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Name: Ch'oe Nabi

Signature Quote: "..."

Personal Email address: yun@bluenothing.com

  • Height: 5ft. 7in.

  • Weight: 185 lbs.

  • Build: Big and ripped.

  • Appearance: Ch'oe has a wrestler's build and is easily the meatiest of the four. He has long hair and can usually be seen in a red flannel, a Japanese "Cactus Jack" t-shirt, and Rock-style sunglasses.

    Alternate Appearance: His t-shirt changes to a black shirt with the D-Generation X logo, his jeans become black as well and the flannel changes color to blue.

  • Fighting Style: Sòn'injangdo,a surprisingly effective combination of martial arts and professional wrestling.

  • Button Style: King of Fighters

  • Bio: Ch'oe Nabi grew up down the street from I Suroe in the city of Taejòn, South Korea. He discovered the WWF on the Internet after seeing Cactus Jack in action in the Deathmatch tournament on a trip to Japan, and attempted to incorporate some of the moves he read about into the T'aegwòndo he was learning from I's father. At first both Is tried to discourage him, saying that the moves were staged and would not work in a real fight. Ch'oe persevered and convinced the younger I to accept his fighting style, which he calls Sòn'injangdo, or "The Path of the Cactus," after his idol Mick Foley's "Cactus Jack" character, by countering a punch to the face with a Mandible Claw. The elder I threw him out of the tojang (dojo) and told him never to return. Later, when I was also expelled from the tojang, the two travelled to Songt'an and met Noe Chònggu, and later went to Taegu where they met Yun Ch'òlsu.

  • Intro: Where martial arts and sports entertainment collide, you will find Ch'oe Nabi, with a style combining equal parts Jackie Chan and Mick Foley.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: For All Mankind(Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: Superstar (Saliva)

    • Alternate Theme: Take It (The Insane Clown Posse)

    • Korean Street Posse Theme: Ultramania (Seo Taiji)

    • Teamed with I Suroe: Bodies (Drowning Pool)

  • Stage: The boiler room in the back of Yòngch'òn Night Club, Songt'an, South Korea

  • Weapons: Being a Sports Entertainment fanatic Ch'oe has developed a hardcore brawling style which means basically that anything can and will be used as a weapon in his hands. By way of Yun's pocket dimension he has access to a steel folding chair, a bag of thumb tacks, and a two-by-four wrapped in barbed wire.

  • Special Resources:

    • The Korean Street Posse: Yun Ch'òlsu, Noe Chònggu and I Suroe

  • Openings:

    • Kane Entrance (First Round): Ch'oe walks onstage, flanked by I Suroe and Yamamoto Keori. Ch'oe raises his arms dramatically and thrusts them down which serves as a signal for I and Keori to perform an [Everclear Fireball] and [Human Blowtorch], respectively. Both fireballs fly straight up.

    • Gangrel Entrance (Standard): Ch'oe appears to rise from the ground (it's actually Yun's jacket... yes the Posse members can enter the pocket dimension...) He then takes a gulp of cherry flavored soju and spits it out.

    • The Rock Entrance (Vs. Keori or KSP): Ch'oe and raises his eyebrow at his opponent.

    • Hardy Boyz Entrance (Teamed with I Suroe): The two sprint out, running around the screen and striking various bizarre poses.

    • X-Pac Entrance (Teamed with Yun Ch'òlsu): Ch'oe crotch chops while Yun fires twin Noet'an in an X pattern.

    • Rob Van Dam Entrance (Teamed with Noe Chònggu): Ch'oe walks out and points to himself while Noe runs around him spastically, blowing a whistle.

    • Y2J Entrance (Teamed with Yamamoto Keori): A cheap version of Chris Jericho's entrance. Yun, I and Noe stand off to the side, I holding a sign that reads "Y2Ch'oe" (Ch'oe", in this case, is written in the Korean alphabet, Hangùl.) Noe kneels in front of him holding a stack of signs with the Chinese numbers 1-6 written on them. One by one he throws them aside, counting down in Korean: "Yuk, O, Sa, Sam, I, Il." Yun, standing behind I, then throws a pair of smoke Chusuryut'an at the ground. Ch'oe and Keori emerge from the smoke.

