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Name: Lung-Mei

Signature Quote: "Ni can wo? Bou whei!" ("You see me? No way!")

Personal Email address: GenXWolf@hotmail.com

  • Height: 4'3"

  • Weight: 70 lbs.

  • Appearance: Lung-Mei has the build of a normal nine-year-old, albeit a little on the short and skinny side. Normally wears her black hair in two braids that reach down to her shoulder-blades, tied off with cute little clasps. She wears a red Chinese style short sleeve shirt with gold trim, knee length red pants (also with gold trim), and cute little gold and red slippers. All is made of silk. She also wears a Jade bracelet. Has no shadow of her own.

  • Alternate Appearance: Same as above, but with black and silver color scheme. Also wears an onyx bracelet.

  • Fighting Style: A cross between the Art of the Shadow, the Dance of the Dragon, some acrobatics, masking, and a whole lot of sadism.

  • Button Style: NOT AVAILABLE.

  • Bio: Lung-Mei was brought up around children of her own age, all of which were thieves. She knew no adults in her early life, and stole anything to get by. After a while, when she was about 6 or 7, Lung-Mei met an old Chinese acrobat/masker who needed to pass everything he knew down to someone before he died, so he taught the girl. She then took his place as the pawn of the Taipan of the triad, the Central Triad. After about a year, she was possessed by the Dragon Lady, an ancient mythical Chinese goddess/demon, or something of the sort, and turned from moral-less and powerful, to even more moral-less, powerful, insane, and sadistic. She then met Nemesis and became her adoptive sister.

  • Intro: She followed Nemesis here.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: Long de Erzi (Blue Nothing)

    • Home Stage Theme: Ghoom Charakhana (Najima)

    • Alternate Home Stage Theme: Dance of the Dragon (First Contact)

    • 5%: Paperdoll (Kittie)

    • 3%: The Shit You Can't Fuck With (Kittie)

  • Stage: Lung-Mei's playground: A lit performance stage with the tools that Lung-mei trains with. Includes weapons, masks, ladders, trapezes, boxes, shadows, etc.

  • Weapons: 8-sectional chains, fighting fan

  • Special Skills:

    • Has this strange tendency to make people paranoid :)

  • Special Resources:

    • The dragon within her.

    • Shadows.

    • Opponents psyche.

  • Openings:

    • 1st Round: Lung-mei seems to materialize from the shadows. Shrouded in darkness, her eyes begin to glow. After a moment, she tumbles out of the shadows and sits cross-legged on the floor, smiling wolfishly.

    • Standard: Jumps out of the shadows and yells "BOO!" before giggling unnervingly and dropping into stance.

  • Taunts:

    • Makes a puppy out of shadows and plays with it.

    • Plays with a flame on the tip of her finger.

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard: Makes a hammock out of shadows and swings on it, giggling insanely.

    • Perfect Victory: Giggles, then goes over to the opponent and pokes them with a stick/spoon/chopstick/taser/etc. (ex: *poke**BZZT!* "Aiyah! Wo duiboqi!")

    • Draw: Sniffs and pouts cutely.

    • Time Over: Screws up her face and whines.

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "Wo dase ni! AHAHAHA!" (I beat you until you die! AHAHAHA!)

    • "Zigga? How tong? Bou whey!" (This? Hurt? No way!)

    • *Starts singing a random Chinese kids song*

    • "Lung qing idien..." (Don't have a cow, man.)

    • Desperation: "Aiyah... How tong..." (Aiyah... it hurts...)

    • Perfect: "Wo Gahn tow hung woo liow." (I'm bored.)

    • Ultimate move: "Chien Gway! Ta how tong, ne?" (Dude! That hurts, huh?)

  • Character Strategy: Definitely not physically strong, but is fast, flexible, and recovers easily from falls and attacks. Her shadows are very strong though, and they make up for the lack of strength in her frame. Nearly incapable of attacking in an area without shadows. In this case, she will rely on her dragon skills and her masking.

  • Attacks:

    • Launcher: Jumps up high, then lands on her knees with her hands in the air which blasts a shadow under the opponent, launching them up. (3%)

    • Command Normals:

      • Jump-Flip: Will perform an acrobatic stunt in the air when she jumps if an aerial combo isn't executed.

      • Random: Normal punch will randomly be interchanged with hand forms (Tiger claw, mantis fist, spear, phoenix eye, etc) backed with the power of the shadows.

    • Throws:

      • Flipoff: Lung-Mei grabs the opponent by the shirt, rolls onto her back, and kicks them into the air. (6-8%)

      • Shadow vault: Lung-mei issues the shadows upward to throw the opponent into the air.

    • Specials:

      • Black: Lung-mei shadow-teleports to three places around the opponent, confusing them so that they back up. She then appears behind and pushes them over. (9%)

      • Green: Lung-mei throws the chains out of her sleeves and into her hands, then performs a few intricate combos. Can be long range or short range depending on moves in combo. (10-15%)

      • Red: Lung-mei issues two fighting fans from thin air and performs a flexible, highly flourished combo. Short range, for she never throws the fans at the opponent. (10-15%)

      • Blue: Lung-mei tumbles toward the opponent, slides in, slams her hands to the floor to brace herself, and send the shadows to propel her foot and kick the opponent in the stomach, sweep their feet, then stand up and bap them on the head, running away.

