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RADHASOAMI MAT PRAKASH - A Brief View of Radhasoami Faith

Being a message of Eternal Peace and Joy to all nations
Originally written by Hazur Maharaj in english and published in the year 1897A.D.

Hazur Maharaj

31. The mode of devotion as prescribed by Radhasoami Faith is the only means to approach the Supreme Being

46. Radhasoami Faith prescribes the means or certain mode of devotion whereby a human being could at pleasure withdraw one’s spirit from its seat in wakeful state, and thus release it to a certain extent from the bondage of body and senses and slacken its connection with the outer world and thus free oneself to the same extent from pain and pleasure of this world, and retire temporarily to take rest and enjoy the bliss of higher spheres within himself. A human being can traverse the regions of death and return to body at pleasure, or in other words, by practicing devotion for a certain length of time one can withdraw his spirit to the point where death takes place and even beyond it, and can, at pleasure bring it back to the seat occupied in the wakeful state and resume the functions of mind body and senses.

47. The benefits accruing from such a practice, viz., the enjoyment of bliss in higher regions within us and obtaining relief from the pleasures, pains and cares of this world as well as of the body etc., are self-evident proof of the great importance and extraordinary usefulness of the mode of devotion prescribed by Radhasoami Faith. This mode of devotion is the only and surest means of eventually attaining perfect salvation or complete liberation from the bondage of material coatings appertaining to the lower and higher regions of matter.

48. It is rightly inferred from the above that there is no other way to raise the spirit entity to the highest sphere but the one prescribed by Radhasoami Faith, viz., removing or raising the spirit entity gradually from its seat in the pupil of the eye, in the same manner as it rises or withdraws at the time of death, and by catching or riding the ‘Sound’ or life current to carry it back towards the main source from which it originally descended.

32. This mode of devotion is free from all risk and danger and can easily be practiced by men and women of any age, literate or illiterate

49. The mode of devotion referred to above is free from all dangers and is so easy of practice that a child of ten or twelve years as well as an adult and the old can perform it conveniently and comfortably at all times, without interfering with daily business of life. The mind of the devotee will gradually (as one progresses in his practice of faith) imbibe more and more love for the Supreme being, intensifying one’s desire to approach Him in the highest region, and look upon the pleasures and objects of this world as trifling and transitory.

33. Pran-Yog discarded as dangerous and unnecessary

50. In times gone by and even now some persons consider Pran-Yog or the practice of suspending breathes and drawing it up to the sixth or seventh nervous centre or ganglion (the seat of which is in the interior, behind the point between the two eyes) as a means for obtaining salvation. There is no doubt that this practice secures the liberation of spirit entity from the bondage of coarse matter in the third grand division. But in the first instance the process is very difficult and is attended with danger in case of slight omission or commission as regards its rules and conditions, and secondly, the practitioner would still remain in the regions of matter, though pure, and therefore, subject to re-birth and the pains and troubles attendant thereon. A human being living with his family and pursuing his profession can hardly comply with the rigid and strict rules laid down for this practice and even those who have renounced the world, are scarcely able to carry out this practice without permanently endangering their health, and thereby their progress in the way of attaining their objects, namely, the raising of spirit entity to the sixth or seventh chakra (ganglion) or nervous center.

51. Moreover the Pran or breath current is dependent upon the spirit entity or ‘Word’ current for its life and support, as when the latter is drawn inward to more than ordinary extent the breathing is gradually stopped, or in other words, the Pran current also follows the spirit current or is withdrawn from the body, and its action gradually ceases.

52. Again the Pran current is a sub-ordinate agent to the spirit current and its function is limited to certain automatic action in the body, as when the spirit current is withdrawn during the time of sound sleep the function of senses and limbs ceases, and though the Pran current or breathing continues its action, it cannot exercise any influence over the senses and limbs which respond to the impulse from the spirit current only. The practice of Pran Yog is, therefore, discarded by Radhasoami Faith as difficult, dangerous, not carrying to the highest sphere and therefore useless and unnecessary.

