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Name: Yun Ch'òlsu

Signature Quote: "Ch'ònjae idùnji pabo ida."

Personal Email address: yun@bluenothing.com

  • Height: 5ft. 9in.

  • Weight: 171 lbs.

  • Build: Skinny but with good muscle tone.

  • Appearance: Yun Ch'òlsu is a fairly tall Korean man in his early twenties. He has black hair and wears a red t-shirt, black jeans, and a blue denim jacket. His hair reaches to his collar and he is usually unshaven.

    Alternate Appearance: Same as above but with blue jeans and a black shirt.

    Alterate Appearance vs. Kyo Hokushin: Same as normal but with a cowboy hat and boots.

    Alternate Appearance vs. Gaijin Dan Mastriani: Regular jacket over a manly pink T'aegwòdo tobok... (Think bastardized version of Kim Kaphwan, Dan Hibiki, and Yun's regular appearance)

  • Fighting Style: Churoehudo, a style utilizing ki-blasts, animalistic maneuvers, and hand grenades.

  • Button Style: King of Fighters

  • Bio: Yun grew up in the South Korean city of Taegu. His grandfather was a T'aegwòndo master who taught him to fight with honor. While cleaning out the basement he discovered a pile of rag-dolls and a dusty chest of scrolls. The scrolls told of ancient techniques of combining ki with the body's naturally produced electrical impulses to create a hybrid form of energy called "Chòn-gi" (translated as Electri-ki.) When Yun used them in a match he was informed that the techniques were forbidden and as punishment he would have to stand in the corner and hoot like a monkey. When visiting the basement again he knocked off one of the rag-dolls he had found which exploded sending him flying through the floor. Another scroll told him how to access pocket dimensions into which he stuffed all of the rag dolls and left home. Before leaving Taegu he encountered I Suroe, Noe Chònggu, and Ch'oe Nabi. Their travels led them to China, Mongolia, Japan, America, Australia, and back to Korea where they settled in the port city of Pusan.

  • Intro: Yun Ch'òlsu is a Korean martial artist seeking to bring honor to the Pyònt'ae School.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: Thunder Monkey (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: Shock the Monkey (Coal Chamber and Ozzy Osbourne)

    • Alternate Theme: If I Only Had a Brain (MC 900ft Jesus)

    • Korean Street Posse Theme: Ultramania (Seo Taiji)

    • Theme vs. Kyo Hokushin: Main Theme from Bonanza

    • Theme vs. Epsilon: Internet Chònjaeng (Seo Taiji)

  • Stage: Xanadu Nightclub, Songt'an South Korea.

  • Weapons: Using an ancient, forbidden technique Yun is able to create a seemingly endless supply of chusuryut'an or "dwarf grenades." They look and feel like Beanie Baby garden gnomes (pointy hat, long beard, etc.) but the "beans" are actually low powered explosives.

  • Special Resources:

    • The Korean Street Posse: I Suroe, Noe Chònggu and Ch'oe Nabi

    • The Kkùt'-i Òpsnùn Hojumòni or "Bottomless Pockets" of his denim jacket. Using another forbidden technique Yun has created his own personal "hammerspace" accessible through the inner pockets of his jacket. It is here that his chusyryut'an and the belongings of the KSP are stored, and occasionally, when they need a place to hide really quick, the members of the Korean Street Posse .

  • Openings:

    • First Round: Struts onstage looking extremely confident flanked by I, Noe, and Ch'oe, then trips over an invisible pothole and falls flat on his face. He then gets up and assumes a fighting stance.

    • Standard: Takes his jacket from Ch'oe and puts it on.

    • Vs. NeoVid Crosses his arms and says "My jacket kick your jacket's ass."

    • Vs. Epsilon Makes a fist with his thumb between his index and middle finger (similar to the American "Got your nose" gesture. This is an obscene gesture in Korea) and screams "Sship saekki ya!"

