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Name: Barrigostin

(Notes before reading: Barrigostin is a special hidden sub-boss who will appear in a surprise fight right in between the last fight against any of the regular characters and the Final Boss if the player has won every fight with the same team member and didn't use the other team member at all, not even for striker or team moves. Fighting against Barri is a one on one fight and losing the fight doesn't matter. The fight's only purpose is to allow the player to rack up a higher score and unlock Cyrus as a playable character.)

Signature Quote: [N/A]

Personal Email address: majin@houston.rr.com

  • Height: 8'5"(but mostly variable)

  • Weight: [N/A]

  • Appearance: Barri is very tall and muscular. His skin is extremely tough and its coloring makes him look like a three dimensional shadow save for places where the light reflects off it when in direct light. His hands are like large meaty talons while his feet possess the typical hooves of a demon. He has bony projections from his elbows and knees. All he wears is a torn black pair of pants and mangled black leather jacket with the sleeves torn off just above the elbows. On his back are a pair of large leathery wings. His face looks mostly human in shape save for the horns on his head, his fanged mouth, and his blazing red eyes. He has a jet black goatee and dreadlocks. In addition crimson flames seem to wreathe his body and play off his skin.

  • Fighting Style: Demonic

  • Button Style: N/A... player can't play as him.

  • Bio: Barrigostin is a "Repentant" Shadow Deamon. He is also from the first generation of Deamons/Angels created at the beginning of the Multriverse. The job of Deamons was to act as jailers for souls slated for Hell. At around the time of the fall of Satan and his Angels, similar thing happened in Hell. A third of the Deamons there did not hold the same view as the others of how the job would be done. This group, known as the "Repentant" (a misnomer), believed in rehabilitating, though through sometimes questionable means (but those were usually left for the extreme circumstances), the condemed souls so that they could try again in a new life. Barragostin was one of these Deamons that believed this. When the Repentant were ousted from Hell, they were allowed to take up residence in Heaven bringing their Realms and the souls under their supervision with them. Barrigostin has actually gotten involved in the affairs of mortals quite a bit. His most recent exploit got him imprisoned in Andrea Quo-Fae's world, where he was released by the (\/)ajin and was subsequently bound to him and forced to possess his shadow. Barri has since then been involved all sorts of fiascos with (\/) and Andi.

  • Intro: Barrigostin has come for the most part because he has to, considering that he's bound to the (\/)ajin. He also intends to keep his friend out of trouble and to help him gather information on Focal Point.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: Shades (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: Damien (Iced Earth)

  • Stage: His realm...basically looks like a wasteland that overcast by sulfuric clouds that has pillars of devine light criss-crossing to the ground through the clouds.

  • Weapons: Zero Hour, see Majin's profile for description.

  • Special Skills:

    • -Shadow manipulation(including himself)

    • -Can sense when Hellfire has been used on something.

    • -Can speak any language

    • -Wisdom coming from eons of experiences

  • Special Resources:

    • Combination of Hellfire and Devine Light

    • -His realm in habited by Angels, Demons, and repentant Souls

  • Openings:

    • 1st Round: His opponent drops from a portal on their side of the screen. Barri then rises up out of the shadows on his side and stretches. Barri looks at his opponent and says "You have impressed me, and I wish to test you before your final task...PREPARE YOURSELF!"

  • Taunts:

    • Crosses arms and nods.

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard: Crosses arms and says "You are good, but you need more work. Farewell!" Waves his arm and a portal opens under his opponent, sending them away.

    • Draw/loss: Stands up and bows to opponent saying, "You are truly worthy opponent. Farewell!" Waves his arm and a portal opens under his opponent, sending them away.

  • Victory Quotes:


  • Character Strategy: Because Barrigostin has no weight, most attacks will have a "knock back effect" if they don't already have one, and those that knock him even further away. Being weightless also has its advantages, namely being insanely fast. In addition to this he takes no damage from blocking, save for from unblockable attacks. He does massive damage with all attacks but none of the damage that is done to him is reduced. The best stratagy is to lay into Barri with the best attacks you have.

  • Attacks:

    • Specials:

      • Hell/Heaven Shot: Throws a ball of hellfire or divine light (random) at opponent.

      • Zero Jab: Barri changes hand into the Zero Hour and does a single jab at the opponent with it. (Knock back)

      • Hack/Slash: Barri changes hand into the Zero Hour and swings (alternates horzontally and vertically) at his opponent.

      • Flame/Light Breath: Spits a ball of hellfire or divine light (random) at opponent.

      • Claw/Blade Rush: Charges through opponent slashing him with his clawed hands or the Zero Hour (random) unless blocked or knocked out of it.

      • Hellight Burst: Ground beneath opponent explodes in hellfire and divine light. There are sparks on the ground going between Barri and his opponenent before the attack. Unblockable.

      • Shadow Port: Teleports behind opponent using their shadow.

      • Flight: Flies in the air for a limited amount of time.

    • Supers:

      • Hellight Geyser: A pillar of hellfire and divine light erupts beneath opponent's feet. There are sparks on the ground beneath the target that precede the attack. Unblockable.

      • Shadow Roar: A large black beam of energy shoots from Barrigostin's mouth.

      • Shadow Rush: Charges at opponent using alternating claw swipes and slashes from the Zero Hour.

    • Desperation:

      • Shadow Hellight Fury: Barri starts by throwing a black ball of energy at his opponent, if it hits and is not blocked then the entire ground starts erupting in pillars of divine light, black energy, and hellfire, doing massive amounts of damage.

    • Ultimate Attack/Summon:

      • Omega Shadow Flame: Fires two enormous black beams of energy, one from his and one from his mouth. That fills up the entire screen. This attack can only be blocked.

    • Flash Finisher:

      • Judgement of the Damned: Condemned souls rise up from the ground and start dogpiling Barri's opponent who collapses under the weight before the souls dissappear. Unblockable.

  • Motivations:

    • Helping others

    • Loyalty to friends (Andi and Cyrus especially)

    • Fighting with worthy opponents

  • How Barrigostin talks:

    Perfect grammar and diction. Sometimes sounds condecending to "mortals" that he's not close to.

  • How Barrigostin acts:

    Acts like he doesn't care about the affairs of "mortals." In fact he is very concerned about them in that he feels it is his responsiblity to try to help keep them from being corrupted too much. He only opens up with people he is close to, whose numbers are few.

The character "Barrigostin" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to the (\/)ajin.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?