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Name: Misa Kawasaki

Signature Quote: "No... Really. Stop looking at me like that, Mister. I may have to hurt you."

Personal Email address: chaobino@seanbaby.com

  • Height: 5'10".

  • Weight: 115 lbs.

  • Appearance: Misa is a great reason why lonely scientists shouldn't be given the authority to create a woman. Although originally intended to be the template body for a new brand of PemDas BioTek Soldiers, the scientists didn't exactly design her for combat, instead making her into what they pleased, basing her design off of comic books and video games. Her overall looks are a combination of Nuku Nuku from APCCGNN, Kasumi from Dead or Alive, Emiko from Genesis Chronicles, and Yuri from Dirty Pair. For her regular outfit, she wears butterfly clips in her shortish red hair, a black spaghetti strap tank top with a white button up shirt over it; grease stained shorts, and a pair of sandals. The tank top's logo is either the title logo from the second Evil Dead, or a semi-trendy/geeky (Mostly geeky) slogan such as "C:/ DOS. C:/DOS/RUN. RUN/DOS/RUN." Or "1 4m 4 Sykl0pz. Ph34r m3." In both outfits, she has a holster on her back that acts as her portal to PDCRS.

  • Alternate Appearance: Obviously not designed by her, the alternate costume goes for a lighter interpretation of the 'stripped angel' look. It consists of a white bikini bottom, a white tank top, a fake pair of dovelike wings, and a halo kept aloft by rudimentary mini-antigravity engines. Misa has a full body blush through the entire fight, and tries to modify her moves to avoid fanservice as much as possible.

  • Fighting Style: Remnants of Training. Although she was rejected from military service, she still has parts of her training left over from her creation. It lays dormant, only being used as her survival instinct when she or her friends are threatened. When this happens, she loses control of her body as the preprogrammed algorithms take over. Her style itself is incredibly graceful, involving a great amount of sweeping, fast movements, and brutal, involving an incredible about of cheap shots.

  • Button Style: King of Fighters.

  • Bio: Misa was created to be the template for the Valkyrie line of PemDas BioTek soldiers. However, the scientists screwed up, just making whatever they pleased. The scientists were killed, and Misa was allowed to live to be studied. In the three years since her creation, she's managed to be hired as the company driver, and has become a regular around the labs during work hours. There is also an underlying romance between she and Charles that neither has been willing to admit to since they met.

  • Intro: Charles went, and she followed. She intends to protect her Not-Quite-A-Boyfriend from anyone that might hurt him too badly.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: Silver Future (Artist unknown)

    • Alternate Theme: As Heaven is Wide (Garbage)

    • Alternate Theme: What If (Stained)

    • Alternate Theme: Kryptonite (Three Doors Down)

    • Alternate Theme: Barbie Girl (Aqua)(Very little is played. It changes to one of her other themes when her instincts take over.)

    • Vs. Replica (First time): Stupid Girl (Garbage)

    • Vs. Replica (Rematch): Last Resort (Poppa Roach)

    • Vs. Charles: My Lover's Box (Garbage)

  • Stage: Misa's stage is the streets of the PemDas Village. Various workers, ranging from clerical workers, to security guards, and from military grunts to middle managers line the dimly lit streets. As the fight goes on, the artificial light cranks up, and the workers leave to go to their jobs. By the time the time is up, all the workers have left, and the light is fully up, with Sani-Droids in the background picking up random pieces of refuse that the people watching the fight have left.

  • Weapons:

  • Ash-Style Chainsaw. One day, fresh off of watching Dead by Dawn, Misa asked Charles to make her a chainsaw similar to the one Ash mounted on his hand's stump. Since she didn't want to be amputated, a saw was designed that she could fit her hand into, and use, which she does often, whenever her survival instincts kick in.

  • Remington double barrel 12-gauge shotgun. This gun is a classic, and good as ever for hurting people before they can hurt you. The barrels are sawed off, and the gun is obviously modified for close combat.

  • Special Resources:

    • Charles. Not really a resource, but he will do nearly anything to keep her happy and safe.

    • The Hover-Taxi. A fine piece of machinery, it works as well as a battering ram as it does for transportation. It can also be used for a weapon in a mecha fight, modified with weapons from PemDas' combat research division.

    • A newer version of the PDCRS. Acting as a true pocket dimension, this advancement over Charles' version cordons off a section of deep space for the user to store their goods. With infinite storage space, it is a far more practical than the older model.

