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Name: Signus Megido

Signature Quote: "Handle it alone? I doubt it."

Personal Email address: maramala@hotmail.com

  • Height: 6'3" (Slouches, making him look shorter, about 5'11")

  • Weight: 112 kg.

  • Appearance: Tall lean Eurasian with haunted dark blue eyes and neat black hair slicked back in a clean cut. Wears a loose white formal jacket over black long-sleeved turtleneck shirt, baggy black slacks, black leather belt and black leather shoes. Other than those differences, he looks a lot like Skribulous, including the slouch to make him look shorter and less threatening. Constantly wears mirrored shades.

  • Bio: The negative personification of the collective imaginations of a simple human dreamer given life, Signus was once a successful adventurer and mercenary (RL Note: RPG Persona). During his travels, he met Skribulous the Interdimensional Dragon, who took a liking to him immediately. Skribulous then brought the reluctant Signus into other worlds, where he aquired his family name, merged with other individuals (RL Note: Other RPG Personas), until finally arriving at the Focal Point. Sharing a unbreakable bond with the dragon, he was set up as Skribulous' manager, and the two travelers joined in a tournament taking place. Later on they met up with Drogn to form Team Kaiju, with Signus as Team Manager and Facilitator.

  • Intro: As Skribulous' manager, Signus' duties include handling all the paperwork and details of getting Skribulous through, letting the dragon fight the actual tournament without any hassles. It's a thankless, non-glamorous job, but hey, he gets a sizeable cut of the winnings and earnings at the side, since his fighter is not interested in the money.

  • Theme Song:

    • Game Theme: Lokong Ulol (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: Blue Monday (Orgy)

  • Abilities:

    • Master ArchMagus (can cast all Slayers(TM), Bastard!(TM), and Square RPG spells, and has access to "Hammerspace")

    • Martial Arts Adept (mostly weapon arts, since with "Hammerspace" he is impossible to disarm)

    • Mad Ninja Journalist skeelz

    • Mad Ninja Infiltrator skeelz

    • Mad Ninja Negotiator skeelz

    • Mad Ninja Investigator skeelz

    • Mad Ninja Procastinator skeelz

    • Mad Ninja Social skeelz

    • etc., etc... The bottom line is that Signus is the complete Shadowrunner(TM), except without the cyberware, so anything cyberpunkish that does not involve implants is OK. As an author avatar, he has all these, and with his link to Skribulous, a lot more to boot. (While not as blatant, Signus has a limited version of Skribulous' power of forcing reality to adapt if necessary in order to advance the plot.)

    • Oh, and he can talk in the [Brackets] of [POWER], but it's already a given for all Author Avatars. ^^;;;

  • Motivations:

    Forcibly dragged to the Focal Point by Skribulous himself, Signus does not really have a choice in the matter whether he should be in the tournament or not. So, he decides to make the most of the current situation, from betting to merchandizing ("Get your SD-Skribulous (TM) Action Figures here! Limited Edition only! With Authentic Spit Fire (TM) Action!"), and reap in the rewards. (Imagine his indignation when the press release announced that NO merchandizing is allowed outside of the organizers' control. >_<) There are some limits, however. The most important one is that the safety of his fighter is his primary objective, since only Skribulous can travel through realities at will. If this means that his fighter must win, then he will do everything that is allowable (nip trouble at the bud, protect the referee since the rules never stated that outsiders can't do so, and stop any outside interference) to ensure this...

  • How Signus talks:

    Your standard supporting hero patterns. You know the type, he's the guy who is not the main character and who is too old to be the young excitable sidekick, and too nice to be the brooding anti-hero while too bitter at the same time to be the pep-talking second banana. This means he gets to be the one who says the right things at the right time, and is rarely affected by the sort of things that drive other characters to the floor in a twitching heap. ^_^ He is very forceful and direct in his choice of words, but is very careful not to mince them, or do the runaround way of saying things. This makes him somewhat cynical, sarcastic and moody, but he will always make the effort to be cordial and polite, sort of like your typical salesman or waiter.

  • How Signus acts:

    For people who have only met them for the first time, it would seem as if Signus is the boss of the two, but in reality their relationship is the reverse. Although he may initially look and act like Skribulous, the mercenary-turned-manager is the polar opposite of the dragon. He is very emotional, and will never forget a grudge. However, he will unswervingly follow the tournament rules, and takes extra precautions to protect his fighter from possible violators. Despite his checkered past, he is a proud and principled author avatar, never stooping down to the level of villany, and so frowns at his undisciplined (heh ^_^) draconic fighter/friend/boss' casual disregard of propriety and constant bending of the rules when meddling in other peoples' affairs. In spite of his reluctance and total opposition to Skribulous' involvement with the Focal Point, Signus is also totally dependable, and Skribulous relies on him for everything during the tournament, as he concentrates on studying the other author avatars. When not engaging in business affairs, Signus is very aloof and distant, preferring to be alone with a drink to reflect on his situation. And perhaps, remember the past... Obviously he's not a hentai... and it really ticks him off that Skribulous keeps on embarassing him and Team Kaiju. ^^;;;
    Miscellaneous: Basis - Zelgadis? Natch... Both sides of the same coin - play up the fact that inital impression would make the viewer assume that the two Author Avatars are the same person. In a way, they are, but they insist the aren't. @_@

    The character "Signus Megido" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to Signus Megido.

  • MUAHAHAHAHAHA! And now, while you are distracted by the pretty lights, I will steal your cheez!