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Name: Luke Rideout. "Caine"

Signature Quote: "Arr."

Personal Email address: spacepiratecaine@yahoo.com

  • Height: 6ft. 0in.

  • Weight: 210 lbs.

  • Build: Tall and lanky.

  • Appearance: Caine is a young, calm warrior, with a boyish smile and a friendly, non-confrontive demeanor. Defensively trained and cool under pressure, his stance is a low, wide knees-bent stance, right-side facing his opponent. He carries a long, sheathed katana, with no handguard in his left hand, right hand resting loosely on the hilt. His body is taut and trim, catlike in stature, almost. He has a long, flowing mane of light blue hair, falling to midback, with an almost comical forelock which springs forth and hangs down a few inches ahead of his face. His jawline is traced with a thin, well-maintained beard. He has crystal blue eyes and a smooth, clean complexion. His clothing consists of blue jeans, held up with black suspenders. His shirt is a formal white button-down, with the cuffs unfastened. He wears black industrial workboots, the right sporting a spiked, leather ornament. About his neck he wears a simple braided leather necklace. His right forearm, including the wrist and much of the flat of his hand is wrapped with white gauze.

    Alternate Appearance: He looks much the same, except his clothing is that of an edo period samurai. He wears black hakama and a white haori, both very loose and formal. His hair is worn down loose, and he wears tabi on his feet. His wrist is still wrapped for stability.

    Special: Caine can sometimes be seen in his Shadow council Seraph uniform. Solid black, it is basically a turtleneck and loose black breeches, with shiny black boots. His torso sports crossed silver bands of steel, as well as single bands on his upper arms, and legs. Each of these bands have small things that resemble bolts, which glow blue when he uses his energy power. He wears his hair in a ponytail, and his wrist is still wrapped.

    Special: On occasion, Caine also wears his formal ship uniform. Stolen, actually, it is traditionally worn by police Admirals. It is a dark gray long coat with black trim, buckles and straps on the arms and down the front. It is buttoned to the top. The GPF chevron has been noticeably removed from the left lapel, though the Admiral's bars still remain. Underneath, he wears his black shadow council top, and black slacks, tall combat boots, with a column of large steel scales down the front. His hair is kept in a ponytail. His wrist is still wrapped.

  • Fighting Style: Tyrax Shadow council sword combat, personalized (hybrid sword art, includes elements from many different styles; has four basic stances, each with very different attack forms. Caine has registered two for the first tournament).

  • Button Style: Soul Calibur Button style. (Vertical, Horizontal, Kick, Guard)

  • Bio: Born on the planet Tyrax, diametrically opposed in placement to earth and a little up of Altarean space. The planet itself was historically nearly faced with a civil conflict that resulted in a small armageddon. Evolution on the planet has granted the Tyraxen people a large number of bacteria, which cultivate and disperse energy, and also keep them alive, in the hostile environment of the planet. Thousands of years have rendered the planet a Utopia, where a pair of governmental councils rule the planet. The "High council" and "Shadow council", both enigmatic, manage to keep perfect order on the entire planet. The high council controlling the ecosystem with their unrivaled power in energy manipulation, and the shadow council training warriors to defend and quest for the high council. Select few youths are inducted into the shadow council for training at age five, whereupon they learn to use their power and physical strengths to their advantage. At the end of their eleven year training, they are given a final test, where half of the students are quite literally put to rest. Each team of two, who have trained together for the entirety of the eleven years scale the tower, locked in a fight to the death.

    Luke, a youth on Tyrax was one such warrior. His older brother, Brian, became a High council member, one of the twenty before Luke was even into his formal training. Luke joined the Shadow council of his own will, and went through training with another recruit named Paul. The two were drastically different, but considered one another great friends. Their friendship lasted through the entire eleven years until almost the very end. They knew one was to die at the end of their training, and had even thought about seceding, and both leaving in exile, so as not to be forced to kill the other. However, due to an undisclosed grievance, which he refuses to talk about anymore, Luke and paul drifted apart. The two who had been great friends were suddenly the worst of enemies. And, in a fit of rage, Luke threw down the proverbial gauntlet and decided to go through with the combat, to return the hurt that Paul had given him.

    They faced off, scaling the thousand foot tower, leaping from floating stone to floating stone all the way to the summit. The two fought with an unrivaled ferocity, and at the end of the combat, on the very top, Luke had a broken arm, and Paul had a sword through his throat, never to breathe again. Luke took his place among the seraphim of Tyrax, and went "on quest". The rite of all initiates to find their own path before ascending to true shadow status. Luke opted for space piracy, taking the name Caine.

