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Name: NeoVid

Signature Quote: "I'm just perfectly normal Agent of Chaos."

Personal Email address: neovid@beer.com

Concept sketch: Evil twisted version!

  • Height: 6 ft.

  • Weight: 210 lbs. (may vary)

  • Appearance: A relatively muscular, relatively dark-skinned guy with wire rimmed glasses, hair raggedly tied back and a thick stubble. Wears a jacket that looks like a piece of the night sky (due to its actually being a reality fracture), a shirt with an SD of himself, grey jeans and hiking boots. Has a loose (almost wobbly) stance.

    Alternate Appearance: Hair untied and hanging around his shoulders, smarmy little moustache, outer-space black jacket, and Angry Face button on shirt.

  • Fighting Style: One Man Army (blend of useful techniques from various styles, used by military in his universe).

  • Button Style: King of Fighters

  • Bio: Formerly an unwitting, but ridiculously powerful tool, NeoVid was Chaos' main catalyst in causing the improvements she wanted on his home dimension, the Focal Point. NeoVid started out weird, even for a universe that was a pet project of Chaos. Needless to say, he didn't get any more normal after being turned into the Ultimate Being. His eventual breaking out of his dimension was the end of his usefulness, since his passing through the center of the Realm of Chaos removed his sanity entirely. Now dedicated to dimension traveling, doing whatever he wants, having fun and spreading Chaos while doing it, everything he does is really driven by his hope to get reinstated as an actual Agent of Chaos. Having broken his common sense long ago, NeoVid has generally managed to get caught up in all the major events anywhere he goes, but despite all the productive Chaos he's caused, he's still too insane to be truly useful...

  • Intro: NeoVid can get whatever he wants with his own powers. Almost. There aren't many things that he can't have, but this tournament is giving him a chance at one of the most important, and there's not a thing in the multiverse that'll make him pass that up.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: The Ultimate Being (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: 2BAD (Bust-A-Groove)

    • Alternate Theme: The Man With the Machine Gun (FF8 Soundtrack)

    • Vs. (\/)ajin: "I'm A Jobber"

    • Vs. Replica: This Is Outer Space (The Muffs)

    • Vs. Yuusuke: Wind, Let Him Know (Roll's theme from Marvel Vs. Capcom) (The most inappropriately soppy song there is. Special thanks to Racewing.)

    • Vs. Epsilon: Got To Be Happy (Bust-A-Groove 2) (Also super-sappy.)

  • Stage: Nowheresville, the border between the Realm of Chaos and everywhere else. The sky is made of Chaos Energy, with random things imported from other worlds in the M. C. Escher-designed background. The MiSTing theatre is close to the battleground... but perpendicular to it. Portals break open when powerful moves connect.

  • Weapons: Random blunt objects.

  • Special Resources:

    • The Jacket-Portal-Thingie. A reality fracture that he forced to manifest as a jacket, with a handy portal to...

    • The Realm Of Chaos. Where his powers come from, and he stores all the weird stuff he's picked up over the centuries, such as...

    • The Mangonel. A very heavily modified mech from his home dimension. It's an artillery mech that looks kind of like a Battletech Marauder or Zentraedi Officer's Pod. (It was named after the catapults the Mongols used.)

  • Openings:

    • 1st Round: Transforms into all of his identity fragments in sequence, doing a different pose for each one: Mr. Nice Guy waving, King Leer (what else) leering, Moe Violens sneering, Major Irony laughing, Mr. Normal twitching, Max Ego with his back turned, Circuithead 'wai'ing, the Ultimate Being looking down on everything, and finally, NeoVid doing a peace sign. Think Athena's '98 intro, except disturbing.

    • Standard: He jumps onscreen, then stretches and cracks his knuckles.

    • Alternate #1: (15% chance) His jacket is laying on the ground with the inside facing up. Then, in one smooth motion, NeoVid climbs out of the portal inside of it, picks it up and shrugs it on.

    • Alternate #2: (10% chance) "Plushies! Plushies!" He tosses armloads of NeoVid merchandise to the crowd, then is pelted with the stuff as it's thrown back.

    • Vs. Self: The 'standard' NeoVid says, "Look, I'd rather not hurt you." The 'alternate' NeoVid replies, "Good. I'd rather destroy you."

    • Vs. Epsilon: With Dan-like sobbing, he looks at the sky, shakes both fists, and yells, "My writing doesn't suck!"

