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Name: Pastel, Circuit and Comma.

Signature Quote: "..."

Personal Email address: a99jonst@student.his.se

  • Height: Varies, slightly over six feet.

  • Weight: Around 150 lbs, but looks heavier.

  • Build: Big and muscular.

  • Appearance: Three very big, very muscular lads from Razorwire City, Sholo district. They're dressed in casual wear; washed-out cargo pants and t-shirts, and worn but comfortable shoes. Pastel has long reddish-brown hair, while Circuit has crew-cut blond hair, and Comma has black hair of average length. They have a scruffy appearance, although they're not complete slobs.

  • Bio: Pastel, Circuit and Comma are three unfortunate individuals from Razorwire, and proud members of the roachkind species. Unfortunately, lacking the keen intellect or drive that enables others in their situation to ascend the social ladder and make a better living for themselves, the three soon ended up at the bottom of the barrel, using mainly their brawn to survive from day to day. As they met, they saw in each other kindred spirits, yearning for a lazy and carefree lifestyle. They became a close-knit group, helping each other survive the harsh world. They will go to any extent to avoid unnecessary work, and especially avoid the schemings of that crazy chick, Zenith Carcine.

  • Intro: For various reasons, the trio ended up in Zenith's debt after all. (Just goes to show that you can't hide from certain people... :) While this mostly wasn't too bad, and they made some actual cash from the job, they still resented it.

    When she demanded of them to accompany her to another world, they balked. But debt is debt, and they finally agreed.

  • Theme Song:

    • Game Theme: The Show Must Go On (Razorwire Instrumental Version) (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: The Turk's Theme (FF7)

  • Abilities:

    • Extremely strong and endurant, and somewhat agile as well.

    • Same genetic advantages as Zenith.

    • Good at evaluating the value of items.

    • Has some skill with most weapons, ranging from guns and knives to improvisational weapons like bricks and chairs.

    • Circuit is talented with electronics and machinery.

  • Motivations:

    • Do as little work as necessary.

    • Get drunk at the nearest bar.

    • Get out of debt.

    • Get laid.

    • Nothing more. They're pretty lazy.

  • How the Posse talks:

    Almost as talkative as Squall Leonhart. They're not very eloquent, preferring to use male-type grunts when communicating amongst each other. When they actually need to say something to others, they use basic and simple sentence structure. The exception is Pastel, who at rare moments can become more talkative than usual.

  • How the Posse acts:

    Being terminally lazy, the trio tends to do not very much at all. They prefer to slouch around, hang out in bars, or... well, I'm sure you get the picture. They accept the company of others without any problems, but anyone challenging them will meet a wall of indifference. They don't mind fighting, but will do so only if avoiding the whole deal takes more effort than the actual fight. They will grudgingly do whatever Zenith tells them to do, but will ignore most other people trying to boss them around.

    The characters "Pastel", "Circuit", "Comma" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to Jonatan Streith.

  • Just talking 'bout Shaft. Can you dig it?