and lives in the sprawling Metropolis that is Razorwire City. Possessing a keen intellect, Zenith earns her living being a Fixer. (A Fixer is a person who makes money by providing services; transportation, information, providing goods such as drugs, jewelry, technology, or luxuries; acquiring specific items per the customer's specification, biographical (meaning 'assassination') or any other task that the customer wishes. For enough money, a Fixer can arrange virtually anything you wish. (This is, by the way, a flashy slogan and is rather incorrect. Any Fixer will balk on any deal that is too big or ludicruous for them, or if they feel it endangers them.)) She enjoys the life she lives and the money she makes, and she has contacts almost everywhere, but she feels that she should be able to do so much more... she's looking for 'the big break'.

  • Intro: The tournament is a completely untapped market. That's a reason as good as any to join it.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: The Roach (Blue Nothing)

    • Home Stage Theme: Head Like a Hole (NIN)

    • Alternate Theme: Bug City (P.U.S.A.)

    • Vs. Feng: The Perfect Drug (NIN)

    • Vs. Teotl: Breathe (Prodigy)

  • Stage: Sholo Square, in downtown Razorwire. The square is an elevated concrete platform about 20 meters across, with an elevated multi-lane road on the north and west sides; on the other side of the west road is a huge building complex. The other sides are clear, with ten-foot tall chainlink fences to prevent people from falling off or pushing trashcans and other debris over the edge. The square will be full of citydwellers walking by, watching the fight, or doing whatever it is they do. Circuit, Pastel and Comma are there too, either hawking wares or slouching against the fence, whenever they're not needed. Occasional cars will hover by on the lanes, and sometimes cars or motorbikes will zoom by off the official lanes... usually chased by the police.

  • Weapons: Razorwire whip (just a few lengths of razorwire tied together and fitted with a crude handle) and venom fangs. (a bioengineered modification, not a natural condition.)

  • Special Skills:

    • Jack of all trades

    • Innovative, especially when it comes to making money

    • Smooth talker

    • Iron stomach

    • Can regenerate grievous wounds and missing limbs

  • Special Resources:

    • A large number of various small tradeable items: Mainly drugs, alcohol, jewelry, and software.

    • Her hoverbike.

    • Her body. Well, it's a pretty useful resource... due to her genetic background, she gets a few perks most humans don't; improved night vision, great resistance to nuclear radiation, the ability to digest food not fit for humans, the ability to heal almost any damage much faster than a normal human, and the ability to respawn missing limbs.

    • Pastel, Circuit and Comma: her (kinda) loyal team of friends/flunkies/bodyguards/helpers. Three big, muscular lads from her home town who have agreed to help her out (mainly because they owe her money). They're all extremely lazy; unless they're needed for something, they'll just slouch around the place. They're usually hanging out at The Blue Gecko.

  • Openings:

    • 1st Round: With a loud whine of jets, Zenith zooms in on her hoverbike, circles the arena; then, as the bike nears the ground, she leaps off, landing in a crouching position, then gets up, flashes a 'V' sign, and exclaims "Let's ROCK!" and drops into a fight stance.

    • Standard: Zenith walks in, snaps her fingers, and exclaims "Hit it!" before taking a fight stance.

    • 30% Alternate: Zenith walks in, snaps her fingers, and exclaims "Hit it!" Taking it as a cue, Circuit leaps in from behind and hits the opponent with a blunt object. Zenith looks embarrassed.

    • Vs. self: 1st Zenith peers strangely at 2nd Zenith, who just stares back in a brooding fashion.
      1st: Hmm... bioengineering?
      2nd: ...idiot. Nothing you know.
      1st: This has merchandising potential...
      2nd: Merchandising will be the last of your concerns once I've killed you.
      1st: [sighs] You're just too dull to live, you know?

    • Vs. Teotl: Teotl walks onstage, but Zenith is nowhere to be found. Suddenty a spotlight falls on some pose-worthy position (staircase, rafter, whatever) and Zenith appears, dressed in a purple fuku and posing with a silly-looking scepter. "Corporate monopoly stifles the benefits of rivalry merchantship! Money and resources should be distributed, not hoarded by a single individual! In the name of free enterprise, I will PUNISH YOU!" She then tosses the scepter at Teotl and leaps down, taking her stance. Teotl looks stunned at first, then shakes his head. Zenith starts with her super bar increased a bit, and keeps the fuku through the entire round.

