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Name: Reader in Invisible Fanfics

AKA The Reader or Reader

Signature Quote: "Educational, if nothing else."

Personal Email address: ReaderIIF@bigfoot.com

  • Height: 180 cm

  • Weight: 70 kg

  • Appearance: Thin, of Asian descent, wearing thin-lensed glasses, with short black hair parted on the left, which never gets disturbed unless seriously rattled. Has a Blinking Rune on his right hand.Garbed in Chinese robes similar to Mousse of Ranma 1/2 (Manga, not Anime version), but dark grey with black trousers, with Viki's(Suikoden II) Blinking Rune replacing the normal pattern. Stance is standing up straight, feet close together, hands tucked into sleeves.

  • Alternate Appearance: Black trenchcoat, with long-sleeved collared dark blue shirt underneath, black pants, black dress shoes and wearing shades. An arrogant smirk completes the look.

  • Fighting Style: Personalized Hidden Weapons, developing the ability to see and use space itself as a tool and weapon. Is also trying to integrate pieces of other styles he's picked up, including bits of Anything-Goes, Joketsuzoku Wu Shu, and Rokkaku Ninjitsu.

  • Button Style: Marvel Vs Capcom

  • Bio: Formerly a unknown Lurker and Otaku, he describes himself as a case study of how to get a wish seriously warped. Empowered by a wandering Spirit (whom if he catches up to will have some serious explaining to do), the Reader was granted the wish of gaining the power and skill of Mousse, along with abilities he'd theorised from Mousse's mastery of Hidden Weapons. The Reader first discovered these powers actually worked by teleporting himself into the Ranmaverse. Since then he's discovered he possess the martial skills of Mousse, control over normal space manifested mainly in portals and teleporting, and the phenomenon known as Subspace and related dimensions such as HammerSpace, and through L-Space, limited control of time. His main problem is that he literally doesn't know exactly what he's capable of, since by the time he discovered his powers, he'd forgotten what he'd been thinking of at the time. Since then, he's been wandering various anime & videogame realities, looking for anything to help him understand or control his power.

  • Intro: The Reader sees the GMCA and its contestants as excellent learning opportunities. By testing his skills in combat, and observing the others, he hopes to improve himself. Either he picks up tips on how to control his powers from the various dimension-hoppers present, or he improves his overall fighting skills. He is also likely to be interested in the Focal Point itself.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: Nerima Knockoff (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: Antipyetic (Final Fantasy Tactics)

    • Alternate Theme: Zed's Theme (Wild Arms)

    • Alternate Theme: Resistance Line-Extended Version (Wild Arms 2)

    • Alternate Theme: Fighting Man (Garr's theme, Breath of Fire III)

    • Mech Theme: Dance of the Curse (Escaflowne)

    • Vs. Self: Flash Boomerang's Theme (Wild Arms)

  • Stage: Subspace, the Reader's lair. A dwelling built in subspace, the Reader lives and works out of it. In any of the rooms available, there will be a healthy leavening of cats in the background at any time. The rooms available for fighting in are:

    The Exit Room: A large, rectangular room, decorated with various small and large burns, scrapes and craters. Directly in the background is a door, its exact dimensions, materials and designs varying as the fight progresses(though it always incorporates a catflap. The right hand wall too, has a catflap built in, while the wall on the left has a heavily reinforced wooden door.

    Lab #88: Well, actually, it's Lab #3, but he figured that he needed a 'lucky' lab. Your typical wizard/alchemist lab. The fight takes place in the centre of the room, several tables littered with what looks like the results of a glassblower suffering hiccups cleared to make space. A large runic circle lies in one corner, its form partially obscured by a large sheet. A force screen tinted purple protects the background from any harm.

    Dojo: A typical, mid-sized, traditional Japanese martial arts dojo. Several racks of exotic weaponry stand against the walls.

