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Name: Shin Moriyama

Signature Quote: "Come now, let us make a covenant, you and I; and let it be a witness between you and me."

Personal Email address: SSIVYuusuke@hotmail.com

  • Height: 5'11"

  • Weight: 165 lbs.

  • Appearance: Over the menacing eyes of the dragon falls the crimson-dyed bangs like a classic J-rock star, and dark, round specticles hide his darkest intentions and his most devilish memories. Behind his deep jacket he wears a simple button-up shirt, and about his back falls a waist-long tail of his fiery mane, tied off at the base of his neck. On his right side, his coat sleeve is rolled up neatly above the elbow, but on the other the sleeve is completely and violently blown off, all leading down his white shirt sleeves to hands covered by black gloves. Around his shoulders and the legs of his dark slacks he wears leather-belt bracers, like the modern day samurai. And off his back comes the [hero's] cape, an oversized overcoat, tied to his back, flailing against the neverending wind like it has a life of its own. It is this that Yuusuke is most jealous of.

  • Alternate Appearance: Same as the above without the jacket and overcoat, the sleeves of his button-up shirt rolled up to the elbows.

  • Fighting Style: Melancholy [Lies] and [Despair]

  • Button Style: DBZ 2 Super Butoden Style (Punch [P], Kick [K], Fireball [Fre], Dash [Dsh], Level Change [LC] ^_^)

  • Bio: Shin and Yuu grew up together, went to school together, survived their teens together, and hated together. Nothing would ever tear the two apart, the two boys who loved and hated not because of jealousy and ambition, but because they had nothing else to hold on to. And so their rivalry persevered for the longest time... And then they met him, Sho Retsuka, the mysterious gangster with the glint in his eye and the gun at his hip. And together, they learned from him, learned that there were alternatives to everything, learned that they didn't need to live the life they lived. But when Sho met a sudden death, the [hero] gave Shin his round sunglasses with which to see and Yuusuke his gun with which to kill. It was with that gun that Yuu went insane with, captured by the ecstasy of loneliness. It was with that gun that Yuu killed with, killed his parents, his so-called friends, because none of them meant what they said. None of them really cared about him or who he was or what he did or how he felt in his broken heart... but he couldn't kill Shin. Poor Sho's lessons had been in vain until he stared down his best friend and his greatest enemy, until he held the cold steel to the long-haired man's head and tried so desperately to bring himself to pull the trigger. All while Shin did nothing. And Shin knew, as Yuu pulled the gun away and ran off forever, that his friend and enemy wouldn't kill him because he needed him, because he needed his rival in life. After that calamity, no one ever saw Yuusuke again. But Shin knew what he was doing. He, after all, knew him best. And so he trained with his lover's opposite power, the style of "Melancholy [Lies] and [Despair]," because neither of them would be able to survive without the other. He searches for him now, searches with vengeance in his heart because his greatest companion RAN from him, because he had been too afraid to kill him. He knows deep in his heart that even though Yuu is trying to isolate himself from a hateful world, he only brings himself closer to the Devil's bidding through his isolation. Shin loves and hates Yuu. Thus, he spans a magnificent journey to find his friend and try to kill him, knowing that Yuu will only try to bring about his own death. But that fight is what keeps them both alive. It is the very substance with which they breath into their shells. And it is the battle itself that gives them the most reason to raise their fists and bring them down with blows of extreme prejudice.

  • Intro: He is the crazy young B_O_Y who mimics his teacher's style. Yet, he knows he is not a hero, not until he saves his best friend by killing him... or being killed.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: Usotsuki (Blue Nothing)

    • Home Stage Theme: Jealous (Dir en Grey)

    • Vs. Yuusuke: Dance of Curse (Yoko Kanno)

  • Stage: High school rooftops, like Yuu's, but at night, a full moon alight in the background.

  • Weapons: None.

  • Special Resources:

    • Melancholy [Lies] and [Despair]. The opposing force to Yuu's power, Shin's style draws not from a dream, but rather the hatred of reality. From the animosity of people and the horrible corruption that taints the world, he draws forth his own individuality in a thin stream that parallel's that of the rest of existence. Upon this other path he is freed from everything he knows is wrong, left only to pursue that which he believes to be right. In this way, Yuu's style is flawed, because it attempts to merge his own dream into an unmovable world. Sho is freed from the anger and rage because his ideology allows him to accept such a hateful existence and build his own world away from its dirtied shores.