    So, after two years of space Piracy, dodging the Galactic police force in a crew of four beings, The Engineer, Danny "Twisty" Westfall, The enigmatic slime-being, "Plok" and the Captain, David "Tytan" Fayram, who elected Caine to join the competition. He now sees himself ready to test his skills as a shadow seraph in formal tournament. (The exploits of the Space pirates outside the tournament are tentatively going to be published as the manga "Nanika Seikatsuno Kankei!" - "Something to do with Life!").

  • Intro: Caine is just plain ambitious. He joined with Tytan's blessing to have some fun in a tournament. He actually doesn't care about any prize, nor does he expect to win, but he needs a new vending machine for his ship, the "Androphonos", and figures something could be gotten from a successful tourney.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: Nanika Seikatsu no Kankei (Blue Nothing)

    • General: Psychommunity (Hide)

    • Vs. Self: Pose (hide)

    • Home Stage: Misery Remix (hide)

  • Stage: Androphonos bridge. The holographic imaging system of the Androphonos' main bridge was designed to allow for amazing strategic accuracy, being able to project any scenario in almost perfect realism to those within. The space pirate crew uses this for entertainment and training purposes. Caine's stage is a small grassy thicket near a Japanese jinja (shrine). It is near nightfall. A small pond with coi inside is off the side of the fighters' starting position. Every once in a while, the program will break, and the actual gunmetal gray interior of the bridge can be seen, and the entrance to the Bridge remains visible at all times, seemingly floating randomly nearby. Also, a large vending machine labeled "Captain Coffee" sits pushed to the side, upon which Danny (Another space pirate, with blond hair and big glasses) leans drinking a mug of cappuccino.

  • Weapons:

    • Iaito: A long, ornamental twelve fold blade with no handguards and a slitted metal scabbard.

    • Node: Attached to a belt loop, it is a bladeless handle to a sword. Looks very similar to his regular sword's handle, except where the blade is, there is a metal contraption with a strange bolt and a slot in it, seemingly where a blade would go. It generates a field of protons in an enclosed space, then the dispersion of energy from Caine can create a long, atomic blade out of pure neutronic energy. Similar to a katana, except the blade looks to be made up of blue flame (An illusion created by the energy constantly dispersing). (Used only after special move)

  • Special Resources:

    • The Great Dirigible: A large spaceworthy R.V., used as a dropship.

  • Openings:

    • First Round (Home Stage): Hangs out, in the empty bridge reading manga and chatting with Danny until "Fight!" is called. He sets his manga atop Captain Coffee and walks into position. As he moves, the holographic scene flashes into view.

    • First round (normal): Caine stands, holding his cat, "Methuselah" in his arms. He pauses to set her down, whereupon she quickly runs off. He stretches his back and falls into iaido stance.

    • Standard: Caine walks into position and waves, then brushes his forelock aside, and gets into iaido stance. He says, "Ikimashou ka?" (Shall we go?)

    • Vs. Self: Both walk up, confusedly mirroring one another, they both check their hair and smooth out their shirts, then get into iaido stance.

    • Vs. Yuusuke: Claps and shouts "Oooooi! Itsumo hide!"

    • Vs. (V)ajin: Pulls his katana, then looks from (V)ajin's zanbatou to his little katana and back, says, "Oh, sugoi" then shrugs, resheathes his sword and gets ready to fight.

  • Taunts:

    • Caine pulls a donut out of some random hidden place and throws it into the air, slicing it up with his katana in Tachibana Ukyou-esque style.

    • Caine makes a fist and shouts "ARR!"

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard: Caine puts his sword away and walks over, kneeling and helping his opponent to stand again.

    • Time Over (Win): Fastens his sword and stands up, breathing heavily. He runs his hand through his hair and says, "Ou, ii ne!" (Oh, good)

    • Time Over (Lose): Slings blade over shoulder, and scratches back of his head with his left hand, "Boku hazure, ne? Souka." (I lost? I see.)

    • Draw: He stands up straight again and leans back to pop his spine, after a pop or two are heard, he stands back up and smiles, clasping his hands behind his back.

    • Desperation: Shakes his head, dizzily, then looks about and smiles, re-sheathing his sword, and turning to walk away.

    • Perfect: Cherry blossoms fall, thrown by an overzealous Tytan, captain of Caine's pirate crew, carrying a bag labelled "SAKURAS". Caine sheathes his blade accompanied by a kabuki 'Yooooo!" and tsuzumi drum.

    • Flash: Kneels seiza and says "Arigatou gozaimashita", bowing respectfully.

    • Alternate: He sits down, tired. His cat wanders on from the side of the screen, and rubs against Caine's hand, whereupon he starts to scratch its head.

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "Arr."

    • "Sou, sousou. Mata Ikou ze!" (Right, right right. One more time!)

    • "Makenaiyouni, isshoukenmei renshuu shitayo." (I trained real hard so I wouldn't lose)

    • Desperation: "A, tsukareta. Mou; oyasuminasai." (Phew, I'm tired. G'nite).