  • Openings:

    • 1st Round: The Taxi sets down in the background (If it's indoors, the Taxi first bursts through the wall). Misa stands up, and steps over the door. As she sees the opponent, her eyes narrow, she takes her stance, and she takes the Ash-Style Chainsaw out of PDCRS as her shotgun manifests in the holster. The chainsaw tightens on her hand. She revs the saw, grins, and growls "Come get some..." at the opponent.

    • Standard: Misa walks in, eyes her opponent, and takes out her weapons.

    • Vs. Charles: They look at each other; Misa glances away, while Charles buries his hands in his gauntlets. Finally, Charles detaches his gauntlets and they drop to the ground, as he forfeits the match.

    • Vs. Replica: Misa takes out her chainsaw faster than usual, and revs it, before doing a cross-slash. She takes her shotgun in the other hand, before growling at Replica, "Eat metal, you man stealing bitch." Replica grins and tilts her head. "Feeling jealous, little girl? Of course you are." She poses a little. "It's only natural that you'd feel insignificant compared to beautiful, gracious, oh so perfect me." As Misa fumes, she adds, "Now that you mention it, I've been feeling a bit lonely. Maybe after I've pulverized you, I'll sneak off with Charles-kun and... but you're too young to know about that sort of thing." She then laughs heartily as Misa sees red. As the fight starts, Replica will have her Super bar significantly boosted.

  • Taunts:

    • Taunt 1: Hold the chainsaw up high, and yells, "Hail to the Queen, baby!"

    • Taunt 2: Shows off, spinning the shotgun. She slams it back in the holster, and grins.

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard: Looks at her opponent's fallen form, and quickly averts her eyes, looking guilty.

    • Draw: Misa smiles sweetly and tries to shake her opponent's hand. The reaction may differ depending on the opponent.

    • Time Over: Looks at her watch, grimaces, gets in the taxi, and hovers off screen.

    • Desperation: Misa stands over the pieces of the opponent, looking shocked, as meditechs come in. The screen fades just as the techs start to do important looking things.

    • Flash Finisher: Misa slams the shotgun back into the holster, and snaps back to normal. She looks at the enemy, and turns away from the camera, gagging.

    • Perfect Victory: Misa bounces and waves to the audience after the weapons demanifest into PDCRS. She then runs off screen.

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "I'm sorry... Did I hurt you?"

    • "Wow... Never knew some could bleed that much."

    • "Gyah! Did I really do that to you?"

    • Desperation: "Get a nurse! Get a doctor! ...Get a mortician..."

    • Flash Finisher: "Eww... Gross..."

    • Perfect: "Wai! Wai! I did it!"

  • Character Strategy: Misa is best used in a rushing tactic. Her attacks are fast and powerful, but she has almost no defense, and even blocking, attacks still do 50% of block damage to her. If the player controlling Misa lets down their attack for more than a second, or slips up on one of her moves, they are pretty much guaranteed defeat, unless they can pull off a [Reversal] to a move.

  • Attacks:

    • Launcher:

      • AG Jack: Misa takes an Anti-Grav car jack from PDCRS, and activates it under the opponent, sending them flying.

    • Command Normals:

      • Reversal Anticipation Counter: Misa gets into a defensive stance, and her weapons fizzle away. If attacked with a normal, she grabs the limb, twists it for 5% damage, pushes the opponent away, and remanifests her weapons, before jumping back at them.

    • Throws:

      • Saw Lift: Misa lifts the opponent on the A-SC, and revs the motor, doing 10% damage to the opponent.

    • Specials:

      • Cross Slash: Two slashes in an X pattern with the chainsaw. 14% damage, short range.

      • Monkey Wrench: Misa tosses a trio of mechanic wrenches at the opponent. It does 9% damage if all the wrenches connect.

      • This Is My Boomstick: Misa takes out her shotgun and fires two 12-gauge shells, each firing twenty buckshot pellets. Each pellet does .25% damage, with the move having a maximum of 10% damage.

      • Reversal: The Reversal special is like the AC, except this has to be timed, as it is done manually. However, if done properly, it does 10% damage.

      • Frag: Misa tosses a frag grenade at the opponent's feet. It does 15% damage if it isn't dodged in the second before it detonates.

      • Hit and Run: A running slash with the A-SC. 7% damage, quick attack.

      • Club: Misa clubs the opponent with the butt of the shotgun. 5% damage, knocks back opponent.

