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Name: Amanda "RedWire" Morgenstern

Signature Quote: "Coool... now, where can I get one like that?"

Personal Email address: a99jonst@student.his.se

  • Height: 6'3", but looks shorter due to her slouch.

  • Weight: 315 lbs. due to all the hardware.

  • Appearance: Amanda is a caucasian human in her mid twenties. She's a bit thin, though with some muscle tone, and is more cute than actually beautiful. She usually has long hair in spikes, usually blue but sometimes other colors. She has five eyes, of which two are in the normal position, and the other three are lined up on her forehead. (usually concealed by her hair) They're blue and fairly life-like, though a moderately close inspection will reveal them to be artificial. Two rather suspicious connectors are positioned on her temples, and several DNC jacks are installed on her neck. Amanda prefers to wear a pair of beaten and worn jeans, sandals and a sleeveless t-shirt.

  • Bio: Born the daughter of a filthy-rich human family in a small community in Europe, Amanda had a decidedly upper-class childhood. However, in her teens, she began that vital quest for something to claim personal integrity with... something to help her stand out of the crowd she feared to become assimilated by. Having no outstanding mental qualities aside from some quite mean computer skills to draw strength from, she decided to enhance herself in the most blatant way possible... with the aid of cybernetics. Soon, Amanda had a standard set of muscle enhancers installed, and daddy dearest got a fat bill to pay. Amanda enjoyed her newly-gained athletics skills, and everything was good.

    Except she liked it so much she wanted more. No matter what people said, cybernetics seemed like a perfect way to enhance oneself above your flawed body. Nevermind that cybernetics, in that society, was... well, frowned upon. Spinal accelerators, internal computers, mod systems... when finally her parents protested, she ran away from home, and settled down in Razorwire as a hacker in order to fund her expensive hobby.

    As of present day, Amanda earns her keep as a hacker, tech dealer, sysadmin and very rarely a burglar. She owns a basement apartment in Sholo district where she keeps her office and personal retreat. She mainly barters info on the web, occasionally hires out to clientele for extremely hi-tek burglary, and also constantly searches for new cybernetics to install. She's made quite a name for herself in the borderline criminal underworld of Razorwire, and has been a business acquaintance of Zenith Carcine for a few years. She possesses almost every available form of cybernetics that is useful, and quite a lot of it is highly illegal to own. She doesn't care.

  • Intro: Works as an information specialist for Zenith during the GMCA operation. She was more or less lured by the promise of high-tech goodies available.

  • Theme Song:

    • Game Theme: Cy-Rebral (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: 21st Century Digital Boy (Bad Religion)

    • Alternate Theme: Machine (Theatre of Tragedy)

  • Abilities:

    • Excellent programming, hacking, infogathering and other computer skills.

    • Web natural: Can maneuver and act in almost any virtual construct.

    • Can see IR and UV.

    • Can modify almost every identifying feature to something else within seeconds; can literally become another person. Though she only imitates specific individuals when she has a good reason to.

  • Resources:

    • Her "Virtual Pets": Actually a number of semi-intelligent programs, some designed as actual animals, that help RedWire do stuff on the net. The most well known is Boo 2.0, a cute, fluffy, and extremely devious virus with many uses. It looks like a hamster.

    • Cybernetic implants. LOTS of them. A lot of it is redundant with other, better stuff, but she likes it anyway. Stuff include a powerful internal computer with net connection, eyes with IR, UV and video, HUD with computer interface, rippers (nice, sharp claws that can be extended at will), modification systems to change hair, skin color, eye color, nail color, retina pattern, voice and fingerprints, and various physical enhancements, such as spinal accelerators and skeleton reenforcements.

    • Dozens of biosofts (aka digitized skills), mostly illegal, containing a vast spread of skills.

    • Countless online contacts. Unfortunately, they're all left home.

  • Motivations:

    Amanda is interested in only two things: running the 'net, and cybernetics. She will go to great lengths and great expenses to obtain new gear. Other than that, she just wants to have a good time, hopefully impress her peers, and buzz around with info.

    ...or that is what she'd want you to believe. A while ago she managed to (rather unexpectedly) get romantically involved with Catrina DePeche, a downtown police officer in the Sholo district. Amanda is a bit worried about how this limits her independence (and occasionally tries to reassert this independence in stupid ways, usually getting into danger as a result), but at the same time it feels really nice to have someone... what they do in private is, of course, a highly private matter.

  • How Amanda talks:

    Thanks to her voice mod implants, Amanda can change her voice to any pattern she likes, and can imitate people she's heard with uncanny accuracy. This, of course, lends itself well for subterfuge as well as pranks. She tends to talk in heavy slang unless she remembers not to, and habitually talks down to people who doesn't appreciate hacking and cyberware.

  • How Amanda acts:

    RedWire does get along with most people if she tries to, but her lifestyle includes little in the ways of social interaction. She much more prefers to jock around on the 'net or engross herself with tech. Should she encounter others with cyberware or similar, however, she'll probably take a good interest in them. Unfortunately, the large number of foreign devices in her body tends to mess with her senses quite a bit, and it has taken a slight toll on her mind. Amanda has a habit of having mood swings, and tends to be overly emotional, though she usually can keep it from getting out of hand. She also has a very short fuse, and very little patience for most things.

    The character "Amanda Morgenstern" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to Jonatan Streith.

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