    • Perfect/Flash: "Doumo, Arigatou Gozaimashita!" (Thank you very much!)

    • Ultimate: "I rock."

  • Character Strategy: Caine is a very strong up-close character. He posesses no real long-range attacks to speak of, except for the kinetic push attack, which still requires the opponent to be reasonably close. Up close he is very calm, striking in purely defensive form using a relaxed iaido "quick-draw" sword technique hybrid. His attacks, after the initial, can combo into large kata-like strike patterns. He is strong, defensively, but rushing in to attack with him is generally a very bad idea. His body constantly channels energy, so he can be effectively unaffected by energy-based attacks with good timing. His Guard must, however, be used in timing with incoming attacks.

  • Attacks:

    • Launcher:

      • He winds up and kicks upwards with staggering force, lifting the opponent up and away. His legs pack a real punch, but it's also rather slow.
        (half-circle forward + Kick)

    • Command normals:

      • Stab: Draws his sword, and stabs directly forward, the blood of a major artery being punctured by this attack is supposed to resemble the blossoms of a cherry tree in spring.

      • Men: Preforms a quick overhead strike to the head of the opponent, shouting “MEN!”

      • Kote: (Chain from men) Makes a second strike, lower to the level of the opponent’s arm while shouting “KOTE!”

      • Do: (Chain from kote) Rushes the opponent, making a wide strike to the stomach area while shouting “DOOOOOOO!”

      • Pekopeko: (chain from men or kote) Steps back, patting tummy, and says “A, pekopeko, ne.”

      • Iainuki: An attack with a lot of finesse, Caine swings his sword outward quickly in a wide, and long horizontal arc, performs Chiburi, the blood-shake-off, and sheathes it again in one fluid motion. Slow, but does slightly more damage than a normal attack, and looks cool.

      • Throws:

        • 'Bago Smash: (Done after Launcher) At the apex of flight, the Great Dirigible streaks across the sky, slamming directly into the opponent.
          (half-circle up + kick + horizontal)

        • Batsu: A very stylistic attack, Caine turns around quickly, executing a rather nasty swing with the scabbard of his sword directed at his opponent's head, then continues by crossing the blade and scabbard, stabbing backward at his opponent. If preformed correctly, it can be very effective.. (6%) (Guard + horizontal)

        • Maru: A continuation of the 'Batsu' attack, Caine unravels from his crouched and prone position and spins around again to simultaneously strike his opponent with his blade and scabbard by swinging them in a wide arc around his body. A very useful attack against someone who wishes to take advantage of having Caine's back turned from them. (6%) (forward + horizontal, after Batsu)

        • Kinetic Push: Does very little damage (2%) But pushes the enemy away across the arena with a single swing of the hand, charging the air in front of Caine with conflicting polarities. It can be resisted by kneeling, thereby increasing one's balance upon the ground.
          (Hold back, forward + vertical + horizontal)

        • Energy throw: Grabbing his opponent about the shoulders and charging the air around him, Caine forces the enemy away while still constricting their upper body. Whiplash city, here we come!
          (10% dmg.)
          (Forward, guard + vertical + horizontal)

      • Specials:

        • Energy dispersion: Tyraxens are host to millions of bacteria which cultivate and manipulate electric fields, allowing the tyraxens to unconsciously control energy waves. If an attack that uses electricity or "chi" is used against him, and he manages to react quickly enough, it is rendered useless. This includes technological attacks. It's a good way to make up for his negligible long-range skill.
          (Back + guard + horizontal + vertical with correct timing)

        • Perfect parry: Caine, if timed correctly, unsheathes his blade, knocking an attack away with a single fluid motion, and performing a crossing X-slash across the opponent's front. He then re-sheathes his weapon stylishly.
          (Hold guard, vertical at correct time)

      • Supers:

        • Levitate: By charging the air around him kinetically, Caine can seem to fly, launching high into the sky and still moving around with his uncommon dexterity. A mirage of cascading energy makes it look as though he sprouts wings.
          (Hold down, up + vertical + kick)
          (5% damage or touching the ground causes flight to cease.)

        • San-zen (3000) slash sword: Cutting through an enemy's defenses, this attack, true to it's name, strikes with blinding speed, hitting high, low and middle seemingly all at once. Though easily dodgeable, it is unblockable, and does a load of damage.
          (down, forward, down, forward + horizontal + vertical)

        • Energy Blade: Caine sheathes and puts away his normal katana, pulling out his extra-powered energy blade. Made of pure kinetic force, the blade does much more damage than a steel one (Double damage to all sword attacks). Being the only energy that Caine cannot disperse, it even cuts through energy dispersion. Unfortunately, most of Caine's energy is devoted to the maintenance of the blade. Using an energy-based attack like kinetic push, or energy dispersion will unsummon the blade.
          (down, back, half-circle forward + horizontal + vertical).

