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Prof. A.P. Mathur
M.A., PhD, F.I.H.S., F.R.A.S. (London)
Former Vice-Chancellor, Agra University, Agra, India


Dadaji Maharaj

Radhasoami Faith and Chief Contemporary Movements

The nineteenth century brought about a great transformation in the attitude of Indians towards religion and stirred the conscience of the country to its depths. Religious movements of the time ushered a new approach towards religion - rationalistic and practical. All such movements contributed towards simplification of religion and infused new vitality in the age-old beliefs and practices. The movement like Brahmo Samaj, Arya Samaj, Theosophical Society and Ramkrishna Mission had gathered followings, but the esoteric Radhasoami faith attempted to remodel Indian religion and led a spiritual renaissance in the country.

Radhasoami faith was open to all, irrespective of caste creed or nationality. Radhasoami faith retained typical Indian character and believed in the innate values of Indian culture. However,it is neither traditionalist nor progressive. It is purely spiritualistic in true sense that attempted to revival devotionalism in modern times with simple appeal and practical love.

Radhasoami faith like Arya Samaj revolted against the malpractices in religion and society. It denounced idol worship and acknowledged the fallibility of the Vedas on the ground that the absolute spiritual truth could exist beyond the limits of Vedas. The founders of Radhasoami Faith  professed a path of love, revived guru-worship and introduced spiritual practice - surat-shabd-yoga. Introducing sweeping changes in the caste system and status of women, they propagated education and philanthropic activities on spiritual grounds alone. They also restricted on temporal and material activities in politics but limited their sphere to socio-religious activities. They attempted a spiritual synthesis proclaiming that on could persue the faith and yet remain a Hindu, Muslim or a Christian. Radhasoami faith bears striking similarity to Theosophy as emphasizes the esoteric mode of religious life. it endorsed the mystic revelations but the method of spiritual practice in Radhasoami faith is more logical and scientific.

Radhasoami faith revived devotionalism like Ramkrishna Mission, but had remarkably synthetic outlook when it glorified love and simplified religious dogma. It introduced novel concepts of Supreme Being and His abode - Radhasoami Dham, a true and pure, all-spiritual region of love and mercy. It believes in an inner urge and self-realization in human life and laid stress on the personal and intuitive aspect of religion.

Radhasoami Faith
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