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Name: Sean

Signature Quote: "...Interesting trick. Now, my turn...."

Personal Email address: hakubiwashu@hotmail.com

  • Height: 6'00". (180 cm)

  • Weight: 165 lbs. (75 kg)

  • Appearance 1P: A scruffy-looking young man, apparently in his early to mid twenties, wearing a trench coat that was, at one time, black. He's pretty nondescript and could blend in fairly well with a crowd anywhere, aside from his clothes. Under the coat he wears a pair of black pants and t-shirt. Punch key used to select him changes shirt: weak is Battle Angel Alita, medium is Rei Ayanami, strong is Megatokyo's PiroQuake. His hair is fairly short and dark brown; his eyes are green.

  • Appearance 2P: (Echo Alternate) As per the 1P costume, but his trench coat is a darker black, as is his hair. His eyes are the absolute pitch black of space, complete with stars in them. His pants remain black; the shirt, again, depends on the kick used to select him. Weak is black with "Close The World, txEn ehT nepO" in simple white lettering. Medium is black Largo's "3v1l / l337" shirt. Strong is "NIN (now i'm nothing)," also in white-on-black. Regardless of costume, this version looks neater and better kept than 1P Sean does.

  • Fighting Style: Kenpou-based, with many elements of other styles mixed in. Plus randomness. Lots of randomness.

  • Button Style: Vampire Savior

  • Bio: Take a bored and mildly incompetent inventor just out of college. Cross him with a void demon, an entity that copies the form, abilities, and memories of others to destroy them, and send him bouncing about the various fictional realities as a result of one of his own malfunctioning inventions. Let him wander around for almost two hundred years without any company for more than a year or two at a time. Now, what you have is a mildly neurotic, highly cynical person with an unaging body and powers that can mimic almost anything that exists. That's pretty much Sean, except that he has a name rather than just being referred to by pronouns.

  • Intro: Sean stumbled upon the GMCA by accident in his usual manner, by appearing in the middle of it involuntarily. He doesn't particularly want to fight, but he figures that he may be able to find a way to cure his "condition," preferably through help from another dimension-hopper and not from a flat-out wish.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: J-O-T-E-B-Y-O-D-L-Y (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: Saturnine (Smashing Pumpkins)

    • Alternate Theme: Deafening Silence (Machine Head)

    • Alternate Theme: I Dissappear (Metallica)

    • Alternate Theme: Northern Star(Hole)

    • Vs. Self: Sweating Bullets (Megadeth)

    • Vs. Charles: Peace and Love Incorporated (Information Society)

    • Vs. King in Yellow: Scum of the Earth (Rob Zombie)

  • Stage: Ruins of Memory: A huge, rocky plain littered with the remains of shattered buildings. At one time, perhaps, it was a city; now, it's just someplace to fight without killing anyone. The ground is cracked and broken, and bits of it jut up from or have sunk down into the ground, as if from an earthquake. There is no plant or animal life of any kind anywhere to be seen, and remaining here is mildly dangerous for mundane humans. The entire area (in fact, the entire world, if anyone happens to check) radiates a feeling of cold, dark, emptiness.

  • Weapons:

    • The Silence Glaive, a huge (2+ meter long) polearm that vaguely resembles a can opener. If you want a better description, look for just about any picture of Sailor Saturn. The Glaive is effectively invulnerable to any kind of damage short of Editing and can cut through most mundane substances as if they weren't there. Living creatures and magical objects, however, provide much more resistance.

    • Various devices he has created, at least for as long as they function. Foremost among them is his bazooka-sized caster gun replica; Sean has a strong preference for projectile weapons of various sorts.

  • Special Skills:

    • Sean is a tinkerer; he has an odd knack for throwing together half-functional devices from spare parts, which is good because that's all he can really afford. Any given device he creates will probably look (and function) like something from a mad scientist's laboratory, complete with exposed wires, flickering readouts, and so forth.

    • Sean has melded with a void demon, completely on accident. Foremost among the abilities this gives him is being able to copy other people's powers; he can alter his physical and mental composition for a moment, just long enough to mimic the move. Also, given time, he can learn to do the move himself, although this is difficult at best. Either way, his version will probably be inferior to the original in many ways. Note also that he cannot copy Editing/Godly/Authorial powers or powers that involve teleportation and dimensional travel. Secondly, his bodily composition isn't exactly normal, and he doesn't usually register on sensors or detection magic. Any kind of non-godlike (including technological) ability used to probe, analyze, or otherwise measure his presence will generally fail, though this can be worked around given time and ingenuity. As a side effect, he has apparently stopped aging and his physiology doesn't function the way it should- he still eats and breathes, but drugs, toxins, and anything that affects his natural body will have wildly unpredictable effects. The demon speaks with him fairly often, providing an unpleasant inner monologue for Sean, but it can only rarely assume any degree of control of his body- these times are Very Bad Things.