    Alternate Stage: Memory Plateau. A lonely windswept plateau, rising out of a vast desert. The fight takes place in the heart of a series of extensive ruins, a desolated plaza. As the round progresses, ghostly traces of towering buildings and slightly alien structures will fade in and out of the background. During Supers, these traces will flare to full life, giving the brief illusion of the ruins being fully restored.

    Note: Any damage to the stage will always avoid the cats(they're just too cute), and destruction of any books etc, will prompt a low sigh from the Reader "Thank goodness for backups and copies".

    Note: Alyss will be in the background in any fight that he is in. Any attacks that hit the crowd will pass through her, earning a quizzical look from her. Any hit the Reader makes will have her nod approvingly, while any successful hit on the Reader will have her wince. Victory will have her wave her arms and cheer, unless noted otherwise, defeat will see her float with a worried expression over his body.

  • Weapons: Let's just call it a lot and leave it at that, shall we. No real high-tech stuff though, and no firearms or projectile weapons. Personal favourites include a pair of matched Chinese swords, a naginata, a pair of iron-edged fans, shoe blades, a Typical Anime Mallet and weighted chains.

  • Special Resources:

    • Personal subspace domain, The Hideaway.

    • 4 years worth of assorted artifacts and knick knacks from across the dimensions. Now all he's got to do is figure out just how to use some of the more impressive/odd items("Anyone know how to use one of these Crest Graphs?")

    • His cats. After 4 years of acquiring cats from various dimensions and the after-effects of some failed experiments, the Reader's cats definetly aren't your ordinary household pets, some can fly, some can turn invisible, some can breathe fire and after his trip to the Discworld, some can take on most ordinary animals and monsters and win, and these are just the ones he knows about. Most of these cats serve as the Reader's alarm/security system as well, having formed a loose union, represented by Alyss.

    • Zagato's Mashin(MKR), reconditioned and repainted black with grey trimming (for mech matches).

    • Alyss, his muse. Intangible to all but him, and invisible and inaudible to all ordinary people(although given the average GMCAer...). Tends to follow him about and occasionally dispense advice. Is not actually a special resource but a person in her own right, and has a NPC profile of her own.

  • Openings:

    • 1st Round: Walks in through a portal, looks over the opponent and murmurs, "Well, this should be educational"

    • 1st Round, 10% chance: Walks in through a portal eating/drinking a snack, which he quickly returns to subspace.

    • 1st Round, 10% chance: Walks in through a portal reading a book/comic, looks up, registers opponent, mutters "I knew I forgot *something*", and tosses the book back in through the portal.

    • 1st Round, 5% chance: Walks in, but the portal is 1/2 a metre above ground, looks down just as foot leaves portal, flails arms in comic manner, and lands in standard Takahashi position. Gets up, brushes self off, and mutters "That was not a good sign".

    • Standard: Purple Battle Aura flares briefly & gives a small bow.

    • Alternate, 5% chance: Same as above, but with image of Blinking Rune flaring a little above his head for a second.

    • Vs. Self:
      (Both Reader's step out a portal and register each other. Standard scowls, Alternate smirks.)
      Standard Reader: So what are you, the Dark Reader?
      Alternate Reader: I prefer to think of in terms of the Reader that's discovered fashion...
      S-Reader: Cute. And you're here...
      A-Reader: Why, I believe you've held my place long enough.
      S-Reader: Funny, I believe the invitation was addressed to me.
      A-Reader: We share the same name, if not other things, and I'm sure they wanted the better fighter...
      S-Reader: Let's test that little assumption of yours then, shall we?
      Alyss: (looks at both and shrugs) "I'm staying out of this one" (will remain in the background doing nothing no matter which one wins. This means that essentialy the Flash Finisher is disabled, see it's description).

    • Vs. Any fighter whose opening involves speaking in any language other than English or basic Mandarin: Waits until opponent is finished speaking, and then asks " Pardon, could you repeat that in English?"

