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Name: Alyss

Signature Quote: "And what Tale do you bring to the Story, hmmm?"

Personal Email address: ReaderIIF@bigfoot.com

  • Height: 1.7m usually(plus appears taller since she floats)

  • Weight: N/A

  • Appearance: Bears a striking resemblance to Gwynn of Sluggy Freelance, dressed in blue grecian robes with a keyboard on her back(attached to nothing), faintly transparent and glowing pale blue, to those that can see her, though her appearance may change depending on her mood. Wears glasses similar to Gwynn's as well, on occasion. Also tends to float one or two inches off the ground to be of a height with the Reader.

  • Bio: Won't say much about her past, claims to be a spirit of inspiration, the arts and history, a 'Muse'. Joined the Reader early on in his travels, saying he needed her help, and has remained with him since(despite some protests).

  • Intro: Followed the Reader to the Focal Point since he needs SOMEONE to look after him, as well as it being an 'important part of the Story'.

  • Theme Song:

    • Game Theme: Inspiration (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: Depend on You (Thousand Arms Opening Theme, Ayumi Hamasaki)

  • Abilities:

    • Well, nobody except the Reader seems to be able to touch her(again, given the average GMCAer though...). Apart from that, she has the abilities of the typical spirit being, the ability to pass through mundane objects, change her appearance, flight, and limited possesion of the Reader at times. Also, as a Muse, Alyss has the ability to speak any known language and proficency with any instrument. Generally speaking, those capable of manipulating reality (NeoVid, Replica, BWA), mages ((\/)aijin & Myth), those suffering from extreme emotional states(Yuusuke) and the REALLY drunk (ie I Surroe) should be capable of seeing her.

    • Limited poltergeist-like ability- but she can't touch anything living outside the Reader, ie she could hit a guy with a regular mallet, but not with her fist, and even then too many mallet strikes would drain her. On the other hand, she could simply materialize a spiritual mallet to hit the Reader as many times as she wants(ouch), since she's linked to him.

  • Motivations:

    Look after the Reader and keep him from making too big a mess out of things. Apart from that, do anything that seems to be for the good of the Story. Is also unusually interested in tales of any beings similar to herself.

  • How Alyss talks:

    Varies between fairly normal speech patterns, with the occasional archiacism thrown in or a somewhat more loose manner(think Misato Katsuragi from NGE when she relaxes).

  • How Alyss acts:

    General behaviour can be described as similar to Misato Katsuragi, both when relaxed and serious. Tends to hang around the Reader most of the time, seeing it as her job to constantly point out his mistakes, keep him from getting depressed and make sure his ego doesn't get too big, aided by the occasional mallet strike, with something of a older/younger sibling dynamic between them(although who's the older one depends on who you ask...). As for any other people who can see her, is perfectly willing to chat if there's nothing else to do, and enjoys games such as Magic:TG(plays Blue & White), Monopoly & Labyrinth and will drag anybody who indicates even a vague wilingness to play with her into a game. As befits a 'Muse', generally enjoys the company of those who have and encourage ideas, conversely she'll dislike those who stifle creativity and free thought the most. Also makes a hobby out of trying to match the Reader up with any girl she thinks would be good for him. Occasionaly undertakes seemingly-random tasks that almost always have unseen consequences, justifying them as 'For the Good of the Story' (this really creeps the Reader out when he thinks too hard about it).

    The character "Alyss" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to the Reader in Invisible Fanfics.

  • I see white people. Everywhere.