  • Special Resources:

    • An encyclopedic knowledge of anime, manga, and general nerd culture, picked up from both his otakudom before all this happened and his extensive travels.

    • The Cult of Guru Sean, a small group of worshippers who follow him about the multiverse through means unknown. They believe that Sean holds the secret to ultimate wisdom, and he's desperate for company and not about to convince them otherwise. They commonly appear in the background of whatever stage he is fighting in, though never in his home stage, and can be freely roasted by special attacks and such, but will always reappear later, unharmed. They range in age from ten to fourteen.

    • His laboratory, a large, square, metal building around forty feet on a side and fifteen feet tall. It has only one opening, a door; the inside is filled to the brim with half-finished experiments and notes. He's structured things so that he can work three-dimensionally, so stuff is *really* crowded in. Because Sean is a compulsive packrat, almost anything can be found in here if you search enough; "search" is the key word, as the place is a complete and awful mess.

    • His various inventions; important ones will be listed in his movelist or somewhere. He also has a number of things that he appears to have stolen/copied from the universes he's visited; it's debatable which.

    • Sean's dimensional transporter is still functional, and is bouncing him from dimension to dimension completely without his control. The exact amount of time he'll remain in any given universe varies, from a week to several years, but he *will* always eventually leave. The transport is pretty inaccurate, so it will often take nearby objects/people with him as it occurs. He also has a remote control to it, taken with him when he first transported, and has made numerous Dimensional Link Creators, marble-sized devices that allow him to transport objects to his own location or any location he has coordinates for. He's slowly working on "triangulating" the location of the central transporter, though due to the number of variables involved it's more like "bi-quadra-tetra-dodeca-angulating."

    • Full authorial knowledge. Sean knows that he is a self-insert into a fanfic and that all of the worlds that he visits are fictional, but has no specific knowledge of the tournament or other happenings; he only has "OOC" knowledge about universes he has read about. As a result, he makes a habit of reading all the fanfiction he can, because for him it's like studying a survival manual.

  • Openings:

    • 1st Round: The silhouette of a humanoid form becomes barely visible on Sean's side, and a static hiss fills the air. Sean's form slowly becomes visible, phasing in as if tuning in on a fuzzy TV channel. As this is happening, voices can be heard in the background: "Please stand by for transmission-- [static] --About Crest's amazing new cavity fighting ingredient, GMCR16437.4, with-- [static] --Only five grams of fat! New Blubba Burgers have-- [static] --The deal of the century! We're giving away new cars, trucks, and vans, and -- [static] --The Lord said to me, he said 'Jebediah, if people will donate only $500 dollars each, then it's-- [static] -- Time for the Beverly Hillbillies!!" The voices abruptly stop as Sean finally appears fully. He looks towards the screen for a moment and says "That was *weird*." He then turns to his opponent and assumes a fighting stance.

    • 1st Standard: Sean phases into his starting position on the screen as above, but without the voices. He looks around and sees his opponent, shrugs, and assumes a fighting stance.

    • 2nd Standard: Sean sits in the lotus position on a small pedestal, surrounded by the Cult of Guru Sean, who stare at him adoringly. He notices his opponent and waves them away, then gets into a ready stance. The pedestal disappears without explanation.

    • Alternate:

    • Alternate, 5% chance: Sean materializes as normal, but on his opponent's side- right inside of them. There is a large explosion, which blows Sean onto his side of the screen, and he stands up, slightly charred. Both players are down 1% health.

    • Alternate, 10% chance: Sean materializes as normal, not having noticed, and mirrors his opponent's opening a fraction of a second after them. He suddenly realizes what is doing, laughs nervously, and assumes a fighting stance.

    • Vs. Self: (Vs. self) Both Seans look at each other.
      [1P]: I can never remember if I'm the good twin or the evil one....
      [2P shrugs]: Good, bad... I'm the guy with the Glaive. [The Silence Glaive appears in his hands, glowing purple.]
      [1P]: Oh, fuck ME. Give that back before you hurt everyone.
      [2P grins]: Isn't that the point of it?
      The two players can fight for control of the Glaive; whoever used the move last "owns" it, though the other person can take it back by performing the appropriate button commands for the [Silence Glaive] command normal. His desperation requires "owning" the Glaive to perform it.

