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RADHASOAMI MAT PRAKASH - A Brief View of Radhasoami Faith

Being a message of Eternal Peace and Joy to all nations
Originally written by Hazur Maharaj in english and published in the year 1897A.D.

Hazur Maharaj

41. What is True salvation?

75. The attainment of this Truth of Truths in its highest mansion, by a sincere and affectionate devotee, is called true and perfect salvation. There are many (individuals) who, in their search for Truth, traversing some distance stopped short on their way in one or other lower spheres in the material regions, and regarded it as the mansion of Truth. Every one of these lower spheres is however, the mansion of comparative truth and in the absence of instructions from a Perfect Guide or Sat Guru, many (individuals) have been misled to regard false or apparent or comparative truths as real and pure Truth; and the result is that they (individuals) unwittingly remained in the material regions to die and be re-born after certain long periods.

76. Every higher sphere is abode of the Master and Director of the creation of that sphere and of the spheres below, and is therefore, more joyful and more lasting than the latter. But as far as matter extends there is no permanent durability and immunity from change, decay or dissolution; and, therefore these spheres are unfit for the reception of a devotee, who is desirous of approaching the Supreme Being, the Truth of Truths, the Joy of Joys, Unchangeable and Immortal, full of everlasting and unbounded Bliss and Felicity unalloyed with any form of matter.

42. Luminous and dark rays

77. It may be observed here that rays of light (resplendent pure white light) represent Truth or Spirit Current in this world, or in other words, are originally emanations from the spiritual Sun of Truth; while darkness and dark rays represent matter and instability or untruth, and are emanations from the luminous as well as the dark suns. The rays of light are called luminous and those of the darkness non-luminous. A sincere devotee should not stop at any stage where there are both light and darkness, but should continue his journey onward until he reaches the region of pure, eternal, resplendent light where there is no darkness at all, that is, the region of Truth and of pure Supreme Spirit.

78. In like manner and in correspondence with the above there are two currents flowing from the higher regions of the brain in the human body, viz., White matter and Grey matter; the former being the representative of light and spirit, while the latter partakes more or less of matter and darkness. In the spheres comprised in the third grand division, white light, represents spirit current, while blue light and dark rays indicate Kal Purush or Brahm, the ruler of the coarse material regions.

79. The tendency of Brahm or the Universal Mind is downward and outward, and that of matter or Maya still more downward and outward as the latter forms the superficial covering of all bodies created in various spheres of the second and third grand divisions; hence the war of Spirit current with these two most powerful agents or factors in the creation, present grand obstacles and impediments to a devotee or pure spirit entity on his onward journey towards it source, the Supreme Being. These obstacles can easily be overcome only by the grace and mercy of the Supreme father and the help of the Sant Sat Guru or Mediator.

43. Absolute necessity for Spiritual devotion

80. It may be concluded from the above that so long as the spirit entity remains clothed in material coverings or bodies in the regions of matter (the second and third grand divisions), it will of necessity, be subject to the forces of nature or matter which have a downward and outward tendency and that unless it withdraws its currents to a certain extent from the objective world; with the help of a Superior Spirit entity or Sant Sat Guru (who has freed Himself from the bondage of matter) and tries to traverse and raise itself above the material spheres by practicing a certain mode of devotion; it can not expect to liberate itself from the various material coverings and their influences and reach the pure spiritual regions, the abode of the Supreme Being, and thus attain perfect salvation.

81. It is therefore, absolutely necessary for and incumbent upon every human being, male or female, desirous of escaping the pleasures and pains of this world inseparable from the assumption of material body and also the excruciating pains of leaving the body and everything surrounding it (the objects of its joy and pleasure) at the time of death, as also to avoid re-birth and the suffering attendant thereupon, to search for a Superior Spirit Entity or Perfect Guide, and under His guidance and benign influence start on its homeward journey with an ever-increasing love for, and with a fervent desire to approach, the Supreme Father, and thereby secure His grace and mercy for the easy and early attainment of its aim and object, the Holy Presence of the Supreme Being.

