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Name: Tsuki No Yoru Ukatsu Ni Kurufu Dan (On a moonlit night, Dan goes insane due to stupidity)

Signature Quote: "Aw, man! Everyone and their dog is of Orochi blood!"

Personal Email address: PowerOfQi@aol.com

  • Height: 5'6".

  • Weight: 150 lbs.

  • Appearance: Driven mad by the Riot of the Blood, Dan's outfit has become disheveled and stained by his bloody coughing spurts. They hang loosely about him as he shudders and sways in his fury.

  • Alternate Appearance: His nice, neat uniform is now in tatters, his white shirt undone and red with blood. His pants are worn out at the knees and his shoes aren't tied, either.

  • Fighting Style: Dan has forgone his usual meticulously copied move set for wild hits and slashes. He is wild as an animal, chaotic and violent. Just like Iori-sama!

  • Button Style: Street Fighter II.

  • Bio: Given to flights of fancy and mild hypochondria, Dan can convince himself that he's suffering from just about anything and do quite the good job of displaying the symptoms.

  • Intro: Taking a vicious gut hit during a fierce fight, Dan begins to cough up a little blood. Jokingly, he recites lines from KoF '97: "Gah! My blood boils! Orochi must be mixed up in this! You won't get control of me, Orochi!" He pauses to reflect on how effective this speech was for Iori. This is his fatal mistake. Thinking that if he were having a Riot of the Blood, that he'd just have sealed his fate leads him to wonder if his blood isn't boiling just a bit and that who knows what the Orochi could be mixed up in and that what's to stop him from going mad and...oh, bother.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: Riot of the Stupidity (Blue Nothing)

    • Home Stage Theme: Control Crisis (SNK)

    • Alternate Home Stage Theme: ZAN (Dir en grey)

  • Stage: A ruined amusement park at twilight, everything cast in violent shades of red by the setting sun.

  • Weapons: Well, he hasn't cut his fingernails in a while, and you know how those Orochi fighters like to rip people up with their bare hands...

  • Special Resources:

    • Nothing but his own [HATE]. And the amazing(ly disgusting) ability to bleed constantly without dying.

  • Openings:

    • 1st Round: Dan's breathing comes slow and ragged. Suddenly, he convulses, clutching his stomach. He coughs blood on the ground and staggers briefly before rearing back and screaming as the Riot of the Blood takes control.

    • Standard: Dan rears back and screams an incomprehensible exclamation of rage.

  • Taunts:

    • Dan growls and snaps at his opponent.

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard: More of that howling with madness.

    • Draw: Dan shakes his head and screams with anger.

    • Time Over: Dan finally falls, the Blood Riot having worn his body out. He shakes and whimpers on the ground.

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuooooooooooooooo!"

  • Character Strategy: Orochi Dan is a mad berzerker. A suitable strategy practically presents itself, no?

  • Attacks:

    • Launcher:
      Ten No Boutoku: ("Desecration of Heaven") Dan claws upward violently with both hands, sending opponents skyward. (4%) (df+hp)

    • Command Normals:

      • Strike Arch: A quick, hopping axe kick. This move must be blocked high, and knocks down. (3%) (f+wk)

      • Jikoryuu Kubi Tachi Kyaku Gyakufunsha: ("Self Taught Style: Reverse Thrust Neck Cutting Kick") Dan swings his rear leg back, then spins into an overhead axe kick that hits at the base of the neck. This move knocks down. (4%) (f+mk)

      • Ganseki Shiki Chimamire Tenohira: ("Rock Style: Blood Stained Palm") Dan spits a blood lugie(ew!) into his hand and slaps his opponent. (2%) (f+wp)

    • Throws:

      • Leona Crush: Dan impales his opponent with his hand, then rips it free violently. Always throws forward. (9%) (f+mp)

      • Saka Hagi: ("Reverse Rip") Dan stabs his opponent with his fingers, then slashes his fingers up and out. Always throws forward. (10%) (f+hp)

      • Gyaku Saka Hagi: ("Reversed Reverse Rip") Pretty much the same as the previous, but Dan slides behind his opponent before executing the move. Always throws backward. (10%) (f+hk)