    • Vs. Gaijin Dan: Sean wrinkles his nose in disgust and sneers "You're even worse at copying other people's moves than *I* am." Dan shakes his head and replies: "Wow. You really know how to insult a guy."

    • Vs. KiY: Sean and KiY both enter as per one of their standard openers. When Sean sees KiY, he narrows his eyes and draws the Silence Glaive, pointing it at his opponent.
      [Sean, angrily]: If I thought I could get away with it, I would Silence you here and now.
      [KiY, smirking]: If I thought I could get away with it, I would let you.

    • Vs. Reader: Reader and Sean walk onscreen at the same time, Reader with Alyss and Sean with the Cult of Guru Sean. They glance at each other's NPCs for a moment.
      [Reader]: Yeesh, you've got your own cult? Wonder what that'd be like...?
      [Sean]: Hmm, a Muse that actually stays with you. That'd be handy....
      [They look at each other for a long moment.]
      [Both simultaneously and grinning]: Wanna swap?

      General chaos ensues as Alyss drags Reader offstage, him yelling "I was just kid- OW!" and the Cult mobbing Sean. A few moments later, Sean finishes reassuring the last of the cult and Reader walks back onstage, down 1% health. Both start with boosts to their super bar.

    • Vs. Replica: As Replica does her opener, Sean mimics it, as per his alternate. The first few bars of "I Think I'm A Clone Now" have started, and the lyrics start as the two are finishing their openings. Sean glares upward and stomps offscreen. Sounds of mangling can be heard, then the music returns to whatever would normally play. Sean walks back onscreen, dusts his hands off, and gets ready to fight.

    • Vs. 2P Yuusuke [Sho]: As Sho sits, playing the guitar, Sean walks onscreen. He sees Sho, grins, and dashes offscreen. He comes back on holding something behind his back and says "I choose... the Banjo!!" He pulls one out and looks at Sho expectantly. Nothing happens. He tosses it away and prepares to fight, muttering "Oh, why do I even bother...?"

    • Vs. Card: Sean stands and watches as Card does her normal opening. There is a long pause as he just stares at her and she stares back cutely. finally, he speaks. "Y'know, I would find you extremely cool if it weren't for the fact that I have to be on the same planet as you." Card pouts, then quickly tosses a throwing knife at Sean, who barely dodges. "Okay, I'll help you get to a better place, mister!" Card starts the fight with a slight increase in her Super Meter.

    • Vs. Ridley: Sean, dressed in a lab coat rather than his normal trenchcoat, phases into the ring with his back turned. He turns around with his face still shadowed. "[Sean]: The star that burns twice as bright burns half as long. And you, my dear boy, have burned oh so very bright...." He turns his face up, returning to normal, and the match begins.

    • Vs. Akane: Sean phases in and glances at Akane as she does her opener. His eyes go wide with shock, the he facepalms and shakes his head, muttering "Dear god, not the Ranmaverse again...."

  • Taunts:

    • Pulls out a pair of headphones and a CD player from one of his pockets, puts them on, and hums along to "Jajuma ni Sasinaide" for a few seconds.

    • Snaps his fingers, causing a half-dozen Minions from the Cult of Guru Sean to scurry onscreen with a TV, VCR, and collection of tapes and cables. They hurriedly set them up and Sean begins watching. He will continue until struck or he cancels out of it.

    • Shakes his head slowly and mutters "Baka baka."

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard: Shrugs noncommittally and walks away.
    • Alternate 1: Wipes the sweat off his face, pulls a clipboard from the recesses of his trench coat, and begins writing in it as he walks away, occasionally bumping into people/things.
    • Alternate 2: Mimics one of his opponent's taunts, minus any words.

    • Perfect: Grins (one might say smirks) and snaps his fingers. A half dozen of his Minions scurry onscreen and carry him away on their shoulders, still grinning.

    • Draw: Does an Audible Anime Blink(TM), shrugs, and walks away.

    • Time Over (lose): Sean blinks, looks at his watch, listens to it for a second, looks at it again, shakes it, then rips it off and throws it to the ground and vaporizes it with a Generic Energy Blast.

    • Time Over JOTEBYODLY: After the opponent and all bystanders perform their normal actions/poses, Sean will poke his head up from the cliff and look around.

    • Void Soul: Sean continues glowing, then his form shimmers, changing into that of his opponent. It then shimmers again, and fades back and forth between his form and his opponent's for several seconds before the screen fades out.

    • Desperation: The purple aura flares outward again, reaching two meters in diameter before slowly dying back down to nothing as Sean manages to regain control of the power. The sky also fades back to its normal state as this happens.

