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Name: Noe Chònggu

Signature Quote: "Òrisòg'ùn kòs-ùl haji-ma." (Don't do anything stupid.)

Personal Email address: yun@bluenothing.com

  • Height: 5ft. 7in.

  • Weight: 136 lbs.

  • Build: Small and slender

  • Appearance: Noe is the smallest of the group, shorter than Yun and skinnier than I and Ch'oe. He tends to dress better than his cohorts, still in jeans and t-shirt but favoring solid color shirts tucked in with a belt. He also wears glasses, which he takes off before fighting.

  • Bio: Noe Chònggu grew up in the city of Songt'an, South Korea. The city grew up around an American Air Force base called Osan. Chònggu's father worked on the base and because of this he grew up around Americans and acquired the nickname "Johnny," which he used in America. While on the base he discovered the spork and quickly adapted his grandfather's knife-throwing and his other grandfather's stick-fighting styles of martial arts to accomodate his custom made metal sporks. After being all but disowned for allegedly making a mockery of two families' fighting styles he met I Suroe and Ch'oe Nabi who had been displaced from Taejòn under similar circumstances. After traveling to Taegu the trio met Yun Ch'òlsu and began travelling the world looking to prove themselves through fighting.

  • Intro: Noe Chònggu is Yun Ch'òlsu's manager and friend. He convinced Yun to join the tournament.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: Bending the Law (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: The Way You Like It (Adema)

    • Korean Street Posse Theme: Ultramania (Sò T'aeji)

  • Abilities:

    • Noe is a perfectly capable martial artist in his own right, but pales incomparison to his three companions. However he can think circles around the three of them, and is a master manipulator/schemer/strategist.

  • Motivations:

    • Make sure Yun and Keori win the tournament.

    • Prove the superiority of Yun, I, and Ch'oe.

    • Somehow convince those three knuckleheads to take the tournament seriously.

    • Manage to give Yun an unfair advantage without actually breaking a single rule

  • How Noe Chònggu talks:

    Noe's speech is intelligent and free from the overconfidence of I and Yun. Noe is not hesitant to speak English but prefers Korean when speaking to I, Yun, and Ch'oe. He also speaks Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and French.

  • How Noe Chònggu acts:

    Noe takes his self-appointed role as Yun, I, and Ch'oe's "manager" very seriously. He is a master manipulator and strategist who, in stark contrast to the three goons he travels with, takes things very seriously, and is almost always thinking about the next fight, and is willing to bend the rules as far as he can without breaking them to give the KSP the upper hand.

    Curiously, when not confronted with a fighting situation, he loves having a good time almost as much as his buddies, though he is not as obnoxious. He is paradoxically the most amiable, and by far the least likely to make an ass of himself in public. Unless you are a sworn enemy (IE. Epsilon or the ACR's Hide) a truly evil person (IE KiY or Card) or a near-future opponent, he will go out of his way to be nice and even apologize for his cronies' behavior.

    Noe is also the spokesman for the group and often serves as a translator for his English-impaired comrades. Noe is not quite as confident as I and Yun and tends to be more realistic when assessing a matchup. Also, while he is a perfectly capable fighter, he prefers to let I and Yun handle most opponents and only joins in when needed.

    The character "Noe Chònggu" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to Blue Nothing Productions

  • If ya smelllllllllllllll what the Spork... is cooking!