34. Evidence of the existence of God, the almighty – the essence of God and Spirit entity is the same – It is an emanation of Him

53. A sincere seeker after truth should allow no doubt to remain in his mind about the existence of the Almighty Creator, as the whole creation, terrestrial and celestial, from its design and object, and the immutable laws by which it is governed, bears evidence to the existence of the all powerful and controlling hand of an intelligent Supreme being. His power commonly called energy is diffused everywhere, but it requires impulse from the Supreme Source to put it into action, and this ‘impulse’ is the Prime Spirit or Sound Current which forming centers at certain distances completed the work of creation in each circle or system so designed, and descending in its course carried out the work of creation to the furthest limit. The lowest system is dependent upon the one higher than itself for its life and support, and this again upon one higher still and so on, until the highest sphere is reached which is the abode of the Supreme Power, the Prime Cause of the first impulse, or Life and Spirit Current. These systems are called solar systems, each working in subordination to the higher one, and all depending for their life and support on the Supreme Being.

54. This Supreme Being is the sole master of the whole creation, and the spirit entities clothed in body in this universe are emanations from Him, that is, there essence is the same, and they more or less exercise the same powers as the Supreme Being within their respective spheres or bodies, viz., controlling matter or the forces of nature and elements which work harmoniously in subordination to the Spirit Current.

35. The above statement illustrated

55. To understand the above more clearly one should carefully observe and watch the progress of plant from the time it germinates till it is fully grown up, and till it dies. Since the first manifestation of germ or spirit, the forces of nature, viz., attraction, repulsion, construction, chemical affinity, light, electricity and elements including gases etc., all combine and work harmoniously to aid its growth and sustenance. Again when the spirit separates itself from the plant, the very same forces help its decay and decomposition till the body or the form disappears. The same case is observable in the growth of all bodies in the animal and vegetable kingdoms from the time of germination or first manifestation of spirit till its separation from those bodies which results in death, decomposition or decay of the latter.

56. It may, therefore, be inferred from above that the spirit entities are emanations from the Supreme Being or the first and original cause of creation. Also that the spirit entities by the powers they exercise are the means of support and sustenance of the bodies thus created, and that their separation from those bodies is the cause of their death and decay.

57. It is evident from the above that the whole work of creation in various spheres is carried on through the instrumentality of emanations or spirit currents issuing forth from the Supreme Being as rays from the Sun, and that this creation exist and subsists as long as the spirit maintains connection with the body or the form it assumes, and that decay and decomposition follow the severance of this connection; that matter and all forces resulting from its contact with spirit entities in various spheres are wholly controlled by spirit current and that nothing can move or act by itself without an impulse from the spirit force which is immortal. Matter within its sphere is also imperishable in its original form namely chaotic or atomic, but it owes its life and activity to the impulse from the spirit force.

36. Bachak Gyan (Sophistry) and Idolatry

58.There are people who have gone to the one or the other extreme in forming their opinion and conducting the worship of the deity, that is to say, some have adopted the worship of form or some sign said to have appertained to the ‘Creator’ when He incarnated Himself in human form, or to one of the superior spirits who appeared in this world as prophets or mediators; while others regard Him as formless and Omnipresent and contemplate Him as ‘Akash’ or Ether pervading the entire creation and space.

59. According to Radhasoami Faith, the above both schools of thinkers appear to be in fault, in as much as they exhibit utter ignorance of the real state of things, and, therefore, the means adopted by them for their salvation are faulty and defective. There is no doubt that the Supreme Being is formless and boundless; but, when a current from this Prime Source descended into the lower sphere and in a manner animated and awakened matter, the first form produced by the admixture of the two was the image for the first time assumed by the original spirit current, and the outlines of this form served as a standard for all the animated forms subsequently created in the spheres below; and these outlines are also more or less distinctly visible in the forms of all creatures on this earth.