    • Flash Finisher: Sean walks over to his now-liquefied opponent and grins evily, then pulls a small remote-control battleship out of his coat, puts it the puddle, and sails it around for a few seconds, occasionally giggling to himself.

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "'Wherever you go, there you are.' Damnit, whenever *I* go someplace, it always ends up being 'here' again."

    • "Stealing from one person is theft; stealing from lots of people is research. Don't feel too bad about it."

    • "You think it's fun, playing with the lives of your characters? Most of them are as real as you are, if not more so. I would know; I've met them."

    • "Did you know 'mortal' can also mean 'deadly?' Just thought I'd mention that."

    • After any particularly destructive move other than his own: "You maniacs! You blew up the Earth! Damn you!"

    • Perfect: "[cult members]: Hooray, Guru Sean! You won, Guru Sean!! [Sean]: Of course!"

    • Critical: "Yeah, I hurt, but it's a *good* kind of hurt."

    • Desperation: "...Silence. I can feel it, awakening...."

    • Flash: "Well, enough of that. (As if over PA system) Spill cleanup, aisle four please, spill cleanup aisle four...."

    • Vs. Replica or Charles: "Nice, but you botched that fourth derivative in stage three of the secondary bypass matrix. Keep trying."

  • Character Strategy:

    Sean isn't a trained fighter, and it shows in battles. His normal attacks are slow, weak, and have nothing particularly good about them. Even with the Glaive out, he's easily the weakest physical fighter in the GMCA for the most part; he fights on luck and instinct, no skill. His only advantage close in is that he's copied a decent number of other fighter's techniques, which he will occasionally use out of the blue. His ranged combat techniques are much more dangerous, if not any more reliable. His main advantage is the sheer power and variety of his moves- you can never be exactly sure what to expect from Sean, because even *he's* not sure what he'll do next. He has a couple good defensive moves, so stay back and try to wear your opponent down. Turtling against Sean is practically futile due to the number of unblockables he has; keeping on the offensive is a much better strategy against him, as it stops him from getting the time necessary to perform his moves.

  • Attacks: Note: All of Sean's special attacks have a chance of failing, even when done properly (see "Glitches," below). His throws and command normals, not being "special attacks" per se, do not have failure animations and have no innate chance of failing.

    • Launcher:

      • None. Sean is terrible at combos.

    • Command Normals:

      • Silence Glaive: Sean pulls out the Silence Glaive, a huge pole arm with corresponding reach and damage, and spins it around a few times. When using the Glaive, all of Sean's normal attacks slow down even more, but do an additional 2% damage. Punches are high attacks, kicks are low, while weak attacks are jabs and medium or strong attacks are slashes. Blocked attacks may still do up to 1% damage when using the Glaive. Takes a second to pull out, and is put away by repeating the command or doing any other move. (hcb+two punches)

      • Low Blow: Sean takes a step forward, drawing the Silence Glaive as he does so, and jabs it into the ground spear-style. Can be avoided by rolling to away as he performs the move. (2%) (d+hp while opponent is on the ground)

    • Throws:

      • Meteor Drive: Sean's basic throw. He lifts them into the air over one shoulder and drops back, slamming them into the ground headfirst. (5%) (f+p or b+p while close)

      • Spinning Wedgie: Sean reaches over to his opponent, grasps their underwear firmly, and pulls upward in traditional wedgie style. He then lifts them bodily into the air and spins them about his head a few times, finally releasing them to fly across the screen. Opponents who have no clothing or otherwise could not be given a normal wedgie are treated to an even more painful phenomenon known as a "fur wedgie," a wedgie variant that relies on the opponent's anatomy for the proper handhold. (Not like that! Gross!) (5% from the front, 10% from the back. Both versions stun the opponent.) (hcb+hp)

      • Paradigm Shift: (Air only) Sean catches his opponent in midair as their paths cross and spins around, using their combined momentum to throw the opponent to one side of the screen and himself to the other. He lands safely while they slam into the ground in an unpleasant fashion. (7%) (f+p or b+p in the air)

    • Specials:

      • Bayushi Technique: Using the powers of the void demon he melded with, Sean alters himself sufficiently to copy an opponent's attack. It must have been used recently (past 10 seconds of the match) and will always be weaker than the original because of his incomplete control over his power. When he does so, he flashes with a black aura for a second, momentarily taking the appearance of whoever he is copying, and performs the animation appropriate to the move. This will not work on super/desperation/ultimate/flash moves (see his [Way of Shadows] super) and cannot copy teleportation or dimensional transport moves, like Replica's [Exile] and Reader/KiY's [Teleport]. It will, however, work on command normals, including weapon-draw moves; Sean pulls a shadowy, crudely formed version of their weapon from nowhere in such cases. (as per opponent's attack, minus 1%) (doubletap down, then the appropriate command inputs) Failure: Sean begins the move as normal, but upon manifesting the black aura, he cries out in pain and collapses to the ground, clutching at his head.