  • Taunts:

    • The Whole F'n Show (Rob Van Dam): Ch'oe points to himself with his thumbs. (Start)

    • Crotch Chops (X-Pac): Ch'oe thrusts his hips forward and chops the area on either side of his groin. (u or d+Start)

    • The People's Eyebrow (The Rock): Ch'oe lowers his sunglasses and raises his right eyebrow. (l or r+Start)

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Cactus Jack Finish (Standard): Ch'oe mimes shooting a pair of pistols.

    • The Rock Finish (Perfect Victory): Ch'oe gives "The People's Elbow" to his opponent.

    • Rob Van Dam Finish (Super): Ch'oe points to himself.

    • Blue Meanie Finish (Desperation): Ch'oe collapses and crawls offstage.

    • Steve Austin Finish (Draw): Ch'oe flips the bird to his opponent.

    • Dude Love Finish (Time Over): Ch'oe is surrounded by women and walks off.

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "..."

  • Character Strategy: As can be expected from his wrestling based style Ch'oe is a very strong but surprisingly athletic fighter who specializes in short range attacks.

  • Attacks:

    • Normals:

      • A: Smackdown (The Rock): Open handed jab punch to the face

      • B: Sweet Shin Music (Dude Love): Side kick to the shin

      • C: Double Axe Handle (Randy Savage): Two handed overhead punch

      • D: Sweet Chin Music (Shawn Michaels): Side kick to the jaw

  • Launcher:

    • Jackknife (Kevin Nash): Ch'oe straddles his opponent's head then grabs him/her around the waist. He then lifts him/her up, flips him/her over, and throws him/her into the air.
      5% damage if opponent lands before Ch'oe hits them again

  • Throws:

    • Chokeslam (Kane): Ch'oe grabs his opponent by the neck with one hand and throws them to the ground.
      5% Damage

    • Choketoss (The Big Show): Ch'oe grabs his opponent by the neck with two hands and throws him/her over his shoulder.

  • Specials:

    • Big Boot/Leg Drop (Hulk Hogan): Ch'oe kicks his opponent in the face, knocking him/her down, then leaps into the air and drops his leg on his/her neck.
      5% Damage

    • Bronco Buster (X-Pac): Ch'oe leaps forward and tackles his opponent so that his/her head is between his legs. Ch'oe then rides his opponent like a mechanical bull in a redneck bar.
      5% Damage

    • The Best Dropkick in the Business (Hardcore Holly): Ch'oe charges his opponent and delivers a two footed jump kick to his/her face.
      8% Damage
      (Charge b+f+B/D)

    • Fame-ass-er (Billy Gunn): Ch'oe bends his opponent backwards and scissors his/her neck between his legs, falling to the ground and bringing the head with him.
      10% Damage
      (Charge d+u+B/D)

    • Lionsault (Chris Jericho): Ch'oe turns his back to his opponent then executes a back flip, crashing into him/her
      10% Damage
      (QC d-b+B/D)

    • Cactus Elbow (Cactus Jack): Ch'oe leaps into the air bringing his elbow crashing into his opponent's chest.
      11% Damage
      (QC f-u+A/C)

    • Spear (Goldberg): Ch'oe charges his opponent with his head bowed and striking them in the abdomen with his thick skull.
      13% Damage + Knockdown
      (Charge b+f+A/C)

    • Scorpion Death Drop (Sting): Ch'oe grabs his opponent in a headlock from behind, bending his/her neck backwards. He then falls backward driving his/her head to the ground.
      15% Damage

  • Supers:

    • Variations on a Theme (Various Wrestlers): Ch'oe grabs the opponent by the head and stretches his/her neck over his shoulder.
      (360d+any button)

      • A: Ace Crusher (Unknown): The move with no setup
        20% damage

      • B: Diamond Cutter (Diamond Dallas Page): The move accompanied by a leap forward
        20% damage

      • C: Twist of Fate (Matt Hardy): A side headlock comboed into the move
        25% damage

      • D: Stone Cold Stunner (Steve Austin): The move prefaced by a strong kick to the midsection
        25% damage

    • Pedigree (HHH): Ch'oe straddles his opponent's head and grabs both of his/her arms by the elbow and falls to his knees.
      30% Damage
      (d+d+HC f-b+B/D)