    • "X." A mysterious power that manifests at will, the counterpart of Yuu's rage. Instead of taking form as emotional passion, it solidifies into a powerful field of raw energy (often colored blue~) that surrounds Shin's body, controllable at will. It's full abilities and limitations have not yet been identified, but it does manage to fracture reality in strange ways if the user does so wish...

    • Blades. Like Yuusuke, Shin is able to wield the weapon of his housed spirit, Joon Huh. However, he is also able to draw forth another weapon of ancient rivalry, the huge broadsword (approx. 7 feet long, 3 feet wide, ignore the physics of this >P) of Yujin/Valkair, the weapon which clashed with Adam's Gunguniru in a battle in the far distance... (BWA: OOO! Spoilers! Not that anybody could ascertain anything from that anyways ;P)

  • Openings:

    • Standard: Shin lights up a cigarette, takes a drag, and then unceremonially drops it and douses the ash with his foot.

    • Vs. Yuu: Same as Standard, but he offers Yuu one to which Yuu rudely glares at. Shin merely shrugs, finishes his smoke, and puts the pack away.

    • Vs. Wyvern: He also offers the reality-warper one and BWA cautiously takes a cig and puts it in backwards. Shin shakes his head, puts it in the right way, and lights it up for the dragon. BWA then proceeds to cough and gag uncontrollably until he's lying in a pile of spasms on the ground, the limp cancer stick having fallen from his mouth (takes 1% damage ;P). Shin stares at him for a minute, shrugs, finishes his drag, and resumes the fight ^_^

    • Vs. Replica: He'll offer her a cig too. She will merely hold out her hand (in a mockingly similar fashion of the way Shin pro-offers his pack), produces one cigarette at first, then produces about 70 (like that one commercial against cigars that stuff some poor saps mouth full with the stuff ^^), and attempts to smoke all of them at once. Not being a smoker, she's soon hacking and coughing uncontrollably, angrily yanks the cancer sticks from her mouth, and tosses them into the background. Shin just stares in utter silent shock as the entire background explodes in a blazing inferno.

    • Vs. Teki-chan: Teki will run up and circle around his legs, expecting a kitty treat. Shin laughs and gives her a cigarette instead (it's a subtext ;P), to which she begins to gnaw upon.

  • Taunts:

    • No taunts available.

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard: Shin merely pulls out another cigarette and takes a drag, suddenly stopping to consider his fallen opponent. Shin: "Sutte mo kamaimasenka?" ("Do you mind if I smoke?")

    • Perfect: Shin grins as his overcoat catches a strong wind. He pulls the dark, circular glasses of Sho Retsuka from his jacket pocket and casually slips them over his eyes, giving his opponent a sidelong stare once he is done. Shin: "Omae tsuyoku naranakucha naranaindayo." ("You have to become stronger.")

    • Desperation: Still reeling from the backlash of the attack, Shin falls to his knees and rests, his bloodied, clawed hands out before him. Shin: "Gomen yo, Yuusuke. Anta to shinitain deshita... " ("I'm sorry, Yuusuke. I wanted to die with you... ")

    • Flash Finisher: Shin abruptly phases in beside his fallen opponent, his back facing the screen and his overcoat flying high in a powerful headwind. Shin merely stands there with his hands limp by his side as Joon (still with angel wings) casually appears in the foreground, sitting beside the fallen enemy with his sword resting against his shoulder. Joon: "Kore de ii dayo... " ("This will have to do... ")

    • Draw: Shin simply looks away (at a 3/4 angle so his facial features are hidden) as his overcoat catches a light breeze.

    • Time Over: Shin just stuffs his hands in his pockets and looks away.

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "Tatakau no mae ni tabako o sueba ii dayo."

    • Desperation: "Mada owaranai... "

    • Perfect: "Doushitandayo? Atama o butsuketta?"