      • Desperation:

        • Dash cut: Caine, in a single act of power, runs forward forcing himself to blinding speed toward the opponent, at the moment of impact, the blade's edge becomes nearly atomic in size, and Caine continues to run by. The Damage is devastating, as such an attack would rend any normal matter on the molecular level, even air molecules are cut in half by the attack, leaving a dark, etherial trail as he swings.
          (full circle counterclockwise, horizontal + kick)

      • Ultimate Attack

        • Cold stranger: Caine's energy peaks and continues to surge through his body. Small bolts of electricity surge from his body as he unleashes the full power of a Shadow Seraph. He levitates into the air, slowly, and his opponent is attacked by lances of pure kinetic energy. In this time, Caine is vulnerable to attack, and takes twice normal damage, however.
          (full circle clockwise, horizontal + vertical + kick)
          (5% damage per energy lance, each attack in rapid succession from different angles up to 12 times. Dizzies opponent. Caine takes 5% damage as well.)

      • Flash Finisher:

        • Owari: Caine unsheathes his blade, and holds it in traditional Chuudan, or upright stance, raising it above his head. The entire area darkens, and the kanji upon Caine's hands begin to glow, then Caine lunges forward, coming down upon his enemy, in a single cross slash. The area fades to Black, and all music halts if it hits, the sound of the wind through bamboo and the sad, quiet tsuzumi can be heard. After a short, final play on the shamisen, the area slowly returns to light, and Caine sits seiza next to the still body of his opponent.
          (back, down, up + vertical)

      • Team Helper:

        • Caine can be called in to perform his kinetic push. He Dashes in from one side, and stops next to his partner, pushing outward with both hands. The opponent then is thrown across the arena (2%), landing face up on the ground. If successful, Caine shakes a fist, shouting "Arr!" and runs back.

      • Team Supers:

        Teamed with Sean:

      • Double Atomic Flying Wedgie: Caine rushes his opponent, at the final moment hauling back and booting them up into the air (His launcher). He then springs up and waits for them to nearly hit the ground; whereupon he uses the kinetic push to make them start flying away from him. Sean runs in, and waits for the opponent to fly by him, where he steps out of the way, and skillfully grabs onto their underwear mid-flight and yanks forward, causing them to halt flight, and be victim to one of the most painful wedgies in existence. (15% The underwear will tear and be left in Sean's hands while the opponent hits the ground), (5% the underwear will pull all the way up and be wrapped over their forehead)

    • Glitches:

      • When doing the 'Do' move chain, or the 'Men, Again' attack, there is a 5% chance that he will trip over his own feet or if he is in his samurai outfit, the end of his Hakama and sprawl to the floor, rolling for a bit. He will then get up, and nonchalantly brush the dust off himself, then get back into position. It takes away 2% life)

      • Home-stage: Every time Caine pulls off an impressive move that ends in a blade re-sheath move, Tytan runs on, cheering and throwing cherry blossoms from a large "SAKURAS" bag.

      • Vs. Yuusuke: Against Yuusuke, Caine's formal button-down shirt is replaced by a hide "Rocket Dive" Tee-shirt.

    • Motivations:

      • Caine, having killed once, intends never to kill another living person directly ever again. He understands that his actions, especially being a space pirate can kill people indirectly, but to actually kill someone in cold blood scares him like nothing else. He believes in being polite and friendly to all, so his conduct on the battlefield is very ceremonious and void of contempt. He has no real reason to want to win the tournament except to hone his skills, which he believes still leave something to be desired. With his closest friends, Like Tytan and Twisty, his truly comedic nature comes forth in full-force; where around others, he is generally friendly, but still detached until he forms a more informal relationship.

    • How Caine talks:

      Caine's voice is soft and reserved. He speaks with no noticeable accent (His translator chip makes phonic alterations to make him understandable to anyone). He speaks with a quiet baritone, and his general state of happiness can be heard in his words, often. It should be noted that Caine speaks only Tyraxen, truthfully, but since his voice is altered with a universal translator chip, he always sounds like he is speaking a fluent form of the listener's native language. (This can be canceled manually, so as to practice foreign languages.)

    • How Caine acts:

      Caine is a very pleasant gentleman. He tries not to bother anyone, and always speaks as though equal to whomever he talks. He is rather meek, even so far as to say he has something of an inferiority complex, so he tends to doubt his own skill often. Nonetheless, he is friendly and hospitable. He doesn't talk much about his past as a Seraph, but will openly talk about space piracy to others. He has a good sense of humor, and exercises it whenever he sees a good opportunity.

    All references made in this character are copyright their respective owner. The "Caine" character and "Nanika Seikatsuno Kankei" manga are effectively Copyright Luke Rideout, 2000. Unauthorized copying means I hunt you down... with a crowbar.

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