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Name: King in Yellow

Signature Quote: "If it doesn't hurt, it doesn't count."

Personal Email address: lake_of_hali@hotmail.com

  • Height: 6'3

  • Weight: 190 lb of bone, flesh, and miscellaneous Cthonic parts

  • Appearance: While his appearance may vary, the King in Yellow typically has medium length brown hair that goes into his eyes. His left eye is a deep, dark brown, while his right is a burning yellow. Both eyes have massive bags under them. He also has a bushy goatee. Most of the time however, he wears a white ceramic mask (made from the crushed bones of his defeated foes ^_^). The mask depicts a face with one side twisted in a maniacal grin, and the other a frown. On the "sad" side, black paint depicts a tear-like trail, with an identical flipped copy on the "happy" side. On the forehead of the mask is the Yellow Sign. He typically wears a sleeveless yellow shirt and a sleeveless black Sephiroth-style coat left open, with a pair of baggy, black pants, sometimes worn rolled up to the knee. On his feet, he wears black steel-toed boots. His arms are wrapped in bandages and he wears a pair of black leather gloves on his hands. His left side has jagged bones poking through the skin, though just barely, and a few scales here and there. His skin is heavily scarred from cuts, lesions, and burns.

  • Fighting Style: Rage of the Old Ones, Hastur Style

  • Button Style: Street Fighter with Guilty Gear's Salute button

  • Bio: The King in Yellow was once a normal young man living in the 1930s with the standard hopes and dreams of a young man. Unfortunately, his family was killed in a crossfire between rival Mafia gangs. He blamed it on his weakness, for he couldn't muster the strength or courage to fight the gangs and save his family and did the only thing he knew that he could do: he broke into the Vatican's Z-Collection and stole a copy of the infamous opera Massa Di Requim Per Shuggay and performed it in the presence of the Mafia gangs at an annual Mafia opera gathering (Hey! He went to Miskatonic University, what do you expect?). They were very surprised when the King-Pimp Outer God Azathoth showed up halfway through the third act. Their surprise was short lived, not unlike their life. Only the young man remained unscathed (with the exception of losing 1D100 sanity). Taking advantage of the Vatican's Z collection once more, the young man returned and stole a copy of The King In Yellow. From this folio, the young man summoned He-Who-Is-Not-To-Be-Named and took the Unspeakable Oath to overcome his [weakness]. The King in Yellow was born that day. KiY's birth wasn't the only one taking place that day though. A very distraught young girl made the Unspeakable Oath to be able to take revenge upon a certain young man who was responsible for the deaths of her Mafia parents, who had been at a certain opera. The Golden Queen was born that day. The King in Yellow became a wild force of chaos, wrecking havoc across the multiverse in the name of The Unspeakable. He pulled people's strings, starting wars, destroying families, and being a general right bastard. The Golden Queen did similar things, but they were always more controlled and almost more spiteful than the KiY's. It was on a fateful day when Hastur sent both out to establish a beachhead on another plane. Their first meeting did not go over well. It went so horribly that not only did they lose the beachhead, they had to spend an entire decade regenerating from the wounds dealt to each other by each other. The Unspeakable was extremely displeased with them to say the least. Since then the King in Yellow and Golden Queen have managed to keep their hatred for each other to insults, squabbling, and fighting only when Hastur isn't looking (which isn't often, or at least often enough for their liking). They've also been able to incur the wrath of every paladin organization and good pantheon in over two- hundred different planes. The King in Yellow has become a driven man, driven by feelings of hatred and self-loathing. While he is no longer weak, he's realized that he's infinitely worse than the people who killed his parents. The King in Yellow was the type of guy who dreamed all his life of being a hero and woke up a villain. He's lost most of his dreams and aspirations because of this. He ends up wallowing in hatred most of the time causing him to lash out at others. It's no wonder that his powers became cannibalistic. He's given up all hope of redemption and has thrown himself into his "career". He just wants to end.