    • Vs. Replica: *ominous sunshine* They do their standard intros, but then a shadow falls over NeoVid. When he starts to react, he gets chomped and pulled offscreen by the dragon. NeoVid walks back on a moment later, flicking fang bits out of his jacket.

    • Vs. (\/)ajin: After losing the game of Janken, NeoVid points and says, "Now I'll crush your little weapon!"

    • Vs. BWA: After BWA's compliment, smirks and says "Thanks, guy," then, seeing the PBA[S] version of the Wyvern, points and says, "Hey! You have a physically manifested identity fragment also!"

    • Vs. Yun: NeoVid scratches his stubble and says, "Huh. Looks like you have a jacket as cool as mine."

    • Vs. Skribulous: After they both come onscreen, Vid faces the camera and cheerily says, "Isn't he great, folks? It's like someone saw me and the Wyvern and based a character on us!" Skrib angrily says, "Hey! I am NOT a ripoff!" Skrib then notices that the name on his side of the screen says 'NeoWyvern.' Skribulous knocks the letters off the screen.

    • Vs. Yuusuke: Yuu is by himself at one side of the screen. Then, some sickeningly energetic PositivePunk music starts playing. NeoVid, (\/)ajin and Charles (the Angst Busters!) all walk in, carrying amplifiers and microphones... and start singing "The Happy Healing Song." Yuu reels under the onslaught of cheerfulness.

  • Taunts:

    • Does the Avatar's Eyebrow and waves a peace sign at the screen.

    • (Fwd+Start) Crosses his arms behind his back, cocks his head 'til it's nearly parallel to the ground, and leers.

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard: Does the dreaded Maniac's Laugh. "Eh heh heh heh heh... AHAAHAAAHAAAHAAAAA!"

    • Alternate: Starts bouncing around and says, "Know what your problem is? You suck!" Then a portal opens behind him, e X ! l e leans out and conks him with the Staff of Enlightenment.

    • Desperation: Does the Smile of Extreme Smarm, waves a peace sign at the players, then freezes; his knees fold and he crumples to the ground.

    • Perfect: Two of his fragments manifest, each of the three holding a sign giving his opponent's score for style. The scores are 9-1-1.

    • Flash Finisher: After the screen fades back in, he looks at his fallen rival, blinks, and says, "Could someone tell me what just happened?"

    • Draw: Leans back and tries to look unfazed, but his shirt starts to show a message that has to be censored.

    • Time Over: Falls over and starts pounding his forehead on the ground.

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "HA! My brilliant mind can... can...... uh, something..."

    • "That battle... it must be MiSTed..."

    • "What is Chaos Energy? It's the basic force of creation!"

    • After Desperation: "'Almost' isn't so bad. Eh heh heh heh-ow..."

    • After Perfect Victory: "That fight almost got started."

    • After Flash Finisher: "Uhhhmmmm... I really wasn't trying to do that..."

  • Character Strategy: NeoVid, being a blatant Self-Insertion, is predictably overpowered, with all of his moves being either extremely effective or extremely damaging (in other words, cheap). Making up for this are his many weaknesses, mainly his near complete lack of comboability. He can't special or super cancel, and is unable to chain more then two or three normal hits. He moves fairly slowly, but his normals generally come out fast enough to stuff another character's attacks, despite his average priority. He is also very short on air attacks.

  • Attacks:

    • Launcher: (df+C) An uppercut with both hands.

    • Command Normals:

      • Stone Splitter - An overhead. A one fisted, downward hammer punch. Faster and weaker than most overheads, with only one hit. (b+C) (4%)

      • Hack Kick - Long range, double hit diving kick that gets a knockdown if both hits land. Deadly slow recovery. (df+D) (8%)

    • Throws:

      • Splash Mountain - Grabs his opponent by one arm, swings them around in a circle once, and throws them down to the ground. Can be used on the ground or in the air. (f+C) (8%)

      • Overshot - Puts one hand on each of his opponent's shoulders, does a flipping jump over, and tosses them waaaaay across the stage. (f+D) (6%)

      • Neck Hugger - A good ol' two handed chokeslam. Just picks them up by the neck, then heaves them spine-first to the floor. The air version looks REALLY painful. (b+D) (8%)

      • Flathead - A defensive throw that can be used while ducking. NeoVid reaches out, grabs his opponent by the lower legs, and swings his victim face-first into the ground. (d+C) (5%)

      • Face Buster - Gets his opponent by the back of the head, and delivers some good ol' knee kicks to the face. (b+C) (3% per hit)

