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Name: The Master

Signature Quote: "All I want is everything."

Personal Email address: NeoVid@hotmail.com

  • Height: 5' 8".

  • Weight: 151 lbs.

  • Appearance: Fairly nondescript. Indeterminate age, seeming to be anywhere from 15 to 20 depending on how he aged. Of course, he's actually several hundred years old. Has an almost completely human appearance, with the exceptions of four notches in his lower lip, and extremely sharp teeth. Wears black and red at all times, due to the psychological effect. As for his demon form... I'm not telling. Mwahaahaaa...

  • Bio: Demons were unknown on Earth in the 21st century, except for him. Despite being three quarters human, by Focal Point theology, that still made him a demon. There was one thing that set him apart from ordinary demons: free will. Demons aren't meant to have free will, and his existence damaged the natural order of things. Surprisingly (to anyone who doesn't think about it too hard), it was Hell that was most anxious to destroy him, since he was more of a threat to them than anything else. Since he was born and raised on Earth, though, they weren't able to find him until it was way too late to stop him. Despite his near total lack of resources early on, over fifty years he managed to get control of enough souls and hellfire to begin making decisive moves. His first step was to get the loyalty of some of the most powerful superhumans of the era, and use them to spread his true mission of damning as many people as possible. The next was to bump off the strongest sorcerer of the time, and take control of all of his infrastructure. At the end, the new Master had set himself up in an untouchable position. His entire operation continued in secret until the Ultima became common, and he was discovered... but too powerful to stop. They have kept him from being able to reach any more people for a long time now, and it's stalled his next step of being able to gain enough souls to conquer the rest of Hell by sheer force.


  • Theme Song:

    • Game Theme: In Mea Nomine (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: Immortal Flame

  • Abilities:

    • There is a direct correlation between the number of souls he claims, and his power level: The more damned in his name, the more territory he can claim in Hell. The more of Hell he controls, the more hellfire he has access to. He can use the fires as an extremely powerful fuel for any sort of evil magic. As it is, he has enough under his control to match the posthumans in raw power. He can give others access to the fires, if he wants. Of course, this is guaranteed to make the recipients demonic... His demon form has other abilities, but I'm not saying what they are.

  • Motivations:


  • How The Master talks:


  • How The Master acts:

    About many things, he purposely tries to be different from typical demons. He actually has ONE positive quality, though it just makes him more dangerous: loyalty. It's all he demands of his followers, and he won't backstab anyone dedicated to his purpose. Otherwise, he's as vicious and ruthless as you would expect. He's not particularly bloodthirsty, but since he has a good reason to kill everybody, it's hard to tell. He is also carefully even-tempered, and doesn't ask for a lot of discipline from the other Aberrations (in other words, they can call him by one of his earlier names, and he won't care). He also has a love of sadistic irony (as shown by the name he used before becoming the Master: Joe Normal). He's also dangerously intelligent, and will use anything he finds that could give him an advantage.

    The character "The Master" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to NeoVid.

  • Sho-bop kah-lu-la.