    • Vs. The (\/)ajin I runs on and whispers something in Yun's ear. Both start laughing hysterically. (\/) inquires as to what happened. Yun responds "He say you look like Luigi."

    • Vs. Kyo Hokushin Comes in riding Ch'oe like a horse (Ch'oe on all fours, Yun on his back) swinging his hat around and yelling "Yee-ha!"

    • Vs. Gaijin Dan Yun rolls into the ring wearing his jacket over a pink T'aegwòndo gi. He straightens up, shakes his mighty forearm, and screams "ABÒJI!!!" which is Korean for "OYAJI!!!"

    • Vs. Keori or Any Member of the KSP: Facepalms and mutters to himself in Korean.

    • Vs. Himself Player One says "Nice jacket." Player Two says "Thanks."

  • Taunts:

    • Wonsungi Sori (Monkey Voice): Yun assumes a chimp-like stance and hoots like a monkey.

    • Plays hackey sack with one of his Chusuryut'an.

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard: Raises his fist in the air and screams "Manse!"

    • Perfect: I, Noe, and Ch'oe raise him up on their shoulders intending to carry him off but take off in different directions leaving Yun on the ground.

    • Super: Shoots a Noet'an into the sky screaming "Churoehu Manse!"

    • Desperation: Laughs weakly and passes out. I, Noe, and Ch'oe drag him offstage

    • Draw: Pounds his head against the floor.

    • Time Over: Taps his watch and holds it up to his ear.

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "Accept the fact that you're second rate."

    • "When I am weakest I am still stronger than you."

    • "Don't monkey with the monkey."

  • Character Strategy: Yun is a long range fighter whose greatest strengths lie in his ki-based attacks and his custom made Chusuryut'an or Dwarf Grenades, small fist-sized rag dolls with low powered explosives inside. Physically he is quite weak but makes up for this with above average speed and agility. In close combat he relies on hit and run techniques.

  • Normals:

    • A: Jab punch to the midsection

    • B: T'aegwòndo kick to the midsection

    • C: Roundhouse Punch to the Jaw

    • D: Roundhouse kick to the face

  • Launcher:
    • Pòngae Uppercut: An Electri-ki enhanced uppercut.

  • Throws:

    • Hapkido Throw: A generic "Martial Arts" type over the shoulder throw.
      4% Damage

  • Specials:

    • Ch'igi-Ch'igi (Hitting Hitting): A dizzyingly fast combination of punches similar to Ranma Saotome's "Amaguriken" technique.
      7% Damage
      (A/C repeatedly)

    • 648,000 Volts: Yun puts up a Blanka-like barrier of electricity.
      8% Damage

    • The People's Eyeball: Yun fires a Noet'an out of his eyes.
      8% Damage
      (Charge b+f+A)

    • Ch'agi-Ch'agi (Kicking Kicking): A kick version of the Ch'igi-Ch'igi.
      10% Damage
      (B/D Repeatedly)

    • Noet'an (Thunder Bullet): Yun's regular ki-blast uses a technique which uses ki to amplify the electrical current in his nervous system which results in adding an electric shock to the regular effects of the blast.
      10% Damage
      (QC d-f+A/C)

    • Pòngae (Lightening) Boot to the Head: An Electri-ki enhanced kick to the face.
      11% Damage
      (Charge d+u+B/D)

    • Chiha Noet'an (Underground Thunder Bullet): Yun strikes the ground sending a wave of Electri-ki towards his opponent in a manner similar to Terry Bogard's "Power Wave."
      12% Damage

    • Noe'ik (Thunder Wing): Yun shoulder charges his opponent and shoots a Noet'an downward, launching both fighters skyward. Yun then maneuvers his opponent into a "power bomb" position causing him/her to land back first.
      15% Damage

  • Supers:

    • Monkey Shock: ROTM Yun hoots frantically sending waves of ki out of his mouth.
      4 Blasts @ 5% Damage Each

