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Name: Midnight Star

Signature Quote: "Lions are stronger."

Personal Email address: midnight_star_13071@yahoo.com

  • Height: 5'4"

  • Weight: 90 lbs

  • Build: A tad bit on the short side. Part human part lioness. Slightly muscular.

  • Appearance: Black winged were-lion with silver hair, ashen blue eyes and tan fur. A dark blue star on her forehead. Wears a small white body suit with small purple armor on her shoulders and chest with purple armored knee high boots and a dagger sits in her boot. She occasionaly wears a black cloak

    Alternate Appearance: Will sometimes wear a black plugsuit or a leather demonatrix like bikini with elbow-length gloves and knee-high boots. Think Starlights minus the gold things on their suits and the wings on the front of the chest.

  • Fighting Style: Karate, cat-girl agility and magic.

  • Button Style: Tekken.

  • Bio: Midnight Star was born with demon blood in her veins long ago to a village of cat-people. A sorceress chose her as an apprentice becuase of this, as it would help Midnight Star get strong with magick. Unfortunately Midnight's teacher and love Daniko were killed after they got her to leave so they could battle an evil sorcerer alone. She was 15 at the time. All the cat-people were creatures had a long life span unless killed. Midnight Star Hid below ground till she turned 297. She learned of Mstings somewhere in 96 (but she really never kept track of the years) and started doing her own msts.

  • Intro: After finding out about GMCA she wanted to test out her magick and fighting ability.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: Lion of the Night (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: Cat Scratch Fever (Ted Nugent)

  • Stage: In a forest with tiny pixies flying around and an oocasional elf running about. The forest is vast and green. A spooky looking mountian looms in the background with lightning and dark clouds.

  • Alternate Stage: In the darkness of the mountains with trees looming like shadows with the stars and moon glowing brightly in the sky.

  • Weapons: A dagger and her claws.

  • Special Resources:

    • The dark blue star on her forhead glows and a ocarina appears in Midnight Star's hands. The star on her forhead is used to bring something from hammerspace, or hypnotize someone.

    • Creature morph: Can morph into a lioness or a dragon.

    • Has extremely powerful magick and skills to match.

  • Openings:

    • 1st round: Teleports into the ring with feathers floating around her.

    • Standard: Flies in and lands in the ring with strange sparkling dust trailing behind her. When she lands she arches her wings in before retracting them into her back and going into the praying mantis stance with her star glowing brightly on her head.

    • Alternate 33%: Standing in the ring with her wings wrapped around her like a coocoon. She immediately unwraps her wings when the bell rings and throws a ki blast at her opponent. 3%

    • Vs NeoVid: Looks at him up and down then shakes her head and gets in a battlestance while saying "El es muy guapo."

    • Vs Charles: Bows to him and gets in a battle stance with the star on her forhead dimly glowing.

    • Vs Self: Midnight Star blinks and shakes hands with herself while looking confused before they both go into a similiar battlestance.

  • Taunts:

    • "Neener neener."

    • "You are my scratching post."

    • "Can you really beat a cat-girl with demon blood inside her?"

    • ~sticks her tongue out at the apponent~

    • Finishing Poses:

      • Standard: On her knees with her hands together, eyes closed and star glowing.

      • Desperation: Weakly smirks and wobbles around like a weeble wobble before blacking out.

      • Draw: Bows and silently walks away.

      • Time over: Blinks, morphs into a lioness and slinks away.

    • Victory Quote: "I am a lion. I am stronger."

    • Character Strategy: Try not to get killed while fighting and not use too much of her magick. If she uses too much, she will grow weak and not be able to fight back.

    • Attacks:

      • Launcher:

        • Hurricrana: She wraps her legs around the opponent, flings them around and slams them on the mat with her tail.