60. The saying that God created human being after His own image is confirmed by the fact of his superiority over all creatures in this world, and the circumstances of the outlines of the human form being adopted with more or less precision in the structure of the whole animal kingdom. If such is the case with human image in creation in the lower order, it follows that this very image can be traced backwards and upwards in a more and more perfect order till we reach the first form, the most perfect, originally assumed by the spirit current, when commencing the work of creation.

61. It is hopeless, therefore, for any one to approach the formless without first coming into contact with the various main forms assumed by the Spirit Current in its decent to the lower sphere. These are living forms ever present in the spheres to which they pertain within every human being, and they help a traveler in his onward journey to the highest and original form which again leads him to the Formless, and thus perfect salvation is possible to be attained. To degrade the living form to one made of stone or metal or to stick to certain signs and symbols appertaining thereto and preparing their metallic imitation etc., etc., without the knowledge of the original or any attempt to trace it within ourselves is wandering away from real to unreal object.

62. Again to think of Formless and liken it to ‘Ether’ without the knowledge of the various forms or coatings which its main current or creative agency has assumed in its decent to this sphere is as faulty and irreconcilable with our present limited thoughts and ideas as the degradation of the living form to limitations made of stone or metal, like toys.

63. Some (individuals) have gone to a further extreme identifying themselves with the ‘First and Eternal Cause’, the ‘Formless and Boundless Source of Spirit’, have lost all regard and consideration for the same, and become extremely selfish and proud of their existence which is a ‘mere drop’ from the Ocean of Spirit and Love or a ‘mere ray’ from the Supreme Sun, the Life and Light Giver of the whole creation. These (individuals) have become so infatuated with the idea of their self-sufficiency and superiority as Brahm or God that they adore no one as their creator or superior, and fearlessly act according to the dictates of their impure mind and senses; and as their bondage with the material covering or body and its various currents, continues unrelated, that they are at the time of death hurled down into the regions of matter and find new bodies and places fit for their reception according to the result of their good and bad actions and their predominant passion and desire.

64.The proper course for a sincere lover of the Supreme Being is to acquire knowledge of the secrets and the order of creation and the means of traversing the distance and stages between his dwellings in the body (the pupil of the eye) and the abode of the Supreme Being, the Prime Source of everything; and to start on his journey with fervour and perseverance with avowed object of one day reaching the presence of the Most High and Beloved Supreme Father.

37. Shabd or Word is not originally the result of vibratory motion or the property of Ether as supposed by certain class of thinkers

65. There are some (individuals) who regard Word or Sound as the quality of void or ether, while others consider it the result of vibratory motion; but they both labour under an erroneous impression. When it is asserted by all revealed religions that Word or Sound was the first manifestation of the Deity or Supreme Being, and the rest of creation, including ether and other elements, was created by the Sound or Spirit Current, how could then the original ‘Word’ be regarded as the quality of ether, when it is the life and soul of everything that followed its first manifestation? Again when the original ‘Word’ or Spirit Current was the prime mover and the first impulse which came from the Supreme Source, and was the first cause of all sorts of motion and colours and forms, how could it be regarded as the result of vibratory motion which motion is, however, the subsequent expression or manifestation of Spirit power or energy throughout the creation. The vibratory motion is confined to the spheres where matter exists in subtle or pure or less pure and impure or coarse form and is the result of contact of spirit current with matter; in other words, it is the manifestation of an effort on the part of the spirit current, descending from the Highest Sphere, to remove the material coating of the spirit or energy in the lower regions.

66. It should, therefore, be clearly understood that instead of Sound being the result of vibratory motion, it is really the prim cause of everything in the universe and also of vibratory motion, which again is instrumental in furthering the work of creation in the material regions. In the lower regions various sound currents originate from vibratory motion and serve the purpose of carrying on the work of creation in various directions below; but the Original Sound or Spirit Current is the parent of all motions and forces as well as light, sound, elements, etc., that came subsequently into existence in the second and third grand divisions.