    • Monkey Meal: Riot of the Monkey (ROTM) Yun rushes his opponent and gnaws on his/her head.
      20% Damage
      (HC b-f+HC b-f+A/C)

    • Dance of the Big Monkey: ROTM Yun leaps in the air and performs a dance on his opponent with ki-charged feet. This is the most powerful attack Yun can perform without doing damage to himself.
      35% Damage
      (HC b-f+HC b-f+B/D)

  • Desperation:

    • Chònsal (Kill Everything): Yun releases all of his ki reserves in the form of a shockwave centered on himself. He cannot perform specials or supers for a full fifteen seconds after performing this move.
      55% Damage

  • Ultimate Attack

    • Chusuryut'an P'okp'ung (Dwarf Grenade Storm): Yun throws a dozen Noe Chusuryut'an (Thunder Dwarf Grenades) which all explode in a burst of electricity.
      12 Blasts @ 5% Damage Each
      (Charge b+HCf-b+HCb-f+A/C+B/D)

  • Flash Finisher:

    • Nanjangi Chegi Ch'agi (Kicking the Dwarven Shuttlecock): Yun removes a Ch'unggyòk (Concussion) Chusuryut'an, plays hackey-sack with it for a while before kicking it towards his opponent.
      (Charge b+f+B+D+B+D+B+D)

  • Team Helper:

    • Yun delivers a flying [Ch'agi-Ch'agi] to his partner's opponent.

  • Team Supers:

    • Team Edit: Yun performs the [Dance of the Big Monkey] on his partner's opponent.

    • Teamed with Keori: The Monkey's Frat Party: Keori performs a [Keg Party] on her opponent, knocking him/her backward to where Yun is waiting to perform the [Dance of the Big Monkey]
      60% Damage

    • Teamed with Keori: Saram Pulgogi (Korean Barbecued Person): Keori delivers a "Human Blowtorch" to Yun's opponent's back followed by a [Monkey Meal] from Yun.
      60% Damage

    • Teamed with Ch'oe Nabi: Poetry in Motion: Ch'oe crouches down on all fours. Yun runs out, springing off of Ch'oe to perform a [Ch'agi Ch'agi] for 25% damage

  • Glitches:

    • In a Yun vs. Yun match, if both Yuns reach into their bottomless jackets simultaneously they will each act like they are pulling on something that doesn't want to come out. Both Yuns give a mighty tug and get sucked into their jackets reappearing in the other Yun's jacket.

    • When fighting Replica in an alternate universe, there is a 10% chance that Keori and Yun's jacket dimensions switch places; i.e., Keori suddenly has the Chusuryut'an and Yun has access to billiard space.

  • Motivations:

    • Yun couldn't care less about the prize. All he wants out of the tournament is the respect of those he considers his peers. He is more interested in making a good showing than in actually winning. That said his secondary goal is to have as much fun as possible without getting in serrious trouble.

  • How Yun Ch'òlsu talks:

    Yun speaks English with a decent level of fluency but with a heavy Korean accent. Whenever possible, he lets Noe Chònggu speak for the group. When speaking Korean, Yun projects an air of supreme confidence. When speaking English, he has a tendency to mumble in an attempt to hide what he sees as an inability to speak properly. This, combined with his thick accent, makes him somewhat difficult to understand. He does not speak any languages other than Korean and English.

  • How Yun Ch'òlsu acts:

    Yun is a serious martial artist who just happens to have a ridiculous fighting style. His art is one of only four things which Yun Ch'òlsu takes seriously. The other three are I Suroe, Noe Chònggu, and Ch'oe Nabi. Yun is extraordinarily loyal and will gladly place himself in a potentially life-threatening situations for those who he considers his friends, although he will rarely do so because of the high level of confidence he has in the abilities of I, Noe, and Ch'oe.

    The character "Yun Ch'òlsu" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to Blue Nothing Productions

  • Sanity is highly overrated.