    • Vs. Drogn: Stares at Drogn and remarks "Well this is a new one..."

    • Vs. Skribulous: Watches Skribulous perform his opening and comments "Nice trick you got there. Hope you've got more though..."

    • Vs. Kyo: Reader looks at Kyo and snaps his fingers "Ah! Hold on a sec, I think I got some stuff of yours", and proceeds to rummage around in his sleeves and pockets. 80% of the time he'll produce a six-pack of pepsi with one can missing "Sorry, I kinda got thirsty", , 15% the bike Kyo uses for his [Bill Paris] and 5% will have him grunt and pull a cow out of his sleeves/trenchcoat, giving Kyo an odd look "I'm not going to ask why and I don't really want to know".

    • Vs. TEotL: His back facing Teotl, his face in shadows, Reader looks at TEotL over his shoulder, grins and turns to face him, pointing with a mace. "Heh, time to finish what your thugs interrupted... Let's see if I can't get around that shell of yours." TEotl smirks back and says, "Factory sealed for extra freshness!"

    • Vs. Chhoe(all openings): STARES as Chhoe enters, facepalms "And I thought his friend the monkey guy was bad..."

    • Vs. Noe: Looks over Noe. "Are you SURE you never been to Nerima?"

    • Vs. NinjaSmurf: Walking in through a portal, Reader scans the area for his opponent while drinking down a root beer. After a few sceonds, NinjaSmurf finally manages to attract his attention by waving his arms and jumping about. Registering his opponent, the Reader nearly spit-takes, and glances back and forth between his drink and NinjaSmurf. "What ARE they putting in this stuff nowaddays".

  • Taunts:

    • Taunt 1: Takes off glasses and makes a great show of polishing them.

    • Taunt 2: Pulls out a book and starts leafing through it until button is released. If it is held for 10s he'll finish the book, and pull out another one, giving a small boost to his Super Bar.

    • Taunt 3: (Vs Weapon Users). Pulls out a copy of their weapon, tosses it in the air and slices it in half.

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard 1: Pulls out a snack/book and starts reading/eating.
    • Standard 2: Tosses a random snack onto the opponents body.

    • Vs. Kyo: Reader walks up to the SEB and starts rummaging through it, commenting on the various objects "Pepsi? No Coke?" "How many of these plushies DO you have?".

    • Draw: Snaps his fingers and remarks "Oh well, at least I got some experience..."

    • Time Over: Looks at clock and exclaims "Inconceivable!", while Alyss hugs him and pats him on the shoulder.

    • Perfect: Wanders up to the front of the screen and starts tapping on it, mumbling about 'the fourth wall'.

    • Desperation: Coughs, pulls out a can of root beer and takes a long pull.

    • Ultimate: Blinks, and begins to take down all the banners.

    • Flash Finisher: High-fives Alyss.

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "Here, have a snack, you look like you need it."

    • "Nothing personal you understand."

    • "Good match, let's do this again sometime."

    • "You ARE allowed to fight back ya know...

    • "Betcha didn't see that one coming..."

    • "Looks like I was right in coming here..."

    • "A most educational experience, but dang that hurt."

    • "Don't underestimate my Art!"(Always used when vs Epsilon)

    • "For the honour of True Hidden Weapons!"

    • Perfect: "Feh. I've got enough training dummys..."

    • Time Out: "Looks like time was on my side for a change..."

    • Ultimate: "'The fires of heaven'... huh. You'd think they'd include something to take down these things."

    • Desperation: *cough*"I REALLY need to learn not to cut it so close..."

    • Flash Finisher: "Hey Alyss, you *can* undo that, right?"