    • Specials:

      • Chaos Siphon - Glowing grey (yes, grey can glow), he charges up his own super meter. (d+A+B+C)

      • Ripoff Technique #046--Emerald Splash No Hisou Gisei - He jabs the ground with one finger, and a ball of energy shoots across the screen in a shallow arc. There are two important things to remember about this move. 1) It can be powered up before firing by tapping the button, and 2) unless powered up, IT WILL NOT STOP OTHER FIREBALLS. Ranged attacks are the bane of NeoVid's existence, and this move barely helps him deal with them. (qcf+A/C) (4-10%)

      • Cutting Commentary - His counterattack. He holds out a Chaos Energy charged forearm, and if any high attack hits him during this animation, he'll knock it aside and kick his opponent against the far wall with an "AH-ha!" for insignificant damage. After that, whenever he counters the same attack again, instead of kicking them away, he'll hit them with a riff that cuts through them and leaves them stunned long enough to land another attack. Does not work on fireballs. (dp+D) (3%)

      • Neo Retribution - Multihitting command throw. A button grabs right in front, while C leans forward first. If the grab connects, he knocks his opponent's legs out from under them, then gets the victim in a simultaneous half-crab and hammerlock, bouncing on the sucker. After letting go, he jumps 3/4 of the screen away, points and says, "Who's your oyaji?" Pound the punch buttons for more hits and damage. (hcb, f+A/C) (12-17%)

      • Now for the backbone of NeoVid's offense, his only comboable moves:

        The Perfectly Normal Combos. (A useful feature of the PNC's moves is that any of them can be used as solo specials outside of this combo.)

        • The Bitch Slap of Justice - An energy charged backhand straight to his front. Pretty minor damage, but insane priority, and stuns whoever it hits. (qcb+A) (5%)

        • The Deadend - A low diving grab (not actually a throw, it can be blocked). He picks up his opponent by the legs, lifts them over his head, then slams them so hard that they bounce back up. D does more damage than B, but the bounce is lower, so it's harder to juggle afterwards. (hcb+B/D) (B: 7%, D: 12%)

        • Headknocker - He gets out a random blunt object (stop sign, I-beam...) and swings it in a downward arc. Can hit after the BSJ's stun or the Deadend's bounce, but nothing else can combo after this move. B gets one hit, with D, NeoVid does a baseball swing after the overhead hit. Good recovery on either. Since the second hit of the Perfectly Normal Combos can be either low or overhead, it's a good way to screw with your opponent's mind, which is something NeoVid is very good at. (qcf+B/D) (B: 6%, D: 10%)

        • Ripoff Technique #102--Nise No Orochinagi - In imitation of Kyo/Orochi Chris' Serpent Wave, he fires off a huge wave of Chaos Energy from two fingers. This move is faster when done in the PNC than outside, and can counter fireballs, though you're not likely to get it out fast enough. (hcb+A/C) (13%)

    • Supers:

      • Ripoff Technique #187--Satan Slam Kakko Dake - He throws Chaos Energy at the ground with both hands, and a cartoony skull rises out of the ground spitting a beam of fire. The beam sweeps from vertical to horizontal like the Captain Sword. Since the blast comes from in front of NeoVid, a deep jump-in can get past it. (qcf, hcb+A/C) (25%)

      • Odd Aura - A transparent silvery bubble of energy forms in NeoVid's hands, then expands to nearly six feet across. He yells "I'm weirdin' you out, dude!" then quickly shoves the bubble in front of himself, dashes halfway across the screen, pushing it, then hops back and lets it keep going. The bubble travels across the stage, does good tick damage and fades if blocked, and 20% if it hits, but the damage isn't the important thing. When the bubble hits, its target is surrounded by it entirely and then... the interesting stuff happens.
        A] Version:
        Target's specials and supers are shut off entirely.
        B] Version:
        Normal attacks are shut off entirely.
        C] Version:
        Specials and supers still work, but do half of their normal damage to the user (counts as a Super Finish for NeoVid if opponent kills self with this).
        D] Version:
        Opponent can only block at one height. Which one is random.
        Whether multiple bubbles can be stuck on an opponent at once is untested. Switching out while the Odd Aura is in effect does not destroy the bubble. Its victim has to be onscreen for the bubble's time to run out. This move is an awesome way to basically torture and screw with your opponent's heads, especially if used as a PNC setup. (qcf, qcf+any button) (20%)