    • Double Arm DDT (Cactus Jack): Ch'oe tucks his opponent's head under his arm and hooks him/her under the shoulders with both hands. He then falls backwards bringing the opponent headfirst into the ground.
      35% Damage
      (Charge b+HC f-b+A/C)

  • Desperation:

    • Suicidal Swanton Bomb (Jeff Hardy): Ch'oe knocks his opponent down then climbs to the highest point in the stage (Yun will bring out a stepladder if the stage is fairly flat.) Ch'oe then rips his shirt off in a fanservice-y fashion and performs a swan dive from this high point landing on the opponent.
      45% Damage
      (Charge d+b+f+B/D)

  • Ultimate Attack

    • Mandible Claw (Mankind): Ch'oe jams his hand into his opponent's mouth and applies pressure to the nerves in the back of his/her tongue. This temporarily paralyzes the jaw which is what prevents him/her from biting down on Ch'oe's fingers. This is Ch'oe's favorite move.
      6% Tick Damage Per Second... Max 60%
      (HC f+HC b+f+A/C)

  • Flash Finisher:

    • Hardcore Legend Combo (Mick Foley): Ch'oe first staggers his opponent with [Sweet Shin Music] then drops them with a [Double Arm DDT.] He runs back to gain steam for the [Cactus Elbow] then kneels over the fallen opponent and slaps on the [Mandible Claw.]
      (b+b+HC b-f+All Four Buttons)

  • Team Helper:

    • Ch'oe runs in and smacks his teammate's opponent with a steel folding chair.

  • Team Supers:

    • Team Edit: Chokeslam

    • Teamed with I Suroe: Dudley Death Drop (The Dudley Boyz): I grabs the opponent as if for a [Rotgut], but flings them upward instead of finishing the move. Ch'oe grabs the opponent by the head and the two of them slam him/her to the ground.
      40% Damage

    • Teamed with I Suroe: Wazzap (The Dudley Boyz): Ch'oe drops the opponent then grabs him/her by the legs. I flies onscreen with a [Screwdriver] to the groin.
      40% Damage

    • Teamed with Noe Chònggu: Van Daminator (Rob Van Dam): Noe holds his big spork in font of the opponent's face which Ch'oe hits with a flying kick. The Spork hits the opponent's face for 20% damage.

    • Teamed with Yun Ch'òlsu: Poetry in Motion (The Hardy Boyz): Ch'oe crouches down on all fours. Yun runs out, springing off of Ch'oe to perform a [Ch'agi Ch'agi] for 25% damage

    • Teamed with Gaijin Dan: Double Cactus Jack Attack: Dan takes down the opponent with a Double-Arm DDT, then leaves as Ch'oe flies onto the opponent from off screen with a Cactus Elbow.
      25% Damage

  • Glitches:

    • When Ch'oe performs his "Crotch Chop" taunt there is a 50% chance that Noe's voice will scream "Suck it!" from somewhere in the background.

    • In the "Dude Love Finish" there is a 50% chance that Keori will be one of the "Dudettes."

    • Ch'oe will always no-sell NeoVid's [Headknocker] attack. He will take normal damage but will not react to the hit in any way.

  • Motivations:

    • Ch'oe is just out for a good time. He's here to support Yun and maybe get few licks in himself.

  • How Ch'oe Nabi talks:

    Ch'oe Nabi is a man of few words. He communicates primarily through his facial expressions and follows the motto "Never waste a word where a grunt will suffice." Despite his natural reticence he is the only member of the group who speaks Japanese. When he does speak, his English is broken and stilted.

  • How Ch'oe Nabi acts:

    Ch'oe is the quiet one. Of the four Koreans he and I Suroe have known eachother the longest and the two have developed a rapport which transcends Ch'oe's reluctance to speak. Their relationship is similar to the pre-DX Kane and X-Pac (WWF) or Jay and Silent Bob (Clerks). Ch'oe is also the closest thing the four Koreans have to a bishounen. Despite his goth-grunge attire and hefty build his looks and cool, aloof personality fit the bishounen stereotype. I calls him a "Misonyòn" which is the Korean pronunciation of the kanji for bishounen, even though the actual Korean word is "Minamja." Ch'oe hates being called a Bishounen

    The character "Ch'oe Nabi" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to Blue Nothing Productions

  • This is the bottom line... cause Ch'oe Nabi Said so!