      • Upswing: An underhand, upward swing with the A-SC. It does 11% damage.

    • Supers:

      • Run Down: The Hover-Taxi roars to life in the background. As it swings around, aiming for the opponent, the headlights go on, illuminating the grill, which suddenly looks diabolical. The car rushes at the opponent, who can dodge, but not block. 25%.

      • Quick Load: Misa simply takes the shotgun, and after every shot, flips it around, ejects the last shell, and loads in another, while slowly moving forward. This does 30% damage, and is good for advancing on the opponent.

      • 1 w1ll h4><0r U!: Misa shrugs at the opponent and smiles smugly, as the ground begins to shake. Suddenly, a giant Cyclops comes stomping up, and looks down at the opponent. His voice booms out with, "Wh3re si mi h4t? I 4M J3FFK!!! G1VE M3 MY H4X0RED H4T!!!!" As the opponent stares in disbelief at the spectacle of stupidity, JEFFK!!! Loses interest, and walks off, crushing them in the process.

    • Desperation:

      • Chainsaw Tornado: Misa pulls her arms in tight, and begins to spin. As she reaches maximum speed, she puts her arms out, and revs the chainsaw. It does 3% damage per time the saw connects, with a maximum of 20 connections, for 60% damage. Similar to Zangeif's Spinning Piledriver, but easier to avoid.

    • Ultimate Attack/Summon:

      • Necronomicon Ex Mortus: Misa fishes a tape recorder out of PDCRS, and looks at it puzzled. After flicking a switch, it begins to spew garbled speech in a dead language. Misa throws it away. Several seconds later, (The fight goes on during this time) the view goes to a first person perspective of something running through the arena. Suddenly, it runs into Misa, and the view goes back to normal. Misa falls to the ground, and comes back up... different. She's hideous, her nails are much longer, and she has a profoundly evil and bloodthirsty look on her face. For the next five seconds, all damage done to her is reduced to ten percent of what it would do, and all her attacks do double damage. At the end of the attack, she notices Charles, falls back down, and comes back up as normal.

    • Flash Finisher:

      • Suck My Boomstick: As the opponent stands dazed, Misa shoves the shotgun in their mouth, and unloads both barrels. Although the Soul Calibur Contrivance is in effect, everyone still acts appropriately shocked, meditechs are sent out, and Misa is horrified when she sees what she has done.

    • Team Helper:

      • Misa runs in through the foreground, with her chainsaw sticking out to her side. She can hit both her partner and opponent if neither dodges.

    • Team Supers:

      • Team Edit: Performs a [Necronomicon Ex Mortus] on her partner.

      • Teamed With Charles: Charles grins, as he changes into the clothes Ash wore in Evil Dead 2. After he finishes, (In the background,) he leaps out wielding his own Ash-Style Chainsaw. With a cry of "Groovy!" from Charles, Misa and all their fans, the two go about attempting to make their opponent into an elaborate topiary sculpture. When they are done hacking away, the opponent falls down, covered with cuts.

  • Glitches:

    • Misa will only come in half the time when a character change is done while teamed with a female.

    • VS Replica, Misa's attacks do 50% more damage.

  • Motivations:

    • Misa wants to help Charles win, by more or less acting as his personal cheerleader.

    • Misa wants to kill Replica violently. (You're welcome to try, little girl. -Replica)

  • How Misa talks:

    Misa speaks with a slight Japanese accent, and while under her own control, never swears, although she doesn't feign offense when others do. She always looks for good things to say about other, except Replica, which is the only person she swears at. When her military instincts take over, she becomes much more vicious, and to the point. Her overall transformation seems like a change from Belldandy or Nuku Nuku to Pantyhose Tarou. She also subconsciously flirts with Charles, and tries to bolster his ego whenever she can.

  • How Misa acts:

    Misa, when under her own control is a very sweet girl, and would almost never tell anyone anything bad to his or her face. She always looks for the best in things, and never thinks of the downside until it's too late. She has the innocence of a child, which makes sense, considering she's only been alive for several years, and always expects everyone to be as honest as her. When her survival instincts kick in, she turns into what is, pretty much, the polar opposite of her other personality, believing that she should give the orders, and that the only way to get anything is over the backs of one's enemies. However, in both forms, she dislikes any females that are trying to get too close to her Charles-kun. (I'm assuming the last bit, as the text ended after the last 'are'. -Editor)

The character "Misa Kawasaki" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to Charles Boucher.

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