  • Character Strategy:

    Due to his using Hidden Weapons, Reader's regular attacks generally have a range advantage. Favoured strategy is to hit-and-run, never staying still and avoiding prolonged ranged and close in combat, drawing back only to prepare a Super or charge up. His speed is so-so, higher than average but not by much, so he relies on his teleport quite a bit. Tries to keep the opponent guessing as to how or with what weapon he'll attack with, constantly switching weapons. He can extend his reach drastically(think Dhalsim) by using his chains, but they tend to do relatively little damage and have a large lag, plus he's the least skilled in their useage out of most of his weapons.

  • Attacks:

    • Launcher:

      • Nerima Martial Artist Punt to LEO: If you've watched Ranma, you'll know what this is. If not, then a short, sharp kick upwards, foot almost as high as the head, with arms held close to sides. (4%)

    • Command Normals:

      • Hammer Smash: Pulls out large mallet, holds behind head for a moment, and then smashes it down. Hits high and low(Think Jedah's Scythe) Quote: "BAKA!" (back+Hp) (3%)

      • Claw Time: Dons claws similar to Hsien-Ko's and slashes upwards similar to her forward+fierce. Very good anti-air move. Unfortunately, since he's not quite as limber as her, it takes a lot longer to set up and recover from the splits(if you look closely you can see him wincing). (forward+Mp) (4%)

      • Clean Sweep: A launcher. Swings a whiteboard upwards, knocking the opponent into the air. Slower than the regular launcher, but better range. (back+Hk) (4%)

      • Hold select in air-Levitation: It's not vey good, but it IS the only piece of magic you'll see him use in a matchup outside of his twisting space. Basically, combined with some rudimentary education in Anything Goes Aerial combat, it allows the Reader to slow or speed his ascent & descent in the air, and increases his overall aerial manuverability(air dashing ain't part of the package though)

    • Throws:

      • Ninja Rip-off: Grabs opponent & teleports high above the arena, slamming them back into the ground in an imitation of Hanzo(Samurai Showdown), minus the explosion at the end. (9%)

      • Spectral Slicer: Hsien-Ko's command throw, tosses opponent straight up in the air and spins like a top on the ground with claws and shoe blades out. The enemy falls on the spinning blades for moderate damage. (8%)

      • Will You Be My Friend?: Shoves a Holy Hand Grenade into the opponents hands, jumps back and lets it explode. (8%)

    • Specials:

      • 1000 Weapon Assault: Tenshin Ameguriken modified to accommodate weapons. 4-12%(depending on how many blows connect) Quote: "Thousand Weapon Asssaaauullt!"

      • Raking Hawk Talons(while in air): Diagonal kick downwards with shoe blades. Quote: "Raking Hawk Talons!" (8%)

      • Serene Swan Ascension: Charges forward and leaps up(using a touch of levitation), slashing with a naginata. A basic uppercut really, though more Sakura than Ryu. Can link into a [Raking Hawk Talons] whether or not the attack connects. Quote: "RYAAAAAAAAAAA" (10%)

      • Guillotine Swing: Learned from Hsien-Ko of DarkStalkers, the Reader throws chains diagonally upwards through a portal, anchoring them on a random object on the other side, and swings himself from while spinning about with blades extended from various parts of his robes, the effect being similar to a bladed yo-yo swinging from a pendulum. Since the chains are actually anchored on the other side of the portal, the move can be performed in the air. May be cancelled at any point. If any attack hits the chains, the Reader will be knocked out of the move without any damage. If performed 3 times in a row however, the Reader will break off and become dizzy for a short while(motion sickness). 4-12%, depending on how many times it connects.

      • Battle Aura Ignite: Brings crossed arms up to face and snaps them back down, igniting his purple battle aura, which lasts for 5 seconds. Can be charged, the longer his arms remain crossed the greater the boost. Enhances defence and offence, boosting attack damage by 2% & reducing damage taken by 1% for every 1 second charged, maximum charge time of 4s. Quote: "Hyaah!"