  • Intro: The King in Yellow and the Golden Queen (and a small contingent of Mythos creature minions, i.e. byakhee and [worse]...) have come to the Tournament on the orders of Hastur the Unspeakable, their Chthonic Boss with the intention of looking for perspective people to take the Unspeakable Oath. Hastur's attention to the Tourney is minor at best, but that may change with time... Both KiY and GQ are both eager to win the wish, but for different reasons, but for now they have orders from the Boss to not fight each other... much. The two will be eagerly forefilling Hastur's orders... the fact that they get to wreck havoc has nothing to do with it what so ever... Ultima... Aberration... It makes no difference who they fight. They won't let anyone stand in their way for their chance at getting the wish.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: The Unspeakable (Blue Nothing)

    • Home Stage Theme: Dance of the Knights (Prokofiev)

    • Alternate Home Stage Themes:

      • Disarm (Smashing Pumpkins)

      • Call of Ktulu (Metallica - S&M Version)

      • Kefka's Theme (Orchestral) (Final Fantasy VI)

      • Master of Puppets (Metallica - S&M Version)

      • One (Metallica - S&M Version)

    • Vs Yuusuke: Enter Sandman (Metallica)

    • Vs NeoVid: Heresy (Final Fantasy 8 - It's Master NORG's theme)

    • Vs Golden Queen: Fuel (Metallica - S&M Version)

  • Stage: A random location picked randomly from the other competitors. The owner of the stage may or may not be caught with their pants down (possibly quite literally, depending on where in their stage KiY warps into)

  • Alternate stages:

    • -(2%) On a terrace on the city of R'yleth. A number of Star-Spawn and Great Cthulhu himself emerge to watch the fight, but do not intervene (except to grab a few audience members as snacks)

    • -(2%) In the great black abyss of N'Kai with Tsathoggua dozing in the background. The Great Old One periodically grabs an audience member and devours them.

    • -(2%) The northern tundra of Canada at night. The Northern Lights dance back and forth as Ithaqua the Wendigo prowls the night sky, sweeping up a few audience members in a whirlwind.

    • -(2%) A rather seedy apartment in the slums of London. Torn clothing is strewn about the room. It has one or two pieces of ratty furniture. The hellhole's only other feature of note is a broken mirror in the corner.

    • -(1%) Hali. A twisted renaissance cityscape, two moons hanging still and lifeless in the night sky. In the background sits a tall, forbidding tower beside a lake. The lake is composed of wave-like clouds, which roll and crash silently on the shore. Sometimes the clouds shift to dark water, and the monstrous shadowy shape of Hastur can be seen beneath the waves.

  • Weapons: The King in Yellow possesses twin khukuri knifes, [Kyoubou] and [Abareru], both forged from a black alien metal.

  • Special Skills:

    • Regeneration - KiY regenerates rather quickly from damage after a match. He is usually fully healed from a few minutes to a day depending on damage dealt.

    • Spells - He also has access to many spells of the Mythos.

  • Special Resources:

    • [Death of Dreams]- For Mecha matches, the King in Yellow pilots this Frankenstein's Monster of a Mech. It is a twisted gestalt of failed mechs of minor and major villains throughout the anime worlds. Its form varies, but it is always humanoid.

  • Openings:

    • 1st Round: A monstrous black shadow slides across the floor like mercury towards the opponent. The shadow starts to bubble and churn. Black tentacle-like tendrils rise to the sky and wave around mindlessly. A form starts to rise from the shadow... and is crushed as the King in Yellow drops down from the ceiling, grinning ferally. "You're opposing the will of the Old Ones? Prepare to [burn]." Yellow flames surround his hands as he puts on his mask. "No one will stop me from accomplishing my goal. Not you, not the Golden Queen, not even Azathoth himself..." The flames vanish and he drops into fighting position.

    • Standard: The King in Yellow rises up from a shadow and faces his opponent, mask already in place. He rolls his neck and shoulders. "Let's get this over with, eh?"

    • Alternate: The King in Yellow rises up from a shadow and faces his opponent, mask already in place. He roles his neck and shoulders and a sickening crack is heard. "...ow"

    • Vs Golden Queen: Both stare deep into each other's eyes... and cry "YOU ARE ONE DEAD MOTHER F***KER! PREPARE TO [BURN]" Both stop, sweatdrop in embarrassment for saying the same thing and calmly make obscene gestures at each other.

    • Vs Dread Judgement: Judgment starts by reciting what he knows about Azathoth. "'Azathoth: idiot god of nuclear chaos,' blah blah blah... he's supposed to be scary or something, right?" KiY snorts and chuckles, shaking his head. "You're a stupid, stupid [boy], Joel."