    • Flash Finisher: "Na... ashita wa, atarashiku hi dayo... "

  • Character Strategy: Shin is virtually identical to the way Yuu is played, in that he has good range and speed. However, while Yuu is based primarily off of ground combos, his counterpart uses a plethora of air launchers and air combos. Also, Shin lacks Yuu's powerful throws, but he makes up for it with the massive number of chainable moves that he possesses. Whereas Yuu's [True] Self and [Dreams] is uncontrollable and insane in its method, Melancholy [Lies] and [Despair] is based heavily on control and confidence. It is through this that Shin bases his stance; a very casual standing position with his left leg bent slightly to balance his next move, left hand in his pants pocket, and his right arm crossing out in front of his chest with his hand's fingers loosely spread in preparation for his next strike. As opposed to Yuu's swipes, Shin relies a lot more on precise kicks and uses punches sparingly only in combos and/or defense.

  • Attacks:

    • Launcher:

      • The Sun: A simple feign left that turns the momentum of the movement into a back-roundhouse kick that sends the opponent skyward. (D,U+K)

    • Command Normals:

      • The Moon: Shin thrusts his palm forward and a flash of X crashes into the opponent, momentarily stunning him (guard breaker). (B,F+Fre)

      • Strength: From the impact of a strong hit (one that is meant to knock Shin down, though not a super or above), Shin lands and dashes in low before administering a reverse roundhouse kick to his opponent's head, elevating them just enough to be a short combo starter (but not as strong as his launcher). (when hit, DP+K) Doesn't really do damage and has to be timed perfectly; a setup move, not one for damaging.

    • Throws:

      • The Emperor: Shin plants his foot forward into the opponent's gut, then heaves them over his body with his leg and slams them down on the other side. (F+K, 10%)

      • The Hanged Man: Planting his palm in the small of the opponent's back, Shin presses outwards while grabbing his left arm and pulling back. Flipping under the twisted limb and up again, he braces his knee against the opponent's head (he's upside down at this point) all while holding onto the same arm. A loud crack is heard as he completes the usage of momentum, knocking the enemy to the ground and letting go of the now broken arm (it's a fighting game, people break other people's arms 10 times within a match in Tekken ;P). (F+P, 10%)

    • Specials:

      • The World: Ripping through the space/time continuum, The World destroys the boundaries of the fourth dimension to bring forth Shin's wish into the world. As a result, the opponent is defragmented in reality and physically placed (where ever he/she was previously before jumping, attacking, etc.) approximately 1.5 seconds in the past. Note: While this is a useful defensive/setup technique, it will have no effect on preventing the execution of supers for the obvious cheap-o reasons... ^^;;; (HCB+P. --%) Range: ---

      • Star Platinum: Shin's hope is unstoppable in the face of his journey, no matter how many dangers he must face. Through this determination, even the deepest cuts and broken bones are nothing more than minor bruises compared to the importance of his faith. Drawing from this power, he strikes a quick 'psychoshonen' pose (ala JoJo's, in terms of style) before plowing across the screen in an unstoppable horizontal pillar of flame. This move cannot be countered (except by supers) and has quick recovery time (making it somewhat ideal as a short combo-starter, but the pose at the beginning is a clear indicator of the move's beginning, as well as an opening for an attack. (charge back, forward+Fre, 5%)

      • Green Hierophant: For a second of his life's existence, Shin lets his guard down as the unpredictable flame within his soul rests. In that moment, the power of X around his restructures reality around him into a complete and simple fabrication, distorting time and reality so that everything freezes into a perfect statue of a fraction of existence's passing. This is very much like Yuu's Mabataki with less range and no inflicted damage, however... (RDP+ LC, --%+ time stun for 5 sec.) Range: 1/4 of the screen.

      • Hermit Purple: (chain attack from Green Hierophant) The moment having passed, Shin's power flares once again with his experience of hardship and pain, his need to recognize himself, and the empty solitude he finds himself in during his lonely journey for friendship and hate. The field abruptly explodes about him as motion suddenly returns, kinetic energy charged so fiercely with the power of X that for a fraction of a second anything caught in its range explodes violently in a haze of blue energy. (HCF+LC, 15%) Range: 1/4 of the screen.