      • White: Lung-mei does a random martial arts combo, enhanced by white-hot chi and fueled by the shadows. (8-13%)

      • Orange: Lung-mei lobs a stream of raw fire at the opponent. (11%)

      • Violet: Lung-mei jumps onto the opponent's shoulder, grabs the opponent by the hair, grasps her feet into the opponents back, then slams the opponent onto the floor. No damage to Lung-mei if she flips off in time, 5% damage if she doesn't. (13%)

      • Yellow: Lung-mei runs up to the opponent, grasps her foot in their abdomen, then flips herself backwards, using the opponent as a springboard while at the same time kicking them in the face. (12%)

    • Supers:

      • Crystal night: Lung-mei forms the shadows into hard tendrils, that are rather death-dealing, and throws them straight at the opponent. The shadows shatter a layer of the opponents defense, leaving them wobbly, slow, and vulnerable for a few moments. The layer shatters like glass, with the sound and the affect as well. (25%)

      • Golden Sun: Lung-mei summons a phoenix with a small red stone she has (no, not materia, baka!). The phoenix lights a circle of fire around the opponent, then draws a star in the middle. The characters for the eastern paradigm of elements shows up and the opponent is pelted with stakes of fire. (30%)

      • Silver Moon: Lung-mei pegs the opponent in the forehead with a small silver ball, which lands on the floor and opens up. Two dragons, one black and one white, swirl around the opponent and pick at him/her. The dragons will bite, claw, and generally maul the person until Lung-mei calls them back into the ball. (30-35%)

    • Desperation:

      • Song of the Shadow: Lung-mei freezes time, then sits down and begins to play a haunting tune on a bamboo flute. The tune is very beautiful, sad, and in a minor key. The music rolls over the opponent, as well as the shadows, lulling the opponent to let down their defenses. Then, like cobras in a basket, the shadows rise up and out of the confines of the corners. Pressing inward, the shadows slither about, like snakes. Lung-mei will trill on a dramatic part of the tune, and the shadows will rear back and strike at the opponent, who will most likely scream bloody murder. Lung-mei is unaffected as she continues to play the flute. When the song is over, the shadows will immediately go back to where they came from and time will return to normal. The audience sees nothing. (56%)

    • Ultimate Attack/Summon:

      • Masquerade: Lung-mei freezes time, and everything turns black except for two spotlights, one on her and one on her opponent. She then begins to circle them, tighter on every lap with the spotlight following her. She then begins to mask. With every movement of her arm across her face, the mask changes. With every swerve back, every jump over the opponent, and every duck she makes, the mask changes as well. After she changes into a black and red mask of an ancient Chinese judge, she rips off the mask and shows her own face now has white and pink rouge covering it, with black makeup to accentuate it. She then smiles sadistically and screams to the sky. A rain of the souls of the actors and actresses that wore the masks that she owns now comes down from the heavens and swirls about the two. The spirits spit upon the opponent, look into their head, beat them, and violate them in any way possible. Then, a large black shadow takes the form of a general on a horse. The shadow gallops towards the opponent, grabs them by the hair, and throws them to the sky, where the spirits bother him/her some more. Then the opponent is thrown back to the ground, reality warps back in, and time starts up from where it has left off. The audience doesn't see a thing. (60%) NOTE: Will not work if the mask of Kwan Yin shows up more than once. What will happen is the judge will be replaced by the shadow of a beautiful woman, and the woman will give the opponent mercy. In this case, 50% damage will be done.

    • Flash Finisher:

      • Dance of the Dragon: Lung-mei freezes time, and the stage darkens. The opponent looks around in wonderment as stars show up in the blackness of the room. Soon, Lung-mei begins to twitch and she falls to the ground. Shakily lifting her arm and outstretching her hand, something begins to slide off her arm. Her head down, she begins to shake as a dragon takes shape, sliding slowly off her arm from only Buddha knows where. Soon, the dragon is shown in all its glory. It's an oriental dragon, chasing a black ball surrounded in fire. Soon though, the ball rolls in front of the opponent, and the dragon gives the opponent an evil glare. Slowly, the dragon slinks toward the opponent, gradually changing its shape into an attractive, nude woman with a dragon tattoo. This is the dragon lady, the soul that has possessed Lung-Mei. The dragon lady licks her lips wolfishly and smiles, showing off a gleaming pair of canines. The woman then puts her hand to the opponent's face, then screams to the sky in Chinese. Lightning strikes, the shadows rear, and soon the woman is a dragon again, twisting around the person an a convoluted dance of anger, rage, and sadism. After a short while, the dance becomes frantic, when the dragon shoots back into Lung-mei's body and forces her to get up. Lung-mei has been unconscious during this whole exchange. Lung-mei goes behind the opponent, pushes them onto their stomach, then takes her chain and chokes them for a few moments. She then jerks up one last time and lets the person go, using their back as a springboard and flipping backwards. (60%)

  • Glitches:

    • None as of yet.

  • Motivations:

    • None. Came here with Nemesis and will defend her to the death.

  • How Lung-Mei talks:

    Doesn't know how to speak English. Constantly speaks in Chinese. Has a high pitched voice, giggles insanely a lot, and can sometimes bring her voice down to a deep purr (which is the voice of the Dragon Lady). When the Dragon Lady takes over her voice, her head usually drops and her eyes look up in a predatory manner.

  • How Lung-Mei acts:

    Usually rambunctious, cute, and sadistic in a kawaii manner. Unlike Card, Lung-mei is not innocent, and knows full well what she's doing is bad. Loves Nemesis with all her heart and is very protective of her, even if Lung-mei *IS* only 9 years old. Always cocks her head to the left side, never the right. No reason for this.

The character "Lung-Mei" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to Amanda Francis.

'S allright in there?