      • A.T. Field: Sean turns away from his opponent and extends one hand out, projecting a wall of consecutively larger orange hexagons mirrored by black ones behind them, a la Evangelion. All special attacks (but not normal punches/kicks) striking the AT Field have their damage reduced by 15%; in addition, the field stops his opponent from jumping over or running past him- they will simply hit the AT Field and stop as though it were a screen edge. Teleport and dimensional transport moves will still bypass it. It drains one special bar per three seconds of use and can be used as a sort of "anticipation block" if executed at the proper time during an opponent's move. (f, d, df+mk) Failure: As per normal, but the first attack to hit it will simply tear through the Field and hit a surprised Sean. There is no super bar cost reduction for a failed version.

      • |_337 \/\/0r|>5: Sean whips out a piece of paper that has either: a Japanese Kanji (50% chance), Quabbalistic diagrams (25% chance), is actually a tarot card (20% chance), or has an Elder Sign (5% chance). The kanji version catches fire, also lighting up his opponent (5% unblockable damage). The diagram flashes and is mirrored in front of his opponent, freezing them for one second. The tarot card cancels the next special they attempt without effect, though they still suffer the resultant lag. The Elder Sign version opens an unpleasant channel to the Mythos world, nailing them with all three effects, but also eats 1% of Sean's lifebar. (varies) (qcf+kick) Failure: Sean whips out a piece of paper, all right: one of his blueprints. He blinks, mumbles "Hmmm, need to adjust that..." and sticks it back into his coat.

      • Panzer Kunst, Offenbar Einzug Ruestungen: An anticipation counter, only usable against basic attacks and command normals. After blocking three consecutive attacks, Sean can execute the command and respond with one of his own. Taking advantage of the opening left by his opponent's last attack, he step/ducks in and executes a spinning elbow to their face. Like most anticipations, it's unblockable. Timing requirement varies with the strength of the attack he performs; stronger attacks are more stringent on when exactly they must be done. (9%) (b, d, db+punch) Failure: Sean steps in next to his opponent- right into their next attack. He takes an extra 3% damage because he isn't guarding at all.

      • BFG 2001:Sean simultaneously whips out a pair of sunglasses and a large, rifle-sized version of a caster gun, putting the glasses on and bringing the gun up to his shoulder to fire it. He pops in a small cartridge into the chamber and pulls the trigger, releasing a HUGE beam of multicolored energy across the screen. Damage is quite good, speed is decent for a fireball, and strike area is large, but he can only do this a limited number of times per match, randomly between two and six. Failures count towards this limit. (10% and 2% temp damage from the flash) (qcf+any punch and kick of the same strength) Failure: Sean does the move as normal, right up to pulling the trigger, but instead of releasing the energy blast, the gun sputters and sparks. Sean looks somewhat surprised and reaches into his coat, pulling out several sheets of paper as he mutters "Wasn't that a #42 shell? Or was it a #13? Let me check my notes...." This leaves him vulnerable for a second or so, as per a taunt.

      • Generic Energy Blast:Just what it says. Sean fires off some sort of energy attack, generally going the full length of the screen and striking at middle height; speed depends on the punch strength. Which particular version is used is randomly determined. Most common versions include the following: shoots a bolt of pure darkness from the Silence Glaive; raises his palm and fire a beam of orangish electrical energy; does a "punch" motion, throwing off a flapping energy bat; extends both hands kamehame-ha style and fire a half-meter wide green beam out; pulls out a Power Key Staff and shoots a thin beam of blue-white energy; holds out a hand, palm up, and creates a small ball of flame which flies towards his opponent. The versions are mostly the same, with only minor differences. The flame version is homing, but does a little bit less damage and the Shi Shi Houkoudan has a larger strike area but is slower to perform than the others. He yells out the appropriate attack phrase for most of them. (8%) (qcf+p) Failure: Sean shoots off a Flare Carrot, a small glowing yellow projectile that does 1% damage and can be annihilated by any other projectile attack.