    • Vs. Drogn: (first matchup, 15% chance thereafter) Standard opening. Suddenly, the thumping bass and electric guitars of Ton Loc's "Wild Thing" will replace the fight music, and Drogn will turn a few shades darker grey, his torso armor replaced by black jeans and festoons of gold chains, his bracers also turning golden and his boots black, with the legs of the jeans tucked in. If it lasts longer than Wild Thing, the music will continue with "Funky Cool Medina" before finally going back to what's SUPPOSED to be playing. If this happens to coincide with one of Circuit's miscues, the music will cut off as soon as Drogn gets hit, and the audience will applaud. Drogn will remain in Rappa Dood getup for the rest of the fight, however.

    • Vs. Card: Zenith walks in and, noticing her opponent, walks over and smiles.
      Zenith: "Hi there! I'm Zenith! Are YOU my opponent?" [holds out her hand]
      Card: "Yeah! I'm Card! Nice to meet ya!"
      [Card suddenly whips out a set of hedge clippers and severs Zenith's extended hand. Black ichor starts trickling from the stump. Zenith looks more irritated than shocked, though.]
      Zenith: "HEY! What's the big idea?" [picks up the severed hand and duct- tapes it back in place, then takes her place] "That hurt, little bitch..." Zenith starts with 98% health.

    • Vs. Charles: Charles slipgates in, looks at Zenith and his jaw drops.
      Charles: "Jeebus... This- This is amazing! You could advance the genetic field by at least a hundred years! Wow!" (This continues)
      Zenith: "It'll cost you. A lot."
      Charles: (Charles looks in his wallet, counts his money, and then shuts the wallet again) "Damn. Nevermind."

    • Vs. GMCA2 Xach: After Xachary bursts through the movie screen, he looks over to Zenith. He frowns, and says:
      Xach: "Damn... You're a bit of alright. Right shame I'll have to cut you for a bit of jink..."
      Zenith: "You've got a lot of nerve saing that, monkeyboy. Can you back it up with force?"

    • Vs. Feng: Fengs steps in, takes one look at Zenith, then glomp her, groping her for various drug supplies. She looks stunned at first, then slaps him hard enough to knock him loose. She shakes her head and says, "Bad Feng. Money up front."

    • Vs. opponent with threatening dialogue: After the opponent has said their bit, Zenith smirks and replies, "Have you ever killed a roach? You'll find that it's harder than you think."

  • Taunts:

    • Zenith throws several unpaid bills at the opponent, and demands payment NOW.

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard: Zenith thumbs her nose at the fallen opponent, pumps her arm, then turns to the front and jumps and waves.

    • Alternate: Zenith whips out a first-aid kit and carefully bandages her opponent, then charges him/her for medical aid.

    • Perfect: Zenith blows her fingers as if blowing away smoke.

    • Ultimate: Zenith leaps down from above, then does her standard/alternate pose.

    • Desperation: Zenith wobbles to her feet, does a 'thumbs up', and then slowly keels over.

    • Flash Finisher: See move.

    • Draw: Zenith shrugs and holds out her hand for the opponent to shake.

    • Time Over: In the middle of a complicated move, Zenith glances at the time and sees that it's reached zero. She promptly loses control of the move, and falls flat on her face. The opponent occasionally sweatdrops.

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "Payday!"

    • "Buy the official GMCA T-shirt! Order now, and we won't throw in a free ChibiVid plushie!"

    • "Another satisfied customer."

    • Perfect: "Weren't you... you know, supposed to be one of the tough ones?"

    • Ultimate: "I just know the Urban Development Council is going to get me for this..."

    • Desperation: "Owww... that freakin' HURT... kids, don't do this at home."

    • Flash Finisher: "Got you on THAT, you evolutionary straggler!"

  • Character Strategy: Zenith is a brawler. She's not able to throw fireballs or project ki or manipulate reality. She IS, however, very strong and agile, and her body structure and regenerating ability makes her much more durable, enabling her to absorb much more damage. She prefers close-range fighting with holds and throws. She's moderately fast.

  • Attacks:

    • Launcher:

      • Taste the Air: Zenith puts her hand under the opponent's chin, taking a firm grip, then keels over to the side as if doing a cartwheel, utilising the momentum to toss her opponent into the air. She then regains her footing to do a follow-up.

    • Command Normals:

      • Whip: Zenith lashes the opponent with her razorwire whip for minor damage. 4%.

      • Jawbreaker: Zenith puts one hand on the opponent's shoulder for support, and punches him/her across the jaw with the other. 3%.