      • Spatial Reflect: Creates a portal in front of himself that reflects any fireballs or projectiles. Can also reflect Supers and suchlike, but drains an according amount from his Super Bar. In the case of beam attacks, the portal will instead divert it elsewhere instead of reflecting it. Press Lp to reflect it back at the attacker, Mp to reflect it at a 45 degree angle. Quote: "Spatial Reflect"

      • Teleport: The name says it all. Press Lp to teleport close to opponent, Mp to teleport far away, Hp to teleport in air near the opponent, Lk to teleport in the air far away from the opponent, Mk to do a 'fake' teleport, reappearing in the same space, Hk to teleport 1/4 of the screen behind the opponent, if this would result in him moving off the stage, he performs a 'fake' teleport instead. Quote: None, although teleport is accompanied by a soft 'pop' sound

      • Slip Up: Tosses an oil-filled balloon on the floor, creates an oil slick which causes any that step on it to slip and fall. (2% from fall)

    • Supers:

      • Final Bell: Portals in a giant bell above the opponent, which hangs with only its bottom half visible, then drops. If it connects he then jumps in and performs a modified [1000 Weapon Assault] using bludgeoning weapons on it, causing it to reverberate until it explodes, with the opponent wobbling and falling over in toon fashion. Quote: "Final... (attacking the bell) BELL!" (30%)

      • Self-Taught Shiatsu: Pulls out a book(Pressure Points made E-Z, Vol 1 of 2, Atemi to Hokuto Shin Ken) quickly riffles through it, then tosses it away and performs a copy of Gen's Snake Rush. One of 6 random effects is possible, unless the Nameless Point effect occurs, 1% damage is inflicted.

        The effects are:

        • Tortoise Point: Reduces opponent's speed by 1/4

        • Disruption Point: All projectiles sealed

        • Depletion Point: Opponent's Super Bar slowly declines

        • Weenie Point: Opponent's regular attacks sealed

        • Humiliation Point: Opponent performs silly dance

        • Nameless Point: 30% damage inflicted

        1% or 30%, depending on the point struck.

      • Steel Blizzard: Lifts both hands up to the height of his head, letting the sleeves fall down slightly, holds them there for 2s, and then proceeds to unload a choice selection of weapons into the opponent. Think Gambit's Royal Flush except replace the cards with weapons. Somewhat long pose...er charge up time though. Quote: "Steel Blizzard!" (28%)

    • Desperation:

      • Void Gift: His face darkening, Reader cups his hands in front of him, and chants quickly. A small violet ball forms in his outstreched hands, floating a few cm over his hands. He then proceeds to leap upwards into a portal while simultaneously tossing the ball towards the ground... allowing the anti-matter he just conjured to react with it. A massive explosion occurs, engulfing three-quarters of the screen. Reader then teleports back in after the explosion, hunched over, singed and coughing. Remains in this position and is vulnerable for 3 seconds (50%)

    • Ultimate Attack/Summon:

      • Tsuiho: Throwing his hands in the air, Reader starts to rapidly chant under his breath as a series of large yellow banners with large, bold chinese characters in red ink inscribed upon them erupt in a circle encompassing the arena and the two combatants(any Important background characters are excluded). The incantation takes a few seconds to finish, during which the screen slowly brightens from above(super jumping will see a portal centered above the arena as the source of the light)and a . If allowed to finish though,the screen suddenly whiteouts, the portal to the suns photosphere springing into full effect. No hiding from this one, and blocking is a joke. The screen remains white for several seconds, before shifing back to normal, the banners now much tattered, and everything within them pretty much crisped. For the next 5s, no specials or supers are available to him. (50%)

    • Flash Finisher:

      • Struck by the Muse: Nodding to Alyss, the Reader raises his hand into the air. Alyss then piffles into a spirit ward(think Hsien-Ko's sister), and hops into Reader's hand, her blue aura mixing with his purple aura. The Reader then quickly dashes forward about 1/3 of the screen and attempts to slap Alyss in ward form onto the opponents forehead, freezing them in place. This is unblockable and will knock opponents out of the air, if the ward connects elsewhere on their body Alyss will simply slither up to the face. Once in position, Alyss quickly makes some tempoary modifications to the opponent's mind and then returns to the Reader's side in her normal form. Once there, the background fades to black, filling up with various diagrams & formulas slowly at first and then at blinding speeds, representing the flood of inspiration bombarding the opponent's mind, causing it to collapse.

