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Name: James Howard, the MultiMediocre Knight. Will often use a different name, usually in order to avoid paying for something.

Signature Quote: "There is no one here to save you... but I can help you help yourself."
"I am the one... the devil you know."
"I want you... to want... ME!"
"I'll make you mine someday... somehow, somewhere, someway."

Actually, just about any obscure musical quote fits here. For that matter, anything preceding an "^_^" or "^^" fits here, too. He, well, he talks a lot.

Personal Email address: multimediocreknight@yahoo.com, when it works

  • Height: 6'2''

  • Weight: 213 lbs.

  • Appearance: Commonly seen wearing a blood-red tuxedo with a "FUGITIVE (you didn't see me)" t-shirt underneath the tuxedo jacket. Occasionally wears a black trenchcoat over the tuxedo. Has hair that is somewhere between dirty-blond and dark brown and somewhere between Kim Kaphwan's and Eddy Guerrero's, glasses that resemble Charlie's, and a grin that can be easily likened to that of Don "Cyrus" Callis. Can be described at any time as "halfway to tan".

  • Bio: Appeared out of nowhere one day and has yet to tell anyone why, or how. Common theory is that he's completely forgotten, and *that*'s assuming that he even knew at one point in time. Is suspected of being involved in, or the leader of, the top-secret shadowy organization known only as the "lWo".

  • Intro: Was asked to announce for the Grand Merchandisable Clash of Authors when nobody else was willing to take the job. Accepted.

  • Theme Song:

    • Game Theme: No Sell Motel (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: Walk Through the Fire (Peter Gabriel)

    • Alternate Theme: Sick and Beautiful (Artificial Joy Club)

    • Alternate Theme: Weapons Factory (Super Mario RPG)

    • Alternate Theme: Bad Dog No Biscuits(Yoko Kahno and the Seatbelts)

    • Anything he happens to think of at the time, really.

  • Abilities:

    • Can pull various weapons and things from the Hyperdimensional Storage Sleeves of his tuxedo jacket and trenchcoat.

    • Is knowledgeable in wrestling, Kim Kaphwan, and bad jokes.

    • Is insane. But in the *funny* kind of way.

  • Motivations:

    Joined up as announcer for the GMCA because he thought it would be fun.

  • How MMK talks:

    Being a Canadian, the MMK is intelligent, eloquent, and loonier than a garbage bag of dollar coins. This is reflected in his speech pattern, as the MMK goes about spreading humour to anybody, anything, and anyplace he can. Will also be painfully obscure at times, and even more painfully bad joke inclined at other times. Beware, I say. BEWARE! ^^

  • How MMK acts:

    In dealing with other people, the MMK is almost completely incapable of taking things seriously. Will often hang around anyone taking themselves too seriously merely to bug them, or anyone loony enough to not mind him. Tends to slack and lounge around quite a bit.

  • Movelist:

    "Why would I need a movelist, anyway? I'm an announcer. :)"

    "If you really *really* need a movelist or something, I can whip one out for you right now. Here we go..."

  • Specials:

    • Praise: (qcf + A/C) The MMK praises the competitor of his choice. Press A to praise 1P, C to praise 2P. (Ex. "Incredible move!" "Holy crap! That was *cool*!" "Well, we know who'll win *this* match, huh?" etc.)

    • Putdown: (qcf + B/D) The MMK makes a disparaging remark about the competitor of his choice. B to put down 1P, D to put down 2P. (Ex. "Well, *that* move *sucked*." "Are you even *trying*, [competitor's name]?" "Well, we know who'll lose *this* match, huh?" etc.)

    • Metaphors, Similes and Comparisons, Oh My! (hcb + A/B/C/D) The MMK says something that essentially likens the competitor of his choice to something else, whether or not that metaphor, simile or comparison makes any sense whatsoever or not. A to praise 1P, B to put down 1P, C to praise 2P, D to put down 2P. (Ex. "[Competitor's name] fighting this match is like E. Honda fighting a buffet. Not only is [he/she] going to win this match, but there won't be anything left of the opponent when [he/she]'s done." "What the hell's wrong with [competitor's name] tonight? [He/She] is plodding worse then the scenes from Ninja Scroll where the old guy talks about politics." "Holy shit, look at [competitor's name]! [He/She]'s killing [opponent's name] deader than Social Distortion's career!" etc.)


    "What? I'm an *announcer*, dude. These *are* my moves. ^^"

    The character "MultiMediocre Knight" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to the MultiMediocre Knight.

  • The art of making cheese is called 'no-selling'.