    • Vs NeoVid: NeoVid flares up. "You're spreading the wrong kind of Chaos, man!" King in Yellow laughs coldly. "Chaos is chaos. To deny one method of chaos is to deny the whole. Just thank whatever god you worship it's not the Crawling kind... yet."

    • Vs Yuusuke: KiY blinks, "Show me your dream?" KiY starts to laugh. "Dreams are for those who can [hope] and find [redemption]. The rest just [burn]..." His laugh turns to a snarl. "I'll show you a friggin' [nightmare], [hero]."

  • Taunts:

    • Standard: Spits and shakes head in disgust.

    • Alternate: Laughs and sets the opponent's feet on fire inflicting 1% damage.

    • Rare: Performs a [Unspeakable Fire] on a random audience member and laughs. 5% damage to the King in Yellow.

  • Salutes:

    • Standard: Brings two fingers up to forehead and taps in a forward salute. "You're better than I heard."

    • Alternate: Gives a bow from the waist.

    Tagmeister's note: A self-made category? I suppose it's okay...

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard: Does the Raijin nodding pose and snickers evilly.

    • Alternate 1: Gives a quick evil laugh and starts kicking the opponent while he/she is down before being pulled away by the Golden Queen.

    • Alternate 2: Poses like Akuma with the Yellow Sign appearing on his back.

    • Time Over: Blinks, pulls grandfather clock out of his shadow and gives a sigh of disgust.

    • Draw: Starts twitching and immolates himself saying "Losing is better than a draw."

    • Desperation: Clutches his chest, blood dripping out his mouth, swaying back and forth unsteadily.

    • Perfect Victory: Shakes head. "Are you sure you're an Self-Insert Avatar?"

    • Ultimate: Laughs while spitting blood. "[Burn]."

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "[BURN]."

    • "Hail to the King!"

    • "Not bad... maybe you should try next time."

    • "Yellow is my colour and blood red is yours."

    • "Don't feel bad... try saying "Hastur" until your problems go away."

    • After Desperation: "The [Black Blood] boils..."

  • Character Strategy: The King in Yellow inflicts a fair amount of damage. On the down side, he goes through life like prunes through a short grandmother. It is advised to use [Yellow Vampire] as often as possible. Get in close and hit as hard as you can. If you give your opponent an opening, you're as good as dead, so block frequently. A defensive strategy may be advisable.

  • Attacks:

    • Launcher:

      • Flaming Hastur Death Launcher: (ud+p) The King in Yellow grabs his opponent and throws them up in the air. 4% damage.

    • Command Normals:

      • Draw out weapon: (start+p) KiY/GQ draws out their weapon. All non-special/super damage is 1.5% more while using the blade. However, KiY/GQ are limited to only specials and throws while the blades are drawn.

      • Planer Shift: (fcc+pk) The King in Yellow raises his hands, shifting the current stage to a random new one. It has no direct or indirect effect on the fight aside from changing the stage.

      • Masochism Pays Off: Because of the natures of their powers, both King in Yellow and Golden Queen are immune to stun damage as a result of attacks. This doesn't not mean that they are immune to paralysation/holding moves, just that they can resist stun damage.

      • Hahaha! No Sanity Check for Me!: As they are minions of a Great Old One (and a super freaky one at that), both KiY and GQ have an effective Sanity of zero when it comes to sanity loss, i.e. they ain't affected by it. Nothing fazes them. Except maybe Azathoth, and maybe Nyarlathotep, though it's more fear than madness. Mental/psionic attacks are likewise useless against them.

      • Burning Combos: All of KiY's "fire" moves can be used in a combo attack. Personal damage is increased by 1% cumulatively for each move used after the first.

      • Fire damage: The following moves all have the Street Fighter "fire attack" effect: [Unspeakable Searing Touch], [Unspeakable Flame], [Righteous Flaming Flying Hali Uppercut], [Hasturian Inferno], and finally [Let the World Burn].

    • Throws:

      • Funsai Suru Cthulhu: ("The Crush of Cthulhu") (f+wp) A tentacle extends from the King in Yellow's shadow and wraps around the opponent and squeezes making popping noises and tosses the opponent aside. 8% damage to opponent and 1% to KiY.