44. The work of salvation can be can be carried on in human body only. A devotee is not required to quit his family and profession

82. The mode of devotion referred to can only be practiced while a spirit entity dwells in a healthy human body and those who fail to accomplish the work of devotion or even commence it during their present life, must inevitably submit to a series of births and re-births in internal regions of matter and to the sufferings and pain inseparable there from. Any amount of regret, remorse or repentance at the time of death and after it, will be too late and of no avail. And regret they must, who fail in their present life to avail themselves of the opportunities offered them for regaining their lost kingdom, the abode of the Supreme Father.

83. If a human being has not sufficient means of accomplishing the work of salvation in present life, the one should not be discouraged or disappointed. If one simply commences the work under the guidance and merciful protection of Sant Sat Guru and the Supreme Father Radhasoami, one will be able to accomplish it in the next, or one more subsequent birth which will be superior in every respect to the previous birth and when one will have sufficient means at one’s disposal to help him in finally attaining his object.

84. It must be clearly understood that Radhasoami Faith does not require or permit any one who joins it to quit his family or surroundings or give up his avocation or profession to obtain his livelihood; on the other hand it enjoins the advisability of a devotee continuing to live with his family and discharge his household and professional duties satisfactorily and at the same time secure salvation by earnestly and fervently practicing devotion for two to four or at the most six hours a day, distributing the above time at the rate of half, three fourths or one hour at a time according to his convenience.

45. The sphere of true salvation

85. A little consideration and careful observation of the affairs and the transitory state of this world will show that our abode on this earth is temporary, and, that our permanent dwelling is in the pure spiritual regions; and, that so long as the spirit remains clothed in material body on this or any other globe in the material regions, it must suffer more or less mental or bodily pain and enjoy worldly pleasures to a greater or less extent, and be also subject to re-birth whether it takes place sooner or later; and, that these vicissitudes of life in the lower spheres can not be avoided until traversing the material spheres by devotional practice, and the spirit entity returns to its happy home, the Holy Abode of the Supreme Being.

86. It becomes; therefore, absolutely necessary for all sensible human beings to exert themselves to quit the infernal material spheres and approaches the Supreme Being in His Highest Mansion, without which perfect salvation can not be attained.

46. Three powers of human beings – Physical, Intellectual & Mental, and Spiritual

87. There are three powers latent in the human being, viz.,

1. Spiritual

2. Intellectual and Mental

3. Corporal or Physical

Every one of these powers require regular training under a guide or master before it can be awakened, and brought into use for any purpose. The physical powers comprise the action of and the work done by the senses and limbs, such as the organs of sight, hearing, taste, speech, smell and touch etc., as also hands, feet, generative organs etc. Those who have developed any of the above senses or limbs to perfection and adopted them to special uses, such as drawing, painting, copying, singing dancing, playing on musical instruments, riding, sleight of hands etc., etc., can acquire name, fame, and earn good livelihood; whereas those who have remained dull and undergone no training of any kind, work merely as labourers, coolies or plough men, and hardly sufficient to live from hand to mouth.

88. Again, those who have undergone higher training and awakened their intellectual and mental power to perfection in any particular line or department of science, become literary men, philosophers, astronomers, statesmen, administrators, judges, barristers, doctors, engineers etc., and acquire greater renown and worldly power to control and direct the affairs and in fact rule the destiny of millions of people inhabiting various districts and countries. These functionaries are respected and obeyed by all and receive high remuneration for their intellectual work.

89. Again, those (though few in number) who have, by continued practice of piety and devotion succeeded in awakening and developing their spiritual power have merited special Grace and Mercy of the Supreme Being, and become prophets, mediators and saints appertaining to the second and third grand divisions and have done much for the salvation of human race. Their fame has spread far and wide and their name and person have in a manner become immortal and are adored and regarded as the means of salvation by millions of people inhabiting distant lands and countries. They have further, ascended heaven and enjoy the honour and happiness of remaining in the presence of their God; and while on earth they sometimes exercised extraordinary or supernatural powers.

90. It is left to the choice of human beings to undergo regular training under a competent master and use their best efforts to awaken and develop any of the above powers. There are many, who, do not care to make use of any of the above powers, while there are some, who exert themselves earnestly to develop their intellectual or physical power. Nearly all seem to be indifferent to the necessity of awakening the spiritual power. But it is doubly, nay, absolutely necessary for all human beings for the sake of their spiritual benefit, and to save their spirit from eternal perdition to exert themselves to the best of their powers to awaken and develop, at least to a certain degree, the spiritual power lying dormant within their own selves. If they do so, they will not only enjoy happiness and contentment and a healthy constitution in this world, but also secure heavenly bliss in the next, and escape various sorts of pains and troubles as well as misery of re-birth, and eventually reach the presence of the Supreme Father in the Highest Heaven and enjoy eternal happiness.