    • Supers:

      • Way of Shadow: The super version of [Bayushi Technique], Sean copies an opponent's super in the same way. The only major differences: this copy is even less accurate (and effective) than the normal version, because it's much harder for him to channel this much power. The moves takes one super bar more than the original did; he cannot copy level 3 supers. There is also no limit on when the move was performed; he can copy it at any point during the match thereafter. He is still unable to copy teleportation and dimensional transport moves, but also cannot copy Editing or any other form of godlike/authorial ability. Other than that, it is identical to its smaller cousin. Note that it can only copy supers, not desperations and such; he can only perform an opponent's team super if he has one of the appropriate team members on his side, or if he is teamed with himself. (as per opponent's super, minus 5%) (doubletap down, then appropriate command inputs) Failure: A failed [Way of Shadow] results in the void demon taking over Sean. Treat this exactly as if Sean had performed a [Void Soul].

      • Final Heaven 7: A wave of red energy washes out from Sean, extending several feet away from his body before fading. He then charges in a short distance and tries to come into contact with his opponent. If he misses, nothing happens. If he hits, even if they are blocking, he will continue the move. It consists of several sub-sections, each of which requires an appropriate controller input, flashed onscreen (similar to Zell's limit break from FF8). If any of the inputs are done wrong, the move ends. Most of the hits can be blocked, though this does not end the move. If any one is not, they will almost certainly be hit by any of the following parts. Each of the parts is detailed below.

        • Shoulder Rush: If the move connects, he delivers a triple-punch combo to their midsection. (3%) (auto)

        • Somersault: Sean plants his foot in his opponent's face and does a backflip off them. (4%) (qcf+mk)

        • Suimen Geri: A roundhouse kick that explodes in a burst of water. (5%) (qcf+hk)

        • Meteor Drive: Just like his throw, but with more damage. (6%) (b, df+lp)

        • Dolphin Blow: A dolphin bursts from the ground in a spray of water, knocking them upward. (6%) (qcb+hk)

        • Meteor Strike: Sean grabs his opponent by a handy part of their body, jumps into the air, and throws them to the ground, hard. He lands just as they are standing up. (5%, unblockable) (fcb)

        • Final Heaven: Light converges on Sean's left hand and he charges past them, releasing the energy into a punch/clothesline attack. (6%, unblockable) (hcf+mp+hp)

          The hits do from 1-4% if blocked, with the block damage increasing as the attack progresses.

        Failure: (Note: The move only has one chance for failure, not one per sub-move.) Sean rushes forward, trips, and rolls into a heap at his opponent's feet. He stands up normally after a second.

      • Void Soul: The black aura that appears when Sean uses his copy powers surrounds him, glowing (if something can be said to glow black) even brighter than normal and swirling about him. Sean's controller must button-mash quickly to get him into the full state of the move; it otherwise takes a horrendously long time. Upon completion, Sean's aura explodes outward, then collapses in, leaving him a perfect mirror of whomever he is fighting against save for the eerie black aura behind him. For the remainder of the match he cannot use any of his normal moves, but can perform any move that his opponent is capable of, save those granted by technology. This will even allow him to perform most moves her normally could not (desperations, ultimates, flashes, teleports, etc), but he is still incapable of copying Authorial power and such. His speed, toughness, priority, and damage are all much higher in this state, being just a bit above "average" for a character. Requires a full three super bars. (no innate damage) (hcb and hold back while repeatedly pressing any punch) Failure: This move has no failure sequence, as it is more or less Sean giving up his will to the demon temporarily; thus, his lack of control is not an issue.

    • Desperation:

      • Revolutionary: Sean summons the Silence Glaive to himself and closes both eyes momentarily, manifesting an eerie purple aura all about himself and his weapon. The aura pulses three times, growing outward as the sky above him rapidly goes completely black in a several mile radius. On the third pulse, Sean's eyes open and he throws the hand with the Glaive in it up into the air, shouting "Death Reborn Revolution!!!" Thousands of black ribbons hiss outward from him at this point, flying in every direction and impaling everyone and everything in the area, then abruptly collapsing back into the Glaive. Causes tremendous property damage, even for a desperation. It strikes everywhere onscreen, with damage being directly proportional to the amount of life the opponent has left- it knocks off a flat 80% of their remaining life, plus an additional 5% damage. The move cannot be dodged or blocked, but can be interrupted quite easily. If Sean successfully executes the move, all music (but not sound effects) in the stage goes quiet and remains that way for the rest of the match. (special) (hcb, f+all kicks) Note: This move does not have the normal chance of failure, as it is extremely dangerous for him to perform. It has a 10% chance of simply knocking him out if he attempts it; even if it works, he is immediately reduced to 1% life. He can never do it more than once per match.