      • Yakeru You ni Atsuku Ieranai Sawarimono: ("Unspeakable Searing Touch") (f+hp) The King in Yellow's arms become involved in yellow flames. The King grabs his opponent burning them with the flames and jumps up, spins and comes crashing down in a piledrive maneuver, driving his burning opponent into the ground. 10% damage to opponent and 3% damage to the King and tosses the opponent to the opposite side of the screen.

      • Nyogtha no Omoshiroku tsutsunde Iru Futa no Kanashisa: ("Nyogtha's Unpleasent Covering Sheet of Unhappiness") (f+mp) The King in Yellow's shadow turn's into an amorphous black oozing avatar of Nyogtha which envelops the opponent, squeezes then tosses the opponent straight up in the air and turns back into a shadow. 9% damage to opponent and 2% to KiY.

    • Specials:

      • Byakhee no Kaimetsu Sasemono: ("Byakhee Smash") (qcf+mp) The King summons a Byakkee which smashes into the opponent for 9% damage. Drains 2% life. Opponent stunned for one second.

      • Katachi ga nai Spawn no Yuuyami no Tsukamimono: ("Formless Spawn's Shadow Hold") (qcf+wp) The King's shadow extends under the opponent and form's a shadow King in Yellow which holds the opponent in a full-nelson hold for four seconds. Drains 2% life.

      • Ghast no Kyaku: ("Ghast Kick") (qcb+k) The King hops into the air like a kangaroo and lands on the opponent while kicking with both feet for 10% damage. Drains 2% life.

      • Ieranai Hi: ("Unspeakable Flame") (qcf+hp) The King's hands become immolated in a yellow fire which he then uses to fire a stream of fire at the opponent. 15% damage to opponent, 5% damage to the King.

      • Kiroi Kyuuketsuki: ("Yellow Vampire") (f,f,p) The King in Yellow grapples his opponent into a full nelson hold and begins to siphon off his life force. The King in Yellow gains 15% life and the opponent loses 15%. Special Bar drops to zero.

      • Tadashiku Yakeru youni Atsuku Tonde Iru Harii no Appakkatto: ("Righteous Flaming Flying Hali Uppercut") (f,d,fd+p) Standard burning flying uppercut - Sagat style. Hits up to 5 times, each hit doing 3% damage, deals KiY 4% damage no matter how many hits connect.

      • Teleport: (d,d,u) Teleports in behind opponent. Costs 2% life.

      • Nyarlathotep no Kagami: ("Mirror of Nyarlathotep") (hcb+p) The King in Yellow performs the last Special move that the opponent made. It drains 4% of KiY's life.

    • Supers:

      • Ayatsuri Ningyou no Masutaa: ("Master of Puppets") (hcb+p+k) King in Yellow extends puppet strings which wrap around the opponent's partner or nearest bystander. The King in Yellow can then control the character for up to 15 seconds. However, only basic moves and throws can be used. The King in Yellow cannot block nor move while controlling the character. If more than 50% damage is dealt to the "puppet" then control is broken. If the King in Yellow receives any damage, the control is broken. Drains 8% life.

      • Ou no Odori: ("Dance of the King") (hcf+p+select) The King grabs the opponent and leads him in a tangoesque dance around the stage, smashing them into random objects and terrain before throwing them across the level. This attack does 15% damage and leaves the opponent stunned for 3 seconds. Both forms can use this move. Drains 5% life.

      • Hasturian no Honou: ("Hasturian Inferno") (hcf, hcf+p) The KiY becomes enveloped completely in yellow fire for ten seconds. During this point in time, all attack's damages are tripled for normal attacks, and doubled for [Unspeakable Flame] and [Unspeakable Searing Touch], which become much more impressive looking. During the ten seconds the King in Yellow takes 1.5% damage per second. Connecting attacks will not remove the flames on KiY, though any water or wind based super will remove the flames.