        Note:If this is performed in a Vs Self match, Alyss will shake her head at the Reader's nod, leaving him wide open.

    • Team Helper:

      • Cascading Calligraphy of Chaos: Portaling in a little in front of his teamate, Reader whips out a multi-coloured quill pen and rapidly scribbles out a random phrase or win quote. As he writes, the words hang in the air for a short while, presenting a tempoary barrier. Will stop any regular projectile, and entangle anyone making a physical attack, holding them in place for a brief while.

    • Team Supers:

      • Edit:Reader portals in and performs his Steel Blizzard.

      • Teamed with TEotL: Mirrored Razor: Reader or TEotL, whoever's offscreen, jumps/teleports in so that they are on both sides of the opponent. TEotl quickly tosses off a [Razor Love], which slashes through the opponent, to be sent back by the Reader's [Spatially Reflect], slashing through the opponent again, only to be bounced back by TEotL's [Like a Hurricane], and so on, the [Razor Love] growing larger with each pass. Number of slashes by the [Razor Love] is determined by just how fast the player can mash the buttons, up to 7 times. If it hits the maximum number, the move will finish with the Reader tossing a large fuse bomb at the opponent, connecting at the same time as the [Razor Love]. THe smoke will then clear to show TEotL and the Reader both over the opponent's body in a 'big game hunter' pose, each resting a foot on the opponent's chest, grinning at the screen. 1s later, there's a flash, and a Alyss floats back onscreen holding a camera and returns to her normal position, TEotL or Reader, whoever's inactive, jumping/teleporting out. 8% per slash ,16% for final slash+bomb, max total 64%.

      • Teamed with self: Two's company: Both Readers jump at the opponent and lash out with their naginatas; if they connect and are blocked, they execute a quick 8-hit combo that does 8% damage. If the opponent doesn't block, then the fun begins. Both Readers vanish into a large Toon-style dust-cloud, stomping the opponent into the ground. 2s later, a portal opens up and another Reader walks in, registers the cloud, and joins in. 1s later, another Reader portals in, around the same time the original two walk out of the cloud. The three exchange glances, and the new Reader jumps into the cloud, while the original two sit down to watch. This continues for a while, various Readers wandering in through portals and joining in the stomping, while others watch them. Eventually there's a decent-sized crowd of Readers watching the beatdown, cheering themselves on, snacking and swapping tales & there's a short 'wave' towards the end. Eventually the dustcloud settles and the opponent is revealed to be lying mangled on the ground.

        Note: In the arcade version, each Reader has it's own sprite, generally some small variation on the original two(wearing a bandana, hat, scarf, different hairstyle, etc.). The home version in order to save memory uses pallete swaps of the original two.

      • Teamed with Alyss: Not Quite a Family Attack: Alyss jumps onscreen next to Reader and draws her swords while the Reader does the same, then the two leap at the opponent. If blocked, Alyss will jump out again and leave the Reader to continue the fight. If the attack suceeds, the screen will flash through a series of freeze-frames showing the two of them executing a rapid 10-hit combo on the oppponent, mirroring each others movements. 15% of the time though, the freeze-frames will show either Alyss or the Reader goofing off while the other follows through with the combo, with Alyss playing her keyboard and the Reader, well, reading. 48% if both attack, 24% if just one but heals the other by 12%.

  • Glitches:

    • Vs any fighter using extra-dimensional storage spaces: When pulling out anything from Subspace, may accidentally draw forth a random object belonging to the opponent, sweatdropping and tossing it back to them.

