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Name: Mangle

Signature Quote: "Yessir! I can handle that!"

Personal Email address: NeoVid@hotmail.com

  • Height: Height: 6'8".

  • Weight: Weight: 205 lbs.

  • Build: Towering, thin and severe.

  • Appearance: Looks fairly young and dresses a lot like a biker. Being a real, honest-to-Satan vampire, he has fangs and loves to show them off. Having been warped even farther since becoming an Aberrant, he also has more-than-razor-sharp blades (made of his own bone) growing from his knuckles, much larger ones from his forearms, and row of little ones coming out of his spine.

  • Bio: Mangle was the first to be recruited by the Master, mostly because he happened to be the most powerful supernatural being in the city the Master was based in back when he first thought of his great plan. Being far more powerful than any other undead ("Direct sunlight? Haw!"), and having been taught some very powerful magic by the Master, he has control over any undead. Despite being the first Aberration and a strong necromancer, he's the least powerful overall, and knows it. Though he's not any kind of brainiac, he's always been careful to avoid stupid mistakes, and so far has had no significant failures. (Though the Master isn't the sort to slaughter someone for screwing up. That's what most demons would do.)


  • Theme Song:

    • Game Theme: Die Die Kill Kill (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: Highway to Hell

  • Abilities:

    • He's one of the most powerful sorcerers in the group, thanks to his nature. He's also deadly as a fighter, and despite not being a tactical genius (or even very bright), has successfully commanded the undead part of the Master's army. Unfortunately for him, any of his skills can be outmatched by at least one of the others.

  • Motivations:


  • How Mangle talks:


  • How Mangle acts:

    Resents the others because he can't stand up to them. Does whatever he can to stay in the Master's favor (without realizing he's never fallen out of it). Often still thinks like a street thug, despite everything that's changed for him.

    The character "Mangle" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to NeoVid.

  • I hate unfinished works.