    • Ultimate Attack/Summon:

      • Shi'ne: Sean holds both hands out in front of him and forms a small (but growing) red ball of energy as he chants. "Heed me, O spirits beyond blackest pitch, deeper than the deepest night. Red past crimson, flow like blood. Mark ye these fools that bar my way and to my small power thy own ally. To deliver doom, folly repay, call judgment from the grave! Dragon Slave!!" And he does, indeed, unleash the magical tacnuke, doing appropriate damage to his opponent and surroundings. Extremely long chargeup time, though it can speeded by button-mashing. After a few seconds, the move goes into Super Time, which means everyone has to sit and watch as the move finishes, 'cause that's how things go. The move is so draining that it not only completely empties Sean's super bar, but also leaves him unable to fill it for the remainder of the match and perhaps a day or more beyond that. Tick damage is surprisingly low for an Ultimate. (45%) (hcf, hcb, hcf+hp+hk) Failure: The Dragon Slave detonates prematurely, probably roasting Sean to a crisp (he'll take 10-30% damage). However, if his opponent is close enough to get caught in the blast, they'll be hit as normal as well.

    • Flash Finisher:

      • Masu, Element of All Things: Sean forms his A.T. Field in front of him and waves his hand, sending the Field flying across the screen. A successful hit (it can be blocked or jumped, as it is about as tall as Sean, but not dodged due to its width) melts the opponent into a puddle of orange LCL sludge, except for their eyes, which hover in the air for a few seconds blinking before falling to the ground with a splash. (f, d, df+all three kicks) Failure: As a normal attack up until he releases the AT Field; the gesture sends the field back into him, melting him into a puddle of LCL, complete with blinking eyes. He suffers 10% damage and re-forms after a second.

    • Team Helper:

      • Generic Enegy Blast

    • Team Supers:

      • Team Edit: #101: Sean steps in and fires his caster gun, but it releases a quantum black hole instead of the normal bolt of energy. It's so small that it's fairly easy to dodge the center point, but the distortion from it covers a good-sized area and is pretty painful. Highly variable damage.

      • Teamed with Caine: Static Cling: Sean steps back and begins charging up as Caine dashes in for a grab attack. Caine's attack is unblockable, but leaves him quite open to anything but projectile attacks (he ducks during the rush, putting him to low to be hit by most fireballs). If it misses, Sean will simply toss off a [Generic Energy Blast] and step offscreen, automatically switching Caine in as the active character. Otherwise, Caine continues to hold his opponent as he glows with a corona of negative charge. Sean, meanwhile, has formed a large ball of yellow-orange electrical energy, and is struggling to build it up even larger as it is trying to pull him towards the target, who has been given a massive charge of positve energy by Caine. Finally, Sean lets loose with the bolt, which flies at Caine and the immobilized opponent. Caine, having such a large negative charge, is more or less unaffected by it, but the opponent... well, they are on the recieving end of a powerful electrical shock. They're left a toasty (and stunned) critter. Caine steps back away from them and bows to Sean, saying "Omatase shimashita. (Sorry to have kept you waiting.)" Sean is left as the active character. Costs two super bars. (qcf, hcb+two punches) (20% and stuns) Failure: Everything goes as normal, but the ball of energy Sean forms instead explodes in his face, doing 5% damage to him. Caine shakes his head sadly and steps offscreen, leaving a dizzied Sean the active character.

      • Teamed with Ridley: Damn the Fourth Wall!: An anticipation counter. Done as any move (except a desperation, ultimate, or flash finisher) is about to strike the active character, whoever is offscreen will jump on right in front of the screen, obscuring everything, and appear to reach *through* the screen. The view goes into "pause" mode exactly as if the button had been pressed, except that Sean and Riley (wherever they each may be at the time) continue moving normally. The previously non-active character pulls back away from the screen and walks up next his partner, and a short conversation ensues.

        [Ridley]: You know, I just don't like the way this stage's background looks.
        [Sean, nodding]: Mmmm, definately. Everything's all off-center.
        [Ridley]: Yeah, that's true. Well, what if we did- [he picks up the frozen opponent and moves them over to one side somewhat as if they were a piece of furniture] -this?
        [Sean]: Not bad, not bad. It still needs something though... Ah! Thats it! It needs to be darker!
        [Ridley]: Darker? Like how?
        [Sean]: Like this. [He pulls out his Glaive, aims it at them, and fires off a large bolt of negative energy at them. There is an explosion, which leaves cartoony scorch marks on them.]
        [Ridley]: Yeah, yeah, I see. Still needs a bit more, though. [He fires off a small Ironic Sunshine into them, scorching things even further.]
        [Sean]: Excellent. Our work here is done.