      • Magician's Red: Freed from the burden of hatred, Shin can tap into his most powerful desires without restriction. The power of X swirls strongly around his body until he is surrounded by a typhoon of blue energy. At this point, he draws forth the enormous broadsword of Yujin and Valkair's corrupted hatred and slashes towards the sky with the intentions of bringing down the heavens. Shoryuuken-type anti-air move with impenetrable defense upon opening and horrible recovery upon closing. (DP+P, 9%) Range: 1/4 of the screen *

      • Silver Chariot: (chain attack from Magician's Red) The complement of the magician, Shin builds off of the momentum of his previous attack (Magician's Red) as he flies up into the air and his fearsome weapon suddenly changes into the avenging blade of the spirit he houses, Joon Huh. He then comes crashing down with an explosive slash that blows back everybody around him a burst of azure fire. The recover time from this move actually worse than Magician's Red (unless it is chained into The Fool, but both moves have to hit first)--- as it pretty much eliminates the lag time of M'sR--- so doing it after the M'sR and not hitting is a perfect combo setup for the opponent. (QCF+P, 9%) Range: 1/4 of screen.

      • Tower of Grey: The technique of change and displacement. Teleporting behind his opponent, Shin grabs them by the neck and lifts them into the air as he pumps them full of his power. At peak capacity, he proceeds to complete a barrier matrix around them that disables all of their special techniques (though not supers or above) for ten seconds. Sure that the alteration is complete, he tosses the opponent to theother side of the stage. (HCF+P, 5%+ no special techniques for 10 sec.) Range: Automatically teleports behind opponent, so range is negligible.

      • Wheel of Fortune: As Yuusuke possesses the spirit of Death's angel--- the ultimate creation of rebirth, Shin possesses the eternal rival, Joon Huh--- the ultimate creation of end. And with the caped gangster comes the blade with which vengeance is sought, and with it a rivalry that can end only with the ending of one's own existence. The same bonuses apply to Joon as they do to Adam and Yuu. (HCB+LC and the same can be done to unsummon the [gangster], --%) Range: N/A.

    • Supers:

      • Ebony Devil: (chainable from Green Hierophant, must connect with GH in order to initiate the move properly.) Temporarily letting the hold of his dream go, Shin relaxes and lights up a cigarette as the barriers holding back his spirit, Joon Huh, are cut loose due to the lack of passion to reenforce the walls against Joon's powerful force of despair. With the eternal rival let loose, Joon proceeds to tear the frozen opponent apart in a 12 hit combo using his sword, finishing with a blow that knock the opponent across the ring followed by a powerful force wave emitted from a massive-top-down sword slash. Finishing his cigarette, Shin regains his determination once again, and the spirit fades away. (QCB QCB+P, 25%) Range: N/A. Move is initiated at the end of the Green Hierophant, range does not apply.