    • Desperation:

      • Thoth no Chikara: ("The Power of Thoth") (360, hp+hk) The King in Yellow spits blood and starts to glow. The background becomes hazy and storms wrack the sky. The King in Yellow starts to fade away like mist. Raw energy begins to swirl and gather at the centre of the stage, forming a huge circle. The Daemon-Sultan and King-pimp of the Outer Gods, Azathoth, begins to rise up from the circle. Immediately, the entire fighting stage becomes a blackened wasteland filled with pools of brackish, alkaline water. The amorphous god focuses his attention to the opponent of the King in Yellow. There is a 60% chance that he with smite the opponent with a blast of raw nuclear power, dealing the opponent 60% damage, and then depart. There is a 15% chance that is merely attacks with it's numerous tentacles, doing 30% damage. There is a 15% chance that Azathoth does nothing and leaves. There is a 10% chance that the King in Yellow is summoned back in the place of his opponent and is dealt the full 60% of damage. If KiY is hit while shifting the backgrounds and does not block, the chance of the move backfiring on him rises to 50%, with the other's percentages shrinking appropriately. The King in Yellow cannot be hit when he fades out. The King in Yellow cannot fight back nor block for five seconds after the maneuver, leaving him completely vulnerable to a surviving enemy.

    • Ultimate Attack:

      • Sekai o Moete Yaru: ("Let the World Burn") - Performable only by the King in Yellow (b, b, qcb+hp) The King in Yellow starts to laugh in a hoarse voice. His clothes begin to smoulder and burn. He raises his hand to the sky and gives a cry. Flames start to descend from the sky enveloping the King in Yellow. Laughing, the King in Yellow plunges his fist into the earth. The ground quakes and cracks. Flames rush up, enveloping the stage, setting everything alight. KiY turns to his opponent. "Time for the last Dance." The King in Yellow grabs his opponent and starts to lead them in a slow dance around the flames, while the KiY slowly starts to burst into yellow flames. When he is total immolated, he explodes into a pillar of flame completely enveloping the opponent. Holding the opponent in the flame for ten seconds, the King in Yellow releases them at last, reforming into his normal body. The charred opponent takes 60% damage and the King in Yellow takes 20% damage.

    • Flash Finisher:

      • Shinu mae ni Kisu: ("A Kiss Before Dying") - Performable only by Golden Queen (f, f, qcf+k) The Golden Queen tenderly takes the opponent and kisses them deeply... and breathes fire into their body. The opponents burst into flame, taking 60% damage, the Golden Queen takes 10% damage.

    • Team Helper:

      • The King in Yellow jumps out and performs a [Unspeakable Flame] on the opponent. KiY loses no life.

  • Glitches:

    • Vs. Epsilon - There is a 10% chance that the KiY will look at Epsilon, rub his chin, and forfeit and abandon his partner, muttering something about unsportsmanship and Avatars of Nyarlathotep. Golden Queen will fight in his place.

    • Vs. Anyone (5% chance) - The King in Yellow's face goes blank. A noise like a radio being tuned in is heard. The King in Yellow face perks up and he says in his best Chris Rock voice: "No matter what an Avatar of Nyarlathotep tells you, there ain't no sex in R'yleth. Sure, there's Cthulhu in R'yleth, but you don't want Cthulhu, you want sex. And there ain't no sex in R'yleth." The KiY shakes his head and acts as if nothing happened. The verse may vary.

    • Vs. Golden Queen (5% chance)- The King in Yellow and Golden Queen stare at each other, long and hard. They both run forwards, drawing their weapons and start to tango, each taking turns leading. During the dance, they try (unsuccessfully) to impale each other on random objects/people. They stop shortly later and go into fighting stance.

  • Motivations:

    • Cause grievous bodily harm

    • Receive grievous bodily harm

    • Sucker people into taking the Unspeakable Oath

    • Win the wish at ANY cost

    • Wreck some serious havoc

    • See if Aberrations can be made into Soylent Green

  • How The King in Yellow talks:

    KiY is blunt and to the point. Usually. He isn't one for great long speeches, though he will make one if he feel's its absolutely necessary. He is usually relatively respectful and polite, but can be rather abusive and unpleasant.

  • How The King in Yellow acts:

    How does the King in Yellow act? He acts pretty much like a depressed Kefka. He is maniacal, evil, but also rather depressed and quite bitter at his current state. While he may be evil, he isn't unsociable (at least when he's not brooding), and can be quite amiable (if he isn't feeling particularly murderous), if people like the dry, depressed, sadistic, sardonic sort that are unrepentantly evil, and a bit of a hentai to boot. He's also rather stubborn, never backing down and fighting tooth and nail to the bitter end.

The character "King in Yellow" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to The King in Yellow.

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