    • Vs Charles: Should Charles performs his Flash Finisher & Reader trys to Spatially Reflect it, the grenade vanishes into the portal and doesn't come out. Reader examines the portal and remarks "Uhhh, exactly WHAT was that little thing", after which the portal floats into the centre of the screen and begins to pulsate, while both Charles and Reader freak out and run about screaming, ending with the portal exploding and imploding simultaneously in an eye-wrenching display, doing 5% damage to both and transporting all present to a random arena.

    • Any Dan-style or Rock-style taunts will have double their normal effect on the Reader.

    • Vs. Yun: Reader can be seen to be shuddering slightly throughout the match, becoming more noticeable during Monkey Voice, Monkey Shock & all of Yuun's Supers, with the Reader slowing down slightly.

    • Vs Epsilon: Instead of nodding every time the Reader hits she will instead stick her tongue out at Epsilon. If the Reader wins the match she will hoot raucously & toss confetti in the air.

    • Vs Drogn: If the Reader connects with the [Self-Taught Shiatsu], Drogn will recover and immediatly powerpose.

      Drogn: Hah! Your Self-Taught Shiatsu was but a tap!

      [Suddenly, Drogn doubles over and starts convulsing]

      Drogn [giggling like mad]: Wha-hah-ha!...Hey that tickles!

      [Drogn then starts to balloon up like a steroid-pumping weightlifter's nightmare as his Scaling power goes wild -something that while looking horrific on a human being, looks more cartoony on him... the fact that he's still giggling and acting like he's being tickled helps. Suddenly Drogn bursts... into a large spray of crimson confetti that rains down across the stage. While the Reader stares in shock, Drogn reforms in his original position, still doubled over and giggling, minus 25% health, but with a boost to his Super Bar.]

    • Vs Zerro: [Reader pokes Zerro in a spot that's supposed to be just above the left kidney]

      Zerro: YAAAARG! [He doubles over in pain, clutching at his side}

      Reader: Huh? That was supposed to be the Turtle Point.

      [Zerro starts glowing greeninsh white, but sickly green, not his usual emerald]

      Reader: Maybe I'd better back off? {Note: This is to warn the person using Reader's character that they'd better get the heck away, if they don't hit the D-pad to tell him to move the animation doesn't automatically do so.}

      [Zerro's aura explodes outwards in a destructive wave, doing 8% damage out to one bodylength, 4% for the next, 2% for the next, and 1% as it peters out. If Reader doesn't back off he'll get carried with the moving blast and pass throuhg all four damage rings. The blast leaves a scorched crater with a scorched Zerro in the bottom, and an at least slightly smoky Reader in Invisible Fanfics, even if he avoids damage.]

      Reader: I think I'd better just keep the Self-Taught Shiatsu for humans...

    • Vs. NinjaSmurf: After Reader's Will You Be My Friend, NinjaSmurf will be coated from the waist up in soot. He'll give Reader a sharp look, then ask, "Say, have you ever met Jokey Smurf? I bet you'd get a real BLAST out of each other!"

  • Motivations:

    • Find out more about powers & improve his skills, either through observation of other fighters or practising them in combat.

    • Check out if the host is the Spirit who gave him his powers.

    • Explore the Focal Point itself.

    • Free snacks! Yay!

    • If he wins the tournament... well, he affects that he hasn't really thought about it, but he does have a few things in mind, if he can't get what he wants prior.

  • How Reader talks:

    Speaks with a strange, almost recognisable accent, that depending on circumstances & the listener, can be taken for American, British, Australian, Philippine, or some strange combination of all. In terms of language skills he's pretty good with English, decent with Mandarin, just about passable with Japanese and embarassing with anything else. Has tried to remedy this several times, but to no avail, being cursed with the reverse of the gift of tongues. Fills in for this by having Alyss translate for him and feed him appropiate replies... though this in turn may show as unusually long pauses in replying, depending on who he's talking to.