47. The advisability of awakening and developing Spiritual Powers


91. The human spirit being native of pure spiritual regions and a denizen on this earth, it becomes necessary for its rest and comfort that it should try to return to its source where alone it can enjoy pure spiritual happiness permanently.


92. The human spirit being mostly attached and confined to this world through the senses of sight, hearing and taste, it can easily release itself from the bondage of body and pleasures of this world by turning these very senses upwards within itself, whereby it could see higher objects, hear heavenly sounds, and taste the nectar of life which flows from higher regions in the brain.


93. There are many gentlemen and in some cases ladies too, who set out bravely at great risk of life and property on exploring expeditions to the Poles and various other unknown and untraversed lands and hills in distant parts of the globe, or ascend the sky in balloons or conduct experiments for the navigation of air, also for making new discoveries in chemistry, electricity and other branches of science etc., the fruits of which are a very small addition to the knowledge of geography or other department of science, and some personal advantage in the shape of fame and name to the adventurer. It therefore, seems equally, nay, highly desirable, for the permanent and most important benefit of humanity in general, to start on a journey in untrodden spheres, to ascertain the source, or in other words, the happy home of ourselves, viz., the spirit, and to reach the sublime presence of our beloved Supreme Father, the Almighty Creator. The adventurer will secure great and lasting reward, namely, the approbation of the Supreme Father, and salvation of mankind in general, and permanent immunity from rebirth and pains and pleasures of life on the earth.


94. Every one burns with the desire to acquire worldly riches, sensual pleasures and worldly fame and greatness. There are many who toil and work hard to satisfy their ambition. Of these some succeed fully and some partially in their efforts, while others fail altogether. Those who are fortunate in attaining the object of their aspiration are again in constant anxiety to obtain more and more the object they have gained; and those who did not try their luck or make any attempt to acquire worldly wealth, pleasures and fame, burn with envy and jealousy to see their more fortunate brethren in full or partial, enjoyment of the same. Thus the whole lots of people always suffer from, or are tormented with, the pain of discontent, disappointment, jealousy and envy, or insatiable thirst or greed for more and more.

95. Again, all human beings are subject to four kinds of afflictions viz.,

1. Mental, such as fear, anxiety, pain caused by mishap, theft, loss and bereavement etc., sorrow for a relation or friend in distress or trouble etc.

2. Various diseases of body and senses.

3. Quarrel, enmity and dispute with others.

4. Pangs of death.

96. Some of these cases are partly or wholly remediable, while others of serious nature are wholly irremediable and beyond the power and control of humanity. In these latter cases, human being can get no help from others and has to reluctantly suffer extraordinary pains, trouble and privations.

97. The most holy and sublime Radhasoami Faith prescribes remedy for both sorts of troubles, namely those mentioned in paragraph 95 as well as those in paragraph 96. The remedy is simple and can be applied by all if they will only willingly undertake (at no trouble to themselves) to practice devotion according to Surat-Shabd-Yog, or in other words, try to liberate their spirit entity from the bondage of matter by raising it from its seat in the pupil of eye towards its source, the highest sphere or pure spiritual region, the abode of the Supreme Heavenly Father.

98. By doing so, all desires for worldly riches, pleasures, name, fame, power and greatness, will gradually cease and in lieu thereof will spring up intense love for the Supreme Being and a strong desire to approach His Holy Mansion and witness His glory in the creation.

99. In like manner the more the spirit entity disentangles itself from the bondage of the body and other objects of this world, the less will it feel the effect of afflictions and adversity which generally befall mankind in this world, and by the grace of the Almighty Father acquire sufficient strength to withstand all temptations and privations in life and gladly meet with death (of body) when it comes, in order to attain heavenly bliss in higher spheres and everlasting joy in the highest mansion of the Supreme Being.

