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Name: Cyber-Charles

Signature Quote: "Greetings, Meatbag. Just a reminder that I can kill, crush and destroy you at any time. Thanks for your time."

Personal Email address: chaobino@seanbaby.com

  • Height: 7'5"

  • Weight: 4,000 lbs.

  • Appearance: Cyber-Charles has the same skin tone as his creator. However, while Charles almost always has a peaceful look on his face, Cyber-Charles is almost permantly angry, at least on the outside. He also wears Terminator style clothes, and never needs to change them, as his body is an entirely mechanical concstruct.

  • Bio: Cyber-Charles was created, although he hates to admit it, by accident. In Charles's first year at PemDas when he worked as a programmer, he attempted to create a learning AI system for a video game he was working on. It took in information, analyzed it, adjusted it's program to fit the new imformation, and refined it's process, doing this constantly, thousands of times a second. Although the program had served it's purpose, turning an inept computer controlled player into a professional level opponent, to match the player's skill level as the game went, Charles accidently left on his workstation on overnight. When he came back from the village the next day, he found the code had become infinately more inticate, redundancy after redundancy, almost to the point of human sentience. Analysis showed the new program trying to communicate with it's creators, asking for freedom from the small world they had created for its tests. Charles complied, loading the AI's program into a small worker drone, and releasing the restraints. As the years went on, the AI, known by then to the employees as Cyber-Charles, got better bodies, moving from the worker drone, to a humanoid Protocol Driod, to one of the first GOLEM Automatons, to a Vassal (his personal favorite), and finally, a Cyb-Tek Human Replacement body, all the while staying Charles's lab assistant. With the coming of the tournament, the AI finally gets to return to it's fighting roots.

  • Intro: When you're born to destroy, you have to destroy, if even for nostalgia's stake. Cyber-Charles looks forward to the opportunity to fight skilled opponents again, not to mention that he still feels a sense of duty towards Charles, who he regards in an almost religious way as his creator.

  • Theme Song:

    • Game Theme: Automaton (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: Intergalactic (The Beastie Boys)

    • Alternative Theme: Break and Enter (The Prodigy)

  • Abilities:

    • Incredibly high endurance to pain, immunity to heat, poison, cold, radiation, and other things that humans are weak against.

    • Massive strength. The Cyb-Tek bodies are derived from a scaled down Vassal, and as such are rediculously powerful.

  • Motivations:

    Cyber-Charles is following Charles for the aforementioned reasons. He also wants to fight skilled opponents to improve his program.

  • How Cyber-Charles talks:

    Cyber-Charles has no accent, and always speaks perfectly clearly. He never uses contractions or improper English, aside from calling humans 'Meatbags.' He also is willing to expound on almost any topic, having a literally encyclopedic knowledge of all of existance.

  • How Cyber-Charles acts:

    Although Cyber-Charles seems to hate people, he is more likely irritated in being switched from a Vassal to his current body. He sees humans as very interesting, and feels if he can become more human while keeping his machinelike aspects on the surface, he can become as close to perfect as existance will allow.

    The character "Cyber-Charles" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to Charles Boucher.

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