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Name: Dread Judgement

Signature Quote: "Hold still. This will be REALLY painful."

Personal Email address: neovid@hotmail.com

  • Height: 5ft. 7in.

  • Weight: 165 lbs.

  • Appearance: Uninformed people would think he's a werewolf, but he's not. He looks like a wolf because of a fairly common mutation known as atavism (look it up). Smaller than an average atavist and more animalistic looking than most of them, even having legs jointed like a dog's. Still wears white clothes that look superheroic, since he's as big on cheap irony as the Master.

  • Bio: In the 2050s, Joel Kieth was a small time mutant criminal with big aspirations. Just big enough to get him noticed by the mystic-sword-wielding antihero known as Judgment. He actually managed to outsmart the vicious hero and kill him with a trap set up in his hideout, but soon found out the reason no one had heard of Judgment being beaten before: The Judgment sword would take over whoever defeated it as its next wielder. Joel was unwillingly forced into being a 'good guy'. He was discovered by the Master in his early days, before he was even known by that title. Using his still-developing hellborn magic, he managed to corrupt the sword enough for Joel to bend it to his will. Dread Judgment became the second Aberration.

  • Theme Song:

    • Game Theme: Burn In Hell (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: Power (unedited version) (Bust-A-Groove)

  • Abilities:

    • Though not having spectacular superhuman abilities, his mutation gives him strength and reflexes several times better than a normal person's. He's as difficult to kill as any of the Aberrations. Bad at magic, but an extremely dangerous fighter, due to having the Judgment sword and all the fighting skills that go with it at his command. He still prefers not to rely totally on the sword, and has hung onto the weapons he started his criminal career with: A pocket-sized laser, and a 38. caliber autopistol from the 20th century. The Master did a little mystic tinkering with them, and now they never have to be loaded, and their current ammo is... hellfire. His most developed talent has nothing to do with fighting. He loves being a torturer and crushing people's spirits.

  • Personality:

    Extremely calculating, intelligent, and a totally remorseless monster. His mind has always been his best weapon, and he's used it to get respect from all of the other Aberrants, even Souther. He's carefully avoided infighting with the others (even Mangle, though he can't stand that idiot). He'll always take the choice of commanding others over fighting in person, though he's no coward. If he does fight, he's fearless, and likely to go into a berzerk fury due to the sword's remaining influence and his own feral nature.

    He's also got the sickest, most warped mind of the entire group, with the possible exception of Souther. But don't think of him as a senseless killer. He's a very sensible killer.

    The character "Dread Judgement" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to NeoVid.

  • The Big Bad Wolf will beat you like the bit... dog you are. Yeah, baby...yeah.