        A random one of the two turns and walks offscreen, revealing the fact that he is wearing a "Chaosium Interior Decorators, Inc." shirt in place of their normal one (in Sean's case, it is written on his coat). Leaves the active character a half-screen or so behind the opponent as the game "unpauses" and the match resumes. (hcb+LP+LK as an opponent's attack is about to strike) (35%) Failure: The moves proceeds as normal, but when Sean and/or Ridley attempts to blast the opponent, their power fizzles out, which results in a quick "look down the barrle of the weapon and get blasted" bit before the move proceeds as normal. This does 5% damage to whichever of them fails.

  • Glitches:

    • Because of the erratic functioning of his abilities, *all* of Sean's special attacks have a 5% chance of failing to work (a failed attack costs only half the normal number of special bars). A failure sequence is listed for each attack, above.

    • If the match timer runs down to one second, the half of the screen behind Sean will split open, forming a chasm, which Sean will immediately leap into while yelling "JOTEBYODLY!!". After a few seconds, the words "Jumping Over The Edge Before Your Opponent Doesn't Let You" appear in the middle of the screen. This happens around 15% of the time. The winner of the match is determined as for a normal time over.

    • Occasionally, Sean will become fuzzy for a few seconds, as if he is phasing in and out. This has no real game effect, but looks funny. A slight static hiss can be heard in the background when this happens.

    • |_337 \/\/0r|>5: The Elder Sign version will have no effect on King in Yellow, for obvious reasons. Furthermore, if Sean performs the Tarot version at the same time as one of Card's moves, they will cancel each other out with no effect.

    • [Masu, Element of All Things] will not work against opponents who are not human, such as NeoVid, Skribbulous, Drogn, and so forth. Take a wild guess at why. It still knocks them out, but Sean gets no bonus for doing a flash finisher.

    • Vs. Akane: Sean will pointedly refuse to answer Akane's question if he draws the Glaive, but won't take advantage of the opening, either. If he's in his home stage, he'll just stare off into the distance. Echo alternate Sean will instead grin and draw one finger across his throat.

  • Motivations:

    • Find a way to cure his "condition." He'd rather not use a wish or the likes, so other dimensional travelers are his preferred method.

    • Collect stuff, both actual items and copied powers. Sean is a compulsive packrat, so he'll take almost anything, no matter how worthless it may seem. Most such items become part of one of his inventions at some point.

    • Make friends and influence people. He's been wandering for well over two hundred years, so he'll take whatever companionship he can get, really. His powers make him insanely difficult to track, so actually staying with him would be quite a task, but he may try and convince whomever he can.

    • Sean has no idea what he'll do with the wish, should he somehow manage to win. In all likelihood, he'd use it to benefit whoever seems most needing of it.

  • How Sean talks:

    Sean isn't exactly a social master, to say the least- he's usually pretty withdrawn from things and doesn't talk much to people. He'll also leave off bits of sentences a lot, particularly at the end. Unlike most sciencey-types, he has no desire whatsoever to explain his inventions to anyone. If someone is actually friendly to him, he'll be polite, if distant. He also has an annoying tendency to quote whenever given the chance and has a sarcastic sense of humor.

  • How Sean acts:

    Sean can usually be found away from people, in a secluded corner somewhere reading, tinkering, or simply sitting there and thinking. During non-fight segments he will almost always have a laptop computer with him, downloading fiction or reading fiction from the last world he visited. If a sufficiently "interesting" situation comes up, however, he may simply step in without explanation and begin participation. He's used to anime-based realities; this is completely normal for him.

Echo Sean: Visual differences aside, 2P Sean also has a few other, minor changes. Unless noted otherwise, he also uses all the openers, taunts, etc for 1P Sean.

  • Openings:

    • Standard: Sean phases in, grins, and shifts his features to that of their own for a second, then assumes his stance.

  • Finishing poses:

    • Flares his black aura.

    • Laughs in what could only be called a villainous manner and phases out.

  • Moves:

    • All throws are replaced by [Brutality], a simple choke-grab for 7% damage.

    • [|_337 \/\/0r|>5]'s animation is replaced by Sean snapping his fingers in his opponent's direction, doing damage via sonic energy. It always does the 5% unblockable version.

    • [BFG 2001] involves Sean whipping out a pair of Desert Eagles and going Noir all over his opponent's ass. It has identical end results.

    • [Final Heaven 7] is also functionally identical but visually different: he draws a katana and goes into an extended, Renzokuken-esque combo on his opponent.

The character "Sean" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to Sean [last name unknown]

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