    • Specials:

      • Hyaku Hachi Shiki: Yami Barai ("Style No. 108: Darkness Sweep"): Dan flicks a ball of purple flame that runs along the ground and immolates anything it hits. (8%) (qcf+p)

      • Hyaku Shiki: Oni Yaki ("Style No. 100: Demon Scorcher") Dan leaps into the air, arms wide, hand spreading purple flame. (10%) (dp+p)

      • Moon Slasher: Dan slices the air with his hand a great speed in a circular fashion. Can hit downed opponents. (9%) (qcb+p)

      • X Calibur: Dan whips his hands apart in the air, creating a cutting vortex. (8%) (qcf+p, in air)

      • San Hyaku Juu Ichi Shiki: Sou Kushi ("Style No. 311: Combing Claw") Dan twists then hops into an overhead slash, palm alight. (10%) (dp+k)

      • Grand Saber: Dan charges forward and slides into his opponent, slicing an arc with his hand. (8%) (hcf+k)

      • Gliding Buster: A slicing back flip kick; the follow-up to the Grand Saber. (8%) (f+k, at end of Grand Saber])

      • Ni Hyaku Juu Ni Shiki: Kototsuki ("Style No. 212: Koto Moon") This move has three variations, delineated here. (hcb+k)

        • In: ("Negative")-- Iori's version. The opponent is pushed off-balance with a palm to the face, then slammed to the ground and burnt with purple flame. Must be blocked high. (10%) (wk)

        • Kou: ("Positive")-- Kyo's version. The opponent is stunned with an elbow to the gut, then lifted by the throat and blown away by a blast of purple flame. Must be blocked low. (10%) (mk)

        • Juuzentaru: ("Absolute")-- The Kototsuki Kou] followed by the Kototsuki In]. It can be blocked high or low, but does more damage than the other two variations. (15%) (hk)

    • Supers:

      • Kin Sen Ni Hyaku Juu Ichi Shiki: Ya Otome ("Forbidden Style No. 1211: Eight Maidens) Level 1 Dan rushes forward and rips his opponent a new one. Or, to be more accurate, several new ones. He caps off his mad display by grabbing his opponent and letting loose a burst of flame. (35%) (qcf, qcb+p)

      • Rebel Slasher: Level 1 Dan runs forward and just about implants a stick of dynamite in his opponent. He then hops away and freaks out a bit while waiting for it to go off. (35%) (qcb, hcf+k)

    • Desperation:

      • Kuroiryuu In'intaru Youkouro: ("Black Dragon Roaring Furnace") Dan is momentarily surrounded by a blazing purple inferno. (50%) (qcf, qcf+p)

    • Ultimate Attack:

      • Hidoi Kin Sen Ni Hyaku Juu Ichi Shiki: Ya Otome ("Cruel Forbidden Style No. 1211: Eight Maidens") Level 3 Dan runs forward. If his opponent doesn't get out of his way, he'll proceed to tackle and maul them, finishing with hammering blows and finally a burst of the cruel purple flame. (60%) (qcf, qcb+p)

    • Flash Finisher:

      • Leiji Kyu Hyaku Kyu Juu Kyu Shiki: Ginga Tetsudo ("Midnight Samurai Style No. 999: Galaxy Express") Dan charges forward and rams his opponent into the wall where he proceeds to rip them to bits with flaming swipes for several seconds. He then pulls them close and incinerates them in an explosion of purple flame. (hcf, hcf+p)

    • Team Helper:

      • Grand Saber, with automatic Gliding Buster follow-up.

    • Team Supers:

      • Hakanai In'intaru Youkouro: ("Momentary Roaring Furnace") Dan lets loose an explosion of flame. (35%)

  • Glitches:

    • None found.

  • Motivations:

    • He's just plain violently psychotic. The Riot of the Blood has turned him into a savage, uncaring monster with nothing on its mind but causing pain.

  • How Orochi Dan talks:

    In the Riot, Dan can do little more than scream and grunt.

  • How Orochi Dan acts:

    Anybody that gets close enough will be pounced upon and beaten until they stop moving. He's basically out of control.

The character "Orochi Dan" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to Dan Mastriani

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