100. There is no other way or means of overcoming or escaping the troubles and pains to which human life is subject in this world except the practice of concentration and sublimation or elevation of spirit entity to higher spheres according to Surat-Shabd-Yog as prescribed by Radhasoami Faith.


101. The spirit current is constantly flowing out through the nine principal orifices or apertures in the body, viz., two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, mouth, generative organ, and anus; and is the cause of pleasures derived by senses etc. But these pleasant sensations are not lasting and the impressions produced by them on the mind are so numerous and of such a conflicting nature that eventually they give rise to serious disturbances in the realm of thought and ideas.

102. A wise and prudent human being should avoid lending his power of senses to promiscuous observation and collection of varied impressions and formation of indifferent, and sometimes indistinct ideas there from, in view to keep down irregular, improper and unnecessary desires which sprang up in the heart and prove a source of unlimited bother and trouble to the thinker.

103. Ordinary people out of curiosity take very little care to guard their senses against their misuse, but it is incumbent upon all thoughtful men and women to exercise some restriction over their love of curiosity and to restrain the external flow of their spirit current through the senses by changing its course under the instructions and guidance of Sant Sat Guru or a Sadh Guru towards the tenth higher orifice or aperture in the interior; through which the main spirit current flows from its source in higher regions of the brain into the body.

104. This change can easily but gradually effected by following the practice of concentration and sublimation of mind and spirit entity according to the instructions given in Radhasoami Faith. It is nothing more than the following of course or passage of the spirit current which it adopts at the time of leaving the body (when death occurs), and if this work can be accomplished to a certain extent in life-time it will not only save the practitioner from the excruciating pains etc., which are experienced by all at the time of death, but also enable him to witness the glory of the Supreme Father and through his Mercy and Grace secure abode in the happy and peaceful regions on High. All men and women of thought and wisdom should cover this reward and strive to obtain it through the medium of Sant Sat Guru or one of His Sincere and loving followers.


105. People suffering from bodily and mental, diseases run to doctors for remedy, and readily follow their instructions in taking medicine and foods prescribed by them, and are very impatient to recover their health. But all persons more or less suffer from the effects of diseased mind and yet they are ignorant of the evil results that await them owing to the ever increasing unhealthy condition of the mind which entices and prompts them to commit (intentionally or unintentionally) sins and improper acts in word, in thought and in deed.

106. One can only become cognizant of this error and ignorance when the individual associates with divine and pious persons who constantly try to watch, control and check the evil tendencies of their mind and the improper desires springing up in their heart. And if one be inclined to get cured of this unhealthy and dangerous state of mind, one should have recourse to a Sant Sat Guru or His sincere and affectionate follower for remedy, for they are the doctors who are well acquainted with the diseases of the mind and can prescribe easy and effective means for their removal, by instructing the patient in the practice of concentration and sublimation of mind and spirit current.

107.Taking into consideration the absolute necessity of the welfare of the spirit, it appears to be incumbent upon all persons to take notice of the diseased state of their mind and to adopt necessary measures for the remedying the evil within their present life-time, otherwise their case will become nearly hopeless and render them liable to great hardships and troubles in this life as well as in future re-births in the material regions to which their spirit entity and mind will remain confined.

48. Love for Supreme Being

108. This practice can be conducted easily and comfortably if the devotee has a little love for the Supreme Being. Without love it will be too hard and difficult to practice Surat-Shabd-Yog with any good result to be obtained within a short time.

1. The Supreme Being, being a boundless ocean of spirit or love; and, human being, being a drop or current of spirit or love from this ocean; and, love being the very essence and means of existence of the whole creation, it follows that no effort in any direction, temporal or spiritual, unless actuated by love or affectionate regard, can be crowned with success, and, the work or labour rendered easy, sweet and harmonious.

2. Love is most sublime, having its origin in the highest region, the abode of the Supreme Being. In whatever heart it sprang up, it will gradually raise and carry the fortunate possessor of this lofty and noble passion to the highest region.

3. All good qualities and goodness itself will gradually find their home in the heart in which love dwells and all bad qualities will be rooted out by and by.

4. Whatever a human being, full of pure love thinks or does, is all wisdom; while the thoughts and works of worldly wise persons are full of selfishness and folly.