      • Stamp Machine - A throw that starts with what looks like a sraight kick. With A], he does it where he stands; D] makes him step forward first. If it hits, he mashes his opponent into the ground, then starts stomping with both feet at ultraspeed. Better range than most people's command throws, and normally gets 14 hits. Keep hitting the kick buttons for more hits and damage. (hcb, hcb+B/D) (22-35%)

    • Desperation:

      • BitchinBigBeam - A gigantic beam of Chaos Energy fires out of his fists. Covers most of the screen and pushes his target all the way to the other edge of the screen even when blocked. Using the move leaves him hunched over and panting from draining that much of his energy, so if his opponent super jumps, he's screwed. The move can be charged up until it's unblockable, but since this doesn't increase the damage, it's a real risk. (40%)

    • Ultimate Attack/Summon:

      • Welcome to the Focal Point - (level 3 only) Rushing across the screen, he grabs his opponent, a portal opens above them and NeoVid tosses the victim into it, where they get whomped by images of the most powerful superhumans from his dimension, Knights of the Round style.

        (prepare for a very long animation)

        First, a commando in fatigues runs through, slashing with a spear, then a skinny Chinese guy floats down from the top of the screen, letting loose a huge blast of fire from his gauntlets, a blue-and-white costumed superhero shakes up the ground, someone in red power armor hits them with lasers, a black kid in a leather jacket generates a wave of ice, a guy made of iron pounds them barehanded, a spindly guy with mandalas tattooed on his chest brings down beams of light from the sky, a young superhero scorches the entire stage, and finally Magus Jacob appears; the ground cracks, splits, then explodes. The timer stops when this connects. Like most ultimates, this does 50% damage and takes 3 levels of super energy. Unlike most, it catches jumpers and can be blocked. (B, A, f, C, f) (50%)

    • Flash Finisher:

      • Ripoff Technique #666--Kether - A rediculously destructive spell copied from the Aberrations in his home universe. Chains of mystic symbols fly out of his hands, wrapping up his opponent and leaving them hanging in the middle of the screen. The screen then starts blacking out as different symbols start appearing over the victim. When the symbol changes, the screen clears just long enough to see freezeframes of NeoVid adding to the damage by pounding his opponent with everything he can think of, from flying kicks off the wall to clubbing them with telephone poles.

    • Team Helper:

      • He jumps onscreen to land just in front of his teammate, then does the Headknocker.

    • Team Supers:

      • Team Edit: Metal Slugfest - Jumping onscreen, he cycles through using every special weapon from Metal Slug X (one in each hand), switching after every few shots as he runs out of ammo and tosses the gun offscreen. The sequence is: Rocket Launcher, Laser, Firebomb, Shotgun, Stone Bombs, Heavy Machine Gun, Grenade, Iron Lizard, and finally Enemy Chaser. If he is supposed to switch out after the move, some of the Chaser shots loop back and blast him offscreen.

      • Paaaiiinfuuul! - (with (\/)ajin, NeoVid onscreen) NeoVid gets out a big-ass combat knife, does some Yamazaki-like rapid slashing on his opponent, ending with an upward slice that throws them across the screen, then (\/)ajin jumps out and runs afterimage-trailing circles around the opponent while slashing. (Chrono's Confusion tech) (40%)

      • Helluva Hienzan - (with MMK or Steve) Jumping in from opposite sides, they pound their opponent with four Hienzans in a row, climbing almost to the top of the stage. At the end, they both do a Hienzan Finish, sending the opponent back down so hard he/she bounces and shakes the screen. After landing, Vid and his teammate both do those smiles that *ping* (in NeoVid's case, this is The Smile of Absolute Smarm). Of course, if the opponent jumps it, Vid and his teammate just crash into each other.

      • Mr. Puppethead! - (with Replica) Whichever one of them is onscreen tackles their opponent, then ties strings to all of the opponent's limbs while they're down. The other ends of the strings are tossed up to the top of the screen, where they're caught by the other fighter. The one now holding the strings uses them to make the opponent do a really, REALLY moronic dance, with lyrics provided by the third fighter: "I like-a to dance-a..." (45% and a ton of humiliation)

      • Steel Breaker - (with Keori) Whichever one of the two is currently fighting leaves the opponent reeling with a crushingly hard shot to the head, then jumps back to one edge of the screen as the other steps out on the opposite side. NeoVid gets out a sledgehammer, Keori brandishes her swords, and they rush the opponent. The screen fades out before the hit, and an extremely painful sound effect is heard. When it fades back in, Vid and Keori have their backs to their stunned opponent, in that anime-samurai-freezeframe pose. They put their weapons away, and their opponent finally crumples. They both laugh evilly. (50%)