      • The Fool: (6 hits possible, chainable from Silver Chariot, you must connect with the Magician's Red AND Silver Chariot in order to initiate this move properly.) Giving in to the full force of insanity that permeates his being, The Fool is a solidification of Shin's desperation to fulfill his quest to be reunited with his friend/enemy, Yuusuke. Though his fool-hardy wish (no pun intended... ^^;) comes with uncertainty and no tangible victory in sight, he is willing to sacrifice everything to reach it because it is what he (and Yuu) needs to live. At the very end comes the solace he is looking for, the fool's long journey having come to a close... This move, like the two moves needed to precede it, it an extensive chain combo (at the end of SC, QCF QCF+P needs to be inputted in order to start the chain itself). However, each individual hit needs to be individually enforced with a controller motion (not that that will be taken into much account in this literary piece ;P) with devastating results if even one hit does not contact correctly. From the Silver Chariot, Shin begins the powerful focus of his angst and self-hatred so that he may release his energies upon his opponent. The first contact (HCB+K) dashes up from the end of the Silver Chariot with a hard right side kick to the opponent's gut. The second hit (QCF+P) takes the opponent while still in the air and administers a simple but effective punch to their face. The third hit (DP+LC) brings forth Joon Huh's blade and slashes upward in a full circle about Shin's body, ending when his slash reaches over behind him so that Shin now faces away from the other in pain. The fourth hit (RDP+P) brings forth Yujin/Valkair's broadsword, surrounding Shin with blue flames as he flies up to meet his enemy, and does a two-handed overhead slash that smashes the opponent back down to the ground. The fifth hit (360 degrees clockwise+ Fre) brandishes Joon Huh's blade once again and uppercuts the opponent with an upward slash that explodes violently upon contact, sending the unfortunate other up and off the screen. The final hit (360 cntr-clockwise+ Fre) ends with Shin lighting up a cigarette and taking a long drag (as he's waiting for his opponent to descend), finally flicking the cancer stick aside, jumping up and grabbing the opponent by the collar at the peak, turning a quick summersault in the air, and using the downward momentum to drive the unfortunate fighter into the ground, a huge pillar of blue light exploding around the two upon contact with the earth. Unfortunately, this technique holds one major flaw. Because of the negative energy that Shin channels in performing this move, one miss sends a backlash of mental destruction throughout his, having the same effect as Yuu's Kichigai, administering 15% damage to himself, and knocking him down out of the super. Each motion (again, not likely to paid attention to in the story, but humor me here ^^;) must be done at the precise moment, and considering the different weights/momentums of characters and different gravity levels for each stage (yes? no? ^^;;), this is easily Shin's most difficult technique to fully complete. (Har, I'm applying real physics. Narg.) (QCF QCF+P, HCB+K, HCF+P, DF+LC, RDP+P, 360 clockwise+Fre, 360 Counterclockwise+Fre, 5% per hit, 30% damage total + 18% from Magician's Red and Silver Chariot) Range: N/A. Move is initiated at the end of the Silver Chariot, range does not apply.

      • Yellow Temperance: Basically, Shin's counterpart to Yuu's Owatte Iru Joukuu. Shin lifts off the ground in similar fashion and the screen goes white as Shin releases a massive wave of X. If the opponent does not block, then he is hit with a massive explosion of blue fire. (Charge D, U+P+K, 20%) Range: Full screen.

    • Desperation:

      • Cream: Pure, unadulterated, despair. Shin's variation of Yuu's Koi o Shite Iru Hito to Teki. Grabbing his opponent by the collar and pulling them close, Shin positions his palm to their gut and blows through their abdomen with a concentrated blast of the despondency of his tragic quest. To accompany the impact of the strike, a white flash erupts in the background (or something >_<). As the wounded opponent falls back from the attack, a second flash covers the screen as the power of X thunders its own backlash through Shin's head, a decent amount of blood exiting the wound. (P+Dsh+LC when close, 60% to both) Range: Close. Shin: "Isshou ni... shindemo ii dayo..." ("Together... it's better if we die... ")

    • Ultimate Attack:

      • Death 13: Dreams exist to be followed, an idealistic hope for one's future. However, they can easily be manipulated into horrible nightmares of death and loss, sending the soul of a human being tumbling downward into the abyss of depression. Shin reaches out and grabs the opponent by the face, lifting them up into the air by the palm of his hand. A single spark of energy flashes through the air before the opponent's mind explodes in pain. As the background flashes wildly in a variety of chaotic images (of death, angst, all that good stuff ^^), Shin's arm crackles with the power of X as he delves into the deepest wishes of his opponent and tears them to pieces with a fraction of reality's truth. The maelstrom of anguish suddenly ceases as his hand opens and his screaming, spasming opponent falls limply to the ground, torn apart by the mind rape. (Double 360 degrees clockwise+P+Fre, 50%) Range: Close.