5. Knowledge without love for the Supreme Being is futile and tends towards untruth or darkness or materialism, while love turns everything to good use and leads to enlightenment and truth. Even worldly love, such as filial and conjugal, is attended with goodness, happiness and comfort to all concerned. How much more good would then result to mankind in general if the same loves become spiritual, and be directed towards the Supreme Being, the merciful and Kind Parent of the whole creation.

6. Self-love brings on egotism or pride, and sows the seed of hatred, jealousy and disregard in the minds of kindred, associates and neighbours; while pure and sacred love for the Supreme Being creates in the heart humility, meekness and an affectionate regard for kindred, neighbours and humanity in general.

7. Pure and holy love is always ready to spend (regardlessly) whatever it has for the sake of its beloved, the Supreme Father, and the benefit of mankind without any distinction; whereas self-love or love of world always tries to appropriate everything to itself, even at the risk and loss of others.

8. Pure and holy love is always ready to sacrifice anything whatever to gain admission into the presence of the beloved, the Supreme Being; whereas, self-love will never part with anything except for the sake of its own aggrandizement and indulgence in sensual pleasures.

9. The noble passion of love is most powerful and strong. It removes all obstacles and thorns in its way and discards all superstitions, doubts and skepticism.

10. Where pure love dwells there sheds the light of Grace, as it forms a link with the spirit or love current from its source, the Supreme Being.

11. Such is the strength and effect of affection and kind treatment that it subdues ferocity and other injurious and dangerous characteristics in beasts and other animals, that is to say, they begin to love and have an affectionate regard for their keepers and trainers.

12. A heart devoid of love or affection is as hard as stone, and does not form a suitable receptacle for light of Heavenly Grace and Mercy.

13. Sincere love is reciprocal, so if one has a heart full of love for the Supreme Being, one is sure to be attracted towards Him by Grace, Mercy and Holy Light which will gradually illumine his inner-self, and then all menial and worldly affections and desires will gradually disappear.

14. Love or the power of attraction is the basis of the whole creation and the cause of its sustenance and preservation.

15. The Supreme Being loves and takes special care of those who love Him with all their heart and soul, and gradually draws them towards Himself, the Grand Centre of Pure Light and Attraction; while those whose hearts are imbued with worldly love and passions recede from this centre, or in other words, they of themselves fly away towards the circumference or darkness and untruth.

16. Every wave of love rising in a lover's heart brings tidings of goodness and joy from the beloved, and every thought springing up in such a heart is a harbinger of good works and good services for the sake of the beloved.

17. Love has no bounds, knows no restrictions, and is not limited by conditions, and like its source is extensive and far reaching in its beneficial results.

49. Faith

109. Faith built on pure and sincere love for the Supreme Being is strong and immovable like a mountain, and love founded on strong faith goes on increasing till it carries the lover to its fountainhead, the Beloved Supreme Being. Both strong love and strong faith are sure and certain means to the attainment of perfect salvation. They are inseparable from each other.

50. Incarnations

110. It must be clearly understood that as the Supreme Being now and then incarnates Himself in the person of a Sant Sat Guru or sends his special beloved sons as Sants, so does the Viceroy or president of the second grand division or Brahm or Lord God appears in this world in the person of a Yogeshwar as first class incarnation, or sends his special sons or agents as Siddhs or first class prophets. In like manner the governor or the president of third grand division incarnates himself in the person of a Yogi as second class incarnation or sends his agents as second class prophets. There is great confusion in the promiscuous use of these names, and very little or no distinction is made in the rank and powers of these superior spirit entities. In Radhasoami Faith a clear line is drawn to distinguish the position and functions of each of these above spirit entities, according to the height of the sphere to which they belong and from which they descend.

111. A follower of Radhasoami Faith who practices devotion according to instructions given by Sant Sat Guru, will pass through the spheres occupied by the superior spirit entities referred above, on his journey to the highest sphere or the abode of the Supreme Being. One will however not loiter on the road or in the mansion of any of the above superior spirits, but with the help of Grace and Mercy of the Supreme Father and the Sant Sat Guru proceed determinably, direct to his destination unimpeded by any obstacle thrown in his way by mind and matter, and unaltered by any temptations offered by the varied creation in the intermediate spheres.

Radhasoami Mat Prakash
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