      • Moneymaker: Zenith wraps one arm over the opponent's neck, the other around their side, and then knees him/her in the gut. 5%.

    • Specials:

      • Razorwire Fair: Zenith whirls her whip over her head a few times, then suddenly snares their legs, pulling them off their feet. 7%, and Zenith can combo into another move.

      • Spin the Wheel: Zenith pounds the opponent hard in the stomach; then, while still keeping her right leg on the groud, spins the rest of her body around, bringing her left leg up and into the opponent's jaw. 10%.

      • Pay Raise: Zenith leaps backwards, landing on her hands, and at the same time kicks the opponent twice as her feet fly upwards. 10%.

      • 30% Off: Zenith leaps forward, grabs the opponent's head for support, and knees him/her hard across the jaw. 12%.

      • Face Job: Zenith pins the opponent's foot (left or right) with her own, kicks him/her over, and then proceeds to stomp viciously across the hapless victim. 12%.

      • Venom Discount: Zenith grabs the opponent and jabs her fangs into any available body part, injecting a small amount of venom, then lets go and backs off. At first, the opponent feels just a minor injury, but then the venom kicks in, causing some more damage and slowing the opponent down for a few seconds. Can be performed high and low; difficult to do against thick-skinned or armored opponents. Can be blocked if the block isn't done with the arms, but cannot be interrupted. 3+8%.

      • Lab Accident: Zenith take out a small gas tube, opens the tap, then takes out a lighter and sets fire to the gas. A huge flame scorches anything within three feet. 8%.

      • Riot Starter: Zenith takes out a molotov cocktail (bottle filled with flammable fluid and with a rag in the neck), lights it, and tosses it at the opponent (low throw). 9%, 4% if blocked, 2% if it explodes against the ground and someone is caught in the fire. If it explodes against the ground, the fire will extinguish itself in four seconds.

    • Supers:

      • Mob Rule: Zenith snaps her fingers, and Circuit leaps in from behind, jump-kicking the opponent in the back. As he/she stumbles, Pastel comes in from the other direction and punches him/her back, right onto a lying-down Comma, who kicks him/her into the air. As the opponent lands with a thud, Zenith leaps on top of him/her and pummels him/her several times. 30%.

      • Loco Project: Zenith grapples the opponent, then plunges her fangs into his/her neck or torso. Unlike [Venom Discount], however, she injects a mind-altering biological substance; when the substance takes effect, the opponent will go berserk, unable to control his/her actions. Strikes and attacks will be completely random without strategy, and there's a chance of him/her afflicting damage on him/herself. Complicated moves will be near-impossible to perform, and his/her aim will be drastically reduced. However, attacks that do connect will have a 20% damage bonus (meaning that an attack that usually does 10% damage, causes 12% instead). The effect wears off after ten seconds. The move takes a bit longer to do than [Venom Discount], and thus can be interrupted by a fast opponent. The bite causes 3% damage.

      • Speed Devil: Zenith waves her hand in a signalling motion and then leaps to the side. Suddenly a red sportcar, driven by Pastel, drives across the stage, followed by five police cars. The cars can be dodged or leapt over with some effort. (If the opponent manages to perform a very high-level energy/explosive attack (At the magnitude of NeoVid's BithingBigBeam, at the very least), the cars can be stopped... at which point, when the effects dissipate, a surprised and very charred Pastel will be found sitting amidst a lot of debris.) 15-30%, depending on how many cars will hit the opponent.

    • Desperation:

      • Suicide Plunge: Zenith grabs her opponent in a tight hug and suddenly leaps up onto the fence, then leaps off, still hugging her victim close so they can't escape, until they crash into another platform, or the ground. If the opponent survives the fall, Zenith will be knocked out cold. If the opponent is knocked out, Zenith will have just enough power to stay up. (Life down to 3%, if it wasn't below that from the start.) In some cases (often depending on how durable the opponent is), they'll instead crash into a passing freighter after some fall. This can also be done on other elevated stages.

    • Ultimate Attack:

      • Urban Disrepair: Zenith whips out a hydrualic wrench, waves it dramatically over her head, and shouts "This city... is going DOWN!" On the last word, she strikes the ground hard with the wrench. Immediately the ground shakes and cracks, jets of hot steam burst out and scald the opponent, pipes shoot out of the ground, occasionally scoring hits, and finally the section of the platform the opponent stands on collapses, and he/she falls down... to land on another, similar platform, this one intact. Zenith leaps down after him/her after a few seconds, and the fight continues if the opponent is still active. If the stage doesn't allow for falling down, it just explodes violently under the opponent's feet. 45%.