    • Flash Finisher:

      • Justice: Possessed within Shin is a need for balance in his life, a need for contentment and fulfillment that only his friend can complete. Within his soul lies a special type of justice, that of the young [boy], and that is what he seeks to attain his own ultimate dream, as well as that of his greatest enemy. Within his battle, he must complete a wish that will grant his best friend happiness once again. Within the soul of his spirit, Joon Huh, lies a similar type of justice, that of continuing the eternal battle for the sake of his deceased teacher. Shin withdraws a cigarette (he smokes a lot, na? ;P) from his pack and lights it up with his azure flame. He perks up slightly in the middle of his drag, withdraws his pack of cigs once again, and tosses them up into the air with a casual "Kore" (Here"). Joon suddenly materializes out of thin air, snatches the pack, and lights up his own smoke (he has a zippo, all gangsters or manical killers do ;P). The world around him (Joon) suddenly goes white as he inhales the tainted fumes, everything else disappearing except for himself and the opponent. As a strong wind catches his cape, waves of nostalgia permeate the atmosphere and solidify into a grand illusion of the gangster's past rivalry. Shin's opponent suddenly changes form (not literally, only to Joon's perception) to Chang-Mi Baek, Joon's lover who betrayed him so she could kill his teacher. Joon's eyes take on a crimson glow of retribution as three pairs of feathery wings sprout out from his back and cover the arena in a soft hail of white snow. Cocking his blade up near his head with both hands, Joon dashes forward and drives Chang-Mi through the gut with his sword. The illusion is suddenly dispersed as the original background abruptly reappears and the visage of Chang-Mi fades back to the opponent, now impaled on Joon's weapon. The only constant are the wings that remain on the gangster's back. Bowing his head slowly, Joon suddenly rears back violently and tosses the opponent high into the air with a heavy, two-handed upward slash. The camera follows the opponent flying up into air as their ascent is slowly slowed by the effects of gravity. However, at the peak of the flight, time abruptly stops as Shin meets them with his outstretched hand pointed at their head, index finger out and thumb up in the mocking position of a gun. The screen quickly flashes in and out and for a brief second, Shin appears to be the legendary Sho Retsuka with his modified revolver magnum in hand. (Shin: "Owaranain daze." Or "It's not over yet.") A deafening gunshot goes off as Shin's arm recoils from the blast and the opponent's body falls away from the shot, blood exiting a head wound in a massive stream (all in "psycho-shonen-dramatic-slow-mo" ). As time and space realign themselves once again, the opponent falls heavily to the ground => cut to Shin's Flash Fin. finishing pose. (HCB+P+K+Dsh+LC)

    • Team Helper:

      • Magician's Red to Silver Chariot chain (12% if all hits connect)

  • Glitches:

    • If Yuu does his Owatte Iru Joukuu at the same time that Shin accomplishes the Yellow Temperance, then the screen goes white, the two are knocked back to opposite sides of the screen and the attacks cancel out.

  • Motivations:

    • Shin comes to give Yuu what he needs the most: their sibling rivalry. He does it not because he wishes him to die, but because that is the thing they have clung to all their life. When everything else in the world looked like a lie, their hate for each other was real, and the cherished their battles far more than anything else in the world. Shin knows that Yuu gave up after Sho died, but they are still [friends]. Thus, he comes to fulfill the dream which the psycho shonen flees from...

  • How Shin talks:

    Like Yuu, Shin doesn't talk very much. However, he has a MUCH nicer disposition and the things he does say are often very succinct in stating their purpose, though not necessarily bluntly harsh :). Usually, he tends to talk in ways that create a natural charisma about him, though he never especially asks for that particular trait. Generally, he's a friendly person but he does hide his psycho shonen instinct beneath his calm demeanor.

  • How Shin acts:

    Shin CAN be extremely cold at times, but not unless he's angry. He does have exceptional control over his temper and usually keeps his true feelings under wraps. However, around Yuu, he changes completely, often becoming fiercely emotional and easily agitated. This is because he knows Yuu takes what he truly feels seriously and he needs not wear a mask in the presence of his friend.

Shin Moriyama, Yuusuke, Yujin, Valkair, "Twilight of the Land," Joon Huh, "Ah Ee Deul," Sho Retsuka, and "Psycho Shonen" character/series references, created/copyrighted 1997 by Yuusuke. I kill (and sue) without warning for illegal violations, be nice or die. ^_^d

Yuusuke and all the characters referred to in this piece are copyright of Yuusuke, aka Eric Terao. For further information on AeD history, visit http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Dojo/9977/children/childrenindex.html

For further information on PS history, visit http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Dojo/9977/psychoshonen/guys.html

For further information on TotL history, visit http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Dojo/9977/

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