38. What is Truth?

67. There are many, who assert themselves to be searchers of Truth, but there are few who try and persevere to ascertain it, and fewer still who sincerely work at any sacrifice, to attain it. By Truth or Sat Pad is meant the Essence, Spirit, Soul, and Life of everything that exists or appears to exist, itself unchangeable and immortal. Again, we might define ‘Truth’ or Sat Pad as the Essence of Essences, Spirit of Spirits, Soul of Souls, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Formless, Boundless, Unapproachable, Unknowable (except by Sants), Unchangeable, Unfathomable, the Source and Beginning of life, of energy and of everything (perishable and imperishable), an Unlimited Ocean of love and wisdom, Omnipresent but concealed in various coatings except in one place, viz., the highest region, where it can be observed by the spirit's visionary power.

68. The former definition is applicable to the ‘Truth’ or rather to the rays which issued forth from the Sun of Truth or the drops from the unbounded Ocean of Truth diffused over all the space comprised within the Universe of Universes; giving life, power, and energy to bodies, existeers and appearances. By these rays is meant the spirits residing in all apparent bodies or existeers, forming the creation in various spheres in the space, and giving them the power of motion, thought or reason, etc., etc. In short, the whole creation extending from the highest to the lowest sphere, is sustained by the spirits or rays from the Sun of Truth, and disappears or is dissolved on the separation of spirits from the coatings or bodies in which they reside, or in other words, on the severance of the connection between the two.

69. The second definition points to the source of the above rays or spirits, the Truth of Truths, ever shining forth in its awful majesty and splendor, and directing from its highest abode the course of its rays and controlling the forces which sprang up from their contact with matter and are playing their respective parts in the whole creation in the spheres below. To summarize the above, the whole creation which one feels, sees, and observes, owes its origin, life and growth to ‘Truth’, and is sustained throughout by ‘Truth’, and disappears or is dissolved when ‘Truth’ is separated or withdrawn there from.

39. How to attain or realize this Truth?

70. To approach the Source of ‘Truth’ one must first approach and catch its ray or spirit current and then follow and trace its course back to its Source, the Truth of Truths. It is well said by some philosopher, "First know thyself (Spirit or Truth) and then know thy God (the Source of Spirits, the Truth of Truths)." The highway to reach the Truth and thence its Source, or the Truth of Truths, lies within the microcosm or the human body.

71. It must be understood that the spirit current as well as the currents of other forces (spiritual-material) are flowing from within downward or outward towards external objects; and to approach their centers one must change the direction of these currents upward or backward to their internal sources. As the stream of the spiritual-material forces appertains to sensual desires or worldly pleasures and greatness, the traveler, bound for the regions of ‘Truth’, must of necessity, give up these desires to a certain extent and thus shut up or stop its downward flow before one can safely proceed on one’s journey. It is not necessary that one should altogether withdraw from the world and its objects but one should so regulate the course of the current of the various forces as to confine their use to what is absolutely necessary for living in this world with family etc., on a moderate scale, discarding all vain and improper or sinful ideas and acts.

72. Any one, acting in the above manner, will be able to gradually realize the ‘Truth’ within himself. But, there are very few, who would attempt to make the above sacrifice and regulate their habits and conduct to meet the conditions of the great enterprise they undertake; hence the real Truth has remained concealed and unknown. Again, there are very few, who would devote a portion of their time and attention to conduct inquiries earnestly to satisfy themselves of the existence of Truth and the correctness of means prescribed for its realization or attainment within their own selves.

40. What is True religion?

73. True religion or faith is that which leads a sincere Enquirer to the region of real Truth, and teaches him the ways and means of traversing the regions where false and untruth and comparative truth exercise their sway, and of finally reaching the highest and most sublime mansion where nothing but the Truth of Truths dwells and manifests its unrivalled glory in splendid refulgence and everlasting joy and happiness.

74. Any religion or faith which treats of rituals and ceremonies or external observances and moral principles etc., and does not profess to know, or cannot teach the secrets of real Truth or Truth of Truths, is a religion built on ‘knowledge and reason’ or founded on scanty information furnished by revelation of a lower order emanating from the presiding spirit current or genius of the second or third grand divisions where untruth and comparative truth hold sway.

Radhasoami Mat Prakash
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