      • A World Of Hurt - (with Wyvern Neo) Whichever one of the two is onscreen (it doesn't matter) takes a long shallow jump forward. If their opponent doesn't block, he/she gets picked up by the face and heaved backwards, towards the upper corner of the screen. The other member of the team comes out from that side in a huge jump, catching the opponent in midair and bringing them back to the ground... hard. NeoVid and BWA pick up the victim by the arms and legs and slam them face-down on the ground five times. With the last slam, they let go, and the opponent bounces about ten feet in the air. The Wyvern does an especially big and nasty [Voice Beneath the Earth], which drags them back to the ground. NeoVid jumps up, points at the opponent with both hands, and a sound like a cartoon bomb dropping starts. It turns out to be a 10 foot glob of the sun, which slams down onto the opponent. As the glow fades out, NeoVid and BWA do a jumping high-five, and whichever one of them was switched out runs offscreen. (50%)

  • Glitches:

    • No attack will draw blood from NeoVid. Ever. No matter what it does to him.

    • While being hit with attacks that work against the mind (eg. Critique of Doom), he may do Taunt 2 or take reduced damage.

    translations of his moves: Pathetic Copy of Emerald Splash, Fake Serpent Wave, Satan Slam In Looks Only]

  • Motivations:
      Though he likes the way he is, he would love to be sane again, and if the sponsor really is that powerful, this is his chance. But if he learns who the sponsor really is, he's going to go for something much more important. Of course, that's not going to change the fact that NeoVid doesn't do anything if it's not fun...

  • How NeoVid talks:

    He uses almost-but-not-quite perfect grammar, and generally adds an unneccessary word to the beginning of his sentences ("Y'know,/Well,") or takes a word off ("Course..."). Sometimes trails off near the end of a sentence when he's not being listened to. He likes talking, though. A lot.

    Will interrupt people whenever he sees a chance to say something funny, unless he's actually interested in what's being said. He can imitate other voices disturbingly well, and has a comeback for any statement. Though he knows perfectly well about the Fourth Wall, he won't talk about Wall-breaking subjects with anyone else who can't do the same. Vid never uses strong swear words, since he saves them for when they're really needed.

    He's also got a great vocabulary, and can use big words correctly and MEAN them. The guy is never at a loss for words, unfortunately for others who have to listen to him.

  • How NeoVid acts:

    Unstable. Examples of that are the fact that he has a powerful moral objection to serious violence ("You want a FIGHT?!? Too bad. You're not getting one.") but is brutal in fights. Another is though he generally thinks in a hentai way, he rarely acts any way but respectful toward women. After all, he may think like a sukebe, but if you don't know better than to act like one, you're an idiot. When he is interested in a woman, he'll be very straightforward and honest about it. Fortunately, he's good at handling rejection...

    One of the few constants about him is he'll always see opportunites to make jokes, and he will never hold back to avoid causing trouble. Especially when mocking people. He'll make jokes about anyone, whether he likes them or not. He does think before he acts, but does what he wants anyway. Can and will do just about anything with his powers (outside of the fights, where he's agreed to limit himself). Due to his probably unlimited maximum strength, and the fact that he can't be killed, he's pretty much impossible to intimidate. Also, as soon as he's seen anyone use one of their skills, he can usually do it almost as well.

    Vid has surprisingly strong morals, if his main persona can stay stable (the NeoVid persona is a composite of all his fragments). Despite being near manic most of the time, he keeps control over one emotion: his anger. When he does decide to let it out, it tends to turn into a cold, homicidal fury. Fortunately, he rarely bothers with disliking anyone. In fact, the less normal someone is, the more likely it is NeoVid's going to get along with them. Especially nonhumans.

    As for his intelligence... he does have some. Nobody can be 3,000 years old and still be totally stupid. He knows more than anyone realizes (himself included) and can be eerily perceptive and calculating at the most inopportune times... From his own example, he considers irrationality one of the biggest weaknesses someone could have, and likes to use it against people when neccessary. He's very hard to provoke, and yelling at him just makes him become sickeningly reasonable and rational. He also has a stock response to anyone who says something he knows isn't true: "Prove it!"

    (Damn, that was long, wasn't it?)

The character "NeoVid" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to the real NeoVid.

The process opf making cheese is called 'noselling.'"