    • Flash Finisher:

      • Inherit the Earth: Zenith holds up her hand, and the opponent stops. Turning to her sidekicks, she says, "Ready, guys?" They all give her thumbs up. Turning to her opponent, she takes out a remote control with a big red button, says, "Say goodbye, monkeyboy..." and presses the button. Camera changes to a view of Earth seen from outer space... just before several large mushroom clouds blossom from the surface. Camera returns to the stage, which is now in ruins; the opponent is nowhere to be seen, whereas Zenith, looking only slightly worse for wear, is dancing happily around with her sidekicks. Does not work on stages that aren't, strictly speaking, real worlds (Reader's stage, the Outside, et al).

    • Team Helper:

      • Zenith sneaks in from the side and performs a [Razorwire Fair] on the opponent from behind, giving her partner a good opportunity to get in a few free shots.

    • Team Supers:

      • None Yet.

  • Glitches:

    • Vs. Yuun: Whenever Yuun performs his monkey taunt, Zenith starts to laugh uncontrollably, occasionally interrupting moves.

    • Vs. Drogn: When Zenith does her "offering medical aid" finishing poses against Drogn, he'll say "Sure... Authorial Express card? No? How about a big bag of coinage, then?" Assuming she agrees, he will produce two trashbag-sized bags of money from nowhere in particular, which will turn out to contain about 30,000 liira in the form of one liira coins. (The liira is the basic unit of currency in Italy, worth about 2500 liira to the dollar IIRC)

    • Vs. Drogn: If "Inherit the Earth" is performed on Drogn, true to the description, he will not technically be anywhere to be seen. He will, in fact, be all over the scene, splattered ankledeep in red crunchy bits... this despite his having fought at normal human scale. A few seconds later, something that looks vaguely like his Desperation move will sweep over the area, originating from where he was standing, but it will be using golden FX and do no damage as it sweeps all the DrognBitz out-of-scene. When they're gone, he'll reform in a blaze of gold, first forming as a golden silhoette, then fading back to his normal coloration. (This is his canonical response to being nuked, with the radius of splatter being proportional to the square of the yeild of the bomb - a trashcan sized tacnuke has left a football stadium and its parking lot under a crispy blanket of red, while a building-sized gamma-bomb splattered two continents.) After fully reforming, he'll clap Zenith on the shoulder and say, "Damn, I like your style, girl!"

    • Vs. Feng: As Feng is pretty much high on drugs all the time, Zenith's [Loco Project] will have a reverse effect on him; for ten seconds, he'll have a very clear head, and fight like a natural martial artist, with increased speed and power. However, his more esoteric moves will be harder to pull off. (For a comparison, consider I Suroe trying to fight while sober.)

    • If the [Riot Starter] is blocked with something soft, there's a 40% chance that it'll bounce off and explode on the ground instead. If it bounces, it'll cause 1% damage from the hit.

  • Motivations:

    • Make money.

    • Make more money.

    • Make LOTS of money.

    • Improve her life situation.

    • Mock the monkeyboys when they don't notice it.

  • How Zenith talks:

    Cheerful and chippy most of the time, unless she's out to collect money from you. She likes to talk to people, especially if she thinks she's got a possible customer. Overall, she's got a pleasant voice with a slight, almost unnoticeable accent. She uses standard Razorwire slang, but can adapt to a more cultivated speech when she needs to.

  • How Zenith acts:

    Almost constantly looking for opportunities to make more money, but also likes to have fun and relax. She's almost never bothered by other people, unless the other person is purposefully trying to aggravate her. She believes that humans are somewhat inferior to her, but as long as they keep in their place... she occasionally refers to human individuals as 'monkeys' or 'monkeyboys', although never in said individual's presence. She can sometimes be a bit surprised by the appearance of some of the more... esoteric tourney attendants, but never enough to make her panic or anything a mundane HUMAN would do.

    When adressing her three flunkies, she tends to treat them as old friends. She does, however, give them orders without worries, and rarely listens very much to their complaints. She knows how much they resent work, but they have agreed to assist her; It's just how it works. Still, she will treat them with respect in most other situations, and will never actively put them in danger ('danger' having a different meaning for a roach). She has an ulterior reason for dragging them around like this, but she won't tell anyone.

The character "Zenith Carcine" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to Jonatan Streith.

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