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Name: Unknown

Signature Quote: "....."

Personal Email address: neovid@hotmail.com

  • Height: (base form) 5' 11".

  • Weight: Variable.

  • Appearance: He can change his appearance at will, but his standard shape is the one he had before he was changed: A slightly red-faced, lightly built man with a thin beard, wide-brimmed black hat, extra-large black shirt, and military issue pants, gloves and boots. (He looks weirdly similar to Kung Lau from MK2, somehow.)

  • Bio: The Unknown was a volunteer for an experiment with early-generation nanotech. He recieved an injection of robots smaller than a blood cell that were designed to repair any injury, after replicating themselves and spreading through his body. It worked much better than anyone expected. His entire body ended up being converted into nanomachines. There was one problem: The nanotech in his brain interfered with his mental processes. This resulted in a massive increase in all of his negative tendencies, to the point where he'd kill people just to get them out of his way. Since he doesn't age, and his body can reconstruct itself, he managed to evade the law long enough to become the Aberrations' covert operative.

  • Intro: TBA

  • Theme Song:

    • Game Theme: Schizotron (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: Somebody's Watching Me (???)

  • Abilities:

    • Unknown has incredible shapeshifting skills. He can copy the form of virtually anything. He can also direct his nanotech to change any material at hand into more copies of themselves, increasing his size and mass. Surprisingly, though he can make weapons out of his body, he's not nearly as dangerous overall as the other Aberrations, due to his lack of physical strength. He has only one use for magic, and that is to copy the powers of whatever identity he's using.

  • Motivations:

    • TBA

  • How Unknown talks:


  • How Unknown acts:

    He still has all of his sociopathic tendencies, though he keeps them under control. In his base persona, he's generally silent, and does little besides wait for his next assignment. He only comes alive when he works, as he exactly duplicates the personality of his target/target's friend. His real self seems to submerge entirely while he copies someone else, though it's unknown how his psyche is really affected when he changes into another person.

    The character "Unknown" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to NeoVid.

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