      • Command Normals:

        • Jump kick: Jumps in the air and kicks her opponent in the head. 6%

        • Wing Thwap: Spins around and hits her opponent with her wings. 4%

        • Ocarina bonk: Midnight Star summons up 6 ocarinas from ocarinaspace and throws several at her opponent. Only 3 hit them in the head. 3%

        • Cartwheel punch and kick: She does a cartwheel towards the opponent and gets in one hit in a punch and kick to the head. 2%

        • Tale Spin: Midnight Star balances herself on her tail and spins around with one fist and one foot out to hit her opponent. Can only manage 6 hits before falling over. 6%

      • Specials:

        • Glowing claw: She extends her claws, which start glowing. She then swipes at her opponent, knocking them into the ropes. 13 %

        • Rapid punch: Her fists start glowing a bright blue. She roars before punching her opponent several times fast. 10%

        • Spinning double heel kick: Jumps high in the air and kicks the other person with both heels. 10%

        • Razor Feather: Opens her wings at full length and shoots several razor-edged feathers. Only causes minor injury. 4%

        • Lightning: Can blast powerful bolts of lightning from her hands. Will go 6 feet. 6%

        • Silver energy whip: Mids forms a whip in her hands and cracks the whip at the opponent. It takes their energy everytime she cracks it. 7%

        • Claw shooter: She aims her hands at her apponent and shoots her claws at the opponent. 6%

        • Wing Blade: Almost similiar to Razor Feather,only her wings detach from her back and boomerang around the opponent, cutting them several times. 5%

      • Supers:

        • Ki star: Blasts a sparkling star-shaped ki blast the size of a basketball from her hands at the opponent. 20%

        • Ultima claw attack: Midnight Star jumps at her opponent with her claws glowing brighly and starts clawing at them like they are a scratching post. 25%

        • Rapid fire: Rapidly fires four, dark blue, small-sized ki balls at her opponent, dazing them for awhile. 17%

      • Desperation:

        • Electrical Twister: If Midnight Star is unable to defeat her opponent, she will summon up all of her magick and send a large tornado of lightning at her opponent. The twister will leave them in confusion while the lightning zaps the hell out of the opponent.

      • Ultimate Attack/Summon:

        • Demon rage: Her hair will become snowy white and her eyes will turn blood red. Her ears will get wickedly pointy and her claws longer, giving her a demonic look. She bursts into really fast karate moves with her fists and feet glowing. (I assume she gets some kind of combat bonus during the transformation... -ed)

      • Flash Finisher:

        • Gainax bounce and glomp: (for male opponents) Midnight Star will start jumping up and down rapidly before glomping her opponent, giving them a massive nosebleed before they pass out...

      • Team Helper:

        • None yet.

      • Team Supers:

        • No team available.

    • Glitches:

      • If Mids tries the Gainaxing move on Charles, he just stares and takes a notepad and pen from his belt while recording theories on just what Midnight Star is trying to do. When she glomps him, he he will run in circles yelling about how the Kittybird is going to lay eggs in his stomach. Cyber-Charles stomps in and punches Charles hard enough to shake Mids off. It does damage equal to what Charles' ultimate would have done otherwise, though, and Midnight Star will still be given the win if Charles is knocked out.

      • If Yun goes to perform his [Nanjangi Chegi Ch'agi] finisher on Midnight Star a swarm of Bondage Fairies will fly out of his jacket pockets, grab her, and drag her off screaming "Catgirl... wai!" Yun will sweatdrop, shrug, and put the grenade back in his pocket.

    • Motivations: She is mainly in for the fighting despite her occasionally peaceful nature and it's the only place she can test her magick.

    • How Midnight Star talks: She speaks with a small mexican accent and will occasionally slip into old langauge of long ago.

    • How Midnight Star acts: Tranquil and ready to fight when someone is up to fight her, a bit shy when she first meets people, but can easily talk with Signus. Sometimes hyper, but gets really hyped if she drinks anything with caffiene.

    The character "Midnight Star" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to Melissa D.

Watch out for those bondage fairies. ^_^