    His speech has a marked tendency to turn more archaic and/or formal on various occasions, most noteably when his romantic tendencies rise to the surface, and when highly emotional. Has a tendency to cut short any swearing. Talks to Alyss often, which, depending if any present can see her may appear as talking to thin air or himself. Also ends a lot of his sentences by trailing off...

  • How Reader acts:

    Tries to get along with most people, and acts relatively friendly. Curious about most things, he'll tend to ask a couple of questions on the subject if anybody knows about it, and regardless of which proceed to directly investigate. Has a rather loose attitude towards personal possesions. He'll quite casually pick up objects of interest, and may or may not return them, based on many things(including whether he remembers it wasn't his). He's not a Luddite, but he does prefer to use magic over tech in most things.

    He repeatedly states that he has no heroic ambitions, prefering to see himself as a disinterested scholar. Unfortunately, he also follows a Nerima Martial Artist Code of Honour, which leads him into playing the role of hero more often than he'd like. Does not actively look for trouble, and won't jump in without looking about first. Can generally be found with some sort of snack and/or book in hand, having the appetite of Ranma and a voracious reading habit. Gets extremely irritated at any interruptions when doing so.

    Due to lack of experience and what experience there was generally being of a bad kind, will be extremely shy at first around any person of the opposite gender who actually shows interest in him. Will freely discuss his past exploits, but becomes markedly evasive and uncomfortable should anybody ask too much about his life before gaining his powers.

    Rather fond of cats, tends to pick up and adopt any cute looking or not-so-cute looking feline, driving some people insane with constant baby-talk to his collection of cats, which he is simultaneously extremely protective of and constantly looking for homes for.

    Due to unrecorded events involving his gaining access to L-Space and his current name/title, he also has a slight phobia of any primate (excluding humans obviously), becoming nervous if so much as hearing a faint "Ook". Alyss teases him about this a LOT.

Also: The Mech

Designation: "Grimm", reconditioned Mashin

  • Height: 40ft (estimate)

  • Width: 10ft (estimate)

  • Weight: ?

  • Ground Speed: ?

  • Air Speed: ?

  • Attacks: Several of the original user's attacks are accessible through the sword and shield the Mashin carries, along with some new tricks the Reader has thought up.

    • Night Explosion: Barrage of fist-sized spheres of dark energy. Does not require the sword.

    • Silver Death: Sword slash releasing a wave of silver energy.

    • Darkness Spiral: Finishing attack, a large beam of silver energy surrounded by spiralling bands of purple light. Takes up a LOT of energy though.

    • Darkness Impact: Shield smash releasing a burst of energy through the shield at the moment of impact.

    • N-2 Mines: Souvenirs of an encounter with NERV, the Reader is less constrained in their usage in a mech match. Treats them as souped up grenades or attaching them to the opponent in close combat.

  • Defenses & other stuff:

    • Giant-sized shield: Can be used as a focus for powers.

    • Magic-based force barrier: Spherical in nature, extremely energy-intensive.

    • Teleportation: While possible in 'Grimm' is a bit more draining due to the size and mass of the Mashin.

  • Background:Discovered floating about in Subspace, the Reader always DID mean to return it, but always managed to get sidetracked somehow. In the meantime, due to limited self-repairing abilities, the Mashin, now repainted black wih silver trimmings, and renamed 'Grimm', is combat ready and has been used on several occasions. Since it's a Mashin, while it looks like a giant mech, it is fuelled by Magick or Will, having no basis in technology. After careful experimentation( "Hmmm, what'll happen if I do THIS"), it was found that Chi will serve as a substitute. Thus, the Mashin is directly powered by the Reader himself, some of the former owners attacks being accessible as well as amplifying some of his own capabilities.

The character "Reader in Invisible Fanfics" